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REVIEWS OF Mohawk Animal Clinic IN Hamilton

Crystal Adams

Only my second time bringing my pets in and my experience was just as pleasant as the first time ..rates are decent and the staff is very friendly. Also, it smelled fresh ..not like a typical veterinary office.

Lauren Thornton MUA

Doctor Mogavero is amazing. he is super experienced and knows exactly what to do. i had a horrible experience with another clinic-which resulted in my cat getting an infection. Dr. Michael completely turned the situation around and prescribed exactly what my cat needed. and he kept the cost in mind since the other place kept charging me for their errors. i would recommend this clinic to anyone!!

Mohammad Khan

Eric Gillis

I will start the review with this: this clinic fit me in when I was in a bind and that was and is appreciated. The receptionist staff here were great and answered all of the questions I had prior to and after my cat's visit. Ultimately coming here helped me progress with my pet companion's care while their primary vet could not see them with immediacy. This review is *not* a criticism of Dr. Mogavero's expertise at all. I have high confidence he is an expert at what he does. Rather, this low score is more a reflection of the fact that this place is just not a good fit for those that expect a sense of outward expressive compassion or of bedside manner from their vet. Other reviews have responses from Dr. Mogavero admitting he is not one with words, and that is okay - we all have our different personalities and approaches to communicating. I don't fault him for that. However, I am writing this from the perspective of someone who personally places deep value on that being a strong suit in their interactions with their vet when their pet companions are ill, so if you are like me and look for that from your vet, this place isn't going to be a good fit.

Nhi Vo

For exotic pet owners out there, please DO NOT visit MOHAWK ANIMAL CLINIC. My chinchilla had to come into this place for an emergency. I called before coming in asking if the vet treats exotic pets like CHINCHILLAS and I get an answer of "yes". The veterinarian who supposedly said he had experience in diagnosing/treating chinchillas clearly cannot distinguish a male or female. He very much relied on internet sources during my chinchilla's examination and even the surgery at the time. Of course we know our own pets' gender when she had her very own chin, so we spent an amount in his office arguing after the surgery that she is not a "male". Not one word was mentioned to me before he went in to do the surgery and what they were going to do to her, until after. After they returned my chinchilla to me, I found a wiki website page on the internet stating the same processes of the surgery that he was telling me. If I could've known before bringing my chinchilla in that he was completely relying on internet sources for information about chinchillas, I would not have walked into this animal clinic. My chinchilla was suppose to come in for a "second operation" to get her staples out but a day after I got her, she passed away. Very unprofessional telling pet owners that the vet treats exotic animals.

Siah Leighton

Maybe we got a bad doc. The reception and rest of the staff were fantastic but as soon as the doctor came in everything went wrong. He didn't know how to deal with animals at all, was very forceful and violent. Carelessly opening the door quickly as it hit our cat in the face. Was making the cat uncomfortable and then when giving her a pill, let the cat slip off the table WHILE STILL HOLDING JUST HER FREAKING HEAD AND HOLDING HER UP THERE. NOT ABOVE THE TABLE. IN THE AIR SHE WAS HELD BY JUST HER HEAD. EVEN TRIED TO BRING HER BACK UP TO THE TABLE MY JUST GRASPING AROUND HER HEAD WITH ONE HAND. NO NOT HER NECK HER HEAD. ALL THE STRAIN ON ONE LOCATION. We were speechless. There's more but it all happened so quickly that we just continued along till the end. We regret keeping quiet. Honestly we should report the doctor...

Amanda “Lion Heart” Beaudin

The vet is VERY smart and she asked questions that my previous vet didn't ask about my dog going suddenly deaf. She fixed my problem right away of a stick sliver. All staff were compassionate to my stress level of my dog having a stick lodged up in her paw pad that was hard to see without a flashlight. I thought my dogs paw was broken expecting x Ray's from limping. She did a thorough examination under the paw pad and removed the stick with confidence. She put her on anti biotic and pain killer. I walked in without an appointment and they were caring to my needs. I walked out so happy and thankful of the service I received.

Andrew Reid

Took my 2 cats in after finding a rash that seemed to be flea allergy. Staff were friendly, informative, and caring throughout the experience. The receptionist got me an appointment the next day and let me know what to expect for pricing. The doctor was kind and let me know what options I had without pushing. They followed up the next day to make sure the cats were comfortable

daina sakalas

I took my 13 week old puppy for her vaccines and first check up on June 17th. The receptionist I spoke with while booking the appointment was wonderful and so pleasant! When we arrived for our appointment I assumed they were running behind schedule as we had to wait about 30+ minutes for someone to come and get my puppy. I am a first time dog owner so I am still learning a lot, but the vet tech had to bring my golden doodle puppy out right after her appointment because she couldn’t settle down while in the clinic. Once the puppy was with me in the car, someone came out with the invoice and some follow up questions/information regarding her appointment. As a new dog owner, this was an important conversation for me but it was very difficult to follow because of my distraught puppy. Perhaps providing new clients with written information regarding their animals appointments/vaccines/medication would be very appreciated. The following day I received a call from the vet letting me know that I would have to begin a treatment for round worms and I picked up the medication the next day. He told me she would need to be treated again in two weeks. When I called a week later asking when/if I could pick up the next dose of treatment the receptionist told me it was already prepped and ready for pickup. A few days later I arrive to pick it up and it’s not there. I waited in the parking lot for 10-15 minutes before the receptionist said that she will have the vet call me back. When the vet followed up with me later that day, I was extremely confused regarding the medication. In fact, all of my conversations with him were very frustrating, I could go into detail about each exchange however it wouldn’t make a difference. Each conversation left me feeling belittled and confused despite me asking several questions and letting him know that this was my first dog. After this last confusing exchange with the bet, I had decided that this clinic wasn’t the best fit for me and my dog and i would seek medical services elsewhere. On July 8th the vet called asking me to “settle up” my account as I was transferring the medical records to a different clinic. Again, I was confused because as per our last phone call, he couldn’t prescribe the correct dose because he didn’t know my dogs current weight. This led to several phone calls back and forth between him, his receptionist and myself. I have to add that this was a different receptionist and he was also quite rude and condescending on the phone. In brief - the conversations went back and forth between me saying I have no problem paying for the medication but I don’t understand what it’s for nor how or when to administer it. In the end, the vet did offer to “eat the cost”’ of a medication that I didn’t request. He did require a favour in return - he wanted to know why I was leaving the clinic. Please keep in mind that this is a brief version of my brief experience at this clinic and with this vet. I believe they lack strong communication skills - especially with new pet owners. Their customer service is very off putting, each conversation with the vet and his assistant were demeaning and quite simply rude. Thank you for the care that was given to my dog while we were there.

Karen Mena

Hello Thanks for contacting me to clarify this. The situation you mentioned was not the reason for my review. You did a great job checking on my sick dog that day. The reason for my review is that a few months ago (2021). I called to book an appointment for my other dog's vaccination, the same day or one day before the appointment, your staff called me to confirm the appointment I made. When I arrived to the clinic, I called to get in (new Covid's rules) and your staff told me that my appointment passed 30 minutes ago, which was not true, on both calls we confirmed the time. It was very frustrating and your staff was rude that day.

Renee Taillon

This office is amazing! They take such good care of our sweet girl. Honestly I've never had a bad experience with them, everyone is so kind and understanding.

The Ainzlee

Mercedes Safa

My cat, Charlie, love of my life, neighbourhoods cat who everyone loved got sick 4 days before Christmas. He was sneezing alot. You gave him medicine but he was not eating. I called and you guys took him in and hospitalized him for 2 days. You send him home on Christmas eve. He couldn't take a breath and ended up taking him to emergency hospital in burlington. His lungs were full of fluid. I sat in my car, crying and waited till 3 am. 6 hours in the car. They said they tried everything and they needed to put him down. I drove back to hamilton to bringvmy son who his birthday on Christmas as well. When we got there, Charlie was gone. I really balme you for my kitty's death. You guys should have his lungs and everything checked before you send him home as you know he was sneezing! I lost weeks of work. My son had no birthday. It was funeral time for us. Missing Charlie so soon being 11 years old. Out going. No health problem. Checked yearly. You guys should have never let him come home. I never forgive you. You took all my money and did nothing for him and send him home still sick that by the time I took to emergency unit, they couldn't do anything for him. He left this world without any loved one being around and in great pain. Shame on you !

Darlene MacNeil

My dog loves these people! They are always very friendly and honest. The follow up calls to check on her are much appreciated. I like the straight forward approach and the time they take to explain how and why treatment works. My bulldog is in great health and she's almost 11 years old. Much of that has to do with the doctors and vet techs that keep me informed. Very happy to recommend this place to other dog owners!!


Carissa Ahmed

Thank you to staff here and at downtown animal clinic for getting my dog Frye in so quickly when we had an emergency. Normally treated by the lovely Dr Mogavero, we had Dr Kearns who was equally as kind and professional. Pricing is very reasonable too.

Shannen Brownlie

We have had issues at this clinic with all 3 of our animals. The young female vet tends to have strange bedside manner with the animals. Our cat had crystals and they wanted to put him down before doing any treatment. A solution to this was charging us $200 to tell us to visit a website on how to improve our indoor cats life. Another time they sent me home with needles to inject my cat on my own with, but refused to give me the proper does of flea meds to take home and treat him when our puppy had fleas.. (our cat is very anxious and going in a cat causes him extreme stress and anxiety and usually results in crystals. The clinic knows this) When our 1 year old daschund got fixed, we brought him back for his 1 week check up. Vet barely looked at him and sent us on our way with an infected incision. Then refused to touch him because he was barking. He was in pain and It is your job to care for sick animals. Lastly when we got our new puppy, she was infested with worms and fleas. They treated her for the wrong type of flea for at least a month. I had called to check in more than once because it didn’t seem normal that she wasn’t getting better. They continued to brush it off until I brought a sample of a parisite in for testing. Another vet called me to inform that they were treating her for the wrong worms. I had said that I believed it was a tape worm and our vet basically told me that “I wasn’t a vet so I didn’t know that” but with a quick google search, I had more answers to my questions than she had provided me. Tapeworm is the most common worm from fleas and it worries me that a vet wouldn’t immediately treat for that. I am not confident in her ability as a vet. I would not recommend this clinic to anyone I know. I have also met a ton of people who have had similar issues here. I understand human error, don’t get me wrong. But this is 3 different animals on quite a few different occasions.

Christopher Kuchciak

Pet needed flea treatment, office denied us access and demanded we dropped off a pet in distress without its owner. We were late by a little and they denied the pet health care services until the next 24 hours. They were over booked and would not accomodate.

Capt Kaos

Very polite and professional, unfortunately for me I was taking my dog in for her last visit to a vet ( she had to be euthanized) due to age and medical issues. Even with the state our society is in right now they were courteous and respectful of my situation as I could not make an appointment with my normal vet, Mohawk vet was able to get me in. THANK YOU Mohawk Animal Clinic for not prolonging the worst part of having a pet in your life.


I’m glad that this clinic was available when I needed to get my cat checked in. I was unaware that my poor baby had urethral obstruction and the vet took care of it immediately. They are very helpful and knowledgeable and keep me updated on my cat’s status. I’m very happy with their service.

Melissa Mancini

Dr. Mogavero is knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful. This summer my dog was rushed to the clinic because she had internal bleeding and cancer in her spleen. Mike so graciously supported my family and I during this time of distress. He was able to take us in right away and do an emergency splenectomy for our dog. He saved her life and gave me more time with my best friend. Mike is an absolute life saver!!!!

Elizabetha Stikks

This Veterinarian has no regard about your pet, its all about Money. He is rude and has no compassion towards you or your animal. He takes advantage of his clients even the most vulnerable its is disgraceful. Shame on him!! Unfortunately we didn't have time to read reviews, I suggest keep looking elsewhere. This clinic is just stealing your money, right out of the hands of a single parent, lost her full time job due to Covid and trying to make rent with a Parr time job and desperately trying to save her other beautiful baby life.

Lian Ellis

My vet is nearly an hour away so I was hoping to switch to a Hamilton vet. Desk staff and Dr. Schad were very pleasant and Dr. Schad performed a thorough check on my dog. All the stars go to those two folks. They did not have my preferred heartworm med and sold me something else that I had been told by other vets could kill my dogs (Aussie Shepherds - MDR1). I was told that was no longer the case, however when I got home I could find no studies supporting that so the next morning I called to say I'd be more comfortable with the originally prescribed med. and would be returning the meds. but was told I'd have to clear that with the vet who owned the clinic. He wouldn't take them back but said they were "unlikely" to hurt my dog. Also turned out that the packets of Purina supplements I was sold are all marked "Not for individual resale" and were just months from expiring. After contacting Purina it seems like these were free samples given to the clinic. Will not use this clinic again.

Sarah Alvarez

DO NOT TAKE YOUR LARGE DOGS HERE, STAFF DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE LARGE PETS. before coming in we had called and warned staff that our dog is highly anxious and is afraid of the vet. We all managed to get my dog into the building. They stated that they needed to run tests, and I should go grab a coffee or something to kill time. When my partner and i pulled into the parking lot our dog was running away from the vet techs. We managed to get him back and relax him as he was shaking in fear. I had asked what happened and the vet tech told me that she had LOST HOLD OF HIS LEASH AND HE STARTED TO RUN. If we had not pulled into the parking lot when we did our dog would've been missing or would've been hit by a car. After everything was completed and we got the dog back in the car, they still had the AUDACITY TO CHARGE ME $400 FOR A BLOOD WORK TEST. The situation was handled horribly and the staff seemed to have little to no care in the world that they had almost lost my dog.

Derek C

Having an experience where your best buddy, my Golden Retriever-Kasey, suddenly started having multiple seizures and your normal clinic was unable to take her, it was so reassuring to bring her in to the Mohawk Animal clinic and get things taken care of. Dr. Mogavero was straightforward with what needed to be done and we felt confident that Kasey was under the best care and what the next 2 weeks would comprise. I am happy to say that with the proper prescription, Kasey has not had any new seizures, is back mentally to her old self and is the dog we knew before the incident. We are switching over to the new clinic and feel that the confidence instilled by that first and subsequent 2nd visit as well as knowing that she won't be seeing a different vet for each visit really helped with providing the high rating. Thank you Dr. Mogavero!


Francois Lamoureux

My wife and I would like to thank Dr Mogavero and his staff for their kind and thoughtful care they gave to Malaya at her recent visit.

Paul Antony

Excellent care for all our dogs over 20 years. Mr Mogavero and his staff have been helpful and very caring and compassionate. Even since we moved further away, its worth the drive to Mohawk.

Matthew Hathaway

Took my teacup chihuahua puppy there when he was lethargic, the vet tried telling us the puppy had internal bleeding with zero evidence, he told us our puppy would most likely not make it and I would have to hospitalize him with a bill close to $2,000.... Turns out he was just low on blood sugar and needed some corn syrup in his mouth and to just continuously do it. They jumped to the earliest and gloomjest conclusion and didn't do ANY TESTS TO BACK IT UP. I basically paid them $400 today to tell me what I already knew plus a big scare tactic into paying him a couple thousand dollars for nothing. I would recommend you stay away from this vet if you have small dogs, any dog around 10lbs or less should be taken out to Lynden vet, where the one vet actually knows how small dog breeds live.


We've been here 2 times now for our puppy, the first trip there was perfectly fine, the vey was nice and her assistant was as well, they gave the estimate and worked within our budget kindly and without judgement. The second time we went there was for the EXACT SAME THING, except this time we knew what to ask for treatment wise, and they come in with the hugely expensive estimate, and we say we can't afford that we only want exactly what we got last time since it worked the last time, and the woman behind the desk gives us attitude and is just straight up judgemental about what we are saying, the vet comes in and is not much better than she was, then we leave to go pay our Bill, and the same woman is behind the desk taking forever to ring in our bill because she's just staring at us with this rude look, again judging our choice to opt out of the expensive un-needed treatments, so when I ask if she has a problem with us, she says, "yea I'm looking your dog and I'm sad, is that ok with you??" And I say well you've been giving us attitude and judging us since we got here so no it's not Ok, to which she reacted by standing up and storming off saying "fine I'll get someone else to ring you guys up whatever then". Thankfully the replacement was very kind and gave us our bill right away. I wouldn't recommend this vet office to anyone, she was incredibly unprofessional, and there are so many better places to go for a better price anyways. (As a side note since I know the woman in question going to read this, our puppy is doing just fine now without all your cash grab treatments, have a look)

loves hen

The vet has no compassion or professionalism. I went to this location because my main vet was closed and my dog needed to be seen. He made me assist him (the tech was with him too) - having my dog go on his back which I was [understandably] uncomfortable to do because my dog was stressed and sick. Finally, he left in the middle of my appointment and had the other female vet take over. He never said why or anything. He just felt the need to leave my appointment and head to his office.

Adrian Di Pietro

I have been a client of Mohawk Animal Clinic for 3 years. The staff is consistently friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.


Many thanks to Dr. Mogavero and all the Mohawk staff. We were unable to book with our regular clinic and they made time to see our very sick fur baby! ????

Finer Things Club

They saved my dogs life and worked with what we could afford to do so. We regularly pickup up medication and dog food now and they are always friendly when we call or stop by. Hours they are open is also a huge bonus

Adam Lalama

Dr. Mogavero and team are absolutely fantastic. With a last second need for medical attention, they not only accommodated my dog and I during an incredibly busy day, but also offered guidance and reassurance during anxious times. 10 out of 10 across the board.

nidia silva

(Indoor cat)I was there around a month ago with my cat . I told you guys that my cat was really itchy, and I seen that she had red dots on her skin. I was there How it possible that you gave her a shot for her to fall sleep and you guys said that she had 1 flee and nothing else was wrong. I payed $400 and she’s continuing to have these same rashes. Today, I found this on her skin

Neil M

A great clinic! Very compassionate and efficient care for all of our pets. We will definitely be back and we always recommend Mohawk Animal Clinic to all our friends.

hope phillips

Lost my bestfriend today, which is never easy. However, the staff here are amazing. So warm and welcoming on one of the worst days, if your loved ones day is coming, take this place into consideration.

Raveen Trehan

The doctor is so caring and amazing. He is honest and really loves pets and because of him my pet rabbit is alive

Wendi Forrest

an amazing team! i would recommend this vet clinic to anyone who 's looking for a vet.there kind they listen and most of all they care about animals, and help you along the way with what the animal needs! thank you you made my husband and i very happy today, and we'll keep going to your clinic!! i give the 5 stars!

Jackie P

I can't say enough about how amazing this animal clinic is... The staff are so compassionate and knowledgeable... I highly recommend if you are in need of services for your pets pets h that you take them to this clinic!!!

Valerie March

Meagan Ashley

READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR PET HERE. Very unsettling experience today with a Male veterinarian. He didnt even tell me his name. I took my senior dog in to get looked at for a cough. The vet was rude had no interest in what I was saying to him. He was going to charge me a couple hundred for an x ray and when I asked him to write up an invoice he refused. He said I'd have to leave my dog for a few hours which made no sense as x Ray's dont take a few hours.i told him I'm not sure about the x rays and he told me to get my head out of the sand. He was insensitive to me and treated me with no respect after I told him I didn't have that kind of money for x Ray's. He wanted to give me medicine to bring home for fluid in his lungs. I asked if he heard any fluid and he said no..very sketchy and untrustworthy. I will NEVER bring my dog back there. **edit** The vet just called me from not even the animal hospitals phone number his name is Micheal and said if I dont follow up with him he will call animal cruelty. I told him my dog sees the vet regularly and that I didn't like the way he treated me when I went there. The only reason I went to him is because my vet was closed today. This man is an unprofessional joke! Second edit** As you can see from their response, they're unprofessional. True my dog was growling at the vet, because my dog didnt like him. My dogs heart was listened to the very next day from his amazing regular vet with no growl because she actually understands animals and takes time to not stress them out the way this dr did. I also did not agree to this medicine as I left it there for a reason. He wasn't even sure if the right label was put on so I definitely didnt feel confident he knew what he was doing. I dont 'dupe' anyone. I wasnt aware I even had a previous balance as when I asked that you said I didnt it was this balance. And I said I was going to go get the money out as an excuse to leave. I'm not paying you 280 dollars for nothing. You couldn't even examine my dog properly. And I never said long standing cough he had it for a week. It turned out to be nothing serious. I had money on me and gladly paid my regular vet half of what you were trying to charge me without an invoice. I would have gladly answered if you called from the animal hospitals phone so I could tell you where to go. I had a woman message me privately and told me you dropped and paralyzed her dog. Thank God I didnt leave my dog with you. You are scum and have been reported. Also read more terrible reviews of this doctor at his other location: Main Street West Animal Hospital DO NOT BRING YOUR BELOVED ANIMAL HERE!

Melissa Milbury

Dr. Michael was awesome. I moved to Hamilton a few years ago and was still trying to find a veterinarian that I liked (and who wasn't afraid of my dogs!), and it looks like I've finally found one. He was compassionate for a euthanasia appointment we had to make. He was also able to do a laceration repair without the added cost of sedation etc. that another clinic had quoted us. He's straight to the point (which I enjoy), and let me hold my dog for his suture's, which I appreciate (though I used to work in rescue and am not squeamish). Their exam fee may be only slightly higher than their "competition", but we compared some prices of medications I've paid for, and they were cheaper on all of those other things that add up and become quite costly. I don't mind paying a little bit more for good quality care, but since I moved here I feel like I've been hosed many times by other vets, for only mediocre care. I will absolutely be going back to see Dr. Michael for all of my pets. I highly recommend this clinic, or Dr. Michael specifically. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the admin staff seemed a little bit unorganized, and unfamiliar with their system. That might be just because they were very busy at the time, but I'll update my review after my next visit :)

Laura Molina (Laura M)

My beagle had a small medical emergency. This clinic was able to see him very quickly. The vet throughly explained to me was wrong and what was being done to remedy his problem. I was pleased with their professionalism and the outcome of the visit.

Victoria Panetta

do not go here, period. they claim to 'treat' exotic animals but 'treat' means they will take advantage of you let you pay money for them to look at your sick animal (in my case bird) that they know nothing about. brought my bird here in worry she was egg bound. she was mishandled and that issue of her being egg bound wasnt even addressed properly. he didnt check her swollen underbelly or her crop, i was told she has no eggs inside her and i should change her food and buy more toys. she was taken to an actual avain vet the next day and has eggs due within the next couple days. both exam rooms we were in were filthy (some kind of fluids in the scale that they weighed my bird on) and in the other exam room there was bloody gauze and a bandage left over from the previous injured animal. the 'doctor' used the bloody gauze to clean my birds poop off the table. this place is an absolute disgrace, in the next emergency i'll just be keeping my birds home.

Bashar Halloum

They have someone supposed to be an animal doctor but unfortunately dealing with animals made him totally forgets how to talk and deal with humans ! I took my dog to check his leg and that person showed a very weird attitude! He is an angry man apparently with personal issues! He used the F word few times in 5 minutes! And then when I had enough of his attitude and wanted to leave he tried to stop me asking me for consulting fees and called me fu$^#n prick !!! This is a barn not an animal hospital

Schuyler Semeniuk

Brought a sick kitten in with a fever of unknown origin. The doctor gave her the same medicine twice which was only temporarily helpful both times. He sounded extremely busy and inattentive on the phone. I’m giving two stars because they were accommodating in an emergency and the doctor discounted some medicine for the kitten. I went elsewhere and her issues were treated swiftly and haven’t come back. There are better places but this place could work in a pinch overnight when other hospitals aren’t open.

alissia sozima

If I could rate this place 0 stars I would.. I went in for an appointment today with my cat, reasoning being her eye was cloudy and irritated the day before so I called for a check up. I was greeted by receptionist and then was brought into the room, the nurse then weighs her and leaves saying the doctor would be right in. He comes in asking what he's needed for then asks if she's had her vaccine shots which I had already shown at the front..he looks at it and asks about the vet that gave her shots. I explained he seemed very irritated and was dismissing me saying the check up was done but then had asked if he looked at her eye? as I was in the room and noticed he really had no interest in looking at her. He has a quick look and says everything's okay.. He was maybe in the room for a minute or two without doing an actual examination on her. I was then just charged a consultation (120$) and was told that it would be a check up where it included checking her heart, eyes, ears ect...I wasn't asked anything with regards to her health at all other than her vaccine shots. Not thinking, I paid without a question then went outside. My boyfriend was outside at the time and was surprised at how fast it was and I then explained what had just happened. He said that was crazy that I was charged that amount to be there without an actual check up. He tries to go in to ask about why the price was so high. The vet then says he's been doing his job for many years and felt like he was being disrespected about how he does his job. He had also told my boyfriend that he was not in the room with me so he didn't have the right to come say anything. The vet then said he was going to finish up the notes and would send it but my boyfriend insisted to have it before we left then dismisses him out. We then had to wait 20 minutes outside to only receive a FALSE examination of her. It had stated her pulse, lymph node check, heart rate, that she eats regularly, that her ears were good ECT.. when NONE OF THAT WAS LOOKED AT OR CHECKED as I was in the room the entire time......... Imagine being handed a paper of false information about your animals health when your concerned.. feels illegal and again would never recommend this place to anyone..

Misty Davis

We took our dog here after complications and a horrible experience with another vet. We were shocked. We went from a vet that treated us poorly and handled our dog very roughly and made us feel like horrible pet owners to this vet here. They were so friendly, the vet actually let Zoe get to know her and she talked us through everything. I left the last vet crying and feeling useless. I left this clinic feeling amazing and well informed. I highly recommend this place to everyone. I have honestly never felt so good about a trip to the vet and I guarantee I will be returning. I know I was frazzled and asked a lot of questions, i respect that they talked me through everything and treated Zoe like part of the family. Thank you guys so much!

Kylee Vanderlee

Vet assistant was amazing but the Vet was very rude and didn't seem to care about my animals well being at all.

Patricia MacDonald

My 13 week old puppy swallowed an entire dress sock whole yesterday. I called and was told to bring her down immediately I received exceptional service and felt she was in good hands. I will now be taking her here as a regular vet.

Dwaine Prevost

A few years back our pet budgie was really sick. Mohawk helped with great care and medicine to help the little guy out.

Wendy Rivera

AOStarlighter carter

Watermelon Spruu

Ainsley Dacres

Awesome service and also offers kennel services. If you're wanting someone who loves pets go here! ☺

Tony Romo

Excellent care for our 2 dogs, have been coming here for many years, well trained, caring and polite staff

Charlotte Liu

My friends cat went to this hospital cause the cat broken his leg, he broke his leg in shock, the doctor said the diagnosis shows that there was no big problem, so they give him a special bandage and let the owner bring the cat home. However, after a week, she noticed that the bandage was bleeding and went to another vet, she sent the X-ray to a Mississauga vet as a specialist. Specialist said it was too serious and missed the best treatment period. The cat returned to vet and into an operation, and amputating the leg. HE LOST HIS LEG BECAUSE OF THIS VET!

ieva zichmanis

Recently brought our 2 year old German shepherd Bruce to take care of a severe allergy and staph infection and received exemplary care and finally got our boy to heal and feel better.....if you have a dog/cat I highly recommend bringing your pet/family member to this location for the BEST care you could ever imagine, the Dr even called the next day to see how he was doing, we've had several dogs and this is the first time ever that a Dr has phoned to see how he was doing......I can't thank the staff and Dr enough for helping our boy Bruce and we will never take any pet we own anywhere else! Thank you for helping Bruce be the happy healthy 2 yr old that we love ❤

Anthony Kam Chuen Chan

Ok place to have pet stay while on holiday

Michal Wawrzenczyk

Great staff and Vets. My cats have stayed at this facility and they are always taken care of well.

cathy corradetti

Shelley Oliveira

I can't thank Dr Mike Mogavero and his staff enough for taking my dog Harley in an emergency!!!! I had called my current vet and they were only willing to make an appointment to see her until days later. I stressed that she was very ill and I was very concerned she needed to be seen ASAP but they still refused. I then called Dr Mike Mogavero and he said to bring her in immediately. When we got to the office Dr Mike gave her immediate care and attention. I'm not quite sure if my dog would have made it if they didn't act so quickly. Very passionate, kind and informative vets and techs. I have cancelled our current vet of over 10 years for both my dogs Harley and Lady to come here from now on as we didn't receive the same treatment and care from them as we recieved here!! They saved my dogs life and we can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend them to everyone! Pictures of Harley (Standard Poodle 3yrs old) & Lady (11 yr old Golden Retriever)

Christine Jensen

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and doctors at Mohawk Animal clinic. I have a diabetic dog and they have helped me deal with a few emergencies over the years - including my dogs diabetes diagnosis! They are here for me and my pet when I need them, and I get professional and compassionate care. I'm so grateful for all you and your office does.


This was the worst experience at a vet I've ever had and I've been to quite a few. My dog was experiencing UTI symptoms which she regularly exhibits 1-2 times per year. Since today is Sunday and very few vet offices are open on Sunday I decided to give this place a try as my dog appeared to be in pain. The original female receptionist was very friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person however the vet was very unprofessional so much so I feel inclined to file a report with the College of Veterinarians of Ontario or some other governing agency. This vet preformed cystocentesis without explaining the procedure first and then without ensuring my dog drank water before stabbing her twice with a needle billed me for it when the procedure was not performed to completion. This was the highest vet bill I've ever had and was not an emergency visit (which can usually run you an extra 90$ charge) this bill has topped those crazy bills of the past!! This doctor then had the audacity to reply with an offer of a "full refund if I brought back the medication he prescribed".... He would rather my dog suffer without treatment as she would need to wait for the next day for treatment... I obviously decided to keep the bill and medication for my poor dog who for two hours was alone in a cage, in a strange new place, and was stabbed multiple times. I take pride in knowing my ability to leave an accurate review will help someone else avoid such horrible service, disrespect and unprofessionalism and that is worth the bill. good day

Kris Sciranka

sarah scholl

Finally got some peace of mind after visiting this veterinary clinic! Vet is no nonsense and very straightforward. I was a bit taken aback initially but I definitely trust his judgement. I can tell they care deeply about the animals they treat here. Very patient, taught me how to check for a blockage so I know if I have to bring my cat back in. Highly recommend this clinic.

Sara Woods

Had a very good experience with Dr. Lo helpful and thorough. Convenient hours open evenings. You can feel good bringing your pet here for competent medical help.

Cynthia Johnson

Very terrible last experience. We used to take our senior dog who is elderly here for check ups with her addison's disease. Note the word USED TO. Our last recent trip to the clinic we dragged our stressed out 16 year old dog along for a 20 min car ride so the new 'Vet' could not even bother to be present for our appointment. They were supposed to take blood to check our dogs addison's levels so we could get a new prescription for her meds (that she need daily to survive). A couple days later when we called to get the meds we were told no because a blood test for her levels WAS NOT DONE. My question is what was the blood that was taken for??!? And why did we have a bill for $280 and no meds for our 16 year old dog that the VET could not be bothered to meet or be there for the appointment. We will NEVER bring our dog back here ... EVER!

Amanda Lowe

Was skeptical because of the low reviews, but I was so happy with the service I received. My regular clinic needed to close down because of COVID and I needed my two kittens fixed ASAP, Mohawk fit me in 3 days after calling and was exceptionally courteous the whole time. The receptionists were always well mannered, the techs and vet were kind as well. They did a good job on the surgeries. The only reason they aren't a 5 star is because they cost quite a bit more than my regular clinic quoted, but because they accommodated me so quickly I was willing to pay.

Madison Adams

Most incredible vet clinic. The staff are all caring and compassionate - you can tell they truly all care about the animals and that is their number 1 priority. They are fabulous at keeping us updated when our pets are in their care, do great follow up, take care and precision during surgeries and really go the extra mile to do what they can to help. I recommend these guys to everyone I know!

Chris Logan

Thank you to Dr. Michael and the staff. Our lab was attacked by another dog and suffered multiple punctures. They made room for him ASAP and stitched him right up. So grateful to everyone that works there.

Markus Rose

This was our first visit to a vet and it was a Sunday emergency. Dr. Michael Mogavero, although pressed for time, was thorough and explained the process with patience. We will be going back for regular checkups.

Samantha Beauparlant

This place doesn't even deserve a one star. I was debating on posting a review because judging by the other reviews, the vet is just going to respond by blaming myself and/or my dog. I just recently moved from Welland to Hamilton and was looking for a new vet for my dog. He is 118 pound cane corso. I googled "vets in Hamilton" and came across this place. After reading the reviews, I shouldn't have booked but after learning that they were open until 10pm and 7 days a week, this seemed super convenient for me. I called to book an appointment and the receptionist was super nice. The vet, Michael could learn a thing or two from his staff in regards to professionalism and friendliness. I brought my dog in yesterday, July 14th 2019, to have his dewclaw looked at because he had ripped it off. The vet took one look and said he wouldn't do anything for it but recommended I have his nails cut. I then informed him that I had a nail clipping booked there as well. The vet muzzled my dog and asked my boyfriend to help him flip my dog on its side. I have never seen this before... my other vet never muzzled my dog and always clipped his nails while sitting. After many attempts and my dog showing severe anxiety and stress, the vet said this isn't happening. I was petting my dog in hopes to reassure him, the vet said I was showing him positive reinforcement for misbehaving. He also informed me that because of my dogs weight, size and the fact that he was not neutered, he was a "loaded gun waiting to go off". I thought I was taking my dog to a vet. I didn't know I was also going to see a dog trainer and behavior specialist. He then offered to put my dog to sleep to cut his nails. I said no. I would never leave my dog alone with this man. I would hate to know what happens to animals behind closed doors here. He ended our appointment by saying because of my dog's behavior they may not be able to help us in the future. As if I'd ever come back here. He then charged me 100$ for "consultation". We then proceeded to PetSmart where they clipped my dogs nails with no problems. Even the staff at PetSmart are more qualified than the vet here. If you are also looking for a vet in Hamilton, East mountain animal hospital and Dr Pittaway in Ancaster come highly recommended from some friends of mine after sharing this experience and I will be visiting them next.

ashley prosser

When my regular Veterinarian's office was closed on a Sunday, I was told that this clinic was close to my home and I was in need of immediate care for my cat. A couple was paying their bill as I entered the office and could tell that they were being given the run around with the amount they were told they'd be paying. This automatically gave me a very negative feeling about this this clinic. Ultimately once seeing the vet, the tough decision to euthanize my cat was made. They asked if they could take her to another room to have the line put into her arm for the euthanasia. I agreed. When they brought her back, she was already unconscious (which she wasn't when they took her away). I had not been made aware that they were doing this prior to agreeing. I felt I had been robbed of the chance to say goodbye to her while she was still awake. It broke my heart. I didn't get to say goodbye to her after 15 years of companionship. The vet had a to-the-point bedside manner, which I wasn't fond of either. He was knowledgeable, but in no way sympathetic. We agreed to have her cremated and her ashes would be returned to our family. Once a massive bill was paid, we left, broken hearted. 9 days later, I called the clinic to ask when I would receive her ashes back. I was put on hold for 14 minutes. I hung up, very frustrated. All in all, I had a disappointing experience with Mohawk. I do not recommend them.


Julie Yelland

I 100% recommend this veterinarian clinic as both doctors saved my cats life and I cannot thank them enough for everything that they did to help him live. My cat had a complete bowel obstruction from eating a foam ball and they did everything they could to save him and always kept me informed of all the procedures along the way and updated me on his progress. This was the best experience I could have possibly hoped for and definitely will be taking my cat or any future pets here.

Katie Reid

The staff have been great every time I’ve been there. Always super compassionate and helpful. Both my cats have always been diagnosed and treated accordingly. No run around. Always clean. Always professional.

Kobojohn13 Kobojohn13

Dr. Mogavero took great care of my dog and really knows what he was doing. He answered all my questions and I was totally satisfied. His staff was lovely and we will definitely be returning.

Devlin Prince

We brought our cat in because she was having some trouble with her health, we called in advance and the gentleman on the phone was very rude during each interaction we had with him, the other staff woman were understandable and very kind. They still helped our cat and we are greatful for that.


Bar none, the best care ever. 16 years as a client to speak from! I'd like thank Dr Mogavero, Dr. Melissa Hardy, Dr. Aimee Rice, Linda, Amanda, Cory, Sheila and Sam, who took exceptional care of Remmy. My sweet Remmy was a beautiful little Schnoodle. She lived a long and mostly healthy life for 17 years, thanks to Mohawk and sister clinics. Sadly at 16, she developed melanoma and I eventually lost her. With the guidance of her doctors, we explored all possible treatments. Weighting the pros and cons of every procedure, from both efficacy and cost perspective, but most importantly from how it would impact Remmy's immediate and long term well being. I would recommend any of these Veterinarians without hesitation. I will say this... don't let Dr. Mogavero's matter of fact or direct personality put you off. He gets to the point. His job is to make sure your pet gets accurate and timely medical attention. Fist glance, he may seem abrupt but I will tell you, he has a heart of gold and saved my little fur baby more than once. I trust his medical skills, assessment and ability to get the job done.

Olivia Puglisi

Zhang Fanfan

taylor Iseppon

Every individual we spoke to during our visit was very helpful, professional and caring. The vet himself took time to explain the procedure we were having on our dog and encouraged us to ask as many questions as we liked. Even though they seemed to be quite busy that day, we did not feel rushed and were made to feel prioritised. After when we picked our dog up, all aftercare was explained throughly and we felt very supported. The vet called us in the evening to see how our dog was managing. We are very grateful for everything this clinic has done for us and would recommend them highly. Thank you!

John Mepham

When I moved up the mountain I needed a new vet for my little old man Bailey. Mohawk Animal Clinic was great to him, appointments were easy to book, and the vet was always upfront and honest with us. The staff was great, and you could truly tell they cared about their patients. Two weeks ago we had to make the hardest decision to put Bailey to sleep, everyone was compassionate and comforting. As horrible as an experience it was, I’m glad to have had this clinic by our side through the process. Thank you Mohawk Animal Clinic for treating Bailey through his last few years.

Willow Rose

I've ordered food for my dog here for some time without ever having a problem, however I spoke with Dr.Mogovaro on the phone while attempting to place my most recent order and I have never experienced such a lack of professionalism. He was rude, dismissive and kept telling me he "wasnt sure when my dog food would be in, but he'll let me know" after not asking for my phone number... while ordering from anyone else at the clinic I was always given an estimated time the food would arrive. However customer service appears to not be this doctors speciality. I'm very disappointed and am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere.


Great clinic! The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. I have found that, even though the staff has changed over the last couple of years, the quality of care and information presented to me hasn't. I was very happy to hear that Dr Kearns and Samantha have both returned to Mohawk Animal Clinic.... We missed them!! I really appreciate the follow up calls from Tara checking in to make sure everything is going well and especially when she calls to remind me that my pets are coming due for vaccines What makes this clinic even better.....My dog LOVES going there!


Brought my fur baby in to get his nails trimmed. Payed over the phone due to covid and took my dog into our car. When driving, we stopped at Starbucks to get him a puppichino as a “good boy” treat. When turning on the car lights we realized there was blood everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. All over my clothing, my jacket, our car interior etc. This was terrifying to me so I called the Mohawk Animal Clinic immediately and explained how he’s bleeding everywhere. The person on the phone was incredibly rude and said my dog was “wiggly” and that’s why this happened. She said to go home and put pressure on it and he should be fine. At this point I was just scared for my baby and brought him home as fast as I could so I could stop the bleeding. Once we got home, the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I received a phone call from “Katherine” I believe her name was. She apologized and said she was the one who cut his nails. She said he was wiggling and they nicked him. She gave me a few ways to stop the bleeding and continued to apologize. I am not writing this bad review because Katherine nicked his nails. I’m not writing this review to talk bad about Katherine either. I am writing this bad review for the following reasons. Never once was I notified that they nicked him until I had called them covered in my babies blood. Never once did the girl I spoke to first apologize or seem empathetic, she was rude. I completely understand that accidents happen, especially when the pup is wiggly and has black nails. However, I should have be notified that he had been nicked when I picked him up, the lady on the phone was straight up rude and blamed my dog while I was clearly panicking and upset and told me to bring him home. Once Katherine called me, she said I can bring him into the clinic again to help stop the bleeding. While I was ALREADY home. Why wasn’t I told I could come back and they could stop it while I was still in my car and on the phone with them? Whoever Katherine is, I am not mad at you for nicking my dog. I’m upset with whoever else gave me my dog without letting me know he was injured AND whoever I spoke with on the phone first. Also, I was never offered a refund for something I believe I deserve one for. Unfortunately I will not be bringing him back. I brought him to a professional place to have his nails trimmed so I wouldn’t accidentally hurt him at home... however, I got my dog back gushing blood and in pain. He went straight to his cage once I stopped the bleeding and immediately starting licking his paw. I’m so hurt to see my baby In pain even though accidents happen. I’m more furious that I was treated like this was no big deal when this was traumatic for a first time dog owner who is just trying to be a good mum. I’ve never witnessed something like this in my life and having my little boys blood all over me was unbelievably upsetting. These are our babies, please have a little decency when an owner is clearly concerned and upset.

Harout Kokedjian

Shelley C

Such caring and compassionate people at this vet. They take care to ensure you have what you need and want. The vets and assistants explain everything to you, and ensure you understand what is being said. I have a large dog and have asked for special accommodations to ensure the stress level for him is kept low and they are always accommodating and listen to my requests and help to ensure my pet is kept comfortable and safe. All staff are so compassionate and intelligent. Would highly recommend for all dog owners. Hours are very accommodating as well


Brought my 7 month old pup in for an ER visit as I am living away from my usual vet. The staff and doctor are so incredibly caring and helpful, without them, I am unsure of what could have happened to my dog and they eased my worries by providing as much help and support as they possibly could. Thanks to everyone there, my dog is improving from what could have been a complete disaster. I am extremely grateful for this clinic and will be recommending them to any pet owner(s) I know!

Carla Crisante

Very unprofessional. I'd like so see what happens behind closed doors when no one is around. I would never take my animal here EVER. There should be cameras set up everywhere.

Ban Jissam

Good experience for my dog and I at this clinic. My dog is quite anxious for any vet visit, and we have been to many vets. Many of them do not really know how to approach my dog as he is a big dog that does not like to stay put in an environment that makes him feel scared. The techs are sweet and helpful. Micheal, the vet, was very professional with him and took all that into consideration. They kept the doors open so my dog would not feel 'trapped' and he approached him calmly and was actually able to examine him right then and there. He guided my brother and I on how to hold him best so we can assist and it worked great. The answers he gave were helpful and we appreciate his patience and help with our dog.

Melodie Jansen

Our dog is very much a part of our family . Unfortunately she became acutely ill last Monday. I took her in to see Dr. Mogavero at the Mohawk Animal Clinic . He was extremely kind and professional , respecting our feelings , thorough with his assessment , laying out a couple of treatment plans suitable for the age of our dog, He took time to explain the treatment plans allowing us time to make a thoughtful decision. Our family dog spent 3 days in the clinic recovering with the plan of treatment suggested. During her hospitalization, there was ongoing assessment with regular phone calls to our home , keeping us up to date on her progress. All the Veterinarians , technicians and staff were extremely professional and kind. Were were thrilled to have her come home with ongoing recovery from her acute renal failure. We can not thank Dr. Mogavero and the staff at Mohawk Animal Hospital enough for the excellent treatment and care given. I would absolutely recommend this clinic A Sincere Thank you from the Jansens Family

Chelsea Barrett

I started going to Mohawk animal clinic for my dog noodle in the summer. we've only been here on emergency basis only and they get me in very quickly. I called on Friday they got me in in the morning on Sunday they actually found that my dog had a staph infection that I had no idea about. the vet and the rest of the staff are very great and I like the service so much that I asked if my dog could become a regular patient.

Sara Lalli

We had a wonderful experience at Mohawk animal clinic right from the moment they answered the phone to the visit with the Vet in the office. My dog had to have emergency surgery and they made sure he was taken good care of quickly and kept me up to date. I can't say enough wonderful things about all of the staff, they are all caring and compassionate people. Thanks to all of the staff you work great as a team!! It was such a great feeling to know that I left my dog in great hands.

Pat B

Shulin Yang

Christopher Ryan

This vet is awful. Michael Mogavero might be the most condescending human I have ever met.

Gracie Marion

We were so relieved to find them open on Sunday night. They were very helpful and the doctor was very compassionate with our cat who was so sick. Thanks to everyone.

J E Puglisi

I had to bring my dog twice to Mohawk Animal Clinic as my regular vet was closed. Both times the staff was very welcoming and friendly. A special thank you to Dr. Kearns for taking such good care of Maggie and making us feel comfortable in a stressful situation. Love that you have such convenient hours.

Katie Sulatycki

My husband and I brought our dog Lorelei in for a visit since we were getting worried about her prolonged bouts of diarrhea. Lorelei is pretty anxious in general, and isn't normally a fan of going to the vets. However, the doctor and staff seemed quite understanding of her anxiety. She ended up taking to Dr. Kearns better than any vet she's been to - he had a very calm demeanor, which probably helped quite a bit. The staff were also very pleasant, and the extended hours work great with our schedule. Overall, a great veterinary experience for us, and our dog.

John J

Had an emergency over the weekend. Awesome that they were open on the holiday til late. Friendly, professional and fees were reasonable. We will return and will recommend to others. Bad circumstance but they turned it into a good experience.

Karen Almas

Thank you doesn't cut it. We've always had one or two Labs or Retrievers. We've always had 'ear problems' and 'thyroid problems' and 'you need tests' and the worst has been sitting in a crammed 'cookie cutter' vet businesses for 20 minutes and 1/2 and hour in the exam room, dog shaking, panting, STRESSED... NO MORE!!! This vet is AWESOME. First, Sunday appointments without charging an arm and a leg. No waiting room wait. Dr. Rice was all of 3 minutes late...ha ha, big deal! NOT 1/2 hour!!! Gave us options, gave us info, gave us prices and explained everything clearly. DID NOT pressure us for 'tests' but did inform us of future things that could happen and may be needed, emphasis on may. We went with her suggested course of medication and just as she said, our dog had relief THE NEXT DAY. As a pet owner, you can't get better than that...or can you? YEP! The day after our dog was there, the staff called to ask how he was. WOW. That's customer service! They made our boy feel better, nothing is better than that! THANK YOU!!

Sam Field

The worst experience. My dog had her dew claw ripped and was bleeding quite a bit. The vet started by saying we were bad dog owners and it wouldn't have happened if her claw was trimmed. She has an appointment that week at the groomer. He then took her upstairs and wouldn't let us come, we paid for a local anesthetic and have no idea if he actually gave it to the pup. He then came downstairs to tell us our dog was crying for no reason as it wouldn't even hurt to have a dewclaw ripped off. When he brought her back to us she was wining and he told us again that we were bad dog owners for allowing her to do so. SHE WAS HURT and most likely in pain! he trimmed the rest of her nails and they were all bleeding as he cut them too short. Never go here!!!!!

Dee Smith

This is the worst veterinarian clinic I have ever been to. It was a HORRIFIC experience. We had to put our beloved cat down and they booked us an appointment. They took him inside and told us they would come and get us shortly. We waited outside for over an hour. We finally demanded to see him only to find him with bandages on 3 of his dehydrated little legs because they couldn't get the catheter in. We demanded him back and all they could say is that they were busy. Plus we had to pay for this experience. The last couple of days of his life were horrible because of this experince. I am thankful to say we were able to find a better clinic and he was compassionately put to rest. I would give them a zero if I could an would never recommend them.

Samantha Livia

Buster Moe

poor interpersonal skills (no training) they don't know that if you tell someone they have to wait one hour to put their animal down (past the scheduled appt,) then there is little stress---but to keep them waiting without stating a realistic time while your animal's on a steel table rather than in it's pet-box or your lap, fifteen minutes even is an eternity--this is human nature 101---plus no table covers and very noisy staff--posters pushing vaccines for flu etc. in exam room--ugh---two stars is gracious--I left and took my cat to an emergency animal (very professional) hospital with cozy covers too!!! and said goodbye to my 15 ++love of my heart

Leanne Lindsay

Definitely recommend the Mohawk Animal Clinic. My dog got into something she shouldn't have any they provided me an emergency appointment right away. The staff were incredible and Dr Stephanie was very clear and helpful on next steps. Very happy and thankful!

Jonathan Miller

The staff there are amazing. We came in with our cat late on a Sunday and received exemplary service from every single staff member.

Kate Clark

I have a very high anxiety dog and they did an absolutely wonderful job of making sure both my pet and I were comfortable.

Karen Archer

Our dog was attacked by an off leash dog. They took such great care of him. I would highly recommend them to anyone. He is all healed up and no PTSD. THANKS SO MUCH KAREN AND GUS


Awful customer service from the receptionist. Cut me off mid-sentence while I was explaining what was wrong with my kitty, because she was "too busy today" basically to listen to anything longer. Then proceeded to cut me off another handful of times over the entire conversation. I mentioned to her that her customer service manners were lacking, and then she used the excuse that it was because they were very busy. Apparently too busy for someone's pet to matter. Unfortunately I have an appointment today because its the only place open and I need to see a vet, but I wont be recommending or returning.

M Walsh

I had a very positive experience here. Not only did they see us last minute (right before closing) they were professional and kind. Thank you for staying late and providing such excellent care for Barclay. I absolutely recommend this practice.

Joe Hedges

Fixed my little buddy up and didn't clean out my bank account..his regular vet didn't have time and they fit me in no problem. chewie thanks you! ????

Tyana Jansz

bob whiten

We took our dog to Mohawk Animal Clinic on Sunday evening. The staff was polite, knowledgeable and upfront with the after hour fees. The Veterinarian examined and diagnosed our dog with an inflamed ear infection. He flushed out Dukes ear and provided us with the treatment and written instructions. A few days later he called us to ask if Dukes ear was improving which it was. My partner and i were very satisfied and will return to Mohawk Animal Clinic.

Evan Powers

I was in yesterday to pick up some food for my dog, and the power was out (obviously to no fault of anyone’s). When I walked in I was ignored by the receptionist, Lacey I believe her name was, for a good 5 minutes before I asked if they were open to which she replied “Just hang on one minute” and continued typing away on her phone. I asked if they had my dogs hypoallergenic food in stock and I was told “We don’t have any power, so I can’t actually sell anything, I don’t even know why I’m here”. A really nice young lady came downstairs to help me, I’m assuming a vet assistant, she let me know that unfortunately they did not have the exact food that I needed, but did let me know there was a food they did have in stock that was very similar just a different company that would not flare up my dogs poor skin. She knew her stuff and made me feel confident that this food was a good choice for my dog. The girl behind the desk asked for my phone number several times, as she kept writing it down wrong, so she could bill me for my two can of food when their power came back on. I have still yet to receive a call, I would not be surprised if she still had my phone number written down wrong. I’m not a man to complain, but when a receptionist, the face of a vet clinic appears to be visibly on drugs, it not only looks bad for the practice but sets a bad expectation for perspective clients like myself.

Charlotte Pedersen

I brought my dog in for a dental cleaning - the first dog I have ever done this for - and I was dumbfounded at how clean & white her teeth were after the procedure. All the tartar build-up was gone and her teeth were WHITE again. The staff was excellent & phoned me immediately afterwards to let me know how everything went and how my little girl was doing.Great job! Thank you.

Arlene Archer

Not a good place to go way too much money.they were lil rude and the doctor has a attitude said something so mean.

Ali Khalil

First of all let me say DO NOT GO HERE the greedy owner is trying to get $100 “fee” before i come in becuase i missed one appointment which is completely the staffs fault for booking the wrong date, I try telling them my pets issue and they just give me attitude re asking the same questions i answered avoid this vet if you wanna save money and time. I did not cancel. i called in regarding a time change and the staff argued with me. You guys do not do business properly and it’s proven from your reviews

Carrie Wroot

Dr. Stephanie Lo is wonderful. She was kind, thorough in her explanation and gave us as many options as possible for treatment for our dog. Her empathy was evident and very appreciated. Truly the first vet i have ever really felt that loved animals more than financial profit. I really cant say enough good things about her. The other staff members were also very sweet and compassionate. Thank you all so much.


Very friendly and compasionate my little fur baby was sick and i was waiting to get her into her vet, the staff here took my number and offered to try and get her in there if my vet wasn't available, luckily i was able to get her seen by my own vet but the fact that the staff here would attempt to help was very caring during a difficult time.Thankyou very much .My furbaby is all better now but good to know i can call here if i need to.????Thankyou and stay safe.

Carley Prior

This clinic has great hours so I appreciate the staff working longer hours than the majority of clinics. The prices aren't bad and reeption is friendly and helpful. I did have a good experience with Dr.Lo in the summer however I recently went back for a visit with Dr.Mogavero and he was very brief and dismissive with my 14 year old dog with an eye infection. The only question he asked about my dog is "so everything's OK?" Didn't ask about his energy, if he was eating/drinking, going to the bathroom normally, coughing/sneezing, energy levels, etc which are normally asked in an exam. I have had to move for work a few times so I regularly have to use different vet clinics so I know what to expect from a basic exam. Even after doing an eye stain and exam he didn't tell me the results of this were and instead only tried to sell the non-core kennel cough and lepto vaccine which my dog has never received in 14 years as he rarely goes around other dogs. Considering he was prescribed antibiotics eye drops during the appointment, it wouldn't seem he was even healthy enough for vaccines however this was this vets only priority and when I refused he promptly left without giving me the results of the exam and just sent his assistant out to get the payment and explain the meds. I did speak with the technician and she was able to help and sent him back out to actually tell me what he found during the eye stain. However, overall I found Dr.Mogavero to be very brief and short with my senior dogs exam. I was so flustered trying to get basic information about my dog that I didn't get to ask other questions about more minor issues he's having. I would not use his services again. Other clinics are making more effort to bridge the gap of owners being locked out due to COVID, such as using tablets to video chat you during the exam like they use at my last vet, Martindale Animal Clinic.

Cole Caton

Great experience. About three weeks ago my Queen got ill. She was throwing up, and had MAJOR diarrhea. I was VERY worried as I couldn't get into my regular vet. They got me in the same day I called, and Dr. Kearns was extremely thorough, and made me aware of all treatment options. She is all better and her skin is back to normal. Thank you DR., and the entire staff. I can't imagine she was an easy PT ;) Thank you again for looking after my fur baby.

jeremi lelievre

Tony Carna

Awesome staff and management compassante and very knowledgeable highly recommend

Dakota White

This clinic saw us immediately after calling. Our dog was induced to throw up something she should not have eaten and was home within an hour and a half from our call. I am so grateful for Eric, who took my call and made me feel at ease when I became emotional, both over the phone and once in the clinic. I was turned away from two other emergency clinics in Hamilton. Thank you again Dr. And the very kind staff !!! Mae, and her very grateful parents

Birkley Davis

Always had a great experience. The staff seem to genuinely care about the well being of all my pets.

Pat Aghion

We have taken all of our Cats to Mohawk Animal Clinic for years. 5 years ago unfortunately, we had to put our beloved "Buddy" down. The love care and compassion that Dr. Paul and all of the staff showed were amazing. Our other cats have been in for numerous things, needles and to be spayed or neutered. We have a new little feline now who will also be visiting Dr Paul and the amazing staff

Shain Turner

I recently visited Mohawk clinic for a check up for my rabbits. I received excellent care from Dr Mogavero, every time I’ve seen him. I had previous got my rabbits fixed with him and now we return for check ups, whenever I go the clinic is clean and the staff are super welcoming and helpful. I will continue to recommend and bring my pets to him!!

Neepa Evans

My bird had a piece of hair wrapped tightly around his foot for I imagine a couple of days and was cutting off his circulation badly. Dr. Mogavero was quick to act and saved him from loosing his foot. Everyone was extreamly friendly and helpful!! Highly recomend!!! Thank you guys once again, I am truly greatful!!!

Matthew Sergi

Marina Haljkevic

I highly recommend you bring your animal(s) here! My cat had a parasite in her neck and needed immediate care. I called every 24/7 pet hospital in the Hamilton and Niagara region but unfortunately, none of the them were able to take a look a my cat. The employees at Mohawk Animal Clinic gladly took my cat in and they were extremely professional. The vet came outside to talk to me in person and she did an amazing job at explaining the situation and she answered all my questions. I’m so glad I took my cat here. Thank you so much Mohawk Animal Clinic. I really appreciate your efforts to help my cat. She feels much better now! :)

Jennifer Marie

I am visiting my parents in Hamilton and always bring my dog with me. He started shaking his head quite a bit and I suspected an ear infection and so I needed a vet. I did a quick search and found Mohawk Animal Clinic. I gave them a quick call and was able to book an appointment that day. We got to the appointment early and saw the vet (although I didn't know it at the time...but I did guess that it was an employee due to the scrubs she was wearing) drive in shortly after us. I noticed her smiling at my pup which was nice to see because it showed a genuine love of animals. We were waiting at the reception as the receptionist was on the phone when the vet walked in. She was really kind and told us she would be right with us. The receptionist was on the phone with an obviously difficult case (a woman with a seemingly very sick cat and no money). The receptionist spent at least 15 mins (probably a lot more because we actually entered the exam room and she was still on the phone) talking to this woman and problem solving what to do - offering to call the SPCA to see if they could help and calling other locations, etc... That being said, the receptionist also didn't ignore us and actually apologized to us twice for being unable to speak to us. The vet then came downstairs and apologized for taking some time because she had to answer the other line. Yes, a vet that also answers calls...enough said. She then did a physical exam but it wasn't robotic in any way. She spoke to us as she examined my dog. She was very good with the dog (but I also have a really easy going dog who loves the vet and allows you to do whatever you need). She was lovely. Very pleasant. Great bedside manner. I wish I could take her home to Vancouver to be our vet there. Very happy to have found a vet to have when we visit Ontario. If you're looking for a vet who is thorough with great bedside manner, you've found one. Everyone was lovely, the receptionist, the vet, and every other staff member we ran into on the way out showed genuine love of animals. All around great experience despite the ear infection.

Mark Landry

I cannot express the sense of relief we felt when we were able to have our new kitten seen here when we could not find anyone to see her between Brantford and Burlington. The staff were kind and very helpful. Dr. Mogavero was very patient and understanding of my families concerns. We were amazed when he called the next day to check on our kittens progress. Highly recommend this clinic.

Nancy McGregor

I was not too impressed when this clinic asked me if I wanted resuscitation for my cat's spayed surgery which would cost me an extra $300 if that was to happen!! This should be automatic as they are a vet hospital and should comply with medical liabilities as if they were humans. No faith here , but vet clinics have to change their ways in trying to get money out of owners. Will not be attending this place again in future.

Paul A

Everyone here went out of their way to make sure our pet got the best care possibly. Special thanks to the doctors who spent a lot of time making sure we understood all that was going on. In the end we had to make a difficult decision, but we felt comfortable knowing they would take special care of Charlie!

Katrina M

Staff are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable ! I would highly recommended bringing your pet here. The vet was able to make several recommendations and explained all of our choices. It is great to know that they have your pets best interest in mind!

Joe Tino

My puppy got bitten and I tried calling my vet at Main Street West Clinic but they stamped the wrong phone number on my dog's health records booklet. So I called the Mohawk Animal Clinic to make an appointment to bring my puppy in asap. I told the secretary that And she asked me who my vet was. I told her and she said they are open and gave me another number to call. I did not have a pen to write it so I asked her again what is the number and she said I told you six times and hung up. I couldn't believe it I called back and she told me to F off and hung up. I called again and someone else answered and apologized and was very nice. I told her to please ask the vet to call me so I can report what his employee did. He called back Dr. Michael Mogavero and defended her 100 per cent saying that He knows her for many years and would not do that. I asked him for her to apologize to me His client and he said no. He was not help full and I made an appointment somewhere else. For a well educated doctor I feel his staff and himself are not people friendly and ignorant towards listening and helping pet owners. I would not recommend this vet.

Denise Fogel

I brought my puppy in on an emergency appointment. Dr. Michael quickly diagnosed my dog, advised me of the treatment she would need, and showed me how to administer the medication she would need. The clinic was able to be covid safe and allow me to accompany my dog, and I was so grateful for that. Everyone was kind, welcoming, and warm. They eased my concerns as a first time pet owner and were patient with me in answering all my questions. The fee structure is very fair and considerate. I was so grateful to find such a kind and caring facility. Thank you.

Philip Anderson

Went to the Mohawk Animal Clinic tonight with my friend and her eight week old puppy as an emergency. I can not put into words how greatful I am to the staff here. They went beyond any expectations helping us and the puppy. The passion the staff at Mohawk Animal Clinic possess is clear. The quality of care here is amazing. Dr. Michael (so sorry I can't remember his last name) was the vet who looked after her and her pup and I can not say enough about how amazing he was during an incredibly stressful time. All I can say is thank you. Your pet is with the most caring people here.

Leslee Papin

They have given my dog Shadow the best care with such compassion and gentleness.

bryan snyder

Would like to just say than you to Dr.lo and Eric and the other staff last night as we said goodbye to our 16 year old fur baby Harlie.Your compassion and caring really helped my wife and I during this emotional time

Susan Gill

We only have great things to say about Mohawk Animal Clinic. Dr. Mogavero has been exceptional in caring for our dog over the years. He has performed emergency surgery and more recently has been looking after Codi while he is in heart failure. It has been over a year and a half since he was diagnosed. With the right medications (and some very innovative), Codi is still with us. Thanks to everyone at Mohawk (and Downtown Animal Hospital).

Rachel Dass

Everyone was very kind. However they left a bandage on my kittens when they went in to be neutered. Their front right legs are swollen double their regular size because they forgot to take off the bandage during their time there. Hopefully my babies will be fine, however this type of negligence is scary and worth considering before you take your pet in.

Kim Jardine

Our regular vet was not available so we brought our cat here on Christmas evening Dr. Mogavero was very honest and upfront about the situation .I feel we received excellent service and we were kept updated about how our cat was doing . The staff here is very friendly and helpful. I hope it doesn't happen again but if we are in the same situation I would definitely be going back here

Danielle DeVincenzo

The worst veterinary office I have ever been too!! DO NOT GO HERE!!! They treat pet owners terribly and offer no help whatsoever...instead they try to suggest that pet owners are solely to blame for pet behavioural issues. They also “forgot” to schedule an appt for us twice! Showed up and asked to come back later.

Valerie Audette

If I could give 0 stars for this review I would. This was by far the worst experience with a Vet I have ever had. We called the clinic and were told by the receptionist that we could bring our puppy in for a visit with the vet tech for a tick removal. When we arrived, we were promptly put in a room where the veterinarian proceeded to be extremely rude and dismissive. According to him, there was no time to see us and he would charge us almost 200$ for an emergency visit, where it would have been a routine 15$ visit. After repeatedly calling us liars (as he didn’t believe what the receptionist told us over the phone) he eventually admitted his staff made an error. However, this did not curb his hostile attitude in any way. I understand he was busy and had a lot of clients, but a shred of respect and decency would have been nice. I would never, in any circumstances, trust this man with my animal. Avoid this unprofessional, un-compassionate and disgusting place at all cost!

Amanda C

Thank you Dr. Lo so much for taking care of my little yorkie Bear yesterday. Dr. Lo is very understanding, kind and compassionate when it comes to treating your fur baby.

Samantha Grant

Amazing stuff! Very caring and really went above and beyond. Dr. Stephanie Lok Wah was extremely professional and examined my dog (retriever) in the van as you all know in these trying times you can't go inside. She was in extreme pain so without an x-ray she figured out that it was the disk in her back and treated her....HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VET. SOOOOO INCREDIBLY AMAZING WITH YOUR PET. she was loving and gentle with our dog.

Al Bouchard

This vet is not very honest as i called twice to see if he would put my dog down and both times he said it would cost a little over $230 which was pretty expensive . He said it on two different calls. It was a Saturday so i understood it would be more expensive. When we got there they took the dog and the assistant inserted a line into his leg. During this time he presented a bill of $497 . I ask why was it not what he quoted me on the phone twice ( $230 ) He mentioned he missed his lunch and that it was an emergency with no appointment. I made the appointment this is how i got the price of $230. He gave me the bill while the dog is being prepared so your sorta stuck at this point and he knows it. If my wife was not with me i would of walked out . After the dog passed he could not even get the bandage off him. Very unprofessional Stay away as he will take your cash when you are at your lowest point. I would give a minus 5 if i could

Matt munro

Dr Michael m at the clinic today was very helpful for me and my cat thank you

h aj

Dr. Stephanie Lo gave my dog booster vaccines (Rabies, Bordetella, Influenza, Leptospira) "meant for a different dog"! She had very poor excuses as to why it happened. My dog already has up to date vaccines and was only supposed to be there for a heart worm check. She just had her vaccines 4 months ago! Needless to say I am VERY upset. This is not acceptable.The only reason my dog was seeing the vet without one of us in the room was due to social distancing measures put in place at the clinic. You are asked to leave your dog at the door and wait outside the building for a phone call. My dog was wearing a very clear tag with her name and our phone number on it. This should have never happened! Giving us 15% off doesn't make up for the potential risk to my dog's health. This is negligent and very concerning. Please don't leave your pets alone.

Daniel Payne

Great staff.

Michelle Pacheco

We have a new kitten who was having problems breathing. On a Sunday, I called in and the exceptionally friendly staff scheduled me in that morning and took great care of our kitten, answered all my questions patiently and recommended a better food plan for her. This cat mom is very grateful and will definitely be be returning!

Ron Patterson

Thank you very much to every who helped us through a very difficult time. We cannot say enough about the way our family was cared for here. You were all so patient and compassionate.

sabrina miceli

the techs here are awesome but the vets are not. one of the vets was extremely rude to me, my sisters and my stepmom when we brought in our cat to be put down. very inconsiderate and totally disregarded the fact that we were grieving. there are many vets who are MUCH better and we will not be going back there.

Fiona Carter

Animals can not speak , they can not tell us how they are feeling , where it hurts , this is where the wonderful staff of Mohawk Animal Clinic comes in ! I care deeply for my pets , we all do and I can honestly say that Dr .Mogavero and his team make me feel assured , that my pets are in capable and kind hands . ????

tony carna

Awesome staff right from receptionist to the doctors ,they are so helpfull ,thoughtfull even at your worse times.They treated my yorkie like it was there own, they really love what they do and love our furry friends.

Jack Gatza

We dealt with Dr. Mogavero. One of the most unprofessional veterinarians. He assessed our cat for maybe 20 seconds. Then he did not properly complete the stitches in a very simple operation, so we had to go back in and have him re-do it. When we went back to fix the stitches he did not tell us anything that was going on. He just sent his assistant to take our cat and he began re-stitching her without any freezing or something for pain. Our cat was very loudly in pain and we did not know anything that was going on. Then after he acted as if it was our fault like we were a nuisance to him taking up his time, when he clearly botched the first operation. I cannot speak about other veterinarians there, but if you go to this clinic and he is the vet, I would strongly suggest leaving. His manners and work were extremely unprofessional.

Mo Hamzeh

Had a very bad and sad situation here all they care about is money they left my dog in the back to slowly die because they were waiting for a payment first and the staff are very unprofessional and disrespectful and when my puppy passed away at the vet the workers had no remorse nothing just cold so nasty and was even rude telling me to leave but anyways don’t bring your dog here please trust me.

Hala Abou - Saleh

They have the worse staff ever , rude and unprofessional, leaving their clinic very soon , especially the one her name Arlene , if i could to post no star i would do it I have to add as of today Sunday Oct 10 , i called the clinic to order food for my dog as he has none for tomorrow and Monday is long weekend , so the team told me i am not allowed to get food as i was rude , i did apologized , so i talked to the owner which he told me I CANNOT GIVE YOU FOOD TILL U ApOLOGIZE FROM Arlene , i told him i would do that but she must apologized because she was started the rudeness and i was defending myself , and asked for buying the food and i am leaving his clinic as i felt belittle ( btw all i said to her at that time not allowed to talk to me w attitude thats all ) , Shame on you how come you revenge from a dog refusing to sell his food and next day is a holiday ? , thats the morals and ethics you learned at school , I wish the animal rights could read my review , SHAME ON YOU

Ashley D

Mohawk Animal Clinic is a very professional clinic! My dog is always treated with respect and care. I also enjoy the friendly calls from the staff just to check on how my pet is doing and to let me know when he is due for vaccinations. The veterinarian’s Dr. Lo and Dr. Kearns are both friendly and professional. Mohawk Animal Clinic is very well priced, the clinic is clean and the staff is friendly. The receptionist Tara will always greet you with a smile. I appreciate that this clinic is open till 10pm, with my crazy work schedule it makes it very easy to book an appointment. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking veterinary care for their pets :).

Catherine Court

Mohawk Animal Clinic has been my dogs vet clinic for the past 15 years. For routine check ups and emergency appointments Dr. Mogavero has always provided excellent care. He is a very professional, honest, to the point doctor. I would highly recommend this clinic.

Charlotte Li

Rude and unhelpful staff. We arrived on time but was told to wait by the reception woman. When it was about half an hour past the appointment time, I asked how much longer was the wait. The woman looked at me with wide bulging eyes and her face was contorted as though by hatred as she said 'No I can't tell you how much longer.' I was shocked to see her face. I did not preface my question with any complaint such as 'It's been a long wait.' I was merely asking a question. Before I recovered from the shock of seeing her face, she said severely 'keep your voice down, and don't shout, or we'll ask you to leave.' It felt as though she's dedicated to making the customer feel bad, feel guilty. And she said because 'there is a dog that has to be put down so whatever time it takes. Can't you even sympathize with that?!' How self-righteous! How quick to lecture and to judge! Fortunate for us, there is another clinic 2 minutes drive away where we were accommodated right away and received excellent care. My message to the woman: don't use your sympathy for a dog to justify your rudeness to fellow human beings. Just noticed that Michael Mogavero, the vet who works at Mohawk Animal Clinic has rated his own clinic with five stars. That's down right unprofessional, and unfair to other vets

Yixuan Wang


Called to find out about bringing my dog in. The person that answered the phone got snippy and short with me when I paused for a second to think if the time they offered worked for me. I said can I pencil it in? This rude and uncompassionate person cut me off mid sentence and replied with we dont pencil in appointments and are too busy and said appointment will be gone in 20 mins and abruptly hustled me off the call. Dude you're in a people business dealing with animals they love. How about just an ounce of patience and compassion? What a joke

Matt Bellefeuille

Dr. Mogavero and Vet Tech Sheila have continually provided excellent and compassionate care for our family pets over the years. Highly recommend.

John Clark

Horrible people who must not be pet owners. Got turned away with my dog in distress because it was too close to closing time. Turns out that I was at a different ER clinic than theirs when I called. Once I realized, I called them back and they said yah, we are closed. No offers of help, didn't ask how far away I was or even what the issue was, just 'we are closed'. So, yes, you remain horrible people.


Not the best vet we've been to.. took our dog here and they just sent us home with medication.. went to another vet because he wasn't improving and they told us he had an enlarged prostate.. they gave us a payment plan which is great for us financially and they gave us more details about what was going on with our dog.. he's going under treatment and being hospitalized. I rather know details than not know what's going on.. sorry won't be coming again.. wasted money I could of used for his treatment now..


Cannot say enough about all the staff! The care our Kallie received was awesome. Special thanks to Dr Stephanie.

Leandra Grenier-Green

Professional, compassionate and experienced. I have come to Dr. Mogavero several times for veterinary advice and services for my Boxer, Zarra and each time was happy with the experience. Thanks to Dr. Mogavero and the staff at Mohawk Animal Clinic, I have a happy and healthy dog!


Very kind, knowledgeable, patient Dr. & friendly receptionist! Although I was not able to join my dog in the exam room, I felt like he was in the best hands . Dr. Kerns answered all of my questions (there were alot) and was very patient and thorough with his replies. All of my pets needs were met and did not feel presured into any further exams/ medications as I have felt in the past with other veterinarians. I am very thankful to have found this clinic, thank you mohawk animal clinic:)!

Paul Anthony

awesome staff, very professional clinic, would highly recommend this location


Thank you to all the staff and doctors who took such good care of our Sadie. You were all so kind and understanding during a very difficult time for our family.

devon boyce

Excellent Animal Clinic. The staff are very kind and thorough. The Doctor was very conscientious and had a gentle hands on approach with my dog. He also took the time to explain all of my dogs symptoms and also how each medication work work and their side effects. I would bring my pets back there anytime.

Garry D.

This clinic has been treating our cats for over 15 years. My wife and I have always found the staff to be compassionate, helpful and understanding.

Kim Safa

Trust the reviews. This place is AWFUL. The staff are rude and the vet has zero compassion. So so glad my primary vet is not this man. Only went here for food thankfully, since my regular vet was out of my dogs prescription diet. They WRONGLY advised me to buy a substitute of my dogs low fat diet which I fed her for over 4 months. During this time she had flare ups of her pancreatitis which I couldn’t understand why. Then I find out the PRESCRIPTION food I’ve been giving her is not appropriate for a dog with chronic pancreatitis. I had just purchased a new $80 bag of food the previous day before finding this out so I called them to ask to simply return the food. I was given the run around, spoke to multiple people (none of them could even figure out when the vet was working)..and said I had to speak to him to return the SEALED BAG of food (obnoxious). Finally after a week the vet calls and leaves me a voicemail saying “I’m not returning the food”. Spoke to my primary vet and they even agreed that this is completely ridiculous. I guess based on other reviews of this guy gouging clients, he seems to have money problems and want to keep every penny he can get out of people. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Eric Toomey


We brought our 9 week old Basset to this clinic initially because she started throwing up worms. We obviously had no idea she had any at the time and were in a panic to find someone to treat her. Mohawk Animal Clinic took her in first thing the next morning! They were very informative and honest. We left with a very happy pup! Thanks again!


AVOID this clinic if you want a proper end of life for your pet. We had our beloved dog put down at this clinic, it was preformed in our car in the parking lot. For that reason they get one star. The staff were very helpful and caring during the procedure and deserve 5 stars. We have had good medical care at the clinic and would give 5 stars for that. ADD ON: even before the latest lockdown for over a year all interaction at your clinic has been preformed in the parking lot.

Kendra Knoflook

Love the flexible hours❤

Rachel Edmonds

PLEASE READ THE BAD REVIEWS BEFORE BRINGING YOUR ANIMALS HERE!!!! MY CAT DIED AFTER THEIR VISIT HERE!!! I don’t know where to start.. I brought both my cat and dog in yesterday night for flea treatment. They applied treatment to both my pets and I bought an extra month supply for both of them. I mentioned to the vet or assistant that my cat is 16 years old and If it is safe for her.. she assured me it would be. This morning I woke up to my cat dead. I called and they said it is impossible for the medication to cause death and that it is probably because she is 16. My cat was very healthy and never had any health concerns. It could have been a human error such as the assistant applying the dog medication on my cat by mistake or her not being weighed properly.. either way, her death was sudden. They also did not do blood work to make sure her organs were working properly, or even examine her for fleas. I asked if I could return the Unused tubes since I obviously won’t be using them anymore and they said no. Telling everyone about my experience here. I wish i read all these bad reviews before bringing my cat here.

Silvia Spallacci

We brought our 12 year old lab to Mohawk Animal Clinic and we were very pleased with the services provided. The staff were extremely friendly and approachable. The vet was very attentive to detail and noticed many things that the other vets we have been to did not. Would highly recommend bringing your pet here!

Tanya Smith

We recently visited on the week end for an emergency. Our family have been clients for many years. Very happy with the service and highly recommend this hospital. We have seen all the doctors and can say they are all top notch!

Sana Y

I don't know who the male secretary is picking up phone calls but he's extremely rude. No customer service at all.

Fab DiRago

The vets are great here. They saved our kitten´s life last year when she had a serious stomach blockage. They are kind and very efficient. We also use their second location; West Park Animal Hospital on Main St. W. You can tell all of the staff are animal lovers and we always feel that our pets are with capable and caring staff.

Colina Farrell

So bad

Misty S

I can't thank them enough for taking my dog in an emergency!!!! My current vet refused to take her in even though we were concerned she wasn't going to make it another hour alive.. From the home phone to the vets arms was less than 10 minutes and there was no messing around when we arrived!! My dog was in complete distress and barely breathing- they were in just as much of a rush to take her in as we were to get her in there! They swooped her from my arms and gave her immediate care and attention. I'm not quite sure if my dog would have made it if they didn't act so quickly...Very passionate, kind and informative vets and techs. We will be cancelling our current vet of over 20 years to come here from now on as we didn't receive the same treatment and care from them as we recieved here!!

Farah Halloum

The worst experience I ever had anywhere

Svetlana Matveeva

Jesse Davidson

Highly recommend... We had our dog get emergency stitches here after cutting her foot open pretty badly. Great care and communication with fair prices.

Sharon Richardson

Dr. Mogavero, Tara and all the staff are very friendly and professional. We've been with our large dog and 2 cats, they always recommend the least invasive (and expensive) options. For example, our Shepherd-cross has had a sore paw: we were concerned enough to have agreed to xrays or overnight stay, but Dr. Mogavero recommended anti-inflammatory and a wait and see approach because my dog didn't seem to have a specific tender spot. Following up a week later, they fit us in within the hour, Dr. Mogavero walked with us and charged for medication only. They're all sweet to the animals and as a result the dog has no fear of going to the doctor. Highly recommend .

Christine Kear

I recently brought my beloved Brodie, my cat, to this clinic and was most impressed with the kindness and professionalism of Dr. Paul Kearns. He was very knowledgeable and gentle with Brodie and explained the options thoroughly. The receptionist and other staff were equally friendly and open. I would sincerely recommend this practice to anyone looking for pet care.

Karysha Jacobs

Mohawk animal clinic is my primary vet office and I'm honestly satisfied with the care my pets receive. I moved back to hamilton earlier this year and finding a good vet to see my leopard gecko was a huge headache, and I'm glad I eventually stumbled upon Dr. Mogavero. He was honest about not being a complete expert on reptiles, but was straightforward in that he had the resources to find out what the best course of action was and that was honestly the best responce I could have heard. He listened to my concerns and chose a direction of treatment based on the knowledge about my geckos enclosure, diet ect that I provided. His advice on my enclosure was straightforward and I got reptile safe antibiotics for Jeba's eye and it cleared up quickly. I was smitten that he even praised my care for my animals, and that the only other thing I could really do is take them out for sunlight in their enclosures on warm days to get them extra UVB. Overall very pleased, and if your reptile needs a vet visit I strongly suggest Dr. Mogavero, there where no hidden fees, he listens to his clients, made sure to fact check his info when needed and my pet got proper treatment they deserved.

Michelle C Lynn

This place is OK but there are much better vets. We have an elderly dog who doesn't like vets or new people, but the vet we saw was excellent. When I scheduled a check-up in the spring, I specifically requested the same vet. When I arrived for my appointment, we were told she had left the clinic. The new vet who saw us was in and out of the room like a hurricane, stressing my dog out. They didn't weigh her, even though she had lost more weight than they recommended and I told the receptionist and vet that. The vet still commented on her looking chubby (she hadn't been groomed) despite her being at the lowest range for healthy weight. While the staff was polite enough, there was nothing special about them. I have since moved to another vet which has been a wonderful experience. Like I said, they're OK but there's much better vets. This should be a three star review, but I'm giving a one star review, primarily because the owner gave a 5 star review to his own clinic, which is an unprofessional and childish thing to do. Good job patting yourself on the back.

Andrew Creighton

Everyone was kind and caring, vet was efficient and understandable of my many questions. Thanks for taking care of Truffle!

Andie Maxwell

great vet was very fast and professional did not push unnecessary treatments down our throat and was very knowledgeable i’m definitely switching over for further treatments!

Deb Clark

One of the worst vet clinic anyone can attend. Very rude owner, my dog's vaccines were suppose to be given to her on two separate visits. When I returned the second appt the "so called owner vet" told me I would have to pay double. He was angry because he had to come in because someone didnt show. He is one of the most arrogant person I have ever met. Couldnt imagine leaving an animal in a room with him. Thanks Dr Lo for returning my call. GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Yeomans

The Vets and the techs at Mohawk Animal Clinic have been nothing but kind to us since we started bring our 14 week beagle puppy here they helped us out though the hospital stay when we first her to the last visit yesterday o recommended them

Jesse Peters

I have 2 dogs and we have visited various vet clinics over the years but never really felt comfortable with them as they seemed generally pushy and rushed. Dr. Mogavero was able to see us right away even though the other vet clinics we called couldn't see us for 2 more weeks. When I arrived, the clinic was busy but my puppy Betty was made a priority and given truly great care. I am happy to have finally found my "forever-vet"!

Jamie McHardy

We cannot thank Dr. Mogavero and his team enough. Our dog is still with us today because of their care and compassion. I also wanted to say thank you to Eric who incredibly amazing to our dog Raven. My kids, wife and I will be forever grateful for what you folks did for our dog. Thank you

Shelley D

The staff at this vet clinic are amazing. They didn't have the meds here for our rat so they took us to their other clinic to pick up what was needed, saving us a trip back from Burlington. They are carefully folloowing safety protocols while being professional and empathetic.

Stacey Riddell

I was very happy with the service and help we recieved from the staff and vet at the clinic. My Daisy had an allergic reaction and was seen quickly. Very reasonably priced

Lindsay M

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here with my two cats. I’ve been bringing them here since they were kittens, both are up to date on vaccines and fixed. Everyone is very knowledgeable and super helpful. It’s been excellent service every time and I appreciate their hours as I work full time.

Jesse Lacasse

Our girl was suffering and was not going to survive the night. Dr. Mogavero knew this and operated an intensive emergency surgery which saved her life. She is as feisty as ever and still has her quality of life thanks to the full staff at Mohawk Animal Clinic. Thank you so much

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