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Where is Beaverbrook Art Gallery?

REVIEWS OF Beaverbrook Art Gallery IN Fredericton

Robb Clarke

I'm ashamed that it took me fifteen years of living in the city to visit the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. The collection is stunning!

Trevor Richardson

as a traveling university student, $5 was a great way to spend a few hours looking at art. staff was knowledgable about local eatery. if you need something to do on a rainy day, i recommend it.

Mark Harris

A gem on the waterfront of Fredericton. This gallery house a collection of art focused on Atlantic Canadians but also includes works from around the world. Salvador Dali collection was very impressive!

Reyhan Pradantyo

Great place to come relax and forget about the outside world!

Martin J. Arsenault

I rarely enjoy art museums, however this one was great! The various works by many different artists will surely interest you from abstract to realism. I also appreciated te downstairs section that put up works by art students and encouraging them to make more.

Luisa Montoya

A local treasure! They have days that are free to the public

Brian Macdonald

A top level gallery right here in Fredericton! Everything from old masters to contemporary Canadian art. A must see if you are visiting. If you live in Fredericton, you should make it part of your routine!

Geoff Aylward

Impressive collection. Very good interpretation and orientation to Dali painting


Well worth the experience! A mid -size gallery by Canadian standards houses a truly global collection with show real British, American, and Atlantic Candian jewels in the collection.


Older vibe, but certainly has some astonishing art on display. -1 for being under construction currently.

Ramona M.

Extensive collection, beautiful layout, great special displays.

Monique Th

Gorgeous art gallery with some really old pieces. Went as part of a tour with other students from across Canada so they concentrated the tour on Canadian artists over the ages. Afterwards we got to work on a painting where our individual pieces would fit together like a puzzle to make a larger painting we had seen on the tour. The cafe had really good food, and the macaroons were delicious.

Robin Paquette

It's an awesome art gallery. Much bigger than I expected. The gallery as paintings from various Canadian artists like the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Riopelle, Borduas and also world renowned artists like Matisse, Warhol, Turner, etc. I had a really good time except when I was visiting the first floor. The employee sitting at the desk downstairs was joking around with the security guard and was extremely loud. Not really professional.

MJ Jaillet

Great art. Guided tour not so much.

Richard Ward

My wife and I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the gallery, which has a surprisingly diverse and interesting collection curated well, including many Canadian artists, modern art, English, and a room dedicated to Dali. Lots of breathing room. Good lighting. Nice views of the river. Ended our visit at nice cafe/bistro within the Museum.

AliKat YEG

Lovely art gallery! I particularly like the Dali paintings. Today there was a temporary art installation featuring animals made of textiles and furs; they were scattered throughout the building. The rats were disconcertingly realistic. Very much enjoyed my visit and I appreciated the friendly staff.

Brenda Berry Berry

This has always been a wonderful gallery, and the new wing is a perfect addition. Lots of room for temporary exhibits, and a visiting artist studio open to visitors of the gallery. There is a trendy coffee shop in the new addition. The website offers all kinds of workshops and presentations. The Dali has been moved, and looks much smaller in its new location in the gallery.

Noah Starr

Amazing! Come check out one of the worlds best collections!

Kirstin Morrell

A Canadian treasure. It's been renovated since the last time I was there, and they seem to have done a serious expansion, including the addition of an absolutely amazing cafe. If you like art galleries, you must go. If you don't, go anyway and have them change your mind. They have everything from early Canadian art by European-trained artists, to FNMI art both contemporary and earlier, to local artists, to students having their first showing, and so much more. Obviously everyone should go see Santiago el Grande. It's just a thing you should do. Subject yourself to a sense of awe every once in a while. But I also enjoyed "Equestrian Fantasy" and "James Dunn (La Turbie)" and the story behind those. And it is so affordable. We brought kids, and one was not feeling well so we had to leave, and we still felt we got great value for our money. So don't let only having enough time to see part of the gallery get in your way. Finally, just go to the cafe. If I could have eaten there every day I would have. The prices are great, the food is amazing, the coffee is fantastic, and the deserts... oh, the deserts! Not to be missed. P.S. If you like architecture, the original Mid-Century modern building is still largely intact. By memory, I loved the terrazzo flooring and use of brass. And it blends almost seamlessly with the multiple Modernist additions. It's a building to see if you want to see the opposite of the ROM addition in Toronto.

Joan Babineau

Very interesting, great flow so you see all the exhibits.

Michael P

A very well curated gallery showing diverse work. By donation thurs nights.

Elena Cherenkevich

Activities for children on Sunday!

Tony Coady

Not much of an Arts guy, but a few of us decided to go, as had never been. Its a great facility with some very impressive pieces!! Looking for something to do on a really hot or cold day? I would recommend this Gallery!!

Rory Quinlivan-Hopkins

Surprisingly interesting. Costs 10$. If you are a CAA member they offer a 10% discount.


Breathtaking art,note the floors are marble and they do have seating throughout.Best to wear comfortable footwear.

Jessica MacFadzen-Reid

Took the kids to their first tour of an art gallery. Was a great experience, the new located of the Dali is perfect for a surprise around the corner and there were new special surprises on every level. Kids loved the food at the new cafe and their soup of the day was amazing.

Lynn Marois

Amazing gallery. The only issue is the gift shop only sells West coast native art and nothing from local indigenous people.

Krista Whitehouse

Fantastic artwork of a crow made out of tires on the outside entrance to the gallery. Fantastic! We just missed touring the gallery as it was closed temporarily, but the art on the outside of the building is enough to bring us back for another look.

Andy Han

A Fredericton gem. Great collection of works in a fantastic facility. Make sure to make a stop in their cafe.

Slavi Nikolov

Nice gallery containing local (maritimes), Canadian and world art. Makes for good few hours and recommend the audio tour. The highlight are the Dali room, but the gallery is well organized and worth a visit in all rooms. The cafe is superb as well, specifically there pastries.

Harvey Mains

A beautiful small art gallery featuring both local and internationally famed artists. Sculptures abound on the grounds and there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Well worth a visit. Plan on at least two hours. Food is available.


A beautiful building with amazing art. A must-visit in Fredericton. Good for all ages.

Andrew N. Byrne

What a changes this gallery has expanded greatly since I was last here as a child. The artists, exhibits, and styles are diverse. Even though it may seem small at first, you can easily spend a couple of hours here if you take your time. It has a cafe, outdoor sculptures surrounding the property, a small gift shop and two levels of galleries. Note, you can't bring food or drink into the galleries.

Josh Green

Lovely gallery and a fine collection of art by important New Brunswick and international masters. Thursday night is "pay what you can" night :) The new section is beautiful and there is a very nice cafe downstairs with super desserts!

Dorian Beggs

Impressive gallery. Will get a yearly membership renewed.

Måns Löfhede

A very nice collection of art, and very well thought out exhibitions. Lovely staff, a must go if you're even a little interested in art and are close to Fredericton.

Philippe Jones

An impressive, if small gallery with a wonderful selection of both Canadian and international pieces.

Genesis Infante

Went during the harvest jazz festival, did the scavenger hunt, spent two hours looking and appreciating all that NB Arts and history. Very impressed of the Dali arts. All of these cost me 0$ (student). Would def go back some time.

Nasrin Eshraghi Ivari

Nice and arm environment

Kate Stalzer

60 year old Gallery! Fabulous collections, well worth the visit!

Eugenia Dietrich

Beaverbrook Art Gallery is a beautiful place to visit, learn and enjoy art. Great collections of different stages in the history of art.

Eric Falkjar

Took the day and drove to Fredericton to check out the gallery. Really enjoy the exhibits

Chris Busse

Great art and a nice break from the heat. We spent 45 minutes in here looking at all the awesome paintings.

Matt Nicholson

I have been through a couple times and there is always something interesting to find

Judith Naylor

First class gallery with lots of community events and classes.

James Gauthier

Awesome place. Very reasonable prices and definitely could spend a lot of time here. Definitely loved seeing the Salvatore paintings!!!

Emma S.

Absolutely incredible. Always worth a visit!

Mathieu Cote

We went on Family Day. The artwork was beautiful to see and there were lots of arts and crafts for my daughter to do.

Joan Medina

Super friendly, welcoming staff. Broad, manageable collection. Will be even better when the addition opens in Fall 2017.

Scott Danells

I took my 3 kids here and they enjoyed themselves. It is a bright and spacious gallery with lots of interesting art. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Jason Bonar

Great new lay out and renovations. Atlantic Canadian artists are represented beautifully. The Dali collection seems to have expanded nicely. Nice cafe inside now with affordable food and drinks.

Brian O Connor (BrianO)

Art gallery with large viewing area and lots of help, if you'd like more information on something. A featured Canadian display when I was there. Wonderful works. So much history, frozen in time.


This place is an experience. I genuinely didn't realise we had access to this type of well-known art in New Brunswick at all. My expectations were unfairly low. It was a spontaneous visit and I was delighted to see paintings by some of my favourite artists.

Namita Chaudhary

The gallery showcases amazing paintings and artwork from all across Canada. But what actually impressed me were the various street installations around the gallery building. Each had a little plate with details about the artists. I reached the Gallery towards the end of the day so they did not charge me full admission and allowed me to contribute whatever amount I was willing to. I had a great time there.

Shirin Khayambashi

For such a small city, their art gallery was really interesting. They had original dali and Warhol, in addition to many Canadian artist original works.

Nikolaus Maack

They have a Lucien Freud. Which always astonishes me. It's a small gallery but with a lot to see. They had a big Dali the first time I was there, but it is no longer on display. Which seems like a mistake. I heard someone specifically ask to see it on their visit.

Jo Young

Big trip, but always worth it.

Melissa Bourbonnais Infante

Beautiful spot to see Canadian history displayed as well as some other art pieces you wouldn’t expect to see in tiny old Fredericton! ❤️????????

Christine White

World class collection. Excellent facility. Engaging exhibits (and staff!) Loved the range of art and the interpretation.

Trent Smith

Stunning works of art on display with docents available makes it such a great experience. Plenty of various artists and styles to be seen, with something new to be found with each visit. Prices are very affordable and makes for an excellent outing, the expanded gallery offers up some new delights. Definitely worth at least one visit if only to see the huge Dali painting.

Ben Morrison

Very large and diverse selection, there is something for everyone here

Khalid “Kal” Hasan

Beautiful tour with docent. Some unique paintings like Edward VIII that can be seen nowhere else

Marina Tirado

I loved the "el camino" exposing, and all collection they have

Meaghan Charest-Finn

Nice spot... I wish there were more interactive activities

Valerie McLean

Was really interesting! I especially enjoyed Janvier's works!! I found the clear plastic info cards for some of the paintings somewhat difficult to read, but wasn't really a problem.

Elisheva Lukács (Ellie)

Lot's of fun to explore. A great place to take a date.

Laura Whittaker

Incredible. My husband and I went on a date here and spent hours taking in the art. Various mediums are used here, it's hard to pick favourites. Gallery is very clean and has wonderful, educated, friendly staff members. Place to hang your coat while you look around, and a lovely cafe downstairs with incredibly fresh deserts. Was nice to sit down and take a minute after our visit. Really enjoyed our time here, the price of entry was very reasonable for the hours of entertainment that we had. Was most excited to see the huge Dali painting and it was more impressive that I imagined! Thank you for a delightful date out!

Ajit Thakkar

The new wing of the gallery is light and attractive. The cafe has a great location. A good gallery just got better.

Jeremy Turowetz

If you're a fan of Canadian-content landscapes, it's a great place to spend an afternoon. I'm a fan of the facility and can't wait to see the extension.

Karen Breeck

By donation Thursday evenings Excellent art gallery. Well worth going to

Ben Todd-Sweezey

Very nice-better than anything you'd expect from Fredericton!

Evgeniy Chernyshov

Amazing Canadian Art! Must Visit!!!

Bill Duncan

A beautiful space, with some spectacular and unexpected pieces in its collection. The addition of the café is also a treat if you're there with friends or family.

Laura O'Brien

This has always been one my favourite galleries and my recent visit did not disappoint. Loved checking out the new wing and cafe– what a great addition! Collections remain impressive and nicely curated. Great highlights of up-and-coming artists’ in the basement.

David Beck

Great place to stroll around and admire great art work.

Jules D.


RJ Bro

Nice diversity of art, and easy to get through in not a lot of time. Totally enjoyable!

Gary Sharpe

A real gem of an art gallery in one of Canada's most beautiful towns, Fredericton.

Ehab Madokh

Amazing collections of unique Arts, facility is wide enough you feel the special arts done in the past with little supplies. If you visit Fredricton, you must take time to visit Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Rama Mouhajer

It was my first art gallery visit and it really is amazing. They have some of the most unique painting and the best thing was that I did not pay since I was a student. A total must!

Pat Oxtoby

Interesting gallery from early art to present day artists, without overdoing any particular period. I liked the spaciousness to stand back to view the larger artworks.

Tina Rose

You must go see this set collection- amazing backstory of Lord Beaverbrook

Leslie H.

Impressive display of Canadian, International and local college art. A must see.

Sonja Naugler

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is amazing. It's worth a visit.

Vicki M

Lovely gallery with a wide range of exhibits. Takes about 2 hours to see it all.

APlus Accounting

Been to many Galleries and this is by far a favorite!

Penny Quondam

My sister and I toured the TDGardens but only had a short amount of time. Even though it is winter the weather was warm and we had no problem getting around.

John Martel

Marvellous art gallery that showcases some truly amazing art including works by Salvador Dali. There is also a cafe on site.

Tina Hiltz

This was my first time and I didn't have a lot of time, so appreciated being able to go on a donation night. I have been in several of the galleries across Canada, plus the National gallery in Scotland. This gallery did not disappoint! There was such a nice variety that there would be something for everyone. Some of the paintings and antique dishware literally stopped me in my tracks! The gift shop is small, but had a wonderful variety of items and price ranges.

Rachel Emery

We really enjoyed the Beaverbrook Art Gallery when we visited. My husband isn't super interested in art, but even he enjoyed looking at everything. I appreciate that they have so much Canadian art on display. I always enjoy seeing art from our own country above all else. It's not a huge gallery, but if you actually relax and enjoy the artwork it's enjoyable. They also have a bunch of statues and sculptures outside to look at as well. The whole place is such a treat and I'm glad I live nearby.

Koala MeatPie

Fantastic student artwork and exquisite. Pieces even includes Dolly and special tribute to Native American Arts

Franz Ruberl

Hard to rate a museum based on the art, when the art pieces change. The facilities are nice. The Dali is nicely framed at the end of a wing. The new wing is particularly nice, and the added café adds something extra to the visit. At the time of my visit there was entirely too much work by the same artist (will remain nameless). The first 5-10 paintings of his were eye opening and interesting, but the next 50+ of them were practically copies using in different colours. Just my tastes I guess.

Elizabeth Reeves

lovely gallery

Sean of the Oaks

Small gallery with an interesting collection of Canadian art and some amazing pieces donated by Lord Beaverbrook/The Beaverbrook Foundation, including some Dalis, which are an experience not to be missed. After a few hours at the Beaverbrook be sure to continue up the road to visit the Gallery on Queen to continue your viewing of outstanding Canadian artworks.

Richard Carter

Great art gallery with some amazing pieces such as Salvador Dali's Santiago El Grande. Well worth a visit, plan for at least 3 hours. Book a docent tour of the gallery with Gerry Rhymes, he's just fantastic. You will enjoy his tours and knowledge of pieces in the gallery. ????

Tanyss Malabar

This is a real gem of an art gallery. Amazing Canadian art collection and presented so well. The staff are very knowledgable and helpful. Both Gerry and Paula explained some exhibits to us that made it so meaningful. The gallery is not too large to be overwhelming. I think this is a MUST SEE if you go to Fredericton .

Kellie Tardif

A great collection of beautiful masterpieces! And the stories behind them are so fun to learn.

André Godin

I wish the accessible entrance and the main entrance were one and the same. If you use the accessible entrance you must start your visit from the back of the exhibits and must work against the flow that the curators have set up. This really runs contrary to principles of universal design and it could and should have been addressed with the re-opening. That being said, it could still easily be fixed. That complaint aside, this is an essential Fredericton destination.

Adam Simpson

Very clean and well put together. Its small but about what you would expect for a smaller city.

Brad Wickens

Nice building done work on it

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