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1025 102 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2B9, Canada

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REVIEWS OF TELUS Store & Koodo Store - Authorized Dealer Custom Cellular IN Dawson Creek

Laf Ren

Tina Benson

I went in to buy a regular plain Jane Samsung S5 just like my boyfriend had and came home with a totally different phone and didn't realize why everything was so different until now. The girl that helped me was rude, stiff , and just vibed complete incompetence and idiocy. I think her name was Kyra. So unimpressed.

Craig H

Akal Sandhu

delillah north

What a rude service! Surprised people like this can work as a customer service. Shame!

Justin Hendrick

Marc Truchon

Natile Grasslin

Amazing Staff Here! They have helped our Family, through 7 different Cell phones..????

Candace Holl

They don't accept cash because of Covid.???? They need your name, address and phone number to buy a phone charging cord.???? Employee refused to pull her mask down when I told her I was hearing impaired and I couldn't hear her with a mask on. Will not be back.

Tyrell Morrison

Blaine McInnis

Very rude employees

Jim Westwood

They were helpful in getting me prices on different models and plans being offered. The sales person brought out 4 different phones for Mr to look at and try. She even showed me a previous model of the phone that she owned and the picture quality. It was a good place to get an idea of what you want.

Shawn Bottle

OK service

richmon cabilangan

Dane Eggleston

Zero stars. Worse service i have ever encountered. The representative barked answers at me! Go to Petron in FSJ.

Tara Babcock

wont even answer there phones, just send you to voicemail wanting a detailed msg and thell get back to me.... takes 2 sec to pick a phone up and asnwer a question that could lead to a person coming in and buying a phone. if i could give 0 stars i would.


Pleasant and knowledgable staff. Way to go team

Frank Hernandez

Nice place. Super useful and friendly staff. The girl that helped me made my plan and service better and affordable .

Alicja B

The service in stores is not bad but I live out of town and they never answer the phone when we call we have to call about 10 times or more till someone answers! ridiculous

Wayne Davies

Tess Vantassel

Excellent customer service fro Jayden and helped me alot kuddos to the rest of the staff too

Kris Lowery

Very helpful - highly recommend!!!

Chris Bird

Terrible service since I stepped foot into the place. 3 girls sitting around laughing at each other playing on Snapchat. Made rude comments about helping other customers by saying “ugh your turn” and discussed badly about other employees. One girl said she wanted to quit. I left feeling very uncomfortable. From this encounter, I will not be giving Telus my business.

Reg Whiten

Shriya Bansal

Absolute terrible customer service and completely incompetent of doing their jobs timely and properly. Will be most likely canceling my Telus services due to this

Kevin Bryant

Ceejay Stark

One star is generous. Three girls sitting there - I'm assuming all employees - on their phones, not once acknowledging customers in the store. Another group of patrons entered and stood at the counter. None of the employees made an effort to go to the front of the store to assist them. I felt as though I was inconveniencing them by being there. I did not like the atmosphere in the place. I was shopping for a new phone given my term was up on my current device. I left and went down the mall to the Bell kiosk where I was immediately asked if I needed assistance. Will strongly consider Bell for my future cellular needs.

Dustin Roy

I had a terrible experience a month ago at the old Petron location in town and then ended up losing that brand new phone I had just bought. There was no way I was giving them more of my money and I bought a new phone out of town. The ladies at the fort St. John totem mall location were absolutely wonderful when I had brought in my new phone to be setup and have all my information transferred. These girls went above and beyond to help me and make my experience with Telus a great one! If shopping local to fort St. John, I highly recommend using the totem mall location over the old Petron communications location! Thanks so much ladies for all you help!

Thomas Hall

Terrible service

David Hutchinson

Collin Budd

Duane Wallace

Unbelievably rude service. More interested in their telephones than helping customers. If they were my employees they would be fired.

Darcy Forster

Service was excellent, great experience

Dan Bastiaansen

Was a good visite

Tyler Palmer

We purchased new phones here. Great service. There's even a play room for the kids.

Marie Lundbek

Raistlin Van Spronsen

Had some problems with my phone, took it here to get it looked at. They were very helpful and had to problem resolved in about 10 minutes. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone

Matthew A NOBBS

Terry Cameron

Those girls in there went above and beyond for me they fought to get my phone and my iPad after I lost them in fire they were awesome they are always helpful when I go in there they take time to explain things and try to help me. Thank u girls so much for everything u did for me u guys ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melody Lynn Hutchins

Allison Gauthier

Becky Hahn

C Belle

Perry Guthmiller

Only cell phones. No stereo equipment. Wasted my time.

Fred Sumners

Damian Stepski

I think they're the best Telus dealer in town. Friendly staff.

Lynnette Schile

Awesome service!

Mike Roland

They go out of their way to help you

Lindsay Woods

Love the guys at audio connections they are amazing. Happy group. Love it there

Joann Yuan

William Paynter

They will never answer their phones always goes to voicemail

A. Nixon

I would give zero stars if I could since they give zero f*%ks about customers. Called 4 times. Left 4 messages. No response. My son went in 3 times they wouldnt help him. Had to get my son to send his phone home I took care of it here and send it back to him up there. Absolute bs. What should have been a quick and simple exchange on a brand new defective phone turned into this.

Graham O'Day

Julia Townsend

Long lineups and pretty good service. Could use more employees, but other than that, it's pretty good.

Sarah Griffith

Eirn Mckenzie

Cathy Penner

Tony Schroeder

kynzh martin

Service was very slow. I arrived 20 minutes before closing time, waited till closing time. I was then asked to leave because the store was closing. Not a store I would likely visit again.

Andrew Martin

Brandon Dixon

I am a support worker for adults with disabilities. I went to this location with someone I support so they could purchase a new phone. They have signs up stating only 3 customers in the store at a time, and 1 person per family (due to Covid 19) We waited in a line up for 40 mins to get in. When we got to the front of the line we were told by the girl working inside that only one of us could come in. Both myself and the person I support explained that I was their support worker, and it was important for me to be with them to support them with making the decision. We were told "sorry but you can't come in" There were no other customers in the store at the time, only 2 staff members, there is absolutely no reason I can think of to be blatantly refused service! I tried calling the district manager twice, it was confirmed by an employee that my messages had been given to the manager, yet 5 days later I still have not received a phone call back! This was a horrible experience for both myself and the person I support and is completely unacceptable. I wanted to give management a chance to speak with the employees, but the lack of communication from management tells me they don't care. I will be going directly to Telus with my concerns! Fair warning, this store is not inclusive at all!

Peter Calahasen

Good service,friendly staff,have Telus and Koodo service.

Rob Takhar

Shale Watson

DO NOT GO HERE!!! YOU WILL BE DISAPOINTED!!!!!! 4 workers all sitting at a table talking . I came in looking for a new phone. No one offered to help me and eventually had to interrupt their chat session. Every time I go in it’s disappointing.

Nickolas Tutin

Bumpypoopoo Jimmy

McKenzie was great. Focused on seeing my set up all the way through to completion.

Ben Kopp

Gary Hamel

Ellen Hook

Good friendly service

Ryan Tutt

Great service. Best staff.

felisha correia

Love working here. Teamwork and sales.

Dolly Melnychuk

She was very helpful, thank you.

Johnny Hinkey Maniago

Service was friendly, prompt and professional

Greg Kehler

Rick Muir

Friendly, knowledgeable staff with an excellent assortment of phones to choose from.

Tracy Lock


Evelyn Laing

The girl helping me (I believe her name is Samantha) constantly interrupted the service work she was doing to check her phone, every 5-10 seconds she would get a snap chat notification or text or fb message. She would stop the computer work for helping me and check every freaking message while I watched. Then she would continue asking me questions needed for me to return the defective product I purchased literally a week or so prior. She didn’t do this once or twice she did this well over 30 times and literally replied to msgs and laughed out loud then would re-focus back at the task at hand. I spent 1 hour 15 minutes waiting for her to type up a return and register my new Apple care plan for me. I get checking your phone during downtime if you’re at a desk with nothing to do. But in front of customers? Very unprofessional. And she was new and needed to ask for help constantly so being new and spending time on your personal cell checking texts and social media messages when your the one supposed to be helping me, just rubbed me wrong and felt very offensive.

Naomi Vander Linden

I've been in there three times now. All three times I was the only one in the store. Couldn't get them to look up from their phones. Seemed like it was an inconvenience for them to answer a simple question. The Telus store on the highway by Rona is the better bet. Love Telus. Hate this outlet.

Alex Gaal

worst experience ever been to this place a few times and i walk out every time the one bigger girl she has no people skills and is rude

Luke J

I had a great experience here. The staff were knowledgeable and very helpful with setting my parents up with new cell phone plans and a new phone.

Punjabi Trucker British Columbia

The girl that I was talking with was very rude, and not helpful at all.

Retard Unit

Been trying to call for 2.5 hours and not once has an associate picked up the phone.

Cheryl Creary

Ed Sigioun

The lady was awesome so helpful

Caroline Kruta

Shout out to Jasmine from the Dawson Creek branch, this lady is lovely! Moved here from Ireland in the early part of the year, and went to Telus for our tech and Internet needs, she has always been so helpful. Today she helped us finally sort out our billing issues with Telus. We moved a couple of months ago and were being double billed for our new residence and our old one. Thought this had been sorted a month ago with a credit to come on our November bill. Turns out it wasn't! I was so frustrated with this as I had put the cancellation/transfer of services in for late August. And sorted it out in October(I thought) After a very long call (2 hrs!) to Jenine in loyalty services, finally sorted it out. Will know for sure next billing cycle, but kudos to Jasmine for walking me through this and fighting the charges on our behalf!! Thanks Jasmine!

Cecilia Gauche

I went in to the store to buy a new phone, which I got but when I set up the phone I immediately realized I did not like it. My receipt states that I have 30 days to return my product I went back the day after I bought it and they would not take the phone back. I am extremely upset about this because the employee that sold the phone to me specifically told me I can bring the phone back within one day if I was unhappy. (Because I bought it in store not online). This is very unacceptable, if I bought the phone online I would have 30 days to decide I do not want this phone.

Julie Melnychuk

Very helpful.

Linda Smith

Nice people

Jared Wylie

Rude staff, horrible service.

Tim Peters

1 star is too much! Again like many other reviewers I felt I was a huge inconvenience to the staff. It took a while for me to be noticed and I was not treated respectfully. Don't go here!


Got to the store at 10am to find a lineup because there was only a single employee that could work since the second employee left their business phone at home and couldn't do anything without it. Waited 45 minutes in line until the employee that left their phone at home asked everyone to leave the store and wait out in -31 cold so they could close the store for 15 minutes until they could run home and get their phone. Total time trying to get business done at this location was 2 hours.

Tyler dude

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