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REVIEWS OF North Star Windows And Doors IN Elliot Lake

Lise Leger

I got door that I could not get get anywhere from the big box stores

Sonie Boodhoo

They are alright, competitor was significantly higher priced...wonder if we would have less condensation and mould in sills and around frame if we’d gone with better quality?!?!?

Dee Boudreau

Rick Erdelac

Stellar Luna

Called to get price on l am a busy contractor..with a study clientele..i was basically told to buzz off not interested..was told this was a good company to deal with

Ryan Leaman

Gordon edwardservice

Great Products

Will Hussey

ELISHA MORTON (abetterviewofeverything)


The dealer I purchased the windows from is no longer a distributor. I have tried to contact North Star direct on 3 different occasions to replace some broken latches which supposedly had a lifetime guarantee. The lack of response is very frustrating

Harjinder Singh

Luke Richardson

Very happy with North Star Windows and Doors. Great quality!

Gaius Marius

Great place to work

Max Lagos

Wess Bechard

Absolutely wonderful. Had so much fun and met and worked with alot of great people. Hope to be back next year:)

Dave Elmore

I work at north star windows


We have had 15 North Star windows installed over the past 5 years. They are excellent quality and we couldn't be happier. Everlast Windows and Doors in Hamilton installed them.

MrXTillerX “MrXTillerX”

Anthony Estrela

We recently had our back french doors and transoms replaced by Brock Windows and Doors. The quality of the North Star windows and doors is exceptional. We would highly recommend their products.

Mike (ZantooTheGreat)

Wish workers would get more a hour esp full timers

XzxDarklight xzX

North Star Windows are great. They are quality at cost effective prices.

Paul Banman

Previously installed north star on upper level of home, was happy with them so decided to go same for basement level, would not recommend the double slider style, they leak air like crazy, and of course the distributor informs me that this is normal, for new Windows to leak. I think we will go with a different manufacturer for the rest of our Windows.

Vlady Stav

Cheryl Vandenheede

Extraordinary ... exceptional warranty follow-through. Gasket popped. Fixed in a flash with in-home service. Buy North Star

Pete Redmond

Jeff Earle (Vorlonze)

High quality products at competitive prices

Sam Dieleman

They are just cons, they dont care about their customers. take double the profit, dont help when a store totally screws up a window. I have a window that wont open and been waiting months for it to be fixed. They are all about their bottom line and will charge you Double and take advantage of a lady. No better then some mechanics.

John Sutherland

We have had all of our windows and entrance doors replaced with Northstar products. In each case, we have found product quality to be excellent

Lucas Arvelo

Donna Bergamin

All of the windows in my home are North Star. I did not choose them but moved into a house with them already. They are all casement and they do not leak air, but I have never seen such low quality for the screens that come with them. Some do not even fit properly and the pins constantly pop out. They are not warped at all, just not a good fit. All of the windows have to remain closed pretty much all of the time because the screens that do fit properly have such weak pins holding them that a gentle breeze will unpop the screen and allow bugs inside. A large gust the other day sent a screen flying across my room. It's a quality issue. I would never think of purchasing North Star windows in my life and I would suggest going elsewhere and I wouldn't listen to people who work for the company because they have a vested interest in retaining their positions and have not mentioned whether they have the windows installed in their own homes to speak about quality from a personal experience, rather than simply a monetary motivation.

Christopher Gouin

Ben Featherstone

Sal T

Northstar Windows was amazing. When I dropped off they were kind acceptable. I'm hoping to find a job there

christopher cadili

Vipul Patel

Kyle Hollis

Kate Lyle

We had North Star Windows installed in our home and we have been very impressed. They are great quality and very affordable. The screens are easy to remove and they are easy to fold out to clean and energy efficient. We would definitely buy again

Mr. AimDogg

Might be a bit bias, great folks all around.

Douglas Russell

Tim Clancy

We have just finished building what was suppose to be our dream cottage. We used North Star windows on the recommendation of our general contractor. They are a larger casement window and for what I can see they are already warping and will not close. They have been out once already to fully adjust them, ( and the service guys were great)but the windows are doing it again. Currently out of 15 windows, 4 will not close. I'm sickend by the thought of what is to come with such a big purchase for us. I'll update when I know more but for now I'll have to warn you off purchasing these windows. They are already starting to point fingers and my supplier seems to suggest that's just what happens when you purchase a larger window.

Bruce Chesterfield

Excellent products

Doug McDowall

Heather Thompson

We got a custom door with transom installed. It looks fantastic and the installers did a great job and were careful not to disturb the interior of our house in the process. Excellent product, delivery and installation!

Dan Harmer

New Windows - Our new windows are North Star vinyl windows installed by Brock. The new windows all open, close and lock without any problems. They look really nice and we have noticed a difference in both summer and winter in terms of the temperature of our rooms - in the winter the rooms that used to be cold are now much cosier.

Carissa M

This is the worst window company out there. They do so much advertising and their windows are not worth anything. We ordered windows for our new home and every single casement window is warped and do not close properly. Northstar thinks they can repair them, why would anyone want brand new windows for a brand new house repaired? Their customer service department is a joke, and obviously their quality control department is even worse. How can this happen to a company that is supposed to be the best in the business. These windows look like they came from a garbage dump. They are slow to respond and have delayed our building process. I hope anyone reading this review will not buy from Northstar they are a terrible company. I would have selected zero stars but it didn't give me that option.

Steve Van Duynhoven

Bruce Borowski

Great quality windows, the workers do an amazing job!

pete b

Awesome delivery Drivers..

Graham Benard

The worst decision as a home owner was North Star windows.Within 5 years the vinyl started to go chalky on the outside.The installer was no longer in business so we contacted North Star directly but was informed that was normal and called sun damage or improper cleaning.The installer did several homes in our area and they all look the same. We contacted one of their salesmen years later about our windows going chalky and he was surprised when he contacted the service manager, who said, that the complaint only comes up a few times a year with 40k windows a yr, it's very low on the scale. Advertising as a high end window. They are not! They're lifetime warranty means nothing once they are installed.There is a lot of advertising lately for them. Don't make the same mistake we did.

Provincial Glass

Great product

G. Macko

Great product turn around time is ridiculas. They tell you 6 wks though standerd in industry is 10 days to 2 weeks 8 weeks later still not in production this has happened last 5 window orders we will no longer use your product

Jay Harvey

Bought windows in 2008 with a lifetime warranty on the hardware. One crank broke off and have been trying since September to have them honour their warranty and they wont. DONT buy their products. They dont honour warranties!!!

Alby Antone

Quality windows

M Thomson

Overnight parking available, very fast unloaders. The only problem is that they will wake you up 2 hours before your appointment if you park overnight. If you call that a problem.

Carolyne McNabney

We are happy with our front and back doors from North Star. We live near train tracks so we opted for the triple pane sliding door for its sound deadening properties. This was a worth while investment. We would recommend North Star to anybody looking for quality windows and doors.

Tami Wilson

John Giesbrecht

Susan Gribbon

Booked an appt to get a quote. Waited a week. Then 20 min after they were suppose to be here, they call and say they can't make it. I Came home early from the city to be here on time for them. Then wanted me to wait another week to get a quote again. Very unprofessional

William Theodoru

I've had nothing short of a positive experience while working for Northstar, they are a company with a team that cares!

Jim Wares

In April 2020, we purchased 9 NorthStar windows and a big patio door, with 3 windows being casements. All three wouldn’t work: made clunking sounds and wouldn't close properly or lock. Now, 4 months later we are still at square one. We had an “AC Vinyl” window installed on the front of the house – absolutely no issues, but these ones… First, the dealer sent the installer to confirm if it's an installation issue or quality/warranty issue. Three visits later, he finally admitted it was a manufacturing defect. The NorthStar contractor came next - criticized the leveling of the windows (like who on earth ever makes them perfectly plumb and level?? but we did this time!!) – another visit after making the windows 100% level and plumb, he admitted that it must be the sash/window quality. Mind you that it takes several weeks between each of those visits!! So at no fault of ours, we were put back in line to wait for our sash replacement pieces to be made. You know, if I mess up at work, I make sure I fix my mistakes right away and on my personal time, to make sure the customer doesn’t have to suffer any further. In this case, it didn't happen. They made us wait another 4 weeks to make 3 new sashes/inserts. Just to remind you – it’s brand-new windows that were pounded on, installed and reinstalled hundreds of times… What wouldn't you do after 3 months of waiting; thinking that it'll be all over in just another 4 weeks?! Well, today they were installed, but they STILL DON'T LOCK!! They worked OK at peak heat time of the day (it was +28 today!) but now at +20 they act the same - don't lock!! So, why two professional installers and the manufacturer can't figure this out? Why are we suffering? What do I need to do as a customer to make sure I get the windows I paid for in a working condition?? You wait for so long to update your windows, look forward to this time of nice and new look and feel.... well, if you chose NorthStar - beware! I'd say STAY AWAY! 4 months later and I still don't have my windows working. Never mind the now-gone excitement of having new windows after spending a hefty amount on the upgrade, now I'm wondering if they are fixed in time to lock them for the winter! And at this point, I’m not sure they know how to fix them or to make them. All the good reviews written here come from people who work or want to work there, or from the ones that got lucky, but it’s an exception with NorthStar. If you read the BBB Bureau complaint, it pretty much describes our situation. So poor quality is not an exception for NorthStar, it seems to be a norm!

Jason Thomas

Randy Chalkley

Brodie Crossett

Michael Tomchick

Can I give it 0 stars? Bought and installed the basement awning window. Does NOT seal well---I can see daylight coming through where it's supposed to seal. Tried to contact them--"Our office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30A - 4PM"---except they're not. I will definitely NOT purchase this brand again. Now I'm deciding whether to tear out the new basement window and re-install a better quality. Don't waste your money. These are terrible. Shame on Menards for selling them.

Babe B

Now that North Star windows has made a reputation for their build quality, it is sad to note that they have recently been buying and using inferior quality materials, some are so bad they can't even use them

Teresa D

The sales person was very trusting Andrew B from Brock windows and doors.he knew his product inside out .. The installer Eugene valadzo was amazing and top notch.. He reassured me that when he installs my windows and doors that he would look after me like it was his house ,he was very organized and kept to his word we are very happy with his service and will refer him and Brock to all our friends and family ...

Kevin Martin

John Ferras

Great place, I work with some great people The windows are good quality and look amazing and a lot of effort goes into making each and every one.

Bev Kerr

Best windows and doors on the market. Contact your local dealer.

joe bright

Chris Brennan

The windows are high quality I had a large window in my sun room loose the seal . They replaced it for free after 15 years now that what i call standing behind your product. North-Star Windows 5 ***** star all the way.

David Burton

Love the new windows which seem high quality and have already made a difference in our home. Our front door is gorgeous and brings nice curb appeal

Alyssa G

I had 2 windows that the glass has been scratched in 2015 and the finally came 3 years later???? Had I know it was like that I would have gone locally.

Shelley Boertien

Very high quality windows and doors

Alex A

We had 16 North Star windows installed by Brock Window. The quality was excellent in these 3 paned windows, Outside noise was greatly . Very pleased with the woodgrain interiors, as it matched our dark oak trim perfectly.

lisa drewitt

Don’t purchase North Star windows if your intent is to keep bugs out of your house! Horrible design and figment of the screen. Flies can get through the gaps around the screen. I’m not talking fruit flies, I’m talking regular old flies. We are so utterly disappointed that it’s not funny. All our window installer and North Star Windows could come up with was to send some other company out to put weather stripping around our brand new screens. Best part was he only did the windows that had bugs at the time. This was the fall, when bugs weren’t overly active. We live in the country, but not on a fly-infested farm. Worst $20,000 we ever spent.

John Atkinson

One of their drivers backed up into my car. My car was parked. The driver said the company insurance would pay for it.. we exchanged insurance, he apologized and again said the insurance would fix my car. I called the company and at first they said they were going to cover it... 2 days later they called to tell me that the driver didn't think it was his fault that he backed up into my parked car. Pretty pathetic to try and get out of it and not offer anything towards the damage the driver did to my car. Also disgustingly dishonest. Not impressed. Forget this company for anything ever. Just pathetic.

Anna Trankovskaya

Have these in my home and are FANTASTIC! Going to buy for my next house I just bought

Jesse Trail

Cole Small

Rodger Wickwire

It a place to work

Jonnie Gerow

Tim Johns

Good quality windows at reasonable prices. My go to window supplier for all my new homes.

Kevin Meins

Michele Jomphe

Ben Harden

Robb Munger

Window glass fogged up and I contacted the local dealer and they said they would have it replaced under the warranty. After a few months the replacement window didn't show up and there was no contact from the local dealer. During this time a rain storm happen and water leaked into several windows, which I have pictures and video. Country Windows started emailing North Star and didn't get a response so I filed a request for warranty work on their site which I didn't get an immediate response. I called and after demanding to speak to a manger I was able to speak with Ryan Dow. Ryan asked for all documentation November 3rd, 2021. A representative for the company showed up unprepared to inspect the windows in the time allotted and couldn't make another appointment in December. Eventually inspected the windows January 2022, however all communication to the company has been mute. We would like the companies to honor the warranty listed on the website since this home is a little over 2 years old and per the inspector has at least 20 windows that need to be fixed because of manufacturer defects.

Fay Osinde

Best windows. The only ones I use

Lucas Scheiding

Anne Knelsen

Bernie Wiebe

Jeff Rahn

Brad Kouri

Replaced all the windows in our home with their products. They look great and really function well!

Amrit Deol


Lori-Ann Seethaler

Love the windows. However, no one helps you load the product onto your trailer anymore. I'm sure the Covid excuse will be used. However many retailers are still loading product for customers.

Welch Joshua

Paul Politis

George B

Ibrahim Alyousef

Not a lot of space but managed to swap trailers.

Edward Fugard

Good service and great price

Courtney Taylor

Installed by Brock Windows and the windows and doors are excellent quality. Totally would recommend!

Troy Lund

Left this review 3 weeks ago and still no product, been given 2 delivery dates since my last review and nothing has shown up. As for me contacting my dealer is pointless, I've seen the emails between this manufacturer and the installer which all it shows is the absolute mess this company is to deal with. If you want poor service then this is the place to go. Told 3 weeks ago a date for delivery but now it won't be here for another 3 weeks how can u give a date for delivery (meaning the product is made) then change it by 6 weeks completely unacceptable. Also the product was ordered over 4 months ago

Ali L

Great place to work

Rob Freeman

Recently upgraded all of our upper windows and we are very happy with the quality, efficiency and style of the windows!

Charlene Nixon

I have been a dealer for North Star Windows for over 20 years. North Star has always had a great product line, and stood behind their product. If you have a North Star product and the dealer you used has disappeared... look up another dealer, they should be able to help you if you have your warranty information. With regards to some reviewers with condensation issues... condensation is caused by the humidity levels in your house, it's not a window defect. With regards to reviewer with "warped windows" and windows that won't seal when closed... consider that it may be an installation issue, you could have the best product in the industry but an installer can make it the worst! Do your research and ask professionals for second opinions.

حنان حلب

frank abate

We built our Energy Star rated 5 star+ house in Mid-Michigan, USA in 2006. After conducting much research in windows to match all the other house features, we decided on North Star casements, double sliders and entry doors. Lower priced, better warranty and more efficient than Anderson, Pella or Peachtree! They were delivered in a timely manner directly from the factory. Had a negative pressure air test done on the house and we could hear all the window seals tightening up. (Awesome!) It is now 10 years later and we could not be happier with our purchase from North Star. YOU ROCK!

Mr. Smith

We love our new windows, black exterior and interior. We liked all of the design options available to ensure the windows were exactly what we wanted. Our once drafty living room is now cozy and warm. The windows are stunning and work efficiently. We get so many compliments on them.

Matthew Clulow

Was told buy installer 3 to 4 weeks . Now been 4 months still no windows . Was told windows would not be made for another 2 weeks but would not cancel order or refund money . Due to its a rental property and tentents want them installed by end of month or not at all


Marcus McDowell

They have terrible customer service. Our bay window split on outside causing moisture to seep into the indoor window seat. Ruined it and they are not willing to cover the costs to fix it. Terrible attitude. Would not recommend them ever.

Jake Funk

Dany Esso

Jeff Sellers

We had North Star windows and the main door replaced using Brock. With our new windows we noticed a significantly improved thermal and sound insulation. Excellent quality product at an amazing price. Highly recommended.

Ron Barnett

We had front and side doors replaced with new ones manufactured by North Star Windows & Doors. They were recommended by the folks at Brock Windows & Doors as excellent quality and we were not disappointed. They look great and seem to us to be very well made. All in all we are completely satisfied with the product from North Star and won't hesitate to recommend them to our friends and neighbors!

Paul Young

I bought these Windows last year. Very poor quality, windows that swing open are all warping and do not seal properly. Window company we purchased from no longer is a distributor for them. Wished I had gone with locally produced windows.

Larinda Hind-Smith

Great windows! Easy to use and auto lock option is great! Well made windows!

Joanne Head

Tyrus Field

Chris Karaiskakis

Several years ago we had our windows replaced in our home. Very satisfied with the quality and performance of the product. So much so that when we moved and needed window, front door and sliding patio doors we had no hesitation in moving forward with North Star Windows and Doors.

M Shah

rob vandyk

L Mazz

Northstar windows installed by Gauthier Roofing and Siding. Read reviews before purchase. Screens don’t fit. Had 40 mosquito bites from ill fitting cheaply made screens with no support. $5,000 later for three Windsor and a door, when I complained I was told to take pictures and the Northstar would have to deal with it. Do not buy Northstar or use Gauthier.

Michelle Wallace

Poor quality, and won't warranty cracks caused by manufacturer defects or installation. Our installer, T-Murr Exteriors has refused our warranty claim for a manufacturing defect that clearly couldn't have been caused by misuse. Window cracked within the first few months.

Matthew Otten

We had North Star Windows installed by Brock Windows in Brampton. We are really happy with the quality specially the heat retention and sound difference between our old windows and the new North Star tilt sliders. The patio door we had installed is also very well built.

Aaron Blonde

Jake Friesen

Peter Friesen

My work

jacob enns

jason rhynold

Robert Snowsell

Was not impressed with there warehouse selection or the warehouse itself. Staff Unknowable regarding their vendor locations and availability. I will not be purchasing their product.

Krysta Castrucci

The quality of door from North Star is awesome. Every day my wife always mentions how she loves the new door. Well done North Star!

Bert Wemigwans

David Jamieson

Lena Peters

I spent 1400 on windows 7 months ago and one of the windows seal is gone it it. I tryed to get it fixed but because we don't have the sticker from.the window they wont do anything about it never again will.inbuy there windows and woild not recommend them

Steve Boertien

Jason Larabee

Bob W

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