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REVIEWS OF Zula Driving School IN Borden

Reza Olad

The whole idea is to learn, demonstrate and keep safe driving, and Shayan thoroughly knows how to accommodate it. His methodology for correcting bad behaviors and creating an ideal model is way different from others. You can feel you build up confidence while learning skills by working on details with him. It was a great experience when the examiner commented: “Safe Driving!”. I'll try keeping this habit.

Jade Chen

Emma D.

After having terrible experience with other instructors from other driving school, I’m so so glad I found Zula. My driving skills have improved a lot since I had lessons with Shayan. He was very calm, and professional during the lessons. He also patiently explained things clearly to me and didn’t mind to remind me whenever I forgot something. He didn’t only teach students to pass the road test, above that, he taught them how to drive safely. I also found his YouTube videos are super helpful and informative so don’t forget to check them out. I like that Shayan is very passionate about his job and and enjoys doing it. I would definitely recommend Shayan and Zula driving school to everyone.

Calvin Choi

Choosing Zula Driving School was the best decision I could've made to improve my driving. Shayan is incredibly knowledgeable, easily understandable, and a wonderful instructor. Zula Driving School went above and beyond my expectations to help me pass my road test. I could not have passed my Class 7L Road Test without Shayan and Zula. I would recommend Zula to anyone who is looking to get experience driving the right way.

Anna Kraulis

Thank you Shayan for being a wonderful and helpful driving instructor! It's clear you have a real passion for teaching this skill and helping your students succeed. Being new to driving it really helped me to learn from someone with a kind and thoughtful approach as well as a good sense of humour. I'm super stoked to have passed my road test, yay :)


Shayan did a great job preparing me for my road test! I highly recommend him as a driving instructor, and I couldn’t have passed without him.

Harriet G

Patient, knowledgeable and reassuring

Alexander Culberson


Best driving school ever. The instructor Shayan was very clear and precise with what to do in order to pass. I took a couple of lessons from Shayan and passed the test very easily. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is first starting out or just looking to test their driving knowledge.

Rajiv Perumalsamy

I'm from Vancouver and I had my road test in Victoria. I booked an appointment and just took 1 class with Shayan and I was able to clear the test easily. He is very friendly and gave me all the tips to be a defensive driver. I would really recommend this driving school for all the beginners and intermediate level drivers out there. The rates are also reasonable. +1 happy customer. :) Thank you Zula!

Tracey Johnson

Shayan was really considerate of the actual driving time I got during my lesson. We ran into some heavy traffic due to construction and after spending 15 minutes in the crawl, he asked me if I had any time commitments right after my lesson. I didn't, so he offered to go a few minutes over to make up for the unexpected traffic.

Tristan Rempel

I would absolutely recommend going to Zulu driving school. Shayan helped me refine all my driving maneuvers and his calmness and compassion for teaching to drive made me feel confident behind the wheel. I booked only 1 lesson the same day of my class 7 road test and aced it! He took me on some of the roots the test might be on and one of them ended up being the same one I took my test on. Thank you for helping me pass!! :)

Liza-Marie Weppenaar

We had to convert our licenses to a BC drivers license recently. After 15 years of driving experience, one tends to develop many bad habits. We used Shayan's services for two days before going for our road test. Shayan is extremely knowledgeable and has a calm and kind demeanour about him. I'd definitely recommend Zula Driving School!

Vanessa Fiabane

Shayan of awesome suuuper knowledgable patient and professional super recommend :)

Manmitha Deepthi

Shayan is a very helpful and friendly instructor. I was more confident for my road test because of the practice and lessons from Zula driving school.

Frangelica Atherton

Shayan is an excellent instructor. He doesn't miss a thing, he has patience and understands exactly where you're at with your driving skills. I passed first time and that's because he cares and took the time to teach me everything I needed to be a good driver for life, not just for the road test. Thank you Shayan!

Amelia Patillo

I had my N road test yesterday and passed with flying colours! I booked a lesson with Shayan about a month before my test and he gave me so many great tips and really helped me get my parking techniques down. I continued to practice based on the feedback I was given in that one lesson and by the time my road test came I felt confident that I was a safe and competent driver. I was hoping to book a few more lessons before my test, but Shayan was fully booked by the time I got around to booking them. Even just the 1 lesson was extremely helpful. Shayan has a calm and kind presence about him and gives great constructive feedback. I would highly recommend Zula driving school!

Danean Herdman

Thanks to Shayan and Zula Driving School my daughter was successful at passing her driving exam on the first attempt. Shayan was a fantastic teacher! I highly recommend his services.

Ali Tahmasebi

Taking driving lessons with the Zula Driving School was a wonderful learning experience for me. I had no previous driving experience before my first lesson, and the instructor, Alex, was very patient and helpful throughout each and every lesson. He was super knowledgeable and provided constructive feedback in order to improve my driving skills. I was very happy with the lessons since they increased my confidence in my driving and made me a better driver on the road. Alex was very professional and each lesson taught me something new about different aspects of driving. He helped me become fully prepared for my road test and I passed the road test on my first try! I very much appreciate what Alex and the Zula Driving School did for me. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to take driving lessons.

pedram poshtiban

Shayan is the most professional instructor that you can find in Victoria. He is precise, well experienced and very calm. After attending his class, I was able to pass the exam confidently since he scrutinized every single possible situation that would happen in the exam day. If you are looking for an instructor to make your life way easier don’t hesitate to go with Shayan.

Karen Bation

When I was scheduled for my Road Test in Victoria, I googled right away for: “BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN VICTORIA”, It gaves me ZULA.CA. Since I came from New Westminster, and can only afford an OVERNIGHT stay in Victoria, I booked a 90 minutes practice test in the morning of my Road Test to familiarize the route. Shayan pick me up on time, and we did the route, and I committed a lot of mistakes! Yes, a lot! But Shayan was so calm, he took notes of his observations and explained it to me one by one after the practice. At the last minute Before my Road Test, I was thinking to cancel my Test coz I felt so nervous! Shayan encourages me just to do it. When the examiner told me: “YOU PASSED!” I cried! I cannot believed it because I almost cancelled it! Then I realized, I had the BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN VICTORIA! And Indeed, THE BEST driving INSTRUCTOR! Yes, Shayan is the BEST and I highly recommend him!

finn kelly

Great experience, I left feeling confident on the road. Shayan is a great teacher with a calming and easygoing presence during lessons. Would recommend to anyone who is learning to drive for the first time or preparing for their road test!

Zoey Johnson

Shayan was an excellent teacher, very patient and methodical. I don't think I would have passed my road test without his help! I definitely recommend!

C Seg

We are so happy that we chose Zula Driving School to prepare our daughter for her road test which she passed today flawlessly! Shayan is incredibly professional, kind, and patient which helped to calm my daughter’s nerves and improve her skills. Not only did she obtain her “N” but she is a more confident, safe driver thanks to Shayan. Highly recommended!

Elias Kyriacou

I booked a session with Shayan to prepare for my class 5 road test. I almost didn't bother as I felt pretty confident but I'm really glad I did because Shayan highlighted several small errors I was making, any one of which could have resulted in a Fail. I don't think I would have passed first time without his mentoring. He was very calm, patient and methodical.I would highly recommend him as an instructor, regardless of your skill level.

Amy Dodds

Shayan was incredibly knowledgeable and kind, and made driving a super comfortable experience. Additionally, the lessons were always well planned, and I felt much more prepared for my road test after each lesson. I would highly recommend taking lessons here to anyone looking to improve upon their driving skills!

Namrata Jacobie

Passed my driving test the first time thanks to Shayan! He's very calm and explains proper techniques clearly and concisely. Very accommodating when I felt like I needed more lessons leading upto my test. He's definently an experienced driver and instructor. Overall, I'm very happy I picked Zula!!! ????????????????

Sabrina Hundle

Both Alex and Shayan have been amazing instructors! My experience was not only filled with information, but my time and money was valued. I received the best advice from A-Z by these fantastic instructors. If I were to ever direct anyone to a driving school, it would have to be this one! My driving skills would not have been as great if I chose any other set of instructors.

Olivia Watkin

I wouldn’t have passed the test without these lessons. 100% recommend doing lessons through Zula!!!

Ganna Drozd

Wonderful driving lesson, lots of useful comments and tips!

Christie DeJong

Shayan is a patient, friendly, and very knowledgeable instructor and I enjoyed the lessons! He shows up on time, knew how to give clear instructions, and provided a booklet which kept track of each of the lessons and the skills we worked on and needed to work on so I knew exactly what to expect out of each lesson, and knew what to practice and study for the road test. The lessons helped me immensely in my driving knowledge and skills, and gave me confidence for the road test. (Which I ended up passing on the first try, thanks to the lessons!) 100% recommend to anyone who needs to learn/brush up on driving skills. Also the most affordable lessons I have found for the amazing quality. Glad I enrolled!!

Jean louise

Zula driving school was able to teach me an incredible amount of skills within just 2 days to help me successfully prepare for my driver's test. The youtube videos in addition to the driving lessons are ample preparation for becoming a safe driver.

Andrej Kovacevic

Best in the business!!

Mariana Carreiro

I had Shayan as my instructor and he was excellent! He has a calm demeanor and knows so much about driving, road sense, and more. I always had an enjoyable time at each lesson and always learned so much. Shayan is patient, kind, and has many tips, making things less complicated than they seem. In addition, the lessons are quite affordable. I now have my N and feel very comfortable/ knowledged with driving on the road. I definitely recommend Zula Driving School !

Selina A.

Huge thanks to Alex and Shayan for helping me get through and pass my Class 7 road test. Alex was my primary instructor, and he was always very patient and good natured, and always gave feedback in a kind, direct and straightforward way, which I really appreciate. Lessons were fun, and very informative, and I knew I was in good hands. Shayan and Alex were also really great with accommodating my needs around using their vehicle for the driving test, and I really appreciate the extra mile they go for their clients. Thanks again, and I'll likely be back for guidance on the Class 5 exam!

Riley Kiss

Instructor Shayan was a great instructor. He taught me the ins and outs of everything and really helped me pass my exam. Couldn’t have done it without him. If you want to pass your road test, I suggest getting lessons with him as he will for sure help you pass the exam.

Kate Jocson

As an immigrant, getting my license in BC is a big challenge for me. Road rules are very different here compared to my country back home. I am so grateful that I enrolled in Zula driving school. With the help of Shayan, which by the way is an amazing instructor, I passed my road test with flying colors. He is so patient, knowledgeable and he will lift your confidence in driving. For the best price in Victoria, I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends. Thanks Shayan!!!

Sunna Mosqueda

Shayan is a very great teacher, he is patient and his instructions are very easy to understand and follow, plus he is very easy going and willing to help. I highly recommend to take this school if you want to pass the test with easy. He was definitely very helpful to me. After taking 4 classes with him, I passed my road test with the 1st try ;)!!

Jess Bones

This experience was amazing ! I feel like a confident driver and passed my test confidently. Best driving school ! So professional and amazing ????????????

Brady Hanna

Like all the other reviews, Shayann is great. I took a few lessons as a beginner and he always explained everything clearly and professionally. He really educated me well and would definitely recommend Shayann for any future beginners.

Ignacio Estrella

Zula Driving is a great school. Shayan is incredibly patient, clear and insightful. He helped me to identify and improve some areas of my driving that needed some polishing even though I have been driving for 2 decades. I took the lessons to pass the Class 5 road test but ended up becoming a better driver. The overall experience was very cool. Gracias Shayan!

Jana Zemankova

I would highly recommend Zula Driving school and Shayan as an instructor. Getting your drivers license is not just about working on your driving skills but also about overcoming anxiety and building your confidence. Here at Zula they help you with all the aspects you need to become a good driver so that at the end when your road test comes, you have nothing to worry about. If you are looking for a driving school in Victoria, don’t look any further. Especially if you are someone dealing with a driving anxiety.

Casey Stainsby

Shayan was my instructor for one lesson to prepare for my Class 5 road test. He met me at my house, and during the lesson he was friendly, patient, and thorough. I felt very well prepared and ended up passing the test with a perfect score! Thank you, Shayan!

Aileen Paas

I took my roadtest today and I passed with a positive feedback from the examiner with the help of ZULA driving school. I highly recommend this driving school. Very professional,good communication and Shayan is very calm person. 5 star for ZULA

Ismail Alharbi

Shayan is so knowledgeable! It's the best driving school you can find in Victoria city!

Katrina McGuire

I had an amazing experience with Shayan coming down from Vancouver the day of my road test. He was professional, patient and gave me some really great constructive feedback on my driving. Highly recommend!

Arghavan Hatamkhan

Shayan is the best instructor that I've had for driving lessons. He is so patient and knowledgable. I've learned driving well in all individual situations and now I'm so confident about my driving. I really suggest him and his driving school for reaching to being a master in driving.

peter liu

I am so grateful to have Shayan as my driving instructor! Shayan is extremely knowledgeable about the theory and mechanics of driving and communicate that knowledge to me in a very clear manner. Even very complex maneuvers become simplified and doable for a novice after hearing his instructions. He is very attentive to how I drive and always provides clear feedback at the end of each lesson. Often he would stay overtime to clarify any confusion regarding driving rules/techniques to help me improve my driving ability. Shayan also has an excellent ability to accelerate a student's learning progression. Through practicing in areas of heavy traffic early on, Shayan helped me move out of my comfort zone to develop into a more versatile and responsible driver. Most importantly, Shayan is a wonderful person, someone who genuinely cares about his students and tries his best to prepare them for success on the road test. If you want an excellent driving program that could truly elevate your ability as a safe driver, look no further than Zula Driving School!

nastaran nemati

Shaun Lyne

Like others have said, Shayan is a great instructor who's super patient and answers any question you have without hesitation. I took two lessons with him and passed my road test with ease. The techniques he taught me were easy to remember and worked much better than the techniques I'd been using before. The rate per lesson ($120 per 1.5h lesson) wasn't too bad either. Overall I'd highly recommend this driving school.

Olayinka Essien

Excellent. I especially found Zula Driving School Youtube videos very helpful too. Thanks Zula!

Alex Trnbl

Shayan was an incredible and patient instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable about the road test and the possible routes they take you on as well as the skills they test you on. With just 3 lessons with him I went from being a scared beginner driver who could barely even parallel park a car to passing my N on the first try!! I highly recommend Zula to anyone who is looking to pass their N test. I would have never gotten this confident without his guidance.

Lindsay J

Shayan is an excellent teacher! He is a kind & patient instructor who communicates clearly and effectively. Would highly recommend.

Ahmed Ali

Thank you so much Shayan and Alex for your effective teaching strategy in driving and for being optimistic instructors. I highly recommend Zula driving school to every person out there who is willing to obtain their license. Despite my driving long term experience, I've gained new driving strategies and techniques, driving with discipline that helps me to be a safe driver on the road in different traffic conditions. Shayan is always on time, smiles, and always welcomes. (you've learned me a lot, Shayan) - thanks to Alex Driver Training for helping me obtain my driving license for the first time in Canada. I will never forget you and I'll recommend you to my friends. Bless you more. Take care always and thanks again. Ahmed

Gail Kelly

Shayan was so thorough and helpful. I felt prepared and much more confident going into my class 5 test. Shayan really gave his undivided attention to my driving and provided a very detailed analysis so that I knew exactly what my strengths and area of improvement were. I would highly recommend Shayan to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, patient, and professional driving instructor. Thanks so much Shayan!!!

Adam Roseje

Nice and informative driving school! Sean teaches all finicky tips and rules which you need them to pass the road test.

Sourabh Sharma

I am feeling very happy to share my reviews for Zula driving school, best driving school in town. I had 10 Classes from one of the another driving school but couldn’t passed my road test. Talking about zula driving school the instructor’s here are very professional, polite and experienced. I would like to Personally recommend Shayan as a instructor, he is an amazing guy with lots of experience as a instructor.

Anna Kim

My experience with Zula Driving School was wonderful. Shayan is a very professional instructor who truly cares about the success of his students. His clarity and attention to details in his teaching approach will equip you with all the skills you need to pass your road test. He is also very kind, calm, and encouraging person who gives you confidence in your driving abilities on the road. I would highly recommend Zula Driving School and Shayan to anyone looking to prepare for the road test or improve their driving skills.

Macy Weymar

Jamie McLaren

Excellent teacher! I booked a package with Zula and I am glad I did! The whole experience was relaxed, friendly and professional. Shayan is a patient, friendly, professional teacher. Always punctual for lessons and, reminders are Sent Of your upcoming lessons. There is the ability to choose and change your appointments, via the website which is a nice touch. He lets you drive and while your confidence grows, he is always subtly checking and reading the road and environment. If your nervous, I am sure by 10mins into your lesson, you will feel in control. Clear structured communication in re-caps of the lesson. Listen to him, I did and passed my road test first time! Thank you Shayan, excellent! Recommended!

Alice Zullini

I booked 3 classes with Zula and passed my road test at the first try! Shayan is calm and easily explain all the concepts clearly. Very knowledgeable and professional and super reliable! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Hardeep Singh

Shayan was a wonderful instructor. He was always calm when supervising. He has really good knowledge of driving skills and especially how to clear the Road test. He took me on the route that road test supervisors use and made sure I was familiar with it. I also missed one of my planned lessons and Shayan was nice enough to reschedule it so I didn't lose my money. I also took his car for my road test and cleared it in the first attempt. Very highly recommended.

siddharth bhaskara

I know how to drive but as an Immigrant, I needed to know the rules & regulations in Canada. Shayan, in just one lesson, explained all the rules while also giving tips to improve my driving. Additionally, he gave me a good refresher of three-point turns and parallel parking and things to watch out for while changing lanes. For the best price in Victoria, I also got a great lesson!

Aidan Dodds

Shayan was very helpful with helping me pass my road test. I have enjoyed the lessons and found him very professional and informative. I would encourage anyone to have lessons at Zula based on my positive experiences!

Laura Ball

I was a really nervous driver, but the instructor is very friendly, patient and calming. I felt quite confident after the lessons and passed the N test on the first try. Highly recommend!

Arman Dadrass

Jae Levy

10/10 would recommend. I’ve had numerous driving instructors in the past and no-one has made me feel as comfortable in the drivers seat as these two! I saw the amazing reviews this place had and was distrustful that it could be all it was cracked up to be, but it absolutely was. I felt like they were seriously invested in my success, and I can’t imagine passing my test without them. Also both instructors are kind, patient well spoken teachers. If you or your kid has a bit of driving anxiety, this is the place to go!

Callista Tolentino

I would highly recommend Shayan to anyone who wants to learn how to be a safe and knowledgeable driver. He shares clear and concise instructions which make it easy to learn for beginners while also providing useful feedback. I felt confident and comfortable on the road in no time!

Michelle Reed

My daughter was extremely nervous to drive due to her anxiety but when she met Shayan for the first time she said his calm approach to teaching made her feel very relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel. When she came home from her first lesson I was shocked at how much course content they had covered in 90 minutes. This assured me that my money was being well spent. After 8 lessons with Shayan, my daughter took her driving test and passed it flawlessly! In a few months my daughter went from being an anxious individual to a fully confident driver thanks to Zula Driving School. As a parent, I would highly recommend this school to future students! It is worth the investment.

Bashara Hussain

I was in Victoria for the summer and decided to give my road test with only 2 months of lessons from Zula as a complete beginner. Shayan was incredibly calm, patient, and clear with his teaching, and not only helped me pass the road test, but also helped me internalize good driving practices which will stick with me my whole life.

Dasha Kova

Shayan helped refresh my driving skills. I was experiencing a lot of driving-anxiety and after 3 (90 minute) lessons I was fully confident behind the wheel again. My experience with Zula Driving School is that they're professional, patient, detail-oriented, and incredibly helpful in educating you about the rules of the road.

Ky Anh Hoang

Eugene Malise

Nice driving school! They provide you a BMW x3 for training!

Ashton Black

Great driving school! Very nice and friendly instructors. Great price for a great school.

Chelsey Foster

Morteza Jafarikojour

Wow …. I cannot believe it. I went from almost zero confidence (as I had not driven for over 4 years) to 100% confidence in just 5-6 lessons with Shayan and passed my Class 5 road test today in my first try. Shayan is Great! He is unbelievably patient, helpful, friendly, responsible, and knowledgeable. He understands exactly where you're at with your driving skills. I learnt so much and got to fix all my previous wrong habits. The examiner did not leave one single note on my test sheet. I would 100% recommend him to anybody! Thanks again Shayan

Madeline Astridge

Took lessons with Shayan and took the test in the same car, passed on my first try! Very happy with my choice to take lessons with Zula driving school.

Mona Kaveh

Shayan is a great instructor. Highlyyyy recommended

De Ville Weppenaar

Pratyusha Chittoor

Amazing driving school with great instructors. I had lost touch from driving and was putting off my class 7 (N license) road test for a long time. But inspite of a long hiatus, my instructor Alex was very patient with me and was very detailed and thorough with his lessons. There were clear learning objectives for each lesson which helped me keep track of everything I had to know for my road test. As someone who is typically nervous while driving, Alex helped me raise my confidence and made it a very pleasant and smooth experience overall. I'm very grateful to Zula for helping me successfully pass my road test.

Amy Kim

Shayan took me from having 0 driving experience to driving on my own! Much thanks for his patience and understanding. 100% recommend

Evan Murrison

Great driving school

Olusegun Babs

Thanks for the excellent lessons/tips you give Shayan & the Zula team! Good pointers given & I aced my Class 5 Road test!!????????

Selwa Dahab

I booked a lesson with Shayan a few days before my long overdue Class 5 road test to go over what I could expect. He is so knowledgable and kind with an overall calm and patient approach. I passed my test effortlessly thanks to Zula. Highly recommend.

Angeli dela Rosa

First of all, I passed my road test! I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Shayan and Alex at Zula Driving School. Their lessons are well-organized and extremely professional. At the end of each session, they give specific feedback on what to work on for next time. I had a lot of anxiety about driving but they helped me feel confident and safe on the road. I have taken lessons with a cheaper driving school in the past, but the quality was lower (not as encouraging, and I did not feel well prepared for the road test). I highly recommend taking your driving lessons from Zula Driving School!

Alec Lazenby


I had a really nice experience with Zula, the instructor Shayan is super friendly and was very helpful with my driving. We only got to have one lesson together but I left the lesson feeling more confident and excited to work on the things I learned. Thanks again! Definitely would recommend.

Cosie l

Great Driving School. Alex was a great teacher and explained everything so well. Well worth the investment .I would highly recommend this school to anyone that wants to pass their road test.

Callum McGuffin

Russ Forster

Shayan was a great help to my daughter passing her driving test. She had been driving for a year and had booked her own driving test. Shayan was able to accommodate this and on very short notice. In preparation for her test, they focused on all aspects of parking and ran through a couple of test runs of the driving test to build my daughters confidence. She was able to use the car she practiced in for her actual test and was full of enthusiasm and confidence and grinning from ear to ear when the examiner said "you passed!"


I highly recommend Shayan as a driving instructor. He is very professional, trully passionate about his teaching with an interest in his student's success. Shayan was always on time for a lesson. He was very patient with me and his directions were very clear on how to pass a road test as well as become a safe driver. His vehicle was always clean and smooth to drive in.

Ethan Perriccioli

Shayan's patient, calming personality was exactly what I needed to overcome my driving anxiety. He provides clear feedback on what needs improvement, and walks students through the mechanics of different driving maneuvers step-by-step. After five lessons, I felt confident to book my road test, and passed on the first try. Highly recommended.

Bernard Rozario

I was unfortunate to get my classes from another driving school (canadawide driving academy) and become a victim of unprofessionalism and failed 2 times. I was this time fortunate enough to ask zula driving school to give me one class before my third test for N and a warm up class. And guess what I have passed. If I would have failed even, the kind of knowledge and the feedback I got, made me a good petential driver with tons of knowledge . I can't thank you enough for the help Shayan.


I was starting from scratch and was really nervous about driving; however, the instructor at Zula driving school was so clam and professional it put me totally at ease. Within 8 lessons I was confident on the road and was able to pass my driving test. I cannot recommend this driving school highly enough.

Miji Terry

Prepared me very well for my road test.

Claudia Blum

Shayan is an outstanding driving instructor and very nice person. My son really enjoyed his driving lessons and was very well prepared for the driving test. Highly recommend!

Laura Okpara

Shayan and Alex worked with me to get my N in just a few driving lessons. They were very patient and explained all of the driving rules clearly (including why the rules exist). I highly recommend them for anyone trying to get a drivers license in Victoria, especially if you are from a foreign country where the driving rules may be very different. Great team overall!!!

Franco Syrnyk


Shayan is very knowledgeable and friendly. He was always on time, and always spent more time than the schedule, which I really liked. I strongly recommend Zula driving school to new drivers. Great price and fantastic service.

Shweta Narwade

I had a really great learning experience. Shayan is very calm, professional and guides well on how to drive safely. Best place for beginners with little to no driving experience.

Amber MacLeod


Very good instructor , punctual , knowledgeable, Zula very inexpensive . I Have to give Zula a 5 stars! I am very please with my overall experience Thank you so much Zula Driving School !

Noha Grara

abby inglis

I had 3 lessons with Shayan and they were excellent! His effective communication, calmness, and use of diagrams helped me feel much more confident and prepared for the road test. His techniques completely helped fix my back stall and parallel parking in one lesson. And his youtube videos were also a great study aid! Passed the road test on the first try. I would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Mojtaba Shariati

I had a good experience with Shayan. During the two sessions, he taught me everything about driving for about 4 hours, and I suggest that he even practice with them for one session. I was accepted after his training.

Kamrun Maya

I was lucky to have both Shayan and Alex as my instructors. They both are absolutely amazing, professional and very helpful. I would not have been ready for my road test within a short time if I didn’t take lessons from Zula drivihg school. I am so thankful specially to Shayan for making extra time to prepare me for the test. If you want to get better and feel more confident every time you are behind the wheel, this is where you go for help. ???? ????

Mo Aref

Shayan was an amazing instructor! I highly recommend Zula Driving School to anyone looking to learn the basics, or like myself just looking to clean up around the edges and better prepare for the road test. I would never have passed without the mentoring of Zula!

Sunna Mosqueda

Shayan is a very great teacher, he is patient and his instructions are very easy to understand and follow, plus he is very easy going and willing to help. I highly recommend to take this school if you want to pass the test with easy. He was definitely very helpful to me. After taking 4 classes with him, I passed my road test with the 1st try ;)!!

Don MacIntyre

Shayan did a great job preparing our grandaughter for her driving test. She had no trouble passing her test The professionalism and excellent communications from Shayan were greatly appreciated. We have one very happy granddaughter. Thank you Shayan.

Gursehaj Tiwana

Very professional driving school. I took two lessons with Shayan and I passed my class 7 road test. He is very knowledgeable and he drew many illustrations to explain driving maneuvers for me, I did 2 mock tests with him and he told me exactly what I needed to work on. I felt confident after my first lesson with him. I Highly recommend Zula driving school.

Jessie Cheng

abby inglis

I had 3 lessons with Shayan and they were excellent! His effective communication, calmness, and use of diagrams helped me feel much more confident and prepared for the road test. His techniques completely helped fix my back stall and parallel parking in one lesson. And his youtube videos were also a great study aid! Passed the road test on the first try. I would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Andrew van Wyk

I can't recommend Zula highly enough! Both Shayan and Alex were a joy to learn from and after two lessons I was able to pass the N test ! thank you so much guys

Annie Bateman

Both Alex and Shayan were amazing instructors! Super nice, calm and explained things in an easy to understand way. Passed my test right away! Definitely recommend!

Olivia Boss

Shayan is a wonderful driving instructor. He's very kind, and good at making corrections without it sounding harsh (as someone with anxiety this was key to me actually learning anything). He's good at judging when I'm ready to move onto more difficult things, even if I'm not good at making that call, and he's always encouraging me through areas I frequently make mistakes on or feel nervous about.


I really enjoyed lessons I had with Shayan, an amazing instructor, patient, calm and strict (his "mean" part as we joked all the time). With Shayan, I never had pressure when sitting behind wheels, but fun learning experience. I still remembered my first lesson with him, my body was tense and hands sweaty. I didn't get a sense of what he meant by "driving should be boring" until my last lesson, the day before the road test. It was amazing to see the changes in me over the course of 10ish lessons with Shayan. I also liked the way he explains rules and scenarios to me, clear and to the point. It is absolutely an amazing experience and I recommend Shayan to you without reservation. Plus, don't forget to check his many YouTube videos which are super helpful! Thank you Shayan!


Shayan is awesome and although I could only do 3 lessons, they were educational and to the point! I passed with ease, I highly recommend Zula!

Liz Miller

Shayan is an excellent instructor. My son was really nervous about driving yet Shayan had him driving with confidence right away. He was well prepared for his driving test and passed on the first try. I can't say enough how much we appreciated his style of teaching, kindness and communication. Well worth the cost.

Shwetha Murthy

Shayan is a very professional and friendly instructor. He has a sharp eye for identifying areas of driving that require improvement. He did provide with excellent information and guidance to not just to pass my road test and to improve myself as a safe driver. He will go extra mile to make while teaching you. I will highly recommend Shayan!

Anastasia J

Thank You Zula! Well actually Thank you Shayan! Shayan is was a superb instructor. Very patient, very calm and extremely knowledgeable. Competive pricing and truely cares about his students ability to pass their test. 11/10 would reccommend. Listens to what you need to work on and focuses the lesson on those needs instead of a cookie cutter type lesson you might find at a different school. Can't thank you enough !

Leila G

Thank you Zula and Shayan for all the help!! Super clear explanations and super patient instructor. I couldn’t have passed the road test without your help!

Stephany Vergara

Cianan McGuffin

Shayan is a great teacher. His instruction methods are calm and relaxed. He really helped me to feel more comfortable on the roads, both highways and around town. I'd highly recommend him as a driving instructor


Jessica Samuel

Waseem was incredibly patient and explained concepts/rules well. The lessons in preparation for the road test covered all the concepts that are usually tested during one's road test. Waseem was also good at adapting lesson plans to fit my particular needs. Would recommend to anyone!

hiwot andarge

Highly recommend! I really gave up on driving after my first instructor and then I found Zula on one of their famous YouTube videos. The instructor, Shayan, is so calm and has great teaching mechanisms for each skill.

Karen Garland

Shayan was an awesome teacher. My daughter found his direction clear and easy to understand. He was patient and supportive. Shayan's knowledge and instruction completely prepared my daughter for her road test which she successfully passed on her first attempt. Thank you very much!

Jenn Mcmahon

Shayan is an amazing teacher! Made me feel at ease while driving and very clearly explained how to do things. He is very knowledgeable and doesn't get mad when you screw up. Would recommend this driving school to anyone that's looking for lessons!

Atri Hatef

I would highly recommend Zula Driving School. I took six lessons with Shayan and passed my Class 5 road test today. He is VERY patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. The examiner did not leave one single note on my test sheet. Thank you Shayan!

Tyler D. J. Kinch

Very friendly and professional, the vehicle was in perfect shape for both lessons and use in the road test. Would go again, if I hadn't passed my road test on the first try thanks to these guys.

Mansoureh Jalilkhany

My experience with Zula driving school was great. Shayan is a very kind, knowledgeable and patient instructor. You get to know everything you need for passing the road test plus improving your confidence in driving. Highly recommended!

Gary Castaneda

I highly recommend Zula Driving School with Shayan and in particular Alex for topnotch preparation I have received for my Class 5 road test. He has covered every possible topics, tips and tricks and all communicated clearly and in a very positive and concise manner. Giving me the much needed confidence for the road test. Keep it up and more power!

zohreh khademi

I recommend all driving learners to take some classes in this driving school. Shayan as a trainer is really knowledgeable and very calm and patient as well. Thank you Shayan

Joao Vitor Squillace Teixeira

Had a great experience having Shayan as my instructor. I was preparing for my class 5 road test and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and wanted some feedback. Booked two classes, he was on time and prepared both times and gave me great feedbacks. He was very patient too, explained in detail things I did wrong and how to prevent, things they look for in the test. I passed my test and the only road test feedback I got, Shayan had also pointed out a few times. ( I was too slow a few times ????). I very much recommend Shayan.

Hayden Leslie

The driving lessons were very helpful and had a very calm atmosphere, great way to learn how to drive!

Aiden Armstrong

An absolutely incredible driving school. 11/10 rating. They are by far the best driving school for what you’re paying. Every second you are in the car you are learning important driving skills from the instructor.

Justin Ruim

Very nice people, arrived on time, good prices.

He Elena

Shayan is hands down the best driving instructor I’ve ever had! He has a calm energy and also explains everything in great clarity instead of pure memorization. Not only did he help me to pass the road test on my first attempt, what he taught me also made me confident behind the wheels. 10/10 would recommend

Bahram Hazeghi

Excellent instructor by all means and truly deserving up to his name “Shayan” , is as dedicated as professional in his job. A young talented hard working teacher with gentle and pleasing temperament, I would recommend him without any hesitation for anyone seeking a perfect driving test instructor here in Victoria and BC. With several sessions of intense and efficient driving practices, he made me perfectly ready and confident to take the challenging road test here in Victoria and pass it in my first try and gladly receive compliments from my examiner as well.

Evelyn Griffin

Hossein Reyhani sisi

Shayan is an instructor with patience and insight. The tips that will be mentioned during the training will be really useful for the road test. He communicates very well with the students. If possible, spend more time training more effectively without waiting.

Michaela Anne Roberts

Leting Cai

Shayan is an amazing instructor and he always maintains a calm and professional state through all the lessens! He is a very responsible and knowledgeable instructor!

Maya Fischer

Really really great experience, I went from 0 confidence having not driven in over a year- to confidently passing my N test (1st try) in just one month, after only a few lessons. Shayan was very professional, explained things excellently & answer all of my questions wonderfully. I have already recommended Zula to a number of friends. 10/10 would recommend!

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh

Here is the result, once you choose the right driving school and get taught by a talented trainer. Shayan is friendly, patient and professional. He teaches you what you need to know to pass your driving test easily.

Carry Wang

I strongly recommend taking this driving lessons, which turns out to be most valuable! I seriously learnt what I need to pass the road test! Don’t assume you are an experienced driver and taking lessons won’t be necessary, I am just the example for not taking lessons and failed the first. I can vouch the coach who literally taught me how to make a right turn, which seems a easy peasy, but actually I failed in the road test regardless my many years safe driving experience. So , do take the lessons, and be fully prepared!

Jasmine Tromp

Shayan is an excellent instructor. He displays great patience when you can't get the hang of something right away, but also encourages you to keep practicing what you need to do, and not baby you about it. I passed my road test after only using him as an instructor. Sometimes when I drive now I can still hear advice from him in my head. He's given me amazing driving habits I won't forget, and i encourage anyone who's learning to drive to take at least one lesson with Shayan before going for your road test. :)

Aramis St-Gelais

Zula driving school is great, they helped me pass the test, gave me detailed instructions and diagrams, and as well as informing me about the specific skills I needed to work on, they were not afraid to tell me when I was less than stellar and gave me feedback on how to improve. Would recommend!

Donny Savage

Shayan is an excellent driving instructor with the Zula Driving School. Very kind and helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me pass my Class 5 Road Test and was fantastic! I highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Ryder, James and Lucas

Ella Erickson

I had a wonderful experience with Zula driving school. Shayan is a patient and professional instructor that with help you gain the skills to pass your road test with ease. His lessons often revolve around the ICBC testing centre and he takes you on mock road tests, which are the same routes used during real road testing. This was extremely helpful for me personally and it made me feel super prepared when it came time to actually take my road test. Driving routes you are already familiar with makes taking the road test significantly easier and more comfortable as there are no surprises. I would highly recommend zula driving school to anyone looking for lessons to improve their driving and/or prepare for an upcoming road test.

Christie DeJong

Shayan is a patient, friendly, and very knowledgeable instructor and I enjoyed the lessons! He shows up on time, knew how to give clear instructions, and provided a booklet which kept track of each of the lessons and the skills we worked on and needed to work on so I knew exactly what to expect out of each lesson, and knew what to practice and study for the road test. The lessons helped me immensely in my driving knowledge and skills, and gave me confidence for the road test. (Which I ended up passing on the first try, thanks to the lessons!) 100% recommend to anyone who needs to learn/brush up on driving skills. Also the most affordable lessons I have found for the amazing quality. Glad I enrolled!!

Massomeh Molavimohammadi

Shayan is the best. Mr Shayan gave me lot of guidance, information about right driving skills and rules . He helped me to increase my confidence when I was confused and stressed.learning how to drive after 40 years was challenging for me and he worked extremely hard. He listened and understood what I needed to improve my driving.He made a booklet for me to know my weaknesses and fixed all of them .After 4 lessons, I was confident and skilled enough to take my road test and pass. shayan is an excellent instructor . Thanks Shayan, Mari

Bryant Lee

Teacher was calming and understanding, kind and helpful. Excellent vehicle and service all around.

krista North

Worked extremely professionally with good discipline yet cracked jokes and laughed to make you comfortable. An excellent balance that would make any new driver less nervous. Shayan was able to explain things and critique effectively that the lesson was remembered well


I enjoyed having Shayan as my instructor. He made me feel very comfortable when driving and I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. I learned very helpful techniques and safety tips that are important when being out on the road. After three lessons, I was confident I would pass my test and I did! I would highly recommend!!!

Hannah Barrett

I took lessons with both Waseem and Shayan. Both are fantastic instructors- patient, clear, calm and knowledgeable. In addition to the high quality instruction, Zula offered flexible lesson times, and great prices. I highly recommend Zula to anyone in Victoria or Vancouver!

Sam S

Swarup Regani

Stress free learning experience . Clear instructions , convenient pickup and dropoff location. Over all good experience.

Barb Gagnon

I highly recommend Zulu Driving school. Shayan was professional, knowledgable and easy to deal with. He is prompt to return texts, has reasonable rates and is a calm and patient teacher. My son took 4 lessons with Shayan and dramatically improved in that time. He was well prepared for the 7N test and passed on his first attempt. Both my son and I recommended Shayan and will schedule more lessons as a refresher before the Class 5 road test.


I took 4 lessons with Shayan leading up to my class 7(N) test, which I passed on the first time. Although I did not use his vehicle for the test I was able to hop into my friend's vehicle and quickly adapt the day of thanks to skills I gained with him. Shayan was professional, friendly, patient and clear with his instructions during our lessons. As a result, I feel much more confident on the road as well when it comes to parking which I had little previous experience with. I'd recommend taking at least a couple of lessons before your test even if you feel confident because you will go over things and questions that the ICBC tester will go over that you otherwise may have not known on your own (ie where the school zone ends, and curbside etiquette etc). It is also a bonus that he drives an unmarked car as other driving school cars can be very obnoxious in vehicle design.

Nicole Cormack

Jeslee Maniti

Barbara Campbell

I recently took a several driving lessons from Zula driving school. I already had my driver license before taking the lessons but I hadn't sat behind the wheel for years and didn't feel confident doing so without a refresher. Shayan, who was my driving instructor, was very helpful in building up my confidence. We started off in the residential areas where I just got used to driving again. Gradually, he re-introduced trickier concepts like merging onto the highway and downtown driving. Now I have a pretty good understanding of the rules and feel confident enough to drive alone. Thanks Shayan!

Nithya P

Shayan is a professional trainer with excellent skills. He provides appropriate feedback and suggestions to improve our driving skills. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take road test.

Rutendo Mtanga

I only had two lessons and got my licence, well worth every second! Thanks Shayan

Jason Black

Kimiya Pahlevan

Highly recommend!

Jacob Tarasoff

harleen parmar

I only took three lessons and passed! I highly recommend Shayan. He helped me make sure I am a confident and safe driver.

Nino Deguia

Before taking lessons, I could not imagine myself driving at all. The techniques of driving are taught so well to the point that driving becomes mechanical and simple. I was nervous before my first lesson than soon realized that I was able to practice safely with great guidance.

Nicole Page

I am SO grateful for these guys. I have always been an anxious driver and didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. In just over a month, they have taught me so much, and I passed my road test! I’ve experienced other instructors and there is no comparison. Alex is light hearted and funny, making you feel very comfortable, forgetting about your nerves. Shayan is so calm and trusting, which helps so much gaining confidence. These are 2 incredibly kind men, and they’re fantastic at what they do. I highly recommend them to anyone learning to drive, or looking to learn a bit more. You went above and beyond every time and I couldn’t have wished for better support. As a single mama, getting my license was so important to me, and I am so grateful. This has been such a relief and I owe so much to you and all your help. Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!

Tessa Teng

Shayan was a great instructor! He is super patient, explains things very clearly, and helped me pass my driving test on the first try!

barbara mckenzie

Shayan was great! he was professional, friendly and reliable. My daughter said she would not have passed her driving test without Shayan. i would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

Harold Garon


My experience with Shayan and Zula Driving School was amazing! The perfect prep lesson for my N-test in an unfamiliar city. Shayan’s instructions and notes were clear, thorough, and very helpful. Helped me pass my N on the first go. Thanks, Zula!

Pooyesh Bahadori

Ilsa Goyert

Shayan was an excellent driving instructor. He made sure that he understood my goals and weaknesses so that he could best help me prepare for my road test. I am happy to say that because of him I passed my test, but more importantly feel confident in my driving ability. Thank you Zula Driving School!

jiazhu peng

(Translated) Handsome coach, every place that needs attention is seriously reminded, there are problems and patient analysis, and very gentle. The car is new and clean. 5 stars praise! (Original) 帅哥教练,每个需要注意的地方都认真提醒,有问题也耐心解析,而且很温柔哦。车新又干净。5星好评!

Gareth Coward

Honestly crazy, this driving school was able to equip me(someone with barely any driving skill) with the skills to ace my test, and I only had one lesson. With two I bet I could challenge Luis Hamilton... Hands down the best driving school. And you'll never meet a better coach than Shayan, he's amazing.

Dilman Randhawa

Jocelyne Lahaye

I highly recommend Zula Driving School. Both Alex and Shayan are extremely patient and knowledgeable instructors. After not driving for nearly 20 years due to a medical condition, I was very anxious about being back on the road. Alex created a safe space for me to improve my skills and increase my confidence. Not only did I pass my test on the first try, but I have a solid foundation of good driving habits for the future.

Sean Twamley

Shayan is incredibly helpful and has a calm way of explaining things that let you fully understand - his videos are excellent

jonalyn610 t

Greatly recommended! Shayan is a very patient instructor! I didn't know how to drive but he helped me alot and encouraged me whenever i make mistake (which is most of the time). He saw my mistake and gradually helped me overcome it! He just didn't give up until am better. He is very knowledgeable about driving. He knows the rules, the car, the road and the lesson the student needs to learn and unlearn. He gives assessment every after lessons and helps you with improving your weak points! He always emphasize on making safety driving a habit! I didn't have any difficulty about booking and rescheduling my classes too. Zula Driving School offers great lesson at a very affordable price! ????

Jimmy Stray

Shayan is friendly, professional, and an excellent instructor. He helped me get ready for my class 5 exam, which I passed easily as a result of his clear instruction. I strongly recommend Zula for driver instruction in Victoria.

cathlened xx

I passed my test last month so this is a late review. Ever since I’ve started taking lessons from Zula, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in driving and learned a lot of techniques from both instructors, Alex and Shayan. I’ve met both of them and they’re both really friendly, calm and patient. Most of my classes were with Alex though. He’s very uplifting, knowledgeable, and most importantly, I felt comfortable driving with him. Although I didn’t pass my test on the first try (which is completely my fault.. nerves and all) he was very comforting and he even taught me how to correct my mistakes on my first try. What I also liked about Zula is that you completely control your time. You can book your classes on days and time you’re available. It doesn’t have a sit in class so you’re going to have to read the basics and get familiar with road signs which I highly recommend. They are both very visual and they will even draw pictures of what the car would look like outside, which I appreciate. For future students, I wish you a fun time driving and learn a lot! Be a safe and an observant driver. I find that it helps me learn more if I voice out what I see around me when I scan the road.

Aihua Pu

(Translated) Shayan was the driving instructor for my son. Not only does Shayan explain the rules and techniques of driving clearly, he genuinely cares about his students and works tirelessly to help them become confident and responsible drivers. My son passed the driving exam successfully on his first attempt under Shayan's guidance. I would recommend Shayan to anyone who is looking for a great driving instructor. Shayan is my son's coach. He has rich teaching experience and guides professionally and accurately. More importantly, he cares about his students, teaches them patiently, and trains them to be good drivers with a sense of responsibility. Under Shayan's guidance, my son successfully passed the road test. Shayan is the best coach I have ever met. (Original) Shayan was the driving instructor for my son. Not only does Shayan explain the rules and techniques of driving clearly, he genuinely cares about his students and works tirelessly to help them become confident and responsible drivers. My son passed the driving exam successfully on his first attempt under Shayan's guidance. I would recommend Shayan to anyone who is looking for a great driving instructor. Shayan 是我儿子的教练。他具有丰富的教学经验,指导专业准确。更重要的是他关心他的学生,耐心传授, 培养学生成为有责任感的好司机。在Shayan的指导下, 我儿子成功的一次通过路考. Shayan 是我遇到的最棒的教练。


Zula Driving school was great! My instructor Shayan was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses right after the first lesson. From that point we worked on those skills that needed improvement and just after a few lessons I did my Road test and passed ! Shayan comes with a well organized lesson plan and we execute it together, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend Zula to anybody else who needs driving lessons for any reason. Thanks for all your help!


I highly recommend this driving school! Shayan was a kind, calm and patient instructor. He goes above and beyond for his students (e.g. I needed to change one of my brake lights and he was willing to drive down to Canadian Tire with me to pick up one). I took one lesson with Shayan because I was going for my full license and wanted to make sure I hadn't developed any bad habits. I passed my road test with ease largely because of the advice he gave me!

Kent Black

Shayan was great working with my son to pass drivers test! Good job Thx

G. Choi

Shayan is a great instructor. Was patient throughout the whole time and provided valuable feedback both verbally and visually. He also pinpointed critical things to watch out for and to be aware of so that I wouldn’t make these errors during the test. Lessons with him were well worth the money and time. Highly recommend to anyone preparing for the road test.

Gemma Lockett

Sepehr Safafar

Shayan is absolutely a perfect instructor and he gives a lot of valuable knowledge and information about the driving test and also trained me perfectly patiently. He corrects all of the mistakes and provides strength and weaknesses chart for each students to let them know on which skills they need more practice and time. Also his communications puts my mind at ease and increases the confidence. I’m really happy that I had my training with him and I passed the test in first attempt thank to him ????????

cole ritchie

I had Shayan for a total of 3 lessons. I will recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive or to brush up on their skills. Very professional, makes you feel comfortable while driving and thoroughly explains procedures. 10/5 stars! He also has very well detailed lessons on YouTube, all around good experience.

Jennifer Meikle

Shayan was very professional and provided excellent information and guidance to assist my daughter in passing her road test and feeling confident about her skills. I believe that his lessons made the difference so that she knew the important details that we, as parents, may have missed out on providing in the early stages of teaching her. Highly recommend!

Tania Atari

Viviana Aaren

Shayan is very patient, explains things clearly and gives criticism in a very constructive way that doesn't make you feel stupid. I'm very happy I found this school :)

Patricia Magro

david gibb

I took a few lessons with Alex in preparation for my N test. I found them very very helpful, and passed my test first time. I was very happy with the lessons.

Jacky Zeng

Pass my class 5 exam on first attempt. I had the opportunity to get lessons from Alex and i learned all i needed to learn to pass the exam. I think he is very professional and i really recommend this driving school if you want to get your license and pass the exam on the first attempt.

Cynthia C

I had a great first lesson. My instructor Shayan was very gentle with me and let me feel confident right away. There were a lot of technical tips and I really like that I have my own workbook that shows notes and my progress. I look forward to the whole package! Fast forward after my lesson package. I now have my N! At 58 years old I wondered if driving might be one of those things that was too late to learn. Shayan always arrived on time and his lessons always went over time. He gave me the skills and confidence I needed to pass my driving exam. He was always patient and polite and I really felt a great student/teacher bond. What a fun learning experience and I am so glad I was able to have the guidance from Shayan to ensure my success! Way to go Shayan, I am now your oldest first time driver success story, brave man you are ;)

Bella Beauvais

denny ho

Getting back into driving after 25 years of taking public transport was much harder than I thought. While I had more than 10 years of driving experience under my belt, I failed both my first and second road tests in Victoria. Shayan is the kind of teacher that makes you feel you are in good hands. He is always calm, kind and extremely professional. I found that he really enjoys teaching people how to drive and he can easily accommodate students of different ages and driving skills. His debriefing after every lesson was tremendously thorough and insightful. On the day of the road test, he even had his car washed because he wanted the examiner to have a good impression. What a great guy! I think Shayan is not just an incredible teacher, he also inspires his students to become a better and responsible driver. I passed my third road test with flying colors. Thank you! From one teacher to another

Jiho Sim

If you don't want to waste your time and money, Zula is your best bet. Being ready for a road test requires one to not only know how to move a car from place A to B, but also a deep level of understanding the, so to speak, road language. I took two 90 minutes lessons before the road test. Some might say it is far too short for someone to be ready for a road test but with the right instructor it surely was enough. Shayan is very professional, relaxed and kind. He gives you enough time to understand and answers every single question never being annoyed. He shares a lot of his own driving experience to demonstrate scenarios and how to react correctly. He is very good at putting himself in the trainee's shoes. He'll spot you struggling in one particular part of driving before you even realize it yourself and this is crucial in road tests because testers aren't so generous with mistakes. It's been a couple of weeks since I took the lesson and I can clearly tell that my driving experience has changed 180 since and I don't regret a bit. It may all sound so good to be true.. But it is!

Hannah B

I had a fantastic experience taking lessons with Shayan! I have always had a tremendous amount of anxiety when it comes to driving. So much that I didn’t start learning until I was 32. The longer I waited, the more anxious I became about getting behind the wheel. Shayan was extraordinarily patient, kind and encouraging as an instructor. His calm demeanour and teaching style really helped me gain both the skills and confidence to feel comfortable in my ability to be a safe and observant driver. I only took three lessons but that was enough to get me up to speed and pass my road test on the first try! I really appreciated the detailed drawings and notes I was given to take home and study after lessons as well as all the helpful and informative videos he has on YouTube. If you are looking for a driving instructor who is thorough, caring and professional, go with Zula. Not only will they help you pass your road test, they will teach you the skills you need to be a safe driver. I highly recommend them no matter what your age or experience level is. Thanks again for everything, Shayan! You’re the best.

Joshua Lee

Very good instructor, super patient and accommodating. Affordable price for good lessons.

Misti Bennett

I learned more in my first lesson with Shayan than I did in all of the 5 lessons I took at another driving school. I am so grateful for your help. Highly recommend Zula to anyone considering taking lessons.

Rebeca Duque

I am very happy to have chosen Zula as my driving school. I had to transfer my license from another country and I passed the road test on the first try. Alex was my instructor and he was very profesional, punctual, knowledgeable and kind. He was very good at strengthening my confidence, and knew how to provide feedback in a profesional and kind way. I met Shayan on the road test day and he was also excellent. They don't waste your time. I strongly recommend Zula!

José Javier Gordillo Recinos

I took a couple of driving classes with Shayan before my class 5 exam. I'm happy to say I passed with 0 errors on my first try. Definitely would recommend! I also think his Youtube videos are super useful.

Finn McGuffin

Shayan is a calm, patient, and knowledgeable driving instructor. I would recommend this driving school to anyone looking to improve their driving skills.

Liberty long

I booked my first lesson with Zula with little to no driving experience, and within 8 lessons my driving skills had done a 360. The way they teach you is so precise, I felt confident for my road test, and passed on the first time. I would reccomd Zula driving school to anyone in the Victoria area, Shayan is an excellent teacher, who is patient, and helpful and actually cares. Amazing experience.

Khushmeen Brar

Great driving tips from Shayan. Would highly recommend everyone.

Jasmine Payot

Kayla Botelho

I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! The reason I chose Shayan in the first place was because of our first conversation. He seemed genuine, compassionate, helpful, reliable, happy and kind. From my first lesson to my last lesson he was all those things plus more. I felt comfortable and safe with him as well. He was also very, very patient which was something I felt very appreciative of. I feel confident and safe while I’m on the road so thank you Shayan!

Brooke Swystun

Shayan was a great instructor. Learnt a lot more than I thought I would. I definitely wouldn’t have passed my road test on my first attempt if it weren’t for the lesson I took with Shayan. Thanks again :)

Lois Macorol

Can't say enough good things about Zula— I got my Class 5 in just one try after enrolling in their courses ???????? I had years of driving experience from my home country, but I still felt very anxious about taking the Class 5 road test because of all the stories I heard from fellow newcomers/immigrants. Upon doing my research and looking up driving schools in Victoria, I found Zula and decided to book some refresher courses with Alex. His chill but precise teaching style worked super well for me. Not only did he introduce many driving "hacks" that I found super useful even as an experienced driver, he also encouraged more confidence on the road because of his positivity and provided insightful observations about my driving behaviors that helped me unlearn some "bad" habits I had picked up over the course of my past driving experience. As an immigrant, I really found value in learning Canadian driving from the firsthand experience of another immigrant. Alex knew and understood all of the challenges and struggles of newcomers wanting to secure a driver's license in a foreign country, so I felt seen and heard. On top of the excellent driving lessons, I truly appreciated the sense of community. I can't recommend Zula enough! Thank you Alex :)

Lisa Simmons

Loved Alex and Shayan! They both taught in a way that was equally informative and confidence building. I passed my road test on the first try, and know that it was because of their lessons. Don’t hesitate to book with Zula, 10 out of 10, I would recommend.

S Korican

After driving inconsistently without proper lessons, Shayan got me road test ready in less than 5 lessons! His explanations were concise and his lessons are very thorough. Shayan was patient with me and made me feel relaxed and safe behind the wheel. I went into the road test feeling confident about the skills I learnt and will sure to practice them when driving. Thanks so much Shayan and Zula Driving School :)

Areum Kim

Shayan is the most patient driving instructor that I have driven with. Thank you so much for all the useful tips and knowledge. I feel much more confident on the road.

Srinivas Manne

Amazing experience! Shayan was professional, punctual, patient, detail-oriented, and most importantly a calming presence in the passenger seat. He had been amazing in taking me through all my driving lessons. I highly recommend Shayan's services.

Delina Isaac

Jill Phipps

Both my son and his girlfriend took a driving lesson from Zula Driving School before taking their test this morning and they both passed! Both found the lesson to be very helpful to tidy up any last errors they were making. They both learned a lot - thank you!

Caiden Valderrama

Excellent, thorough lessons with very kind and understanding teachers. I passed my N test first try because of them. Couldn't recommend more!!

Sherry Wang

Shayan is amazing! He was always on time for every lesson and he explained all the strategies and rules for driving clearly. He drew clear diagram on the Student Manual with the steps for parking and going through intersections under different situations every lesson. His patience and kindness inspired me and made me look forward to his lessons every time. Driving was fun and exciting with him all the time!

Cora Bell

Shayan is a great instructor who cares a lot about his students' success. He has a very calm presence, which is very nice for nervous wrecks like me! Definitely would recommend :)

rebecca lily

Alex and Shayan are great instructors and after doing lessons with them, the road test was a breeze! I would highly recommended choosing this driving school!

Rishona Elzinga

Shayan was amazing! We chose to book a series of individual lessons for my son. The reservation process was easy and hassle free and the cost was much less than others we looked into. He was always quick to respond to emails and making changes wasn't an issue at all. My son felt very comfortable driving with him. We booked the car my son used for his lessons for the exam and he passed in less than 30 mins. Thank you so much for your help! Highly recommended.

Kiara Gillies

Shayan was an exceptional driving instructor. He is beyond professional, is great with working around the anxiety of driving and is full of useful everyday tips. He was also very good with being able to work with student schedules. Clear instructions and calm approach. Highly recommend Zula driving!!!

Teagan Dawson

Alex is a great driving instructor, and taking lessons at Zula is definitely worth the money. You practice specific skills like parallel parking and 3-point turns, with an instructor who is calm, supportive, and funny. You also get to take multiple practice tests to feel comfortable and know what you need work on. After 5 or 6 lessons I felt very prepared and was able to pass my test first time!

Chi-ann Yanagi

Shayan is an awesome instructor and very very professional. I really appreciate the time and effort Shayan put into designing the training and the online videos. They are super helpful. I passed on my first try, and the examiner left me a form without any comment on it (I did not make any mistake).

Eraj Hassan

I did a lot of research before deciding on Zula Driving School. Absolutely, the best decision. Both Alex and Shayan give you an educated view of driving in their lessons - there is a process in how you think and act as a good driver and their lessons teach you exactly that. My driving improved considerably and I grew more confident with each lesson. I passed my road test on my first attempt because of the work they put in to make me a better driver. They work hard on you, so come with an open mind and ask any questions - they are more than happy to help. Their lessons are completely worth the money. I saw it as an investment in myself.

Zac Pollard

Just passed my N Test today. I worked primarily with Shayan to prepare for it and I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. He and Alex both were incredibly patient, encouraging, and genuinely so fun to work with. They were exceptionally organized, accommodating and inspired confidence every step of the way. 10/10. These are your guys!

E Young

Alex and Shayan are both amazing instructors -- with their help you will pass! I had major test anxiety and they helped put me at ease and build some confidence on the road. I passed my N after 4 lessons! I would recommend them to anyone who's considering lessons, whether you're brand new, prepping for a test, or just taking a refresher. Zula is incredible!

Amy L

I definitely recommend Zula to anyone who wants to drive safely. My instructor Shayan, is a super cool guy. He is patient, knowledgeable and very caring about his students. There were so many lessons that he went overtime (at no cost!) just to make sure that I know what I am doing. Zula may seem a little expensive at first if you compare it to other cheaper driving schools, but from the services and the quality of the instructor, I think it is really worth it, and now I no longer think that Zula is expensive! Each student gets a Zula Student Manual to keep track of all the records. At the end of each lesson, he provided detailed feedback on what I did wrong and how to improve these skills. I found this very helpful because I can just bring this book with me when I practice on my own, and anyone who is working with me will know exactly what skills I need to work on. I also love the online booking system. It is super convenient, and I can reschedule easily when the time no longer works for me. Overall, I had a really good experience with Zula. The only drawback I can think of is that they use a bigger vehicle, which makes it a little more difficult to drive at the beginning, but once you are used to it, then you are good to go! Thanks again Zula, I was able to pass my road test on my first attempt!

khya norton-sangha

random BOOP

Shayan is a knowledgeable, patient and understanding teacher. His calm demeanor makes learning so much easier! I booked 3 lessons with Shayan and passed my road test. I highly recommend Zula Driving School!

Angela deJong

Shayan is fantastic and I especially recommend him for older learners or people who are lacking confidence. The notes and diagrams that he provides as feedback during each lesson are priceless.

Ariake Ariakev

Bagi Nyam

Zula driving school is the best and has really good quality! They make sure that not only you pass your exam, but also teach every single safe driving skill that can help you to become a better and confident driver. I just passed my road test today after practicing every possible route with my instructors. They are very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming! I highly recommend Zula driving school for you without any doubt!

Austen Chilton

Shayan was unbelievably helpful and was a very kind and calm instructor. With his help, the driving test was simple and barely stressful at all. Would recommend him ten times over.

gerard cadger

I hired Shayan to give me one lesson as preparation for the Victoria class 5 road test. This guaranteed me a pass, as he knows exactly what they are looking for. Very happy with the investment, highly recommended.

Leonard Combrinck

Excellent team of gentlemen. They assisted myself in converting my international drivers license into a BC driver's through a couple of lessons. Taking me through all the very important aspects of driving in BC, not only in preparation for the road test, but also as a driver here in general. With 20years of driving experience, I never thought I could improve my driving skills, and they tough me valuable lessons to becoming a safer driver on the roads of BC. Thanks for your services gents!

Beatriz Albuquerque

I had a foreign driver's license and took four lessons with Shayan before passing my class 5 road test on the first attempt. Shayan is very clear, objective and professional, and provides written and oral thorough feedback (he drew me many diagrams too). I felt I improved each class, not only for test purposes but also for my personal driving. Highly recommend!

Phil Testemale

Shayan and Alex are excellent driving instructors. All communication and customer service was also excellent.

María Isabel Santalo

I had my road test yesterday. Passed :). I have been driving for many many years but did not Mexico. I saw Zula Driving videos and took a class with Shayan to prepare myself for the road test. I practiced all what he recommended and passed. Thanks Shayan. Highly recommended :)

Jiawen Chen

Jessie Westisle

Great customer service! Shayan is very friendly and accommodating! Our instructor Waseem really stepped up and invested great effort into our sons second lesson, bootsing his confidence for his road test and we are pleased to say he passed the first time! Shayan we wish you all the best in business.

Toni-Rose Carvalhal

Shayan was a very good instructor; calm and informative . He took the time to write out instructions in a hand out to study at home, which was very helpful in between lessons. Highly recommend Zula Driving School!

Jerónimo Elenes

Jenna Coward

I had a great experience with Zula driving school. Shayan, my driving instructor was always punctual and the lessons and tips he shared with me are invaluable. The lessons come with a booklet of tips and assessments that help you to understand what you need to work on, which I found very helpful. I passed my test with flying colours thanks to Shayan, he taught me many helpful tips to be a confident and safe driver, I am extremely grateful.

Anastasia M.

I highly recommend Shayan as a driving instructor. He is very professional, trully passionate about his teaching with an interest in his student's success. Shayan was always on time for a lesson. He was very patient with me and his directions were very clear on how to pass a road test as well as become a safe driver. His vehicle was always clean and smooth to drive in.

K. “Miley” Miley

I initially chose Zula Driving School because the website was the easiest one to book my lessons on out of all the driving schools that I looked at. The instructor was very knowledgable on all road rules and all of the good driving habits ICBC would be looking for on a road test. I was able to pass my road test on my first try after only three lessons. I would highly recommend Zula Driving School to anyone looking to take driving lessons.

Krystal Huang

I had a very lousy and impatient driving instructor before Shayan. The comparison between the two made me realized that Shayan is an awesome driving instructor because he is very calm and patient. He never made me feel stupid or unfit to be learning. He never yelled or grabbed the steering wheel. My former lousy instructor did all that and I still failed. Shayan made the rules loud and clear and never rushed me in doing anything on the road. He let me take my time to pick up the skills and he listened to my needs. I highly recommend Shayan if you really want to learn how to drive properly. My tester at the end of my road test said that I was a good driver. I know how to drive the right and proper way all because of Shayan.


I fully recommend Zula Driving School ! Shayan kindly helped me to correct my bad attitudes and I could pass my Road Test at first attempt.Thanks Zula Driving School!

Emm Eli Veve Vega

Quinten Lee

Jesse Johnson

Shayan is an awesome driving instructor. I can't recommend him enough!

Molly Winsby

Shayan was a great instructor. I did my road test today and passed first try thanks to his tips and techniques. Highly recommend lessons with Zula. Thanks Shayan!

Shadi Chitsazzadeh

I had an excellent experience with Zula and was able to pass the road test on first try! I needed to get my license very quickly because of an iminent move. Shayan was very generous with his time and fit me in his schedule twice a day to ensure that I get enough practice before the test. He also made sure that I get the most out of each session. His instructions for each driving skill were very clear and easy to remember/follow. He took the time at the end of each session to go over all of my weak points and what I needed to work on in the future sessions. He definitely paid close attention to how I was driving and gave me a lot of constructive feedback. I think the driving lessons at Zula are certainly worth the price and I would definitely recommend Zula to any of my friends :-)

Kiana Nayebi

Highly highly recommend Zula Driving School, Shayan is an awesome knowledgable instructor! He goes above and beyond for his students, putting in lots of effort during my lesson. He gives clear, effective and detailed feedback (he writes it all down too so you can look at it after your lesson). Thanks to him I was able to pass my road test on the first try!!

Katrina Mace

Shayan was a patient, informative and detail oriented instructor. He gave excellent feedback and suggestions and my son passed his N test on the first attempt. Thank you Zula Driving School for your help. A very positive experience that I would recommend.

Kapish Ltd

l have had a superb professional experience with high integrity at Zula driving school. The instructor Mr.Shayan Rahimi put me at ease right from the start. He is very resourceful, gives valuable feedback and many practical tips for better driving. l passed my class 5 road test. l highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to pass a road test and also become a safe driver. Ann

Will NotSay

I found Shayan SUPER helpful with his driving instructions. I went from being scared I would hit another car when reversing into a stall, to going into the stall perfectly centered. I felt his tips for parking and driving really helped me pass my road test. I am tempted to take more lessons simply because I found them so useful! I highly recommend Zula Driving!

Chloe Woo

Took 2 lessons before my road test. Shayan was great with rescheduling my second lesson and used time effectively to practice skills that needed work. He is very meticulous and helps you to recognize areas that need improvement. I would recommend Zula Driving School to other driving students.

Sonja Rummell

I did a refresher driving lesson with Shayan before my class 5 road test. He immediately made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and gave me a lot of helpful tips to help me pass the test and make me a safer driver. I highly recommend him if you're learning to drive or looking to brush up!!! Needless to say I passed my test ????

Catherine Hines

Was referred to Shayan by a friend and I'm glad I was. Thank you for all your help!

Rebecca Kim

Shayan is an amazing instructor. He prepared me so well for the road test and I passed on first attempt. Shayan is very knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and has a great sense of humour. Overall, I had an awesome experience. Thank you, Shayan!

jasmine bains

Shayan is the best driving instructor in Victoria! When I first started at Zula driving school I had no confidence in my driving ability and the thought of me getting my N was nonexistent. But thanks to Shayan I’m now a confident driver and I got my N! I highly recommend zula driving school!

jasmine hopp

Shayan, was super calm, making me feel comfortable and at ease. Helped me get well prepared for the driving test and know exactly what to expect. I would 100% recommend him to anybody! Worth every penny! -Melaina

Maria Armstrong

Pooyesh Bahadori

Thanks Instructor Shayan for your help and endless support in getting my license. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. t's not just about passing the test or getting your license. He taught me everything that allowed me to be a successful and safe driver.

Mahsa Mehrabian

Zula driving school is awesome.I took a session with Shayan for my road test and I passed on my first try!!!

Yoko Kikuchi

Both Alex and Shayan are amazing instructors. They are very kind, encouraging and have helped me learn how to drive safely and confidently. They know exactly when you are/aren’t ready for the test and will tell you honestly how many lessons you need based on where you are at. I always looked forward to every single one of their lessons! Can’t thank them enough for their support and very helpful lessons!

Kaela Lee

This is an excellent driving school. I was looking to improve my skills and my anxiety before taking my class 5 road test. I have been driving for 11 years with my N and working up my confidence to take the test was feeling like a lot! I had done a lesson through another driving school and it had made me feel more nervous and somewhat confused. I did one lesson with Alex and my confidence and clarity of knowledge required improved so much. The feedback and instruction was professional, calm, kind, clear and constructive. He confirmed that I was ready for my road test and thanks to a cancellation, I took it 3 days later and passed with lots of positive feedback about how safe and smooth my driving is. It helped me have more confidence in general on the road and for that I will forever be grateful. I will only recommend Zula to friends and hope they are around in 8 years when my first child turns 16! Thanks Alex!

Joanne Chen

Shayan is an excellent driving instructor that is very knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. You can really tell he cares and wants you to succeed. All the tips and feedback he gave me helped to improve my driving and made me confident going into my road test. The best driving school in Victoria, can not recommend enough!!!

Binita Gandhi

Shayan and Zula were extremely helpful in preparing me for my N test. I was really uncertain when I went in for my first lesson only 10 days before my test, as my previous driving experiences did not prepare me for the road test. Shayan drew excellent pictures to explained maneuvers several different ways to make sure I understood. He was very honest and is an incredible teacher - and I passed the test on my first try!

Kila Toli

Super valuable and extensive teaching. Even from one lesson, I learnt so much and got to fix all my previous habits. Would recommend for anyone learning or looking to fine tune on their skills. Thanks again!

Almu Antiman

My experience with Zula Driving School was nothing but positive. I took my classes with Shayan and he is an excellent instructor. He is great at explaining things clearly all while instilling long-term confidence in his students and their driving skills. His cool and collected demeanor creates a safe space for all levels of learning, including knowing nothing at all! One of the things I valued most is that, at Zula, they are very honest with you about your progress and when they say you're ready for your test they genuinely believe it and they will not waste your time. Thank you Zula Driving School for helping me get my N!


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