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At this moment the firm receives a rating of 2.1 stars over 5 and this score was based on 71 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Fort St. John Hospital IN Fort Saint John

Cheryl Baytaluke

Verry unprofessional staff. Lady at the screening was rude and everything seems to upset her. Even yell :good! When there was no one else to check in with her. While I was waiting the cleaning lady came in the room and start talking tagalo with her friend nurse. This is totally inacceptable. We are in Canada and they were both in hospital uniform. This need to change for real.

Charlotte Kruszewski

It seems that the majority of this hospital's staff have absolutely no bedside manners. I have seen on numerous occasions, staff pushing through friends, family, strangers, and myself - treating us like we're there for a drug hand out or wasting their time. Advil and Tylenol always seem to be the solution. . . Even for my elderly family member who has bipolar and vertigo, and began fainting/blacking out randomly. It's embarrassing to be in a community with a hospital that is so uncaring and innatentive staff. I wish I coud rate it per experience, because in the ten years I've lived here there would be less than a handful of times that I might give a 3 or 4. A person is better off making the commute to Dawson.

Justin Hendrick

Zia Akhonzada

Mamon Das

Stay far far away

Rj Caliber

Entered hospital lobby 8:30PM with nobody there. I wrote my name and about 15 minutes later an impatient couple enters the hospital, being completely dramatic and gets called first, ahead of us. 1 hour later the nurse finally calls my name and asks me to register myself using the IP phone. When calling the "receptionist", it took her 10 MINUTES just to pick up the phone. I don't understand what she's doing on her job? Waited another 30 minutes for doctor to call me and waited another 1 hour to finally get my antibiotics. 8:30PM - 11:30PM 3 hours wait just to get antibiotics when the hospital was not even busy.


I came in with my not even two-year-old to emergency because she and her sister were playing they had tripped over each other and she had gotten a sharpie into her eye. She had chunks of black marker still in her eye and her I had broken blood vessel‘s she was very upset I walked in they got me checked in after about 15 minutes of waiting which was fine then I waited 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room well there were drunken natives running around laughing and hanging out who were then taken in before my not even two-year-old daughter to be seen by a physician. After The 3 1/2 hour wait we finally got brought into a room where we continue to wait for another hour before seeing absolutely anyone when the doctor came in he was in the room for approximately 25 seconds he did not ask me a single question and did not ask if I had any either I didn’t even have a chance to ask any questions before he was out of the room. A nurse then came in I asked her how she was she was very abrupt and rude telling me to put appointment on my daughters I once every six hours for the next three days and handed me a piece of paper to bring to the optometrist telling me to go there tomorrow. There was no explanations of how to use the medication properly and then they sent me on my way this was the worst experience I have ever had in healthcare drunken people who were seemingly fine we’re getting ahead of many other children including my own daughter who again is not even two with an eye injury If you have an option in the matter do not go to this hospital go to Dawson Creek this hospital not only had extremely poor weight times but their staff was absolutely horrible and rude as well as very unhelpful


David Heath

I'm sorry I don't even know where to begin on the topic of this f***ing hospital... it's a joke!!! No respect for patients here.

Buck Jones

Had a wonderful experience at Fort St. John emergency. My husband woke up and couldn't close his right eye. As time continued the right side of his face began to paralyze. It was a pretty scary situation. We got through to see a wonderful nurse named Lorraine in about 20 minutes. She was very knowledgeable and really put us at ease. Explained everything very clearly and then got us through to a Doctor. About 30 minutes later we saw a Doctor, Katie. She diagnosed my husband with Bell's Palsy. She had Dr Breen come in and give a second opinion and he also confirmed it to be Bell's Palsy. All the staff there were so helpful and kind. Really happy with our experience there in such a scary situation.

dallas Schwandt

Brenna Piccinin (GrapesAreGrape)

Second person of the day still waited over 3 hours to see a doctor

Ryan Siddall

Im having problems with my heart pinching really bad, havent been out of pink mountaint for 5-6 yrs i took ambulance into fsj ER nurses made fun of me and dr esterhuizen looked and sounded bored and annoyed, gave me stuff for acid reflux and kicked me out, i asked him what about my heart stopping and surging he didnt care. He said blood pressure and suger is high but im ok. He is the worst doctor ever do not trust him. I am having alot of problems breathing now, dont know how long i have left...

Mary Lou Green

silvester weber

Overall a pretty horrible experience. 35 minutes to get an xray. 4 hours of people who came in after you getting assistance before the person with broken leg is disgusting. The Rcmp don't have anything important they are dealing with to make them a priority.

Jade Chipesia

9 hours to get a simple test for strep throat. This is completely insane!

Kristine Woodford

I had hurt my finger while playing hockey. The emergency department referred me to the Physiotherapy clinic attached to the hospital. At first, I was very skeptical because I've been to a private clinic in town and they were amazing. I didn't think the physiotherapy clinic attached to the hospital would be just as great, if not better. The lady who runs the department, Melina was fantastic. She oversaw my care and made sure I was getting the right treatment for my finger. (Mallet finger) She was polite and knowledgeable and even told me about some great places to hiking in BC and Alberta. I know this sounds silly, but I can't wait to get hurt again so I can chat her Melina again. THANKS ST. FORT JOHN HOSPITAL!!!! Joey C.

Sarah Watson

Worst experience I have ever had with a hospital!!! They have no respect towards their patients, my parents were having physical issues, my mom was suffering from an injury and my dad needed to get checked up asap for an infection in his throat. We were visiting from Calgary and had to wait for 10h before my parents could get checked up! And when they did get checked up all the doc said was for my dad to “wait it out”, did not give any prescriptions or tell him to take cough syrup or anything, it's been 3 days since and the cough sounds worse than before. With my mother all they did was give her pain killers and let her go. I do not understand how this place runs. And don’t get me started with the lady at the front desk of emergency, she was rude, impatient, and disorganized with her speech. Never coming back to this place, I could have spent the 10h driving my family back to Calgary where they know how to ethically do their jobs.

Andrzej Zdunowski

Worst goddanm hospital in British Columbia alone and I've been to many. Most ignorant, inexperienced nurses not all but most and the doctors are even worse. Send both my grandma and auntie home when they shouldn't have any withing 3 days both died within their discharge. Could go on and on but definelty get a second opinion

Laine Chin

Worst ER staff I have ever encountered. I am afraid to get sick in this town.

Sam Thompson


I have been in and out of this hospital for 14 years and even lodged a complaint because of the horrific experiences I had and the life threatening issues that I dealt with because of the poor care I received in the FSJ ER. However... over the last year or two there has been a change. No more unprofessional gossiping, and actual kindness and even respect shown towards patients from the registration desk to the medical staff. Maybe I was just lucky but I've been in there for myself or family 7 times in this time and all experiences were so vastly different than what I've had previously, so much so I don't believe I'm in the same place. My most recent experience was last weekend... 2 days in ER and then 3 days on the ward. I want to thank all of the doctors and nurses that worked so hard to take care of my mom. Even though they were super swamped, especially in the ER, in both areas they were ultra professional, understanding, supportive and helpful. Kudos to you all for being able to be this way under those circumstances!

Norma Rrae

Every single time. You will wait at least twice as long more, than any other hospital

Sierra Kennedy

This place has a great birthing centre, 99% of the nurses are literally the nicest people you could ever ask for. Both of my sons were born here my 2nd was Dec 23,2020 during the covid pandemic. They have to abide the new policies and structures in place but they were never rude. In fact they go out of their way every single day to help make that a bit easier on everyone involved. They helped my wife mix formula and even took over and fed the baby after she would try to nurse every 3 hours during his blue light therapy. She was exhausted and this bought her an extra 30+ minutes of rest every time. The head nurse Danielle is simply one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered in any hospital anywhere. And there are at least 3 more I can think of off the top of my head that are just as caring and whom go just as far out of their way to help out, doing things that are most definitely not required by their positions duties. It’s nice to know their are people like that in the medical system today. I’ve had my fair share of terrible experiences in my life but this place made up for them all and then some. It’s nice to not feel judged , have extra help from patient genuine people who will go the extra mile because they want to and for no other reason than that.

Crystal Hutchinson

Tyler Webster

Terrible treatment,terrible arrive went in with what was thought to be a migraine ,had such bad pain I was nauseas,dizzy,and had have my touqe pulled over my eyes ,it's over 5 hours before I got a doctor or even anything for pain.i was made to sit in a chair even though I needed to lay down. No bed available I was told as I could see 3 empty ones across the haul. Doctor then miss diagnosed me with a migraine and I had to get hauled outta tommy lakes 2 days later with sever swelling and a rash... I have shingles..what waste of tax payers dollars

Queen Jordyn

I showed up to the er looking for a a temporary pain relief for my excruciating dental pain on Feb 29th for my girlfriend and myself to be treated with absolute disrespect by the nurse and for the doctor not to understand what I came there for. Leaving with problem unresolved. Causing me to have to come back the next morning with the same pain from not being resolved the night before. Only to be treated worse then the night before by the nurses and dr estheruizen. For him to arrive in my room with complete disrespect towards my girlfriend and I, when trying to explain the situation and pain I was in for him to have no concern or care of my well being. I felt that I was stereotyped as someone whom was seeking drugs instead of help because of my looks and tattoos. When trying to show Dr estheruizen the paper work and dental x-rays for him to have no care or not even look at the paper work leaving me confused on how to handle my prescriptions an concerned of my well being.

Gurmeet singh Chahal

Clint Wolf

Very clean friendly staff usually takes long but you can except that at any other hospital

Terry Cameron

Beautiful hospital, excellent staff

Dave B.

After waiting 5 hours to be seen, I had a nurse dress my toe (which I had surgery on). I asked her to use a different gauze because the one she chose will be stuck in my wound. She insisted that it wouldnt. Here I am 13 hours later trying to remove the now stuck gauze, and am being told by health link to go back to see a doctor. I would recommend driving to dawson creek or anywhere else if it is not an emergency.

Sherilyn P

Overall I had a pretty positive experience. I was consistently taken seriously and the staff treated patients with respect. The doctors had no issues running different tests to find the issue and did not try and rush me through. Yes, it was a long wait and it was much less busy in the morning (when I went). The main reason I am not giving the hospital 5 stars is that the waiting room is awful. During slow times It fills up so i cannot imagine what it can get like during busy times. During a pandemic I feel as if the lack of room is very unsafe. Otherwise, a big shoutout to the staff who are working so hard to keep our community healthy and safe.

d day

Went in for something pretty straightforward and found the worst help. The admitting attendant, Carol, was rude and didn't let me answer questions. She laughed at me more than once. She said the dr would knock before entering the room, and when he showed up he just barged in. He didn't introduce himself, listen to me or ask questions, just gave Tylenol and advil. I've never even been to a restaurant with worse manners than what I found here. Good thing I don't live here. Will likely never be back.

Cheryl Johnson

Vanessa Oboh

The emergency waiting room/triage area is a joke. How much money was spent on planning that set up? Hopefully none. Any kindergarten class could come up with a better plan. As for the quality of service, McDonalds serves my needs better than Fort St John medical services. Employees of hospital can be heard socializing in every direction, being loud and disrespectful of the patients discomfort Next time I will be going to Dawson Creek

riley brown

Absolute horrible experience. Had a kid with a broken or dislocated shoulder. All he needed was a quick x ray to determine severity and should we treat there, or go 2.5 hrs home. After 4 hours of waiting without a single ambulance come in and people with colds being called in instead, we left and drove home to our own hospital. Disgraceful. #healthcarefail

Cathy Bryson

Long wait times at the Emergency Room and the staff aren't very friendly.

David Ford

If I could only give this hospital zero stars.... This hospital is a joke! What is wrong with the government to allow this Facility to stay open is beyond me. My brother was shot last year in a hunting Accident, this hospital refused to help him and to top it off last night he had a stroke, hit his head on the way down and you guys sent him home!!!! What is wrong with the doctors that work in this hospital!? It was your decision To become doctors and save lives but this decision To send my brother home might have just cost him his life. Idiots all of you

Christine Vande Velde

tony redekopp

some good nurses here but there are some BAD ones, nursing manager should be fired if there is one.

Ryan Tutt

The Dr I seen was so rude and full of him self, I kept telling him that the bump on me leg was really painfull . He ignored my feedback and said it was just a skin irration. My leg is now swollen to the max , I cannot feel bellow the knee ,feels like my skin is going to burst. I cannot walk on it.He even had the time to tell me off in front of my family for interrupting him, I was asking him to look at my leg again. Worst experience I've had in a long time at a hospital. If there was a lower rating I would have picked it.

Travis S

Very clean and Amazing staff. Ryley Smith in Nuclear Medicine very polite and professional. Very good at explaining everything so it's not a surprise. Thank you FSJ Hospital for the pleasant experience.

Jess & Max MJ

Would give 0 stars if possible. Actually the worst hospital I've ever had to deal with. Would rather take the drive to grande prairie. Northern health is a complete joke. If your condition is non life threatening drive to grand prairie and avoid northern health

fahim mahmud

I came to the ER with chest pain and breathing issues sat in emergency for 2.5 hrs then got a room. Been sitting her for over 3 hours and no body has even checked in on me in those 3 hours since I got put in a room

Misty Dawn

We waited for over 8 hrs on Monday because my daughter fractured her foot total bs

Dylan McGuire


Fraser Millan

David Clausen

Trying to speak to a "person" is next to impossible. The recording tells you someone will be answering the calls before and after lunch. This is most definitely NOT the case. I can make a call to India and get a response faster. I have read the previous reviews about the staff (emergency) being rude. I can only say that if the staff from the previous hospital have transferred to this one, I would have to agree. My last visit to the ER was scary to say the least. I was quite sick and asked if they would be admitting me. The nurse said "not likely, as I would have to be near death to be admitted". One hour later I was admitted. This obviously did nothing to calm my fears. Highly unprofessional.

Amanda Pinette

Disappointment of town... the worst medical service, no one should be moving here to live or invest. To anyone I can I will tell how bad this town is, its horrible, unprofessional medical service and avoid investing or coming here. I brought my son who fell and cut his chin, and did not get priority over some guys who came to "emergency" probably over a cold, sitting here just laughing. Had to wait 3 hours to get checked out. This whole place is a joke, in every way possible... I suggest, if you need to come to this circus, expect the worst or just move out.

blindman mechanical

Dr Brussow is one of the most unprofessional doctors I've ever known, my friend was in the hospital recently with a severe illness, he got sent home without any answers to what's going on, and Brussow openly said that the only reason he helped my friend at all was because he was doing it for a nurse that he liked And was very rude to my friend and his mother over false assumptions he made about them. The nurses there also kept telling him that he wasn't in pain despite how many times he said he was.

Paul Smith

June 4 2019 1:52 pm Not answering phone at prenatal in fsj hospital or mailbox to leave msg. I think a 2 stare rateing is to high for this hospital. They also bumped my new born babies head and my wife had to complain to 4 nurses befor one even took a look. The nurse that bumped her head showed little to no care or responsibility for it. The majority of staff are stressing the baby and mother . The babie foot has problems not being taken care of and are under qualified for the care of the babie yet won't send her and the mother to a more qualified and respected hospital. And the nurses seem to enjoy gossiping about patients. .

Mike Baragar

kristian detremaudan

For a learning hospital, the staff are warm and welcoming. Beautiful building.


Worst client care imaginable

Alyssa Orser

Terrible serivce and wait times are atrocious!! Good luck trying to call this place! All you hear is the automated voice on repeat. Better off to find a back ally doctor

Michael Fortuna

I went in for a really bad tooth infection which swelled big enough to block my airway. They did a really good job and helped me as much as they can. The next day I was flown to Prince George for an emergency operation. Than you for taking care of me.

IRIS Giesbrecht

Super long waits Staff might let you sit for hours

Jesse Routley

Our 3 month old baby had a cold and one night he was displaying symptoms of respiratory distress ( he was gasping for air and taking short tiny breaths in fast succession) we had never seen him do anything like it or make any sound similar to the ones he was making that night. Every time we lay him down he got worse. We took him to Fsj emergency. I went to the window and said "my new born is having breathing trouble can someone please look at him to see if he will be ok to wait to see the dr?" They wouldn't even look up at me or look at my son they just systematically in a monotone voice told me to go sign the book and wait for someone to call our name for triage. Every 25 minutes a nurse came to look at the book we were told to sign there was only 2 names ahead of us one was a guy with a broken finger and another was a lady with a foot injury both of them were willing to let our baby go ahead and the staff would not allow it it was 55 minutes before a single staff from emergency even glanced at our baby. Me and my spouse were both in tears scared to death. I almost left and drove to Dawson creek in attempts to get my baby some help. This whole sign a book and wait for someone to come read your name (in the order they were signed not by urgency of medical attention needed) needs to stop. Also during the 55 minutes we waited I was at the window constantly begging for someone to at least just look for a sec and see if he is ok to wait in the distress he was in. Not one staff would give me the time of day they just kept blindly repeating themselves. The guy with the broke finger seen a dr and was gone home before our baby even got to see a triage nurse. What kind of emergency ward treats minor hand or feet injuries before assessing a baby with breathing trouble. Next time I have an emergency I'm going to Dawson creek. Even with the drive there it's still a better chance for whoever needs the medical aid.


Emergency wait time has never been less than 3hours worst hospital I’ve ever had, wish the rating went less than 1 star. It would also be nice if the crack heads and bums are not always in here taking up space either...

Chris Daruda

New to town. Went in around midnight with chest pain, and difficulty breathing. I was seen immediately, and treated with the utmost care and kindness. Every staff member encountered was attentive, and compassionate. No complaints.

Volodymyr Ruban

Long wait due to a shortage of doctors in the area

Merrina Ga

We are very blessed to have the doctors and nurses we have in the fort st john hospital!! I've been in and out of ER A few times since middle December last time for emergency surgery ,The doctors and nurses are caring and do their job very well !!! Thank you all for the jobs you do !!

Wadenn Feihle

I've yet to have a good experience at our hospital and I dread every single time I have to go in. The triage nurses are always cranky, sharp and don't seem to care about you. You ask a simple question or state how much pain your in and they snap and scream at you.

Ethan Kerr

You can not get a service

Brittanny Greenwood

Imagine going to emergency and being sent away and told to come back in a few hours when the doctor is done his nap.

Rosy Gray

Good people on staff but I endured a 17-hour wait before I was seen in Emergency. Also trying to phone Peace Villa had me listening to an endless list of phone numbers, and not one of them resulted in an actual human being picking up the phone. They are disastrously understaffed and it’s only going to get worse as Canada’s population ages.

Kyle Bernard

I could have half a pickup truck in my skull and the waiting time would still be 9 hours

Linda Sutcliffe

Lived in this town all my life so I've seen and been in both hospitals, This new hospital nice and big and is well needed. 3rd time being at the ER for pain in 1 week. Doctors in particular Esturhurzen was completely ignorant walks in and completely rude. Went in for jaw and dental pain at 3:00am all he could say is I'm not a dentist I have nothing I can do for you. Well obviously he isn't a dentist but he sure can help with that pain until he can see the dentist when they are open. Went to tell him what's going on and what pills he's taking and concerns I had about the way the pills are reacting, didn't look nor have any care when I tried to speak all he said was I'm not a dentist and walked out and when we went to talk about what was going on he didn't even look back, so all concerns I had about these pills are unanswered so I have no idea if he should keep on them or not for how his body is reacting. I've never seen such a disrespectful Doctor here and I work and talk regularly with most of the doctors in this town. Most the Nurses there are ignorant as well. They talk and treated us as if we were a big problem. Nurse at then check in Center wouldn't even touch or go near him and made me put on his medical bracelet. So unimpressed with the people and doctors now. It's a joke and unprofessional.

Stan Man

Dr’s and nurses at Fort St John Hospital emergency and ICU saved my life Sept 18, 2019. Thank You feels to small a thing to say.

Jenny Clayton

Absolute worst hospital I or anyone I know have ever had to deal with. Minimum wait is about 6 hours. If you have any sort of emergency the hospital in Dawson would get you in twice as fast with the drive there factored in. What a disgrace to this town that hospital is.


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