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1000 James Blvd, Gander, NL A1V 1W8, Canada

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Where is Gander International Airport?

REVIEWS OF Gander International Airport IN Gander

roland price

Small airport, but nice

Jasmine Jenkins

Michelle Higgins

J Glode

Very friendly people and staff

m arif

Murray Roberts

Just employees and traveller's allowed.

Elise Moore

Comfortable waiting area

Marc A

(Translated) Small cozy airport. Very clear, but has the charm of past decades. (Original) Kleiner gemütlicher Flughafen. Sehr übersichtlich, aber hat den Charme vergangener Jahrzehnte.

ibrahim Elsayed (Blue Eagle)

Gander International Airport CYQX. That is located in Gander, Canada and it was opened in 1938 . Many aircraft used Gander airport as a refueling stop on flight . The airport staff is so friendly and professional too.

Jeff Gribbon

Everyone who works here is always so nice and accommodating.

Melaida Corpuz

Nice smaller airport. I landed here from a stopover in Halifax. I came for a wedding and enjoyed my flight. Very easy to get around the airport.


Friendly, not much going for it. Poor Internet - but if you stand under the 2nd fan near the escalators the WiFi will work sufficiently. I think this place became famous by stepping up during the nine eleven emergency. Now it becomes a refueling stop for aircraft heading West during bad weather.




Hany Habeeb

Organized and friendly people.

Perry Paul

Morgan Chaulk

Big Rig


Mindful Muscle

Fantastic airport and honesty the real impetus for the visit was its history on 9/11 and the Tony award winning musical, Come From Away, that followed. Amazing story and to see where the event took place was spellbinding!!


(Translated) Good for a stopover???? Otherwise nothing???????????? (Original) Gut zum Zwischenlanden???? Sonst nix????????????

Jeffrey Kinden

Zach Pickard

Dr Jacqueline Quyen Thu Ha Le Pham

Very nice airport I have used many times over the years while it is a bit busy it is very clean has a nice aesthetic and very functiona Gander lnternational Airport is a good airport to fly in and out of .Everywhere there are people who can help you. The security checks are strict, but so well organized that there are hardly any waiting times .Can't wait for my next visit .Always friendly helpful staff.

David Welcher

Very lonely... international airport and not one plane on the sad

Petr Pavlov

Stefan Wittgren

(Translated) Intermediate here July 24, 1990. (Original) Mellanlanda här 24 juli 1990.

David Dixon

Top notch ATC and Ground Handling staff during our mechanical diversion visit.

Steven Taylor

We landed here in 2015 for a medical emergency, last stop before crossing the pond back to London. Very nice people these Canadians are. Cheers ????????

Peter Sinning

We were here in late Autumn, actually our Machine was only supposed to refuel, but there was a technical Defect and we all had to leave the Machine. Thanks goodness we had enough Alcohol from the Duty Free Shop in Hamburg with us and were therefore wonderful to pass the Night. The Airport-Staff are very, very friendly, but the Gastronomy leaves a little to be desired in the selection.

Jan Timmers (VE7JBT)

Great open terminal building. Stopped here with the bus from Port aux Basque to St. John's. For supper, which was good as well

Ei Floods

beautiful airport

ashley h

The cafeteria was closed and the had old pizza and hard sandwiches, I felt sick after eating the pizza

Janet Perry

Not crowded and very friendly staff

Giuseppe Berti

(Translated) I came down to this airport for a technical stopover, very nice, but above all I remember the wonderful view from above of this island (Original) Sono sceso su questo aeroporto per uno scalo tecnico, molto carino, ma ricordo soprattutto la meravigliosa vista dall'alto di questa isola

photo dork

Prempee Santharakat Channel


John Kelly

I am proud to have been at Gander airport before Tuesday September 11th 2001 I miss ATA making a stop at Gander going from Chicago to Shannon and back.

Wolfgang Stalf

John Roling

Free pizza at allied aviation when you land there

Michael Ward

Marc Cloutier

Chen May



Roxana Teodora

Deacon Mercer-White (STUDENT)

i love yqx. it is such a nice airport. i once flew from yqx to yhz and the security was so nice. it probably helps that my grandfather works there and i can gain access from him.

Scott Quilty

Since they closed do the Cafe the Food Options are very limited. They have a beautiful new restaurant where the bar was but if you are traveling on the DRL bus and ordering off their bus menu you are not permitted to eat there.

Hermes van Amstel

Once in a flight from Amsterdam to Houston I was woken up for an early landing ... there was a lady on board with a serious medical problem and they were going to make a stop to drop her off for immediate care. So this took me to lovely Gander airport for a few hours ... thanks Gander for being there, the first airport you meet in North America on your transatlantic journey.

Doris Hutchings

Bathrooms are very clean, but the food is very over priced!!!!

Emily Hit Solatorio Mimi

Great place, great people. Never been here but I watched the documentary of how this place helped 9/11 stranded passengers, decided to search the place and surprised only few mentioned it. They worth to be honoured and remembered. ❤️

Mark Watts

Andrew Palmer

Just a reminder - this is the airport where many trans-Atlantic flights were rerouted to on 9/11/01. A town of 9000 people received 7000 strangers (along with pets and 2 great apes) with incredibly matter-of-fact kindness.

Vaibhav V. Naik

Small n quite place... not much traffic.

Vladimir Kim

Cold)) don't go there in winter, might get diverted or delayed. Overall the airport is ok, no VIP lounges, but no need for that!

Weit- Promi

Charles Onyango

It's a great place, straight forward easy to get through.


Walter Blagdon

Friendly staff with basics amenities on site. Only one gate so you don't have to show up too early. Good airport of you are visiting central nfld.

Adam Dyksi


Lorenzo Avella

Garry Hart

Fred Reid-Matt

Considering it's size and location, it is actually quite impressive. it seems quite dated compare to Halifax or Toronto, but nevertheless has great flight service and decent facilities, including a historical exhibit, cafe/restaurant, waiting area with chairs, and vending machines. Overall, The best airport in Newfoundland aside from St. John's

Steve Blackmore

Richard Crowder

Patrick Barbier

Nice airport with friendly staff. There's a recreational lounge with popcorn, games, and a pool table. Look forward to coming back to Gander and spending some time there. Couldn't give it a full five stars as this was an overnight stop. I'm sure if the bar and restaurant were open it's a 5/5!

Domenico Lucinio

Very basic airport. You cannot get lost here. Takes about 1 minute to get to your gate. By the way, there is only one gate and it is the number 32!!

Imperial German Ball

Small but nice airport

Prudhvi Krishna

jorja cutler

Samuel Olujobi

Elizabeth Noble

Big hearts ❤️

Valentino Pog

great place for landing and refill gas

Marion Blagdon

Although it is a bit dated, everything you need is here. Compact and efficient, this airport never leaves you waiting. No long lines! I've been here several times and it's always been a pleasant experience.

Man at Helm

1979 - absolutely comfortable immigration

Jennifer Tulk

Very friendly staff, stress free security

Sameer Bhalla

Kevin McQuarrie

Cute little airport! Not a ton of amenities or places to buy anything, but the restaurant there is very quaint and has good quality food.

Yelin Oo


I like the setup and their contribution to assisting during 911 in USA. Great story here.

Alfonso Rosendo

Matthew Edison

Richard Sutton

Mac Luu Ha

Crossroads of world


Came to admire this mid-century modern time capsule.

Bianca Pacciani-Massai

Makes a great musical cough cough Come From Away cough cough

Chris Devery

Elizabeth L

Gander Airport YQX is worth a visit. We were lucky to get a personal tour from Jerry C, Site Manager,Commissionaires, who was called into work on 9/11. He worked almost 200 hours in the next two weeks!! Getting a first hand account of how the people of Gander helped the plane people brought home the best of humanity in the face of the worst of humanity. The rich history of Gander Airport as a stopover for celebrities from Elvis to Marilyn to Lucille and as a vital link to Europe during WWII is mostly unknown but should be appreciated. If you have an hour to spare in Gander, this retro 60s airport is a must.

Bjørn Magnar Pettersen


(Translated) In 1979 I was going to Cuba from Madrid airport with the Cubana company and during this trip we were diverted to Gander because too windy on the Atlantic..It was nerve-wracking because it rocked a lot at 28,000 feet, in short the pilot was heroic and the arrival triumphant. The managers of the stopover were up to the task and were able to reassure us. It was my first time in Canada. A very good memory. I was 23 years old and I joined a love at the Embassy of the Havana. Wonderful stay in Cuba. (Original) En 1979 j allais à Cuba depuis l aéroport de Madrid avec la Cubana compagnie et lors de ce voyage on a été détourné à Gander car trop de vent sur l Atlantique..Ce fut éprouvant pour les nerfs car ça secouait énormément à 28000 pieds,bref le pilote fut héroïque et l arrivée triomphante.Les responsable de l Escale furent à la hauteur et surent nous rassurer.Ce fut ma première fois au Canada.Un très bon souvenir.J avais 23 ans et je rejoignais un amour à l ambassade de la Havane.Merveilleux séjour à Cuba.


Thomas Labbah

Small but functional

Gino Qualizza

Nicest runway around !!!


We wanted to visit the airport and see where the planes had landed on 9/11. It's difficult to picture 38 planes on that runway and so many people stranded there. Due to covid we couldn't enter the terminal which was a little disappointing. Kudos to the folks from Gander who supported those who landed.

Jaroslaw M

(Translated) We were only two hours (refueling), but luckily we were released to the airport. It was nice to enter the building with a flag with a maple leaf. Only about spruces and snow. (Original) Byliśmy tylko dwie godziny (uzupełniany zapas paliwa) na szczęście wypuszczono nas na lotnisko. Miło było wchodzić do budynku z flagą z liściem klonu. Na około tylko świerki i śnieg.


Jennifer Burt

lee m

Quick efficient small airport

Robert L'Heureux

Always a pleasure to fly into or out of Gander Airport. Very friendly staff

Hafiz Damji

Hugo Rojas

excellent place, very helpful people

Sandra McKellar,

Nice to have in the area. Need to work on marketing to draw more people to community. Would help to have wider range of flights and destinations

Jonathan Cutler

Restuarant should b4 open today


Garry Ford

Andrii Nazarenko

Don Butler

Gander Airport coming back to life after Covid. Friendly crowd. Look forward to the restaurant opening. Ate there before, always great tasting meals.

Joe Higginson

Lrellis D'erth

Not very large. It has a bar, and a small cafeteria advertised as a restaurant. Prices are what you would expect of airport food, quality is comparable to that of an unfortunate high school. They were serving 'poutine' (frozen fries with gravy) and 'roast beef sandwiches' (white bread smothered in gravy) the day I was there. Soup is generally available, along with sliced cake, prepackaged muffins, yoghurt ($2 for a child's serving), juice boxes ($1.80), cookies (packs of 2 Peek Freans digestive biscuits or Fruit Cremes for 99 cents each), milk ($2 for 250 mL). A gift shop is also available, and includes the usual souvenirs--Beanie Boos, T-shirts, etc.. You can catch the DRL coachline (the Newfie equivalent of Greyhound) directly outside, but it only stops once a day for either direction.

Tommy Sainthill

Margo Crewe

Mr Sim

(Translated) 2006. Flight to the Dominican Republic from Warsaw. Air Fisher boeing 757 with zipping in Gander for refueling. Beautifully located a piece of land. Nature, nature and once again nature. (Original) 2006 r. Lot na Dominikanę z Warszawy Air Fisher boeing 757 z międzyladowaniem w Gander na tankowanie. Pieknie położony skrawek ziemi. Przyroda, przyroda i jeszcze raz przyroda.

Frank Sheppard

Nice workers they help if u got trouble

MARINA Dronnikova

Robert Murray

Nice and smaller airport

Justin Matthews

Freddy S

(Translated) Small airport. Often used on transatlantic flights with small aircraft for refueling. I have often transferred planes from the USA to Europe and was glad that this airport was there. There were never any problems at the airport. The Canadians are in a good mood. Thank you for your help, and it's nice that you are there when you are needed. See you soon and greetings to everyone. (Original) Kleiner Airport. Wird oft auf Transatlantikflügen mit kleinen Maschinen fürs auftanken genutzt. Habe öfters Flugzeuge aus den USA nach Europa überführt und war froh das dieser Airport da war. Es gab nie Probleme am Airport. Die Kanadier sind einfach gut drauf. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe, und schön das Ihr seid wenn man Euch braucht. Bis demnächst und Gruss an alle.

David Pickett

Antonio Aleman

(Translated) In 1992 it was a stopover point when you traveled from Cuba to Moscow. Lonely airport. (Original) En 1992 era un punto de escala cuando viajabas de cuba hacia Moscú. Aeropuerto solitario.

Bobur Abduxamidov

Derek Reardon

Keith Lane


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