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REVIEWS OF Dawson Creek & District Hospital IN Dawson Creek

Nathan Eckert

Very poor, 4 hour wait ! With a broken collar bone.

Laf Ren

i wouldn't know

We can never thank the emergency doctors and nurses enough. You were amazing answering all my questions and the great care my husband received.

Канал Дурацкого Блогера

When I was going for my HSG they asked me to change into the hospital gown and strip off underwear before waiting in the waiting room. I thought I misunderstood the nurse. She acted like it was odd that I was uncomfortable. I kept my underwear on because the gown doesn’t give much coverage. I ended up in the waiting room for a half hour mixed with Men and Women. Other women were in their gowns without underwear. Very inappropriate.

Melodie Unrau

One time when I was in long-term stay here here's a couple things of note. I was having a rough night so I guess to "comfort" me one of the nurses came into my room uninvited told me that the facility I was going to was for crazy had people who never get better. the food is mad trash since it's all shipped in from Prince George and it will give you heart burn. One of the male nurses is real nice and let my mom bring my dog to my room cause i wasn't allowed outside.

cory peterhans

Cheryl Female

Outdated facilities, this hospital looks like its been frozen in time, no front reception on weekends so you're on your own if your a visitor who's visiting a patient. Luckily the staff are great. I'll be glad when the new hospital opens

Stephanie Robillard

I had total knee replacement on Monday and want to give a huge rave to the staff in surgery and on the surgery ward. Special mention to Dr. Aganaba, Dr. Popa and her amazing second in command ( sorry I can't remember your name ),all the nurses especially Candace and Amber. This was my second knee replacement at this hospital and I couldn't have had a better experience!

Teanea Supernault

I have been waiting 2 hours toget a prescription renewed since I'm from out of the province. I am the only one in the waiting room and when I buzzed the nurse to ask if she knew how much longer as I need to go back to work, she was condescending and rude. There has been nobody in or out and she made me feel that it was an inconvenience for me to even be here.

Bull On Vacation

I've never been to a medical facility surrounded by staff who really don't care at all. I found the phone registration station... and waited numerous times for a nurse to stop once I was waving them down to ask one question about how the waiting operates and an idea of wait times. Eventually an older lady came out of the doors and made the comment about how rude the nurses are. I feel bad for the people staying there with serious medical attention. I waited an hour and a bit and it was quiet in there but I had to leave. Called the next day inquiring about how I can get my lab results sent to my family doctor and the nurse on the phone ends it "K I have to go." .... OK THANKS for absolutely nothing when my conditions could actually be bad if not treated. Bad care facility if this is how it normally operates.

Ted Kennedy

This evening I went in I waited about 15 minutes to get attitude for a Dr and was rude to my mother and no help at all

Vimal Vr

Missy J

mega times oof

Dr.Aderemi is an absolute disgrace to the medical field.. felt as tho i didnt matter one bit and he just wanted to get me out of there.. I went in with extreme kidney pain with blood in my urine and all he said was "you have kidney stones and theres nothing we can do.." there was no ultrsound to confirm anything only a urine test which doesnt tell me i have stones.. Even after telling him about family history with my grandfather and him having blood in his urine and cancer throughout he still sat there saying nothing and gave no advice.. I feel bad for everyone in that hospital and in Dawson Creek..

Pool Man

I can honestly say, that after having spent large portion of my life in and around hospitals; all over this province; mostly with our son David; I can say that the staff here is amazing; they make one feel comfortable and calm; no huge line-ups or long waits to be seen by a physician; truly a very good experience for myself and my entire family; as several of them have also been to DCDH over the past 25 years or so. We even prefer to make the 1 hour drive to Dawson Creek, rather than go to the hospital where we live.

Paul Davis


Got my appendix removed after it ruptured when I was 16. I'm 41 now and still alive so I'm giving them a five stars review.


Morgan Browatzke

Raistlin Van Spronsen

I was very disappointed in the staff at this hospital, You meet some who are caring and you meet some staff members who are full of attitude and really don't care about the patient. Needless to say, I dred going into this hospital. You never know how you will be treated.

Khatereh Rahimi

Nobody help me when I broke clavicle I was sitting there for 4 hours with big pain. And I have not seen the doctor just nurses that told me we can't help you with that just go home it will heal it self The haven't even gave me something to remove the pain

Austin Wallace

I dont understand how the coordinator would allow all surgeons to take vacation at the same time during Christmas holidays ft st john, dawson, an grande prairie all had no surgeons on call and had to be flown to prince george .....what if there were families involved in a car accident over the holidays??? I think there should be a review done on the person who allows every surgeon to be on holidays during holidays....obiosly not thought through very well our system is a joke and wonder why we have no funding ... Start at the top an work down not the other way around the main problem is in the upper management not the bottom where the cuts have been made the upper management pulls up the minor issues to focus everyones attention on somewhere other than themselves.....something needs to change

David Anderson

During covid masks are not required but a father can’t go to an ultrasound to see his unborn child. Personally I think some of these policies are backwards especially for a medical care center!

Vadim J

Kept me waiting for 4 hours.

Mika Siger

Non of these other people that are rating them based on wait time realize they have a triage chart they have to follow so anything less then an obvious injury is a 4 hour wait minimum

Jason Pretty

I have always received good service from this hospital.

Martin Bale

Last time I was there, we waited 3 and a half hours, for them to tell me it wasn't important enough for me to see a Dr. They told me to go see my family Dr in the morning.

Krista R

Doctors didn't care about your problem... about a 4hr wait and nurses are not very kind. now I am getting several surgeries because the doctors did not do their job...


Jean Comer

This hospital saved My Life and My Wife's life as well. I am grateful about the way the Administration has been improving over the last few years. There is still a lack of proper care for the mentally ill and needs to improve. Over all a 3 out of 5 still saves lives. Lets all strive for the ever elusive 5 out of 5 and pray we get there one day. When you put the patient 1st you win.

Tyson captain

Nice people, long wait.

Derek Lisssner

Fabulous care and helpful

Christopher Tschetter

Keith Adams

A new hospital isn’t going to change how awful these Docter’s are.(except dr. Botha senior)

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