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11216 8th St #11200, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4K6, Canada

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Where is Safeway Dawson Creek?

REVIEWS OF Safeway Dawson Creek IN Dawson Creek

continueDon Simcock

Cory Mo

A very standard franchise location.

Ah Chan

sushi is awesome!!

Laf Ren

A little expensive, but worth it!

Craig H

Brand-new renovation has completely transformed and updated the store. Worth checking out!

Valene Gallinger

Pharmacy is awesome.

Tracy Kobzos

quick service wonderful and fresh foods.

Mrs. Pawlyshyn

Trish Love

Nice renovation and good organization of selections.

Brett Beattie

Since the renovation it has been much better

Aaron Avey

Taylor Perron

A regular stop whenever I'm in Dawson. Clean, well stocked, awesome flower selection, and the fuel discount is a nice bonus.

Shelley Fulmes

Good store with a a health food section. I don't like that the deli is a self serve buffet style. It is still expensive

Stacey Laarz

Very good deli a little pricey on every day items

Natile Grasslin

New Stuffed-Crust pizza!!! ????????????????


Good.. But no have hot red chilli that I like!! ????

datboi 59

Sijamol Sajeev

Offers high quality products

Jay Pee

Top notch staff and good selection, most stuff is cheaper elsewhere though....

Kaylie Tomkins

Clean store, friendly staff.

Tricia Collins

Way too expensive

Laura Malzahn

Kyle Laloge

Wish they were all like this!

Tom Goertzen

Live lobster and fresh seafood!

Jessica Hanson

Employment was a great learning experience, I as a customer highly underrated the staffs efforts, until they taught me about Safeways rep to uphold, a respect from customers here who appreciate Safeways never goin down because they uplift our community in a major way usually taken for granted


The manage needs to employ people of all type.The place is good for quick shopping and present at accessible distance.Variety of servicies also adds up.

Ashish Kumar

Good but expansive


Great hours, great selection, nice modern look inside and very clean. Starbucks inside too. Very pleased.


Noah Clark-Marlow

Shop here constantly more then any other store in town. Was disappointed but totally understand why they have no plastic bags available anymore. The deli here is probobly the best one in town. No other deli has this wide a selection.


(Translated) I love these stores SAFEWAY (Original) J’aime beaucoup ces magasins SAFEWAY

Blaine McInnis



Great everyone was really nice and friendly

Mrs.Donna Jackson

Always Fresh

Robert Beatty

Clifford Burton

Shelves aren't stocked, produce is sparse and bad quality, employees aren't knowledgable about products. Sobeys clearly did a number...

Christopher Crsohr

Mike Forster

Nice store, great hot food

Du North Records

Great service with a exceptional flower shop. Always the best flowers

Jim Westwood

Very good service and selection.

Judy Amendt

Newly renovated, takes a while to get oriented

Balwinder Dhillon

Great quality food but bit expensive

Jon Robichaud

Had what we needed. Prices seemed a bit higher but not outrageous

Ashley Henry

Pretty good store. Lots of selection, a little bit pricey.

Shawn Bottle

Great service ????

Marshall Orford

Troy French

Ok store. Thought it was overpriced till save on came to

Petur Roy

Best place in town for fresh veggies and great atmosphere

Lap-Kwan Tang

Good selection but I bit more expensive

Dawn Wolf


Joe Yousufy

Place looks nice now and more options.

Ben .Smith

Service isnt good, tried asking for help looking for some stuff 3 employees didnt understand my question, they spoke broken english.


Alison Clarke

dana lenz

The staff is judgemental. They make comments on food choices. I will never shop there again

Shauna Moore


Very fast and friendly

Joe Fries

Ive been going to this safeway for 8 years. was always good until this year. maybe its the ol covid messig it up.. im not sure. But ive found 2 bugs in my salads from there. a friend of mine found a pebble in her salad from there and she broke a tooth from it and is in pain every day from it. and my sister found dirt clods in her salads from there (the salads in a bag). what the heck man

Michael Deady

Moe Kesbeh

Great selection

April Gitscheff

Favorite grocery store

Tri Nguyễn Minecraft

Decent selection with nice produce and seafood

Customer Service

Great service

Jason James

Anna Gnatyuk

It's my personal favorite in town, they sell Baklava :) Also they have this amazing thing that when a cashier's line is empty they come out and invite you to their line when they spot you are finished shopping.

Tess Vantassel

Guy Malaka

Beautiful store

Chelaea Flowers

Great place lots of selections prices need some work

Gekkou Kasane

Great place to shop for all your professional consumption needs. They have off brand items and import items good for the more exotic food consumers.


Modern, clean and friendly staff.

Ruby Freeman

Everything I needed plus air miles :)

Yaroslav Martinovsky

Jeremy Henry

Brenda Haslam

Great store, friendly staff and love the seafood department!

Gonzague Martinez Bosc

Virginia Carraway

Nice floral section and good organic section. Lots of fruits and veggies! Whole grains etc, it’s a bit expensive like all groceries seem to be in the North, especially if nutrition is important. Staff and pharmacy are both helpful and knowledgeable and the self serve checkout makes groceries a breeze!

Debra Cole

No beer.. otherwise beautiful store

Jeff Murdoch

Relfex Stormrage

Clean store, great staff, amazing selection

Ryan Lamming

Good selection and a Beaufort lay out

Doug Stirling

Wish the Safeway at home was like this one!

Randy Chau

Great discounts off things that are close dated so nothing goes to waste!

Carolina Materón

Fresh and diverse produce, a large variety of healthy options as well as prepared food, bakery, deli and a bunch of good stuff.

Michele Marlene Swisher

123 LSA


Devine Taylor

I ordered flowers and the service was top notch. The attendant Sam , was very helpful .

Fel Corr

Great workers

Anthony Dubois

Audrey Al

The grocery store is nice in general. It's clean and well organized, but the service I had there each time was awfull. I was serve by a teenager cashier who was really condescending with me because I had a French accent. Everywhere I went, nobody had trouble understanding me and my friend, but at this place, getting my order packed was just so complicated and the same experience occured twice.

Wyatt Knafelc

One of the best small town safeway stores out there. Great selection.

Ali Arsenault

Did a quick shop here today. I enjoy how clean this store is and the selection of items including the health section with specialty foods. Even a nice selection of gluten free for those who can’t have or choose to avoid gluten. It was nice to see some smoked salmon from home (west coast)….

Justin Habetler

Ryan Miller

Michael Chemerys

Its great that the location is open till 11 pm weekdays... it really blows that the Pharmacy doesn't follow the same hours!

Tamara Ziemer

ashley mohan

Much more Produce then other grocery stores and better selection of health foods

Adam Chadwick

Aneesh p.paul


Good selection, but there fresh produce is usually rotten before u even bring it home.

Zagalo Djallo

Good services

Warren Gladue

Always clean entrance and good selection of produce.....easy to find what your looking for ! The staff are always friendly and helpful ????

Jane Lock

Very clean and easy to find things

Taylor St. Pierre

Fresh food always

Angela Marie badger

Aaron Grenier

Typical Safeway.

Lenard Blackburn

Terrible store lay out

James Proudfoot

Typical Safeway. Very helpful staff.

Andrew Thiebaud


Watch expiry dates and made on dates. This store isnt supervised very well so things can be expired or really close to expiry. Do not buy the lumberjack sandwiches here. Even fresh made ones come on stale bread.

Mitch Dow

Offers the best selection out of most of the grocery stores in Dawson, though they need to keep up with the demand on the pre-made salads

Paul Davis

Staff very kind an helpful

David Hutchinson

Sad Nexsus

Not bad

Catherine Bauer

Good produce and service.

Anthony Desfosses

This is ridiculous! Why does Dawson Creek get this fabulous temple of gourmet?! You can make your own peanut butter!!!

Earl Hodgins

Collin Budd

Spacie Stacie

Renovations kinda made the store opposite

rob chapdelaine

Best Safeway I think I've ever been to.

Joe Rickman

This store is very nice and well laid out since their renovation. A very nice selection of merchandise and friendly staff.


I like to get the prepared salads because I am a lazy degenerate. Staff is friendly and helpful. Good place to get ingredients you can't find at cheaper grocery stores.

Jaspreet Batra

accesible for groceries, maintain their quality

Jesse Sanford


Shawn Digby

Good experience nice staff

Marin Burmas

Excellent service and great selection

Trevor Foley

This place has a chicken wing bar, OMG

Heather Salewski

Just ok

Andrea Fisher

Great for a quick trip in

Thomas Titan

Best service in town as for groceries store. Always a bit more expensive but they have great products. Highly recommend if not on a budget.

Darcy Forster

Very nice store and decent quality

Kevin Stanley

Friendly staff. No crowds. Don't have to bag your own groceries either

Aaron Moore

Clean, great variety, quality produce and fresh selection of meats.

Patrick Olsen

Joseph Cloutier

Great shopping. Self checkouts. Good prices and pleasant Canadian ethics from staff.

David Amundson

Nice new store not very busy prices too high?

Ryan Mckenzie

Danielle Beerling

Fresh produce, friendly and helpful staff. A little pricey. The Pharmacy could use an overhaul. The computer system causes huge wait times and the staff seem too pressured to clarify things properly. I have had a couple situations so far that lead me to believe a better system needs to be put in place or Safeway will continue to lose customers.

Apurbo Rahman

Thanks to them they open till 11 pm :)

Bambi Seymour

sankalp chawla

The staff is great. The only thing that throws it away is the price. It is very pricy.

Duston Jones

Very nice selection. Fresh produce. Awesome spiced ready to cook meals

Adam Roy Isley

Good selection, friendly staff, excellent products! Prices are slightly higher than Walmart and no frills on basic items.

Raistlin Van Spronsen

Great service, I sometimes shop at Safeway if I need a couple things. It's a little expensive compared to the other stores in Dawson. The new layout can be confusing at first but you get used it if you've shopped there a few times.

Keertiee Kaur

Grossery store with pleasant and clean environment. Helping staff and one can get almost everything under one roof.

Freddy Gerro

Best store ever

Tena Godin

Deli needs more staff. I have never gone there when I haven't had to wait, or be ignored or had to holler to get someone's attention. Today even the Starbucks staff called on the intercom to get their attention and she still ignored me. The rest of the store is clean and friendly with helpful cashiers. Would recommend this store out of all the others in town but be prepared to be frustrated at the deli.

Chris Keim

Excellent. Good friendly staff and great grocery selection.

Ben Fisher

One of the biggest, most well-equipped Safeways I've ever seen. Friendly helpful staff.

Brandon Foster

Good selection of most used items. Health food store is better

Alysha Paige

Always find what you need, and store is open late!!

camping Couple

Good food there


This store was beautiful. I like the layout and they made a very artistic design with pepper red, yellow and green. Wow!!!

Selfie Plus

jo arc

Betson Abraham

Terry Cameron

Nice selection and store. Deli and produce are great. Some items can be a little pricey.

Trudy Walsh

Alexander Reschny (AR78)

My favorite place to shop although a little bit pricey


Ryan McGuire

The store is beautiful. Great sale prices. The pharmacy is great and the air miles deals are outstanding.

Eduard Onecic

Tynisha Titan

Todd S

Paul M. Williams

Great staff, great hours. Wish they would stop using/charge for using plastic bags

Nancy Hall prince

Used to like it before all that crap is in the middle I hate the organic section and health food section and the cheese place should be by the other cheese. And the quality of veggies n fruit is down. Paidv1.99 a pound or kg for soft mushy apples


Good selection

kerry Lyste

O e of the fanciest Safeways I have seen

Jacquie McVittie

i love this store

Josiane Bethune

Excellent place with all kinds of food preferences catered to.

Brian McNeil

Beautiful looking store, but it seems like most departments are under staffed and untrained.

Sheralea Sterling


Had the most amazing service from a gentleman at the pharmacy. He went above and beyond explaining and researching options that worked for me. Absolutely going back!!!!!! sweeds12

Kennevick Pulido

Ambience are nice and clean. Great customer service.

Craig Thompson

Good selection. Well run.

carla wetherill

Good variety of products, super friendly and helpful staff, best flowers and great delivery service.

You know Who

Peter N

Love all the air miles and natural foods

George Scherbaum

Rosa Mandziak

Good prices, clean, nice staff

Jordan Ratzlaff

Coralea Rose

One Leg70

Selection of groceries getting slimmer and slimmer while management openly yells at staff for very minor stupid stuff they have zero control over. Larger amounts of the staff don't speak English as well as very poor customer service when asking about stuff in the store

Stacy Quinney

Great environment to shop and always has what you need.

Tony Van Brabant


Clark Oake

Good selection of to go foods for lunches. Great service. Little pricey but well worth it

Tina V

Helpful and great selection of organic foods.

Doug Chapman

Friendly staff and a large selection of goods.

Chris George

Friendly staff and good service

Helen of Troy

Very clean lots of variety. Gluten free products but lacking organic fresh produce.


Staff not wearing masks and not social distancing(with eachother or customers) or wiping down self checkouts after being used.

Tom Dunbar

Perry Guthmiller

Very nice store. Open floor plan, good presentation of products. The store is a bit of a maze though. Nice selection of products. Entrance and exit are a bit awkward. Parking is good.

Ryan Kirkham


Safeway is good if you're shopping sale items, otherwise they're pricey. The staff is very courteous and helpful, which sometimes makes up for it

Renee Beerling

Went t&ere to purchase ginger root and garlic. I go there because I know they always have a good selection.

Anthony Fortier

I was only in town for a day to work at this Safeway, and was honestly surprised at how nice the store is, and also how helpful the staff were. If I'm ever back in Dawson, I'll go out of my way to get my food there, they earned that respect.

Jordan ramsay

Huge selection and not a bad pricing considering how north Dawson is

Rob S.


gary lizotte

Nice New place

O. H.

Good but expensive

Emanuel Messerschmidt

Very clean and nice ppl

Ashley Lucas

Terry Regner

Shauna Jones

Karen Brisebois

Pharmacy is wonderful

Brad Pichach

Heather Regner

Francois Paradis

Harald Riessner

Excellent store and very friendly, helpful staff - kudos to the manager!

Mike Roland

Eveythjng you need iñ a grocery store+ more nice staff

Carolyn Smith

Store has good hours and the employees are friendly. The deli is good if you manage to get it fresh bit it took several visits before I could try it. The bakery is lacking fresh baked items. Lucky if they have something other than muffins or donut holes after 8 in the evening.

Sandro Jung


Only good place in town for the love of god dont go to daves no frills

Sam Banna

Ann Common

My favorite grocery store

Malcolm Kneale

Bruce Henney

Noticed with the new competition from Saveon little quieter in Safeway, selection not quite what it used to be.

Joann Dobish

Forest Flower

Excellent customer service friendly staff clean all you need in one place great flower shop and fantastic pharmacy

April Mcewen

Staff is always super friendly and helpful. Excellent quality produce and fresh meats.

Audrey Steinbach

Fernando Garcia

Jaime White

Great selection, and quality of cheeses imported and domestic!

Beatrice Harris

Leo M

Social distancing in place sanitizer for carts and flow laid out on floor in arrows great work

Manjot Singh

All things available

Robert Merrell

M Diemand

Nice updates to the building and easier to find items

phil martin

Kind of a let down. How ever the deli lunch area got a new sushi chef in it and he is amazing! Takes requests and also make veggie sushi for the nonmeat eaters. Awesome work dude

Chance Luka

Spent 400 here every two weeks. Come in at 1030 to find out their deli services are not available from the guy standing there windexing cause the machines were off. They were not off. Was out at 1045 and guy just standing there.

Bill Jensen

Alan Stewart

Bill Drinkwater

Great service

Rebecca Rowe

Tim O'Malley

Standard small-town Safeway

Anne Mah

Good selection


Good but little expensive

Zoltan Wicha

Only reason for 4 star that it's quite a bit more expensive than the other stores. If you don't mind spending a few extra dollars for high quality and excellent customer service, that is the place to shop.


Not a lot of people good for shopping at this time.....

Dave K

Me You

It's clean and the staff is friendly and helpful

sheldon wiebe

The. Salad bar is so over priced got 500g of. Potato salad for 11.50. I am not coming back because it's a joke had 20 dollars in regular grocery's. But I had 30 in three potato salads sirusly got ripped off.

Aj Clark

Fresh fruit. Fresh vegetables. Fresh bakery. Fresh meat!

Mohamed Abdellah


High quality at a high price

Dale Willard

Oh man. It is huge, well stocked, good selection, lots of discounts, promotions and deals. Also has many specialty items including a health food section and all that vegan stuff. The deli is decent and properly staffed, in fact there is always someone that can help if you have a question. It is a bit of a maze, however; as the store may be a rectangle but you have to go through the deli and heatlth and beauty section on your way from bakery/fresh veg/fish to get to the rest of the store which is kind of odd.

V Davis

Tessa Miller

Love safeway

Cathy Penner

Love the changes! Seriously impressed with the vitamin choices, and the gluten free variety! And it's so clean and spacious! Very friendly, helpful staff!

Jeff Turner

Best Safeway ever

Chad Adrian

Really good produce.. , newer modern style Safeway.. Don't have plastic bags anymore,,????, however they do have paper ones..

Jay Stidolph

Well laid out store with helpful staff and a good selection

evan lachmanec

You might need a map because the layout is awfully strange.

Karen lynn b

Holy prices are getting expensive....????

Naomi Muise

Love the staff, great selection

Brenda Brasier

Great selection

Arlene Christensen

This store looks beautiful until you try to find something. Very confusing layout.

Nicole Halvorson

Amazing steak and staff! Nice gluten free and organic sections.

Melissa Maksymetz

Great selection and service.

Jamie Frizzley

Abet A

A wonderful store with amazing customer service!! Great selection of food as well ^_^

Drishya Kavishwar

Great selection, and more natural options as well. They do locally sourced honey, you can make your own nut butters etc..

Stephane Boisvert

It's safeway

Brad Davis

Place to come when you're looking for selection...

Mel Hoffart

I understand that the dispensing of razor blades, due to the high theft incidence, means it is done under lock and key. But why, when you put them on sale, can no one find the person with the key to the locked up blades. Either get a secure dispensing system that works, or stop handling them. The last two days I have tried to buy my blades on sale - either I cannot find anyone to help me in the understaffed zoo, or the person behind the counter does not have the right key. The "automatic" dispenser is such a poor one it is not even worth a sick joke.

Greg Miller

Great atmosphere inside the store and friendly staff.


It's fine, not great.


Pre made salads and to go food excellent

Brendon “BREN” S

Very friendly staff great service


Ryan Robinson

Have to lower my rating because of the fruit having mold on it

Jo-Ann Cote

Very nice store. Highly recommend the home meals area where a meal can be bought hot or cold or a dagwood, or maybe deep fried chicken or a bbq chicken! Impressed with the restaurant style food available when you please!

Gerard&Annelies Heuven

Tyra McNally

Very nicely laid out store, clean, and a large variety of products! Good customer service as well.

Gia Bear

O Hicks

Great Safeway, butcher is awesome. Layout takes some getting used too

Joann Popesco

They forgot to give me a bag.

Chris Richards

Clean and friendly staff

Britannia Gammond

Fanciest safeway I have seen, ok prices

Lucie Lafleche

Very nice store, laid out very well

Miranda Bischke

Helpful friendly staff, good quality groceries, well worth the slight price increase from discount stores for the quality you get!

Wendy Laluk

William Shingleton

Safeway Plus the nicest grocery store I've been too. Huge selection.

Trinity Bowles


Nice and clean Safeway. The store seemed like it was one of the newer stores. Safeway is always a good shopping experience but you know you are going to pay more than you would at a place like Superstore. The hours are great here. If you are working night shift, they are open at 7am.

Chris Martin

Dawn Peterzen

Do not like what they did with the store, everything is difficult to find

tomas sakmar

Nice organized place. Lots of choice.

Ryan Mackereth

Best grocery store in dawson. They do have their issues. I have multiple times found expired items still on the shelves, especially meat. Once saw a tenderloin that was 5 days past its sell by. Other than making sure you double check expiry dates, would recommend them over the competition.

Vannessa Maisonneuve

Generally a great Safeway store experience.

Maggie L

The best store in the area!

harvinder Janagal

Quality grocery store

felisha correia

Good could be cheaper

Jspreet Kaur Wander

Good place to go


Good grocery but price is a little high when compared with Nofrills or Walmart

Patrick Neis

Really disappointing service and staff since the renovation. I'm really looking forward to save on foods opening up

Kaitlin Coleman

Very clean and updated. Plenty of options and has a starbucks which is great for morning shopping trips.

Johnny Hinkey Maniago

Very clean, great staff and huge selection of fresh and dry goods

Jamie Cleasby

It's a maze and expensive

bill laboucan

Fresh produce

Todd Kalutich

Same same

Lynette Fellers

Les Brown

Over done.

Denae Beaver

Poor customer service.

Joy Mandiuk

Treena Underwood

Megan Smith

Paula Brooks

Love Safeway...the have the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies!

Stanley Tanner

Clean and very friendly staff

Pierre Lambert

Great friendly service

Dany Tschetter


Nice place looks like renos have been done

Gary Kreil

Has everything you need, friendly staff for the most part.

Korynn Oberle

The Dawson Creek location has no consistency. Prices are often incorrect or nonexistent and products are left to sit out for far too long. Bakery is severely lacking in quality when/if they have anything in stock. I also find the prices to be too high on most of their products. Will no longer be shopping at this location.

Linda Scott

Dustin Marshall

Jade Green

Very good I was with my church group & it was not busy. The staff were very welcoming, & helpful to me to find things! Thank you to the Dawson Creek Staff at Safeway.

Ezra Hanson

Donna Paradis

Excellent, friendly service. Very clean store.


Starbucks. Vegan/Vegetarian options. Helpful staff. Clean grocery store & clean bathrooms available.

David S

A bit on the pricey side

Kevin Simlik

cory noseworthy

Loretta Parenyeau-English

Good service

jure kozic

Jerett Herold

Cheryl Creary

Only one star for today's experience. The young gentleman bagging my groceries today spent more time lecturing me about not wearing a mask, than he did ringing my groceries through. I could have done it twice as fast! Seemed like he was purposely going slow so that he had enough time to tell me everything I needed to know. Really? He's young enough to be my grandson and was totally out of line. I am fully vaccinated, plus, have the booster shot . So the next time he thinks he's going to lecture me, I won't be nearly as pleasant to him.

Courtney Bent

Roizman Monteiro

Very nice collection of products and fast checkouts.

Denise Hudak

Love the store lay out. Friendly and professional staff. Excellent experience.

Blake Seward

Good hot and ready food

Matt Robson

nice Safeway, good staff, clean good service. wish they had more choices in the deli department for instant dinners and lunches that you could heat up. but I came at the end of the day and it was probably all the good stuff was picked threw already. would go there again

Louis Viher

It was great as always.

Curtis Boom

Ever since Sobeys took over I'm not loving it.

Corey Hennigar

Allan Benn

Excellent service at the pharmacy counter

Alina Kuebler

Looks amazing since they renovated❤

Craig Gladue

Good produce . Good service

Jeanine Carson

Now that it completed excellent

Cathy Ashcroft

Great selection, high prices

Paul Pereira

Too many wrong prices on shelf compared to register. Otherwise, nice layout

Michael Gessner

Good selection of sandwiches and salads from the deli, if you do the sushi thing there is a large selection, I personally can't stand it so would have no opinion of how it is

Stacy Morgan

Great service. Tried to help me find an item. It was not on the shelf so they ordered it in for me. Thank you

Linda Smith

Always have trouble finding what i want

F Lee

Great fresh food..


Safeway at Dawson Creek is the best place to do all your grocery and other shopping. Fresh vegetables are available here. We had to go from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek to do the grocery etc shopping. Yes you do get everything here loved this place. The staff also very nice. And it is quite a huge place with everything in it.

Landon Farrow


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