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Hillside Dr S, Elliot Lake, ON P5A 1Y5, Canada

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This Architect belongs to the category of Shopping mall.

Where is Pearson Plaza?

REVIEWS OF Pearson Plaza IN Elliot Lake

Beth Wood

The plaza is a one stop shop, Canadian tire is also near. You have to grocery store, hart store, Dollarama. There is also a Cannabis store and the Public Library. It's good for what you need.

Dara Patrie

Jessica Lalande

Went to Dollarama. Busy but line went well. Snow was shovelled well.

Andy Loranger

Michel Levac

Foodland is excellent. Dollarama is so-so....and that's it.

Peenus Butter

I only went to foodland and dollarama


Drab and grey, great place to bus watch or the occasional crazy person acting the fool.


The parking lot is a mess

Ewa Przymus

dena lynn milton

Pretty much the only place to shop in town where there is a bit of a selection. Dollarama, Hart & Foodland with Canadian Tire near by.

Destiny Scriver

Donna Wade

Great place to shop

David Mcgibbon

Just happy that we have a decent grocery store and a dollarama

Adrian Stdenis

Euphoric Zen

Richard Hodge

Good place to go if your looking to get groceries at foodland (there food is more expensive then no'frills) or to get cheap supplies at the dollar store

Helen Rae

Cozy little Plaza featuring Turners, Dollarama, a Library and small dining area.

Thomas Zumbrock

Steph Arch

Foodland and dollarama are good just need to get the plaza flowing again

Bob Falconer

Great place to shop

Celeste Bouchard

It's our large Plaza here. It has a Dollarama, Foodland, Hart and a second pot dispensary.

Joseph Dixon

Wàs ok

Daniel Rene Lamarche


mike henley

Wish they had more stores

Deborah Marry

Had planned to go to Hart store, but it was closed for expansion. Dollarama had most of what I was looking for. My husband misses the spicy noodle bowls they sold for a dollar. My cashier was ever so helpful and he brought my purchases to my car due to my bum leg. I truly appreciated that.

Richard Ingram

Waiting for the bigger hart store to open virus putting construction behind

Cathy Oprisan

Open the weed store

Jessy Girard

It will be better once Covid goes away and the Hart store can finally open.

Craig Holmes

Sad to see that you can not have any public washrooms open.There is a large community of retired citizens who can not have access to a wash room. For real. I am 59 and need facilities sometimes. Get groceries. Go to the $ store. We love the money but pee your pants because we have no washrooms.

Amburly Margaret

Cecil Code

Roman Desrosiers

Great little mall

Robin Mastervick

Went to Foodland. Only store open at this time

Adam David

Bobby Dumeah


Needs more affordable stores for clothing. And a place to have a coffee and a snack

Rick Stasiuk

The only real place in Elliot Lake to shop. Can't wait for Hart to open up once the lockdown is finished.

Barry Zettler

Kris Scullino

Carol McPherson

Visited the Dollarama. Clean and the staff were nice.

Calandros (Calandros)

Kerri Sholtz

Disappointed in Foodland so much I have deceided to stop shopping there. They have discontinued plastic bags but they are not shy in chatging 15 cents for a paper bag! But the real reason I a. Not shopping there is the fact that they have NOT discontinued plastic clam shell packaging. There use is wide spread in produce and bakery departments. Biggest corporate hipicrate of 2021. You have lost my business!

Ronald Shields

Luciana L

It's okay, not much of a selection though and very limited.

Peter MacDonald

Foodland Dollarama great wish more places in mall to shop at

Tim Kun

All buses transfer here

Bill Inwood

Excellent deals at food land

Tina775 Henderson

Ken Macleod

Ryan Hicks

Ron Davidson

Family Westley

Definitely small town charm. Not alot to offer but what we do have is great. Foodland, Hart Store, Dollarama and the Public Library!!!

Patricia Gauthier

Good shops to go to

Gary Veal

Foodland, and dollarama.And a small Giant Tiger. Best place in Elliot Lake to buy Supper items and of coarse a dollar store that maintains the function of the small town and surrounding areas. If you're in this town you will eventually check it out. Fair prices. Staff is good.

Nancy Wideman

James Gloster

A lot of services in the mall. Foodland, Dollar Store etc

Annick Michaud

Alan Needs

It is what it is.

Mason McFarland

Mark Rutledge

Henry Hayes

Jeff Cully

Not much there

Glen Follett

Pearson plaza it's clean and spacious.

Gordon Lay

Not much of a mall. Giant Tiger would be nice.

Naima Bashir

michael grant

Dennis Davlut

Groceries and Dollar store are friendly

Beth Wallace

Shopping at Foodland or Dollarama is always a great experience. I am waiting anxiously for Hart to reopen so I can enjoy shopping there too.

April Bonneville

Betty Morencie

Erik Ratthe

Yvette Loshaw

At the moment it is only 2 stores. Waiting for Hart to open and the library.

Sasha Bloxam

Very closed off due to the pandemic. I've only gone into Dollarama twice and it is a well stocked store that is bigger than I expected; all that is good though. The Foodland grocery store is nice and well laid out. Their is a lot they offer with their bakery selections. Due to Covid-19 restrictions; I have been unable to see any more of the plaza.

Gord Lay

Cozy little Plaza great place, quite, clean with great stores such as Turners, Dollarama, Foodland, Public Library and Chantis Cafe. ????

Mike Hewer

With Turners's very dead...only the library is seeing action, as well as Dollarama

Chris Haughton

Leo Tuomi

They have a new addition!

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