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Here you will see all the opinions of real people who are purchasing the products and services of RONA Fort St-John (Architect) in the area of Fort Saint John (Canada).

At the moment the firm receives a rating of 3.3 over 5 and the rating has been based on 71 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF RONA Fort St-John IN Fort Saint John

Kaleb Gobert

I experienced such bad customer service from an older man working by hardware. He was very rude and not the least bit helpful.

Lance Colton

Nice staff

Justin Hendrick

Gloria H

ARRRGGGHH. Purchased a product from Rona in Fort St. John last Saturday that came with missing parts. Made two wasted trips to the store to be informed I could not return the product as I am to contact the manufacturer for the missing parts. Just wasted an hour of my life trying to do that on the website provided. Won't accept what I have entered on the contact us page but it certainly lets me order the parts. No cost for the parts . . . $50 shipping!!!! Extremely frustrated at this very unpleasant shopping experience.

Brian Kent

Its a Rona. They should put tie wire in with the all the rope and other wire though. Spent a hour looking for it and it's at the Contractor desk.


Good selection of building materials and tools, friendly and knowledgeable staff. A bit on the pricey side but you get what you pay for.



Jim Westwood

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good selection.

Zackary King

Ivory Cameron

Jismy Shaji

Good selection of items, but need to be very careful with the money we pay. Sometimes the price on the display and at the till, had a huge difference . If we won’t notice it, that’s a bonus for them. If we recognize the mistakes, they will just tease us, and make fun. The staff was very rude, of course not all of them. But few of them should really need to learn how to do customer service. ????

Terry Collins

Great store. Helpful staff.

chris harrison

Great staff very helpful, polite and I don't have to wait long for assistance

Denise Moore

The selection is good but the customer service sucks The young cashier was unpleasant, unfriendly and mind bogglingly slow and took longer than needed to check out my two items.

A. Lazaroff

I get great service, good prices when big stuff is on-sale. I just wish they were open till 7 pm.


Staff is always available and ready to help.

Dimo Prud

Nice place with quick service

Brandon Roy

Pretty sad that they abuse fish in this store, dwight allows these poor fish to just die off and flush them partially dead down the toilet.. GET A PROPER SIZE TANK IF YOUR GOING TO HAVE FISH. YOU CAN OBVIOUSLY AFFORD IT. AND DO A LITTLE RESEARCH. nice store tho lol.

Collin Budd

Wilson Adams

Helpful plumbing department staff, they had what I needed and we're good at answering the questions I had. Good selection of tools, could have better selection of other products.

Lisa Wolfe

Andrew Jacques

Ok so Rona FSJ. You will find your basics and a little more in this local hardware store. It’s not part of the corporate chain so the website is basically null. You’ve gotta just get in the door. Service at Rona is at best hit an miss. If you are in a hurry, go somewhere else. Returning items at this store is, half the time, slower than a cricket game. They will try to find a reason to not return the item and make you feel like an arse.

Gavin Paisley

I bought a pair of work belt suspenders and 4 days later they broke. When I went to return them I was informed that I would have to deal with the manufacture because Rona does not stand behind the products they sell and they do not value me as a customer. I will no longer be shopping with Rona and will be deleting my Contractor Account.

Tanya Zentner

staff are great and do their best to help, and will go look for help if they are not sure of something. Though, our family had one negative experience with not being able to get standard replacement parts for a lawnmower that we bought there years before.

Terry Cameron

The experience and selection at this hardware store is better than others in town. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The lady that helped us get new blinds cut to size was really friendly and helpful.

Alan Amendt

Leslie Panoulias

Dillon Lazaroff

After coming To Rona for many years, I like the staff. There is staff that worked there for Many years and whenever I ask a question they tell me where to go find what I need or they will call somebody over to help me. I just wish it was open on Sundays.

Veronica Saluk

1 star for not charging shipping to order in vanities etc. 0 stars for product knowledge/availability.

jack marsim

good people good service

It girl *

Majority of the staff are amazing but the older guy at customer service is rude and unhelpful. Also extremely rude to his coworkers. I'd suggest finding someone that's fit to be in customer service..

Tyler Newton

Went in for tin panel for my roof. 9 pieces of 12 foot panel, 1 piece of 14 foot and 15 pieces of 8 foot... Almost enough to do your shed. Said they had none on order, only 40 feet of ridge cap, and a 2 week wait... Useless

Jacob Miller

Found what I needed. Someone is always around to help you get what you need!

Eugene Zebastian

I am always happy to deal with Rona FSJ because of the excellent and helpful staff. Product might not be available all the time but could be brought in at a later date

concerned citizen

I was picking up some replacement tools when I saw a blonde manager wearing giant red clown glasses reprimanding an employee for something. Nearly had the poor thing in tears. Very unprofessional, I'm sure there could have been a better way to handle that situation.


Poor Service

Peter Spence

Staff wasnt very knowledgable or helpful at the contractor desk. Will go elsewhere next time.

Perry Guthmiller

The difficulty in getting the customer service staff to communicate with the yard staff is frustrating. It takes, for me, on average, 3 tries to get the right paperwork to be able to pick up my purchase in the yard. Store prices are insane. I would rather drive to Prince George or Grande Prairie than shop at the local Rona.


It is a home improvement store that is scary for foreigners

Tyler Star

Came in here to buy a lock, bought a lock and it was defective, returned it and exchanged for one of the same model, also defective the employees confirmed that both were defective so I got one of a different brand but she wouldn't return the defective lock because it was missing a screw so I had to pay for another lock..

Robin Chester

Good service but doesn't have large selection like bigger stores

Robert Hipkiss

Tal Dhillon

The manager posted the wrong info on the PO at the till and refused to change it after catching her mistake. Says alot about the store if this is the kind of pathetic service that you get from a manager

Cheryl Anderson

Tom Mostowy

D Salter

I had an average shopping experience until leaving the store and the manager tells me to have a blessed day. It was a little off-putting.

Trevor Gowman


The emphasis that the employees have on religion is extremely inappropriate, especially for a hardware store. I was paying for some items with my kid when a manager/supervisor rang me through. Instead of small chat, I was told I needed to say children instead of kids... "kids are goats, saying children is a higher form of respect" and when leaving she told me to "have a blessed day." Yikes...

John Juniper

Was in there for more than 1/2 hr looking at doors, windows, and tools. Not one sales person asked if I needed anything. Home hardware here I come.

Shane L

Merv Friesen

isaac van schaik

Carmen Archibald

Michael Fortuna

Great service at the paint area and always well organized.

Shale Watson

Have only been there once. Not to bad for what i saw.

Joann Popesco

Antonio Ragonosi

Colin Bell

ok, I am going back to Home Hardware.

Brand Ford


Tony Balatti

Such helpful staff


So rude shipping and receiving staff I think its garbage specially receiving old guy it's so rude I never came back that store

Heather Bovey

Everything about this place is difficult! Service, not open Sundays, Owner doesn't care about repeat business... Don't have to give great customer service when there's no competition

Thomas Kung

Staff were friendly and knowledgeable, they don’t have the parts that I need but able to direct me which place carry them.

Kelly Tompkins

It's great good service and helpful staff that speaks and understands English

Bradey Cushman

Complete scam artists. Was in there 2 weeks ago and they had a great deal on AC units. So I ordered one, gave them my info, paid for it and was told it would be in on Thursday. Called them on Thursday and they said the truck wasn’t unpacked yet, they’d call me when it was ready. A week and a half later I phone them and apparently they don’t actually have the AC unit that I paid for. Somebody made a mistake and sold a product they didn’t have. So you’d think they’d offer me the same discount on a similar product right? Nope, but for only $100 more I can upgrade to the bigger unit! So instead of the $170 off of the one I originally paid for they’re going to give me $120 off of the more expensive one! Nothing like selling a product that you don’t actually have and then trying to sell me something different at less of a discount after making me wait 2 weeks! Too bad, I had a few Reno’s planned but I will not be setting foot in that store again.

Beat Aeby

Shirley Pasaluko

Staff member at desk was rude to the point I took my $3000.00 business to Home Hardware! That staff member is a POS and I will NEVER step foot in that door again! Good work Marley you goof!

Jeff Kitt

Very helpful staff, they had what I needed helped get it to the till, even had a cashier help me take my cart to my truck, and chatted the whole way, even after I insisted I was more than capable of doing it myself! Only reason they missed a star is their price point is a little over some of their competitors.

Linda Brady

Agoogle User

Good selection of tools and building materials, clean and organized with friendly helpful staff.

Bruce Buchanan


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