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Where is Fort St. James National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Fort St. James National Historic Site IN Fort Saint James

Karl Sam

Great atmosphere, gorgeous view of the lake, and tons of historical info pertaining to the area.

Viviane C.

Matt Grant

Historic and interesting

Kelsey Keil

Henry Xu

A good place in town to catch Pokémon’s! As well as the ice cream place that opens only at the summer time with the humming bird nests. How are you fort st James people.

Derrick MacPherson

Really interesting

Guy Tapanila

Covid measures in place with staff dressed for the part as they take you thru a history Era during the 1700's as the Fort of St. James was erected and defended. Would have given 5 stars but found an overly loud and boistrous staff member annoying and over doing a re-enactment of History all the while a Chicken Race is going on. Reminded me of a game ride Carny operator trying to scam a buck.

Omar Tsai

Super friendly staff posted at each of the houses! They explain what each of the houses were for during the fur trade era and also go into some of the history of the time. There are also some animals such as goats, chickens, and turkeys! Definitely a place to check out when visiting Fort St. James!

Farmer D

Wonderful staff, great experience. Glad we stopped in.

Patricia Cote

Amazing! The women, Marissa, who gave me a tour was extremely knowledgeable of the history, it's people, trade for that period. I would recommend this place for sure. I found the tour fascinating and gripping.


Taryn B

I really liked this spot and the view of Stuart Lake. The New Caledonia history was something I hadn’t learned before and the costumes enhanced the sense of history. The buildings are well kept, decorated and full of fur trade stories. Cute animals AND apparently they hold chicken races here!!

Lynne Tyrie

Totally worth the small entrance fee. There is a great video from early 1990s, awesome walkabout tour where experts are waiting for storytelling and share knowledge. Particularly interesting are those individuals who have ancestors who participated in the fur trade industry. Betting on chicken races was a very fun moment that made the experience very authentic and joyous.

Angela Pierre

taya rickman

Eric Fletcher

The site is interesting; the interpretive staff do a great job; the "chicken races" are hilarious — but the best part was being able to stay overnight in the factor's house and have the whole place to ourselves.

rosmarie wildhaber

Andrew Muskego

Get your bets on at the chicken races!

Trent Derrick


Vipan Khinda

Greg Redl

Rick Kemper

Hidden jam, entertaining reenactors made this a highlight of our visit to central British Columbia. Arrive by 11:00 to place your bets at the world class chicken races.

Susan Godfrey

I love this historic park. It's very small but the people working there are very knowledgeable. They have real furs that were caught and hung for you to see first hand. They have the original trading store and a Native medicine center. The New young lady I spoke to was great. I can't remember her name but I was telling her about my vertigo and asked what natural remedy there might be for this. She gets on the phone to her Auntie who is a medicine woman and gets me an answer. Usually they have products there but were out when I was there. Small but a must see.

Marcus McKay

Beautifully maintained

Eric Viklund

Knowledgable interpretive actors give everyone a taste of what history looked like back in the day when fur was the king of the economy.

Heather Stephens

J. B.

Edward - MamaYeh RV Park

This was our second visit. It is one of our favourite place for one day trip from Prince George!

Kenneth Joseph

Jennifer MacLachlan

This place brings the fur trade to life. We all learned something... Adults and kids. Interesting to learn about the past by bringing it to life. Don't miss the chicken races!!

Wilfred Thomas

Great place and fun stuff ti look at and neat stuff to learn.its our past.

Fox West

Pretty cool and informative. Fun for the kids.

Chloe Taylor

joeljess wilson

I went into the gift shop looking for a fsj magnet to take back home to Prince George. I was welcomed by a young blonde man who greeted me in English and French. He asked if I was there to see the park and said no just to get a magnet for my wife. Right then the man acted snobby and said " Just a magnet" I said yes where abouts are they and then he said "just follow your nose". After I found the magnet I went to the cash register and gave the guy 6 dollars for the 5 dollar magnet expecting to pay taxes. In an even more snooty voice the man said " umm it's only 5 dollars and you gave me 6". I really should have kicked this kids @ss but instead I'm on here and hope his bosses find out hes a little French D head.

Jonathan Monk (YuckiestNoLife)

Kelley Dundas Williams

Mauro Borgogni

Lorraine Holder

Very interesting..could not go inside buildings as not opened for tourist season..we walked around grounds..hopeful to go again but time it better.

Dirk V100

(Translated) Nice historical museum, nice brought. (Original) Mooi historisch museum, leuk gebracht.

Molly Smallz

Deanna Jean-Johnson

So much care for authentication. Loved all the stock in the buildings and the guides enthusiasm

Victoria Erickson

Beautiful place full of information on culture


I didn't really enjoy myself here

Elsa Berland

Barbara Charlton

Awesome place. Not open until May long weekend.

Maureen Sword

Beautiful walk.

caleb mueller

Janet Dunstan


Ronald Monk

Fun for kids

Christian Vandendorpe

They did a really good job making this fun for kids. They have people in character explaining different aspects of life at the time (July and August). Recommended!

Sandy Waugh

Great park

Marjan Detering

(Translated) Interesting place to learn the history of the First Nativs. (Original) Interessante plek om de geschiedenis van de First Nativs te leren.

Correene Thibeault

Allan Cardinal

Really nice. Excellent food at cafe. They also gave chicken races

Brad Henry

Although small this is a wonderfully restored historical site. It tells the story on the trader colonization and the start of the exploitation of the first nations people. Been coming for years and did not know it was here.

Rhonda Lazarre

Melissa Stearns

Les McRae

Darcy Joseph

I like this place I grew up in this town... has a lot of good time and this historic park is a nice spot of history.

Mark Abedi

Our Home Has 6 Wheels

A really amazingly restored historical site giving you a glimpse of what a life was like back in the 1800's during the hey day of the Hudson Bay Company and the fur trade. Well worth the 40 min or so drive off the main highway from Vanderhoof.

Shauna MN J

Wow. I wish I had had more time for this living museum! Enjoy!

Jerry Tseng


Elena Ivanova

Fort St. James Historic Park has always been one of our family's favorite pastimes. We love watching the chickens race and the kids love being with all the animals that live here. The cuisine is always great and the lake view is beautiful. But what happened today exceeded all our expectations. We received an invitation to have tea in the officers' dining room simply because we were the first visitors to the trade house !!! Lovely Marisa treaded us with fragrant tea, drinks, local made fudge candy, handmade rhubarb cake, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries !!!! It was an incredible feeling to sit at the same table, as the Hudson's Bay factors 150 years ago . We ate from 1883 dishes. The whole atmosphere seemed to take us back many years ago! That was incredible! We really appreciate it! Many thanks to the entire staff of the historical park! You make this place special! Friendly and responsive professionals who are always ready to share historical facts and stories that are interesting for both: children and adults. I highly recommend this place to you and who knows maybe you will be as lucky as we are today

Rory Emery

guy prince

Historical beauty

Ross Judge

Right on the edge of Stuart Lake, this place is very nice. Artifacts from the local Nak'azdli People, including a large knife from Chief Kwah. A large property outside with many historic recreations and the daily chicken races. Gift shop inside has a nice selection and free parking too.

Kitty Ku

Very historic and a great experience. Lots of little activities and the staff are all super nice.

racquel klassen

Lazy Lazaretto

M Jkr

A Historic journey into the Fur trading days. Worth the trip. Explore the local area.



Anette Bonnesen

(Translated) Fantastic, realistic, exciting, cozy museum room. Everything is just like on old cowboy movies. (Original) Fantastisk, realistisk, spændende, hyggeligt museeum. Alt er lige som på gamle cowboy film.

Kirsten Cameron

Chanelle Barnes (Live Free Marketing)


Breanna Ross

Raised around this area..beautiful..Stuart lake..awesome fishing..awesome people

Xavier Duque

Sylvanus McKenzie

Madison Doglio

Everything about this place is wonderful! There is so much to do and interact with! It’s very well kept up, and there is a lot of attention to detail - you really feel like you’re in the fur trade. The people there are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have lots to do - chicken races, an interactive farm, a working fur store house (with so many furs you can actually touch!), atatel throwing, and an interpretive centre. They do a wonderful job of balancing the Indigenous history with white history. Their diner is amazing!! We got the pulled rabbit sandwich, and it was delicious! This is a really special place to visit!

Armand Beckers

(Translated) Is remote but worth it !! (Original) Ligt afgelegen maar de moeite waard!!

Andrea Cajal

Nazmus Sakib

It’s a calm and quiet place to visit and walk around

Jesse Wheeler

History everywhere.

Carol Bird

So much to learn about local history

Carnal Forge

Missy Lynn

Arthur K

The pre-BC capital of the west coast

Jacqueline Basil

Fort St James, BC is a small town that has lots to offer. Hunting, fishing, history of the Forts n how the small first nation communities that surround the massive Stuart Lake come together, and each contributed knowledge and wisdom throughout history. Whites n First Nation people get along quite well together. Summer is the best time to go to fsj. Camping, fastball tournaments, and slow pitch tournaments are held and up to 20 teams play for the whole weekend. Party galore Lots of places to see n experience. Friendly n helpful people in the area. Dry fish n meat is number one for the F,N, people.

Gr8t outdoors

worth the drive up the highway

Meadow Keatley

Very interesting and educational. Keeping our history alive.

Glenn Bohn

Nicely setup. Very interesting and informative. I thinking one of the best historical places I've visited in awhile. The Home Strech Diner has good food.

Brandon Joseph

chloe summer

Shadow Claw (James Cockerill)

Canada Duct

Beautiful Little town.

Adam Hrankowski

Arrived just in time for the chicken races. Won me this fine button for my hat. (See photo.) Best apple pie a la mode this side of the Rockies. (Sorry, Mom.) Before you head out, make sure the hyper fella with the long grey hair is there to show you around. Two thumbs up. ????????

Gary Adams

Well laid out. Lot of history tidbits here.

simon “stemwinder trucking” harris


Justin Howell

Always great to visit the old Fort

Miranda Free

This is a great park where staff are dressed in period clothing and stay in character the whole day.

Isaac Smeele

Amazing place, lovely staff! They let us film a music video "Whispers" for our duo Mossy Fae. The lake is magnificent, looks like an ocean.


Very lovely place even if very small. They are trying their hardest to make this a popular tourist spot and even though there is not a tonne of stuff to do here it can take up a good few hours and it is enjoyable the whole time.


(Translated) Great to see (Original) Superbe à voir

Ben Berland

As one who worked here eons ago, I can only say it is an exceptional site. You can learn a lot about the fur trade and local Indigenous cultures and pretend you are in 1896.

Kathleen Daly

Great experience and beautiful location.

David Loveridge

Gerri Bird

A great place to visit to get some local history and enjoy the characters who tell the stories of the past. And there are chicken races!


Raymond Heeren

(Translated) Is a long stretch of the main road but still worth the drive. The film is very educational and very good information in the old buildings. (Original) Is wel een heel stuk van de hoofdweg maar toch de moeite om langs te rijden. De film is zeer leerzaam en in de oude gebouwen zeer goede informatie.

Dustin Hudyma

A small historical site that gives you a sense of what a fort would be like during the colonization of western Canada. During the off-season, you can still walk around the buildings and take in the view of Stuart Lake.

Da “IsaacBoy” Boy

Dessay Cyril

(Translated) Closes for work on 11 09 19 when we are. Opening not before March 2020. (Original) Ferme pour travaux le 11 09 19 quand nous sommes. Ouverture pas avant Mars 2020.

Chris Vanderkop

A walk into history.

Berdien Vervoort

Jeremy Derksen

Megan Williamson

fatima getar

(Translated) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Jean Hill

Loved this little site. Too bad the little store was closed due to Covid. The short walk around the buildings was just right. Was nice to see a few people role playing in the garden n officer shack. Looking at this history from an aboriginal perspective showed some inconsistent facts. Wish there was more history dedicated to the first nations in the region.

Beth Brown

Great little historic site. Friendly guides. The chicken races are lots of fun. For First nations information make sure to visit the exhibit in the main entrance.

george roubicek

ernest balk

Ritchie Piessens


Erik de Groot

Well done but not that big. Price is low just a long ways to go. Chicken races are the best part. Starts at 11:30 so make sure you get there early enough to see them!

Nathan Millar

Kim Nielsen

karin moberg

Jörg Rüdiger

(Translated) Great atmosphere and history of the park (Original) Tolle Atmosphäre und Geschichte des Parks

Eri Dee

Great place for a day trip from prince george

Paulette Bock


(Translated) Very interesting and also individual because not as busy as where else, you get everything explained exactly. The chicken run was funniest, every day at 11:30 (Original) Sehr interessant und auch individuell weil nicht so viel los ist wie wo anders, man bekommt alles genau erklärt. Der Chicken Run war am lustigsten, ist jeden Tag um 11:30

Dale Rodgers

Beautiful spot, great interpreters and loved the chicken races :). Should update the site map though, the trail going close to the water and dock has only the one exit to the fort above.

Alex McKinnon


(Translated) A beautiful place. Especially funny was the chicken run. (Original) Ein wunderschöner Ort. Besonders lustig war der Chicken Run.

Eva Harrison

P Doll

I really loved this place. It’s the interpreters who really make the experience, though - they were a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to talk with you for as long as you wanted. My only suggestion would be perhaps to have more hands on stuff for the kids (who loved the chicken races, BTW). Definitely worth the detour.

Vicki Wells

Very interesting and knowledgeable staff and a look back in time to early days in the Central Interior of BC.

Patrick Swanson


Interesting and fun place to see.

Alex MacDonald

Anita Baebler

connie mc ginty

Awesome place and great hosts, so friendly and made it so interesting.

Lana Robinson

Excellent! The history of the fur trade is brought to life here. The staff are friendly and engaging, the site is beautifully maintained and the food interesting and delicious. A bit out of tge way, which adds to the adventure. Definitely worth the drive!

Finn W

Ian Weldon

Very historical

serenity poole


GB Webber

Scenic spot on the lake, Great history, and fantastic Chicken races!

Lori Gauthier

Kaylon Thomas

Great place for the family

william van drunen

(Translated) Very worthwhile, great guides. In short, a must (Original) Zeer de moeite waard, geweldige gidsen. Kortom een aanrader

Norma Peck

Forest Flower

Beautiful place to enjoy with your family. The staff is awesome!!!

Michael Wollfart

Kristi Prince

george joseph

Wintery lol

Samantha Holowczynsky

Such a great place to visit. Museum was really interesting, great gift shop and the chicken racing is super cute. Lyle was such a great guy to talk to, really informative and good at his job. We had a great time.

Joan Flickinger

Henry J

Very interesting place of history. Stuart lake is huge and crystal clear.

Jan Kerch

Sympatica BC (sympatica)

Otto Emmenegger

Shawn Janke

Great place fora historic review of the area. A must if you are in the area. Make sure to be there at 11:30 when they hold the chicken races. The interpreters where excellent and very knowledgeable. I understand that in non-covid times you can actually stay at the site which is something I'll check out next time in the area.

Adam Caron

Working at the Visitor Centre felt at times the best Job I have ever worked at. I can only wish the season was longer.

Pat Smith

Was nice too see but with the covid 19 issue missed out on major info except when we got to the animal area where a gentleman took the time and introduce us to all the live stock it was great

Troy Germer

Very relaxing and informative ti.e

patricia Muhardjo

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Material was well presented and staff very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. I've never seen such a variety and quantity of furs! I'd love to come back and stay at the main house, which can be rented as B&B.

Ravi Chadha

Nancy A.

(Translated) Very well done. Experience history live !! (Original) Sehr gut gemacht. Geschichte live erleben!!

Gary Taylor

One of a kind unique glimpse into the past. Worth the trip. Great food at the cafe as well!

Linda Doremus

1800's during the hey day of the Hudson Bay Company and the fur trade.

S Manuel

Toto Mi

Tage Blond

Rebecca S

Kelvin Kwan

Staff was very friendly and showed us around. We met all the animals and actually went into the Turkeys barn. The site was very nicely preserved. This is a piece of Canadian history you cannot miss!

Fredrick Childs

Great place. Feel haunted sometimes. But still a lot of fun

Lorenza Baistrocchi

Tomas Rask

Peter Scheerman

Joan Macgillivray

I love how the animals are connected to the history

Karl-Heinz Bartels

(Translated) It is extremely interesting how the immigrants to Canada have shaped their lives and how they trade in fur and goods. (Original) Äusserst interessant, wie die Einwanderer nach Kanada ihr Leben gestaltet und den Handel mit Pelzen und Waren abgewickelt haben.

Lisa Van Baarsen

Amazing place to visit! A step back in history and learnt some very interesting facts! Wonderful staff! And my favorite part if the visit was getting to play with and hold Casper the baby goat! Oh is he he adorable! I recommend visiting this historical place!

Elisa P

Jan Grünberg

(Translated) If you want to learn more about the first European settlers and the Hudson's Bay Company, this is the place for you. (Original) Wer mehr über die ersten europäischen Siedler und die Hudson's Bay Company erfahren will, ist hier genau richtig.

Johan Van den Heuvel

(Translated) Old fur-hunter post, where the atmosphere of the time is still imitated. Friendly people who provide information about the history of the area. Educational. (Original) Oude pelsjagerspost, waar de sfeer van destijds nog wordt nagebootst. Vriendelijke mensen, die informatie geven over de geschiedenis van de omgeving. Leerzaam.

Doug Muir

Maria Coerso

Pete dyck

Michael Maxz

Great cafe serving fresh food.

David Little

Gina Donovan

What a great experience... and the chicken races !!!!!!

Didier Thomasset

(Translated) Superb (Original) Superbe

Tracie Mayert

Judy MacLeod

Wow .. need to do this again with more time . Just a beautiful setting and the fort was laid out so well . Have limited but definitely going back in the spring summer when they reopen ... Photos of ducks - neat color , pumpkin patch , me in front of Stuart Lake and an eagle .. spectacular. .

burkhard lepka

Great place , we are always happy to visit , walk around , visit the goats ( they got little ones now) , rabbits , the big ox and the horses. The chicken races are a must to see and then have some corn bread with a cup of coffee at the restaurant. The historic park is just beautiful on the shores of Stuart Lake, don’t forget to check out Fort St. James while you up here

Haleana Prince


sam dow

Ed Hachey


William Miksch

Very nice

Irene Hsieh

Loved it, friendly staff and very interactive


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