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1450 Main St S, Dauphin, MB R7N 3H4, Canada

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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercentre IN Dauphin

Emilye Tremblay

(Translated) Service (Original) Service

Sandra Laprise-Bouchard

Robert Porteous

Reginald Hanna

Love wal mart

Rob Vandelinder

Good place to get everything you need in one place.

therealmogwai C

When I was at Walmart, I saw a dog that looked like he had left a long life of drug abuse behind, and wanted to make his life better. It was very uplifting.

Yoland Bouchard


Never has anything in stock. Dont bother going here.

dwpatrick mcnulty

Too limited, not big enough or near enough selection

Lyne Savard

Mustafa Kirgul

Staff needed some lessons in customer service. The only good thing about this visit was the price on the top I bought.

Kendra Kerr

Helpful staff. :)

Michelle Higgins

Store needs to expand. Everything is crammed into the aisles.

Craig H

Yes it's a Walmart, but one of the smallest Walmarts I've ever been in. Still has a decent selection grocery store and free RV and camper parking in their parking lot. A great deal for a quick stop over goodnight and picking up supplies in the morning on your way out.

Tonika Harnest

Good selection crappy shopping carts

Megan Kelligrew

Very busy and waiting on a cart

Maria Antelo

Every1 loves wa mart

Sara Flynn

Always out of products on the food side. Little plus size options

Andy Watson

The store itself is good but the parking is HORRIBLE

Marvin Best

Messy store unstocked shelves...staff not helpful

Ricardo Ramirez

(Translated) Nothing to say except for excellent service and everything at a good price (Original) Rien à dire à part un excellent service et on trouve de tout à bon prix

annie-claude therriault

(Translated) Beautiful shop, nice team! (Original) Beau magasin, belle équipe!

Udongien MZ

Usually able to find what I need for everything and the lines aren't usually too bad

Jawad Chaudhry

Very friendly staff.. Can find things you are look for

Donna Murray

As far as Walmart's go, this is a rather large Walmart. Much more space. More shelves with many products not found in other smaller Walmart's. Even in produce and dairy. But it is the busiest of any Walmart I've been to. Parking lot is huge, but limited spaces, since those spaces are shared with the other retail outlets in the immediate area of the plaza. The parking spaces seem a little smaller than normal. Keep the sports car at home. Bring the beater. A go-to place for anything you need at prices that are lower than you expect on most items. Great value!

Akal Sandhu

Jean-François Bélanger

(Translated) Reduced inventory (Original) Inventaire reduit

Frédéric Maltais

LiVodkafe The Spirit in life

Found all that we needed quickly and easily.

Jared and Peyton Wolf

One of the busiest Walmart's I've ever been to, despite that the shelves are always stocked and the lines are never too long.

Murray Roberts

Great store, clean amazing everything you need

Geo Ca

(Translated) Like all Walmarts (Original) Comme l'ensemble des Walmarts

Darryl Dearing

Walmart with great selections and a McDonald's


(Translated) The prices are practically the cheapest !! ???????????????? (Original) Les prix sont pratiquement les moins chère!! ????????????????

Richard Larouche

(Translated) I hate it's made a grocery store more than a department store ???? (Original) Je déteste c'est rendue un épicerie plus qu'un magasin à rayons ????

Amyy Lee

Tired of being forced to use self checkout. Need to put back more cashiers

Blue Jay

Bryan Wright

Have become rude service and claiming will not price match when match is shown proper right in front of them. Tec section prices are not good usally look and not buy because of the over goudges. Other sections still a hit or miss. Sometimes good finds at ok price most of the time still needs to improve prices. Toy section expected better verity of options. But found a lot of stores not having that great of verity of toy selections also

scott nicholls

Walmart has it all and reasonable prices

Quentin Giusiano

Roberto A Hernández Meléndez

Great store. Easy to navigate. Fair prices.

Miles Lacey

Alain Tremblay


More often than not, I have to go searching for a shopping basket because the stack is empty.


Brett Beattie

Very accomodating to the needs of customers

Joan (Joan)

Unbeatable prices

Amanda Cosby-Nesbitt

This location is always very busy and for that the store us relatively clean and stocked with products. I used the grocery pickup option here and was done in about 10 mins. My only issues was that I wasn't told about the substitutions in my order beforehand but at least one gave me a brand name wen I had ordered the Great Value brand, so can't really complain

Daniel Moscardini

They have a few bulk sized items that we can not find elsewhere in the area.

Helen Hintzsche

It's a Walmart! It's pretty much what you'd expect. Nothing special.

Dana Gorniak

This is the smallest and sucking wal-mart on the island of Newfoundland. Always running out of stock and hard to get the stuff you want. Gander has a much better wal-mart and only a hour away. I suggest going to Gander. It says Grand Falls is a supercentre. Lol. What a joke. Hahaha????????????

Amanda Hatton

The staff are always friendly and very helpful to their customers. It is easy to find things in the aisles and they give great service.

Mike Hall

Love the prices..but should have more clothing in stock.


Great deals and good service

David Gunton

It's an older Walmart so it's a little rough around the edges. Occasionally the shelves are not well stocked (in stationary etc...)


Didnt have isle help

Flutter Wave

It's a Walmart, what more need be said? Probably one of the biggest in the area.


One of the better Walmarts on the island

Sammy Siam

Clean, organized. No tap feature tho

Tania Gagné Cantin


Its not to bad, things are priced alright.

Benjamin Grim

Popped in for something quick for supper and found so many awesome deal's. Came out spending $200.00 but got so much for my money. I love Walmart ! Certainly beats Costco's prices. Way better bang for your buck.

Adolphina W

It was the best ever. Thay went out oftherewzyto help me.. thank you wal mart manager..

Jason Gamble

Helpful staff! Saw a good deal on small fridge.

Armando Lopez

Very nice staff.

Eric Maltais

Dave Little

Big Walmart, lots of items but extremely busy but hard to find help. Parking can be a nightmare. They also have a walk in clinic which can be convenient.

Marita Portree

Good selection of fresh foods

Maxime Laroche

(Translated) Store well run, cleaner than chicoutimi. (Original) Magasin bien tenu,plus propre que celui de chicoutimi.

Amanda W

Shelves were bare, produce was weak and the lineups were crazy. Admittedly it was the day after a holiday closure, but still an awful experience.

Jonathan Tremblay

Chad (TheOnePikaKid)

Everything in one place. Even your groceries!

Frederick Lapointe

(Translated) Nice store. (Original) Beau magasin.

Natile Grasslin

They are actually actively sanitizing shopping carts & baskets for you, not just an empty container of wipes or a spray bottle and dirty rag!!!

Nathan Corbett

Always been my favorite WalMart.

Kal El

We'll stocked. Never too much of a wait.

bhavesh gabani

(Translated) C our walmart but the stock does not change often. (Original) C notre walmart mais le stock ne change pas souvent.

Isidore Dallaire

(Translated) Very affordable price. (Original) Prix très abordable.

Wanda Lee

Feri Coolio

A smaller version. Handy if you don't want to run to Ancaster or Rymal and hwy 20.

Luis Madrid

(Translated) Very nice moving and great for fast crates! (Original) Très bel emménagement et super pour les caisses rapides!

Réjean Gagnon

Shaun Lindsay (Pop Illuminati)

Not sure what is wrong with women from hamilton? I think the pollution in the air messed with their brain. Should be in back moving boxes, not interacting with people. Ask for 5 bags get 2, then she leaves one bag she just packed on the stand, leaving me to reach across, seperate and lift a full bag. What service

Natalie Duchesneau

Angel Robinson

Visited the dollar store in the mall. Great selection. Clean and tidy.

Simon Touzin

(Translated) No service at the electronics department. Zero..... (Original) Pas de service au dept de l'electronique. Zéro.....

Bernard tremblay

juliette flaro

(Translated) I love it is my favorite (Original) J'adore cest mon préféré

Sabrina Pacheco

Not quite like Walmart in the States, but I was able to get what I went to buy. I did notice how much cleaner and organized it was. Very few things were out of place.

Jay Pee

Amy was great helped us

Sean Stephens (DarkElfLX)

Awesome, store great prices staff are very helpful and friendly

Manpreet Dhillon

The usual wal mart. Nothing special.

Yves Potvin

(Translated) Better than Wal-Mart chicoutimi (Original) Meillure que le Wal-Mart chicoutimi

Gary Hodges

Found what I wanted. One stop shopping.

Eric Jobin

(Translated) Store consistent with other Walmart, friendly staff.and courteous. (Original) Magasin conforme aux autres Walmart, personnel courtois.

Claudine Jean

(Translated) I like it less since there is the grocery market is in the store !!! (Original) J'aime moins depuis qu'il y a le marché d'épicerie est dans le magasin!!!


I shop here often , I wish they'd up their produce , it's a pretty clean store .

William Barthe

Honey Miamoore

Good prices for dry goods, meats and fruits are sometimes higher in price compared to other grocery stores. The parking lot is always very busy and the parking spots are pretty skinny.

Ilpo Lehto

Good place for shopping, professional services of the sales team.

The Ainzlee

The check out was very slow. It appears that they were training someone but the conversations between the trainer and the trainee were long and it took forever to check out there should be a sign that says training in progress.

Bart Sagmoen

Ahmed Gurgi


Brandon Lukasik

Wall Mart have a great collection of daily goods at an affordable rates. It's nice to go there.



James Par

Friendly staff

Richard Urrutia

Saw the customer service manager talking back to a customer. I don't care who was rude first, this behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable

Priya Ram

Worst Wal-Mart I've ever been into. Aisles are narrow and overloaded, some departments the shelves were half empty, staff was ignorant of their own products or location of their products. I avoid this place as much as possible.

Furious Nation

Great place to get baby food.

Claudia C

Very busy shopping store with lots of vzrities

Roberto Bito

Deadly deals


(Translated) At the height of the large parking banner and the toilets are clean (Original) À la hauteur de la bannière grand stationnement et les toilettes sont propres

Nilesh Bhatt

Absolutely disgusting customer service and attitude from the pharmacy. After being told i only had to wait a half hour i ended up waiting 97 minutes for a perscription which they ended up messing up. Absolutely horrible.

Faron Halliday

They are NOT enforcing social distancing what so ever. Staff included. I was picking out a pair of sneakers for my spouse and an employee along with 2 customers kept coming around me instead of waiting for me to finish. I loudly said 6 feet distancing please! They continued. Then I piped up and told them to stay clear of me. FFS. If your practicing social distancing still don't shop here.

Darren Matheson

Very nice and honest. I forgot 1 bag of groceries and when I returned to the store, they had it written in a book. I just signed that I picked it up. Very professional

Aaron maltais

Mike Hajek

Horrible... bought a brand new bike for over $200.. there were only 2 left of the same bike, the first bike the brakes were all loose so we grabbed the other one and the back tire was low. So we refilled it with air and bought it. my husband wanted to drive it back home down the mountain he was so happy for it. 10 minutes into his ride home the tire went flat again and he ended up walking the rest of the way. I call and explain that I can't take the whole bike back can I just bring the tire and that was a big NO!!! Now we have to get a new tub for a brand new tire.. never will I buy a bike at Walmart ever again...nor recommend anyone too... would rather buy a used high brand name then deal with Walmart.. nothing is well taken care of prior to selling it.. you could buy you children a bike they get on it when you get home and it falls apart.. sad!!!

Melissa Whiting

Great place to get what you need in one stop...

Alexxa Weatherston

Good could be cheaper

da pug

Always sales items in stock. Helpful and friendly staff. No arguments over pricing or price matching like some other stores.

Sam Bouchard

Sacha Rajewski (Procrastinating Gamer)

Nice clean store. A little different feel on the layout but good.

Pat And Grant Paul

This used to be an enclosed Mall until Walmart bought the property now you must walk outside for all the stores in the rain and the snow and the heat in the cold Walmart has destroyed a very nice happy family Plaza plus they applied to the city to make the parking spot smaller so if you want to make sure that your car is scratched your ding this is a good place to go otherwise if you value your car go shop somewhere else

Looky One

(Translated) Good price (Original) Bon prix

Rob Strong

Grocery pick-up service is great! Place your order online, and a friendly staff person brings it right out to you!

Alain Savard

(Translated) Good customer service ???? (Original) Bon service à la clientèle ????

Stephane Desrosiers

Some good deals


Its not as bad as the mohawk sherman location.

Rémi Jean

(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

Louise Pouliot

(Translated) Yes (Original) Oui


Shawn Harris

Love the opening late hrs at this location

isabelle cyr

(Translated) Many choices but beware of the freshness of fruits and vegetables ... (Original) Beaucoup de choix mais attention à la fraîcheur des fruits et légumes...

Guylaine Fleury

(Translated) Big choice (Original) Grand choix

Joe Ryan

Mo Aryanpur

This is a large store and has good prices. I found the lighting area a mess with stock missing, but hopefully that was a one-off.

Ryan Racine

Fairly new store, not too busy

Adam Cheaney

2 cashiers for express on a friday afternoon is a joke. I refuse to use self checkout as i am not getting a discount or free bags or being paid.

Benoît Bergeron

Austin Jessen

It's Wal-Mart. What more is there to say


The staff are lovely, and the Dr I saw (Dr Iliya? I'm not sure I spelled that right) was fantastic. She was very pleasant and patient. She answered all my questions, in depth. She maintained eye contact and her pleasant demeanor the whole visit, and I didn't feel rushed out at all. And the wait time was like nothing I've ever experienced. Only waited about 20 minutes (without an appointment). Wonderful experience and I'd recommend this clinic to anyone!

David Kinney

Very busy place; crowed ; waiting time at the cash register, beefy prices; slow to get help or assistance; not much customer satisfaction, at time you will not find what you came for; store located in heavy residential area

Yves Piette

(Translated) Much less choice since grocery shopping (Original) Beaucoup moins de choix depuis l'épicerie

Gary Brown

Lots of things go on sale at any particular time but mostly weekly

Harkaan Karaoké

Mark Principi

Good selection, but not a 5 cause they need more cashiers always busy

Mitchell Sherratt

This store is so busy all the time which usually results with empty shelves and long lines


Lots of options, including surprising natural grocery ones. Will be back.

Darth Thanatos

(Translated) Really cheap (Original) Vraiment pas cher

Headder Foley

Lots and lots and lots of people. All had masks. Limited stock. Staff person called to see if what I was looking for was on a truck delivery just in. It wasn't but I am deeply impressed she called to see.

Sammy Lundy

Went to do my usual shopping. Found that they were out of alot of items shipments were just sitting in the isle ways making it difficult to move throughout the store. . Produce was terrible found it hard to find descent items. After checking out I proceeded to leave the store as myself and another lady walked through the door the alarm sounded. She had a few items in her hand so the Wana be cop alowwed her to go through and brought me back into the store as I had several items and buggy was full. problem. We stepped to the side where I showed him my bill and said it's probably the razors I bought as I have purchased before and they have set the alarm off . The security looks at me and says so u purchased items from the pharmacy then I said yes the razors along with some shampoo and other toiletries. He said what about electronics .. keep in mind he has my bill in his hand . I say no i didnt purchase electronics all the while I'm still looking for the razors.. I find them and hand them to him he looks and says so u don't have a ps4 or anything right ?? Now I'm mad he has my bill in his hand I have explained what I think set the alarm off and now he wants to insinuate I may have a ps4 somewhere in the cart. I say u know what u can look through the bags and tell me what it is then . He looks and says are u in a hurry ?? Don't worry I'll do my job so I say great. He looks at the receipt again and says with the dollar amount this high I recommend u go to customer service and they can figure out what is setting off the alarm I ask him what else does he recommends he says go to customer service I go and wait in another line only for the man at customer service to say that's not my job and turns me away from the line . I say u better do something because I buzz again while I walk out the door I'm not coming back . He wrote ok on my bill when I leave again the wanna be cop didn't even look to see if he wrote anything and of course I beeped going through the the door. Absolutely horrible customer service. Store has definitely gone down hill !

Tony Rizzi

Decent honestly

Craig Hurley

good selections here

Veronique Lapointe

(Translated) I was looking for an article and the lady (employee) was very good at guiding me, smiling employee despite the rush !!!! THANK YOU ! (Original) Je cherchais un article et la madame(employée) a très bien su me guider employé souriant malgré les rush!!!! MERCI !

Cameron Varley

Same old Walmart. Nothing ever changes... just another walmart

Lisa Nie

Small Walmart, can't find everything here sometimes but it does the job

3.1415926535 pi

Hamid Yazdani

Good prices for everyday items

Cornel Chetan

When did I go shopping for bed sheets for my grandson could not find any children's bed sheets at all

Clod Routur


This isn't a true supercentre.

Kathy Roy

Nicholas Roy Grondin

Tyler Sharpe

Very low stock lot of shelves were empty

Jim Westwood

Great place always have what I need

Michelle Hamilton

A smaller Walmart. Shelves were only about half full on grocery items.

Logan D.

I had the worst experience at this Walmart. My mom bought a cream for her couch rash and she ended up at the hospital. The cream she bought has been expired from a month ago. Your lucky I didn’t sue ????????????

David Shelden

It's a store nothing special


(Translated) We find all of our products under the same roof. (Original) On trouve l'ensemble de nos produits sous le même toit.

Balwinder Dhillon

Forced into self-checkout, very few human cashiers now. Staff are ALWAYS unhappy. Corporate greed driven. I've made the decision to shop at No Frills instead.

Audrey Coulombe

(Translated) I had a coffee (Original) J'ai pris un café

Ashley Henry

Not enough selection for products

Julie Banger

The smallest "super" Walmart ever! Only 2 cashier's. very clean, well stocked, and friendly

Francia Bravo

Big. But saw lots of People of Walmart...

Dave Beaton

Excellent customer service.

Nelly Williams

Needs to be upgraded, needs a better food section.

Rob Christiansen

Always good to stop by and chat with staff. Very customer friendly.

Therese Raymond

(Translated) I go there little because whenever I see specials, they do not have them or the franchise does not offer them (Original) J'y vais peu car toute les fois que je vois des spéciales,ils ne les ont pas ou le franchiser ne les offre pas


Side WALL of Wal-Mart ... low service but pricewise attractive

Mark Wallters

Well stocked . Pleasant staff. Short cashier lines.

Karl Prescott

(Translated) Too small with the super center but the employees are smiling (Original) Trop petit avec le super centre mais les employés sont sourient

David P.

Good service, however when I requested a wheelchair, the only one they had didn't have foot rests. Unfortunately those suffering from dementia are unable to operate a scooter. Asking them to hold their feet up while pushing the chair gets very tiring.

Dan C

This location is big and clean. It always has the things I need.

Kathy Tremblay

Shawn Bottle

It's Walmart. Terrible corporate giant with great deals

Adrian Hofstee

I prefer this Walmart to the others in town. Much better selection.

Viateur Laforest

Tara Talbot

Over crowded. Parking lot is a hot mess. Entry and exit difficult and slow. No baskets available. Definitely not a "supercentre"!

Daranoc Folkran

Walmart is Walmart is Walmart. They really are carbon clones of each other, if I'm honest. This location has a McDonald's in it that's always super busy. The parking lot is huge and the location is convenient. If you know what you're going …

Kaleigh (Kave)

Jason you're a self entitled idiot of course you need to pay for bags lmao

Kim Torresan

Louise Larouche

Edith Ouellet

(Translated) Very well (Original) Tres bien

Jack Marston

A lot of things here and low price

Jean-Francois Aubin

(Translated) In disorder I stayed almost an hour waiting for the clerk to answer me and I left for chicoutimi! (Original) En désordre jy suis resté presque un heure à attendre que le commis me réponde et je suis parti pour chicoutimi !!

Gavin Pearcey

I love Walmart .. good prices and selection of items. They also price match items too. Service is usually pretty good

Guy Lévesque

(Translated) Grocery store takes up too much space (Original) Épicerie prend trop de place

Marie-Joanne Mc Crea

(Translated) Wallmaet is Wallmart. This one is not different from others. (Original) Wallmaet c'est Wallmart. Celui ci est pas plus différent des autres.

Christel Murphy

Empty shelves. Worst one in the area

Karole-Ann Bélanger

(Translated) This is my favorite easy access store for the disabled (Original) C'est mon magasin préféré facile d'accès pour pour les handicapé

Kirstin Mercer

Walmart was excellent the service was good didn't bother me because I wasn't wearing a mask they respected my inalienable rights

Mark Alston

Nice place to shop. Employees are hard to find but cannot blame them for how horrible they are treated.

Chris B

It's wal mart what can I say. Good prices and selection. I like the self checkout... however it's massive so prepare to walk!

Lonnie King

Most check outs are self checkout only 2 tolls woth cashier' doesn't care about customer service.......tome to run them out of town


I don't know how you got my email

Francois A

lexi heriban

Have what you need and leave you alone if you just say hi. Always price match when you shop at Best Buy they don't even blink and are more than happy to do it.


Got a refund on an item I did expect to get. The item malfunctioned.

Ileana Pineda

The workers at the McDonalds are amazing #GoKapteynGo

Steven Purchase

Just your normal everyday Walmart, nothing special compared to other stores but also kept well enough to be comparable to other locations. The plaza it is in is a difficult location to get in and out of except different from certain directions

Bruce Lane

congested but self checkout got me out quickly

Marie-Josée Girard

Vallerie Fair

It's a small walmart so they don't have a huge selection.

Kerry Walper

Very limited in terms of grocery products. I’d rather go to an actual grocery store

Deborah Trim

Too many self-checkouts

Abhishek Bhardwaj

It's one of the dirtiest Walmart's I have been to.

Steve Yarnell

My daughter had to use the washroom while we were shopping. When we came out 3 staff members raised their fingers to us while all yelling separate things. They closed in the time we were in the washroom and refused to help us. One yelled to use self check out repeatedly while the other two were yelling get out. They all dropped their Hitler fingers pointed our direction after I calmly stopped and called them psychotic. Needless to say we ended up using self check out. My 3 year old later told me it scared her so bad she almost cried. I'm angry enough to write this post and warn you parents....BE WARE OF STAFF MEMBERS

D Stewart

Steacy Mourez-Bilodeau

(Translated) It looks like a wallmart. . . (Original) Sa ressemble a un wallmart. . .

Krishna Durvasula

Walmart is awsome. I parked my car there to go to the liquor store across the road

Helene Simard

Lots of discounts!!!

Jordan Lambert

Marc-André Boily

Frédérick Simard

(Translated) We find everything (Original) On trouve de tout

Yvan Harvey

(Translated) Excellent service (Original) Excellent service

Chizzle Cartoon

valérie côté

Abubakarr Talib Jalloh


Noura Soliman

It's Walmart, a very busy one. You might even feel bad for how understaffed they seem.

Steena Petersen

People in the electronics department definitely know what they are talking about. I've seen some customers come in and not even know what they are looking for yet expect the associates to know. Lines are long and endless because the store is very popular, so that right there should tell you how positive the store really is.

Jacqueline Vincent

(Translated) Plenty of parking but disappointing supercentre aspect ... Not enough diversity in the products offered on the shelves. (Original) Beaucoup de stationnement mais aspect supercentre décevant... Pas suffisamment de diversité dans les produits offerts sur les tablettes.

Delores Mackey

Good selection but could be cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere. The lack of decor makes it so that you want to get in-and-out quickly.

Réal Sauvageau

(Translated) There is everything i love (Original) Il y a de tout jadore

Ma Woo

Stores a mess. Everything scattered around

Jennifer Moses Moses

As usual. Some good deals some too expensive items.. some items dont have price so i looked for price check... workers and customer service is the biggest reason to go

Abdulaziz Alkhoraidly

Good prices, always below everyone else. Lack of cashiers makes you want to leave everything behind.

Luce Bouchard

(Translated) Ok, it's a walmart (Original) Correct ,c'est un walmart

Bob Washington

This location is a little bit out dated compared to other places but they do a great job otherwise. The staff is helpful and they are good about keeping stock. Washrooms are clean every time we go. I wish they could get updated a bit like other stores, it's just aesthetics mostly but some of the checkouts and departments would benefit from a new till machine. Will continue to enjoy this location.

Hope Bernava

Empty shelves why advertise if its not going to be there. .

Sylvain Lamothe

(Translated) Very very satisfied with the products :) (Original) Très très satisfait des produits :)

Mike Lowden

Definitely not the best Walmart I've been to in regards to cleanliness and staff.

Jeremy Hynes

Good store

Mrugesh Jani

The security on the way out was staring in my cart, it maid me very uncomfortable.

Mo Taffa

Huge parking lot .. typical Walmart goodies ..really nice staff

Steven DeRyck [Staff]

Great location!!!! The customer service, from all levels, is wonderful, the location has been neat and tidy every time I've been in there and the security guard is quite an animated gentleman with a Great sense of humor!!!! Plenty of accessible parking.

LaurelAnn Prociuk

Great selection for a one stop shop!

Michael Stetz

My late night go to and not sure if any other Walmart has $1 and $2 clothing sales and never see it anywhere else so we are extremely lucky to have that in Dawson Creek.

Steven “Monsieur F” Ferlatte

Timothy Sheets

Decent walmart. This is a super center.


Very poor service. Staff doesnt have answers on products, lots of empty shelves, and not well maintained.


My go to walmart because of convenient location. Easy bus route from downtown hamilton. Just one bus. But this walmart doesn't have a very big selection of items and often out of stock. Also one of the smaller walmarts. I've never had a problem with the employees. All seem friendly and helpful.

Jerry Bilous

Very clean and Service Great customer service with a smile

MarieAnge B

Friendly staff and well organized


Charles Norum

Shelves aren't stocked well, greeted with the smell of urine at the door. Manager is rude. Never like this place. Unfortunately I'm in a big truck and it's the only place easy to get to.

Christinna LeBlanc

This store has alot of nice clothing, tech and snacks, and it's so big, that you'll find so many things, even books, and it's great!

Wayne Davies

Very friendly and fun to go there

Michel Delisle

(Translated) Large parking lot. Courteous staff. (Original) Grand stationnement. Personnel courtois.


(Translated) Surprising to see such a good meat (Original) Surprenant de voir u e viande aussi bonne

Jean Claude Villeneuve

(Translated) Since Zellers is closed I do not have the choice to go for some purchase but with the grocery store now I like it. (Original) Depuis que Zellers est fermé je n'ai pas le choix d'y aller pour certain achat mais avec l'épicerie maintenant j'aime bien.

Fleurbleu123 “Blue290”

(Translated) We find everything (Original) On trouve de tout

Tri Nguyễn Minecraft

Nice store with everything. Girl in the electronics department was super helpful

joel fortin

Tammy Wilson

The variety of products is abundant like all Walmarts... nothing special

Customer Service


F Lapointe

Jenny McKechnie

Medium size store, Great service ar pharmacy

benoit voyer

Kaven Thériault

Sonja Campeau

Mike Lastman

Better than Centre Mall


(Translated) I haven't been back since the changes, that's good, what more can I say about a Walmart ... (Original) Je n'y étais pas retourner depuis les changements, c'est bien, que dire de plus sur un Walmart...


(Translated) It's all multidisciplinary (Original) On y trouve de tout multidisciplinaire

Anonymous Newfoundland

This Wal-mart is more like a large convenience store. Nothing special about it. No items that say "I can't get that anywhere else local". Very basic & services have failed.

Zabie F

Very disorganized and hard to find what I was looking for. And there was no staff around to ask. When checking out they had too few cashiers on that the lines were so long it forced people to use the self-checkout (which I don't like using). But even that was disorganized and the worker was just standing there rather than helping people, showing them where to line up or which station to use.

Paul Deschamps (KillaSkill)

This Walmart is very small and carries very little variety . I was not able to find anything I was looking for . It has nothing cold in the area of food , so I was disappointed with what little choice I had for much food. I think Wakmarts are typically a lot bigger and therefore has much better choices.

Erin Lynagh

Nice staff and clean place

Annie-Pier Larouche (aplarouche92)

(Translated) There is only beef Nothing else (Original) Il y'a Seulement de la bouf Plus rien d'autre

leda barreto fernandes

Quite busy and not everything is always in stock.

Pierre G. Lapointe

(Translated) Perfect (Original) Parfait

Danny Cloutier

Lois Sandra Herrington

Always busy. There's never an employee around to help and they seem to have the smallest selection of products. This is the closest Walmart to me and I don't even shop there. I drive out to water down because they are 100% better.

Tess Vantassel

No one around to restock the shelves??

Kris Lowery

Two cashiers working out of a total of four lanes. The rest are self checkouts. Also apparently no pharmacist on weekends means no cold medicines can be purchased on weekends. Seriously? Wow

northon 86

Jim Giordano

not so bad if youre early

Priscilla Gagnon

kyng sharlo

Open very late in evening, great staff, however clothing selection is a little bit lacking

Misbah Tariq

It's just like every Wal-Mart

Alicia-jane Duchesne

Aleka Duguay

Always well stocked and the people are friendly

Pierre Tremblay

(Translated) What's more, it's a Walmart (Original) Quoi dire de plus que c'est un Walmart

Paul Pickett

Great store, some items are often out of stock

Raymond Derouin

Where do I even start? First of all a five star rating goes without saying. It's Walmart, what more is there to say? Rock bottom prices, amazing staff, places to park, they have public washrooms, and get this, it's even a grocery store. You could literally live here and live comfortably. I suggest you really give Walmart a chance to awe and inspire you. You really feel at home when you enter those sliding glass doors.

Beth Mousseau

Great product and staff always clean

Daniel Côté

Barbara Studham

I despise this Walmart. Aside from that fact that it is indeed in a convenient location, its always messy and Jam Packed with people it makes you rush as you shop here just GET IN AND GET THE HELL OUT. Its also frustrating not be able to find sale items here because people swarm on them before you even have a chance. It is what it is. My advice get more stock, clean the place up and change the layout

Ashley Cranston

All Systems Bakkoi

Wife loves Walmart . Me not so much... So many people.. not good for people with high anxiety

Sami Jan

Least favourite location in my area.

Nicholas Hughes

The entrance is dirty.. litter everywhere.

Harvey Korolenchuk

It's one of the bigger locations, usually has everything but toys are often scarce, Ancaster keeps better stock of those.

Alex Flockhart

Is a good place which is responsible with good communication skills, organization skills.


I'd give this a 0 if I could.

Marianne Sabatine

OK place to buy stuff

Ken McKillop

Place where you buy all needed things


(Translated) A little less product in inventory since the transformation supercentre but always ended up finding his account. (Original) Un peux moin de produit en inventaire depuis la transformation supercentre mais ont fini toujours par trouver son compte.

David Johnson

Good big clean store, good customer service!

Bil Jay

Great they have flies on menu now...! I live near by Walmart Upper James, Hamilton, ON and end up stopping by to grab the deli food for those busy nights. Its always been pretty nasty parking lot with litter and garbage everywhere but this time what made me post this was dead flies on meat shelves. Employees on breaks littering smoke stubs and spitting right by the entry. If this is the hygiene they practice upfront you can only imagine what goes behind the scenes. Never buying food there again!!!!

Melvin Kuniyanthodath

Kevin James

If you've been to one then you know what to expect

andrew Goetz

It's a Walmart. To all the people with your stupid complaints, If you don't like it then go somewhere else. You bought a bike with a flat tire. That's why it was flat in store. And to the man who complained that after the 11 (when the stores closed) that the manager wouldn't let you use the bathroom because you have a darker skin completion - You weren't allowed to use it because the store is closed and people to need leave!

Erick Gagné

Tim O'Brien

I went in there to get a prescription filled, and in the middle of the Pharmacist assisting me, he LITERALLY disappeared right in front of eyes! One minute there...the next gone! I thought he had gone and assisted someone but nope! Then I realized that they had also closed the pharmacy...thats when I realized my seizures were back. I must have zonked out for a good hour, just standing there like a chump!


Awesome store. So well lit and the signage makes it so easy to find things from the moment you walk in. There are big bright yellow neon signs for each department so it's a refreshing change to playing Maze Runner!

Diane Desbiens

Gilles Lagace

(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

Clarisse K.

Your average suburban Walmart. Usually not too busy outside of peak hours however they often seem to have problems keeping baskets available at the front.

Raffy Morcone

Parking is a nightmare here, stores are clean and new nothing special our great about it, never had bad service just a hell of a time parking in those tiny spots

James Haslam

It was dirty. The store was a mess, shelves were half empty, and no visible staff except at checkout and the electronics section.

Jill Guest

Randi Dale

This Walmart location is VERY poorly stocked and is often sold out of many items, especially if those items are on sale. On the positive side, it has adequate parking.

J-Y Bedard

The children clothes are quite nice

TheEvil SinfulMuffin

Not a great place and dirty

Travis Rigby

It's large clean and tidy. Nothing on the discount racks. Sales this week where ok. Went to self check out. They where not too busy and easy to use. The washrooms are clean. Staff are polite but few. You have a hard time finding someone that knows what is where out side one area. They have a good selection of shaving stuff but yet could not find asaot stick any where? Lol

Omar Omar

Usually very busy walmart and pick up service for your groceries is available at this location. But the inventory is good here.

Alexander MacDonell

Good like always bought more then what we went in for.

L.A Playz

Very good selection with Good customer service

Gordon Journeay

It's okay if you have to go to Walmart. It is ok stacked, ok clean, people working there are ok as well. Not too easy to access from Upper James but it is accessible from Fennell and I strongly recommend that.

Christian Gaudreault

(Translated) Good service (Original) Bon service

Nomadz FPV (tnap1979)

A staff member helped me out with a return I had lost my receipt but she made an exception because she remembered actuality helping me find the item when I bought it. So nice i can't remember her name but Walmart I can tell you you need to pay her more for certain or ill hire her!!

Ryan B

Grocery pickup at this location leaves a lot to be desired. Often times you have to call 3+ times before they pick up. My pickup today (ordered yesterday) has taken OVER 30 min of waiting for them to unload the order nevermind it being brought out. Don't expect pickup here to always save time. Edit: To their credit, the delivery guy did compensate us for the 45 min wait and for his coworker ignoring the phone. (Upgraded to 3 star rating)

Diane Laforest

(Translated) Many articles (Original) Beaucoup d articles

Alexandre de la Roche

(Translated) I love Walmart, I like it because I find almost everything in one place. (Original) J adore Walmart, j aime car je trouve presque tout au même endroit.

martin brassard

(Translated) Bcp choice in the grocery department (Original) Bcp choix dans le département d épicerie

Isabelle Girard

Jessica Sant

claude lavoie

Tyler Mascarenhas

Dirtiest Walmart I've ever been in. Lots of empty shelves. Employees don't seem to care. This reflects on the store manager. They don't to have any direction. I come from out of town. Everyone that I've talk to about this location seem to agree about this store. They would rather shop somewhere else just to avoid this store.

Darren Hammett

Adam George Palios

very much stuck in 1934

Bernard Bern

(Translated) What can I say in this store you find everything and at a good price (Original) Que puedo decir en esta tienda encuentras de todo y a buen precio

Dave Hiltz

Probably the worst Walmart Canada has to offer. They didn't have men's long sleeve shirts. When we asked about it they said I dont think there's any in back and basically wasn't going to check. Then I was looking for a razor and replacement razor. When asked about it, again they told me its around the corner. I mean come on, I was just there. I was asking if you have any. Boxes upon boxes are stacked on the top of all the isles and nobody had the balls to help out.

Jeff Caldwell

Can never find anything or anyone to help you in the store. Feels like it's a self-service store. And it's always disorganized

Sarah Bedford

Always a pleasure to shop here .

Marita Ragheb

I love this Walmart they're open late right beside a bus stop they're also really efficient quick and cashing you out and they're always stocked so you can when things are on sale you know you can show up later in the day and it will still be there

Dave Tee

Beware !!! Always check the price when you scan it . The price on the shelves are different from the system. Always check your receipt. Very disappointing when you decided to buy the item then when you scanned it, it was a wrong price. Then I picked another item and wrong price again.. Price in the system is more. Not good !!!!

Lynne Nicholson

I like Walmart for their prices, but I just really hate going there.

Camille B.

Not happy! Inline skates appeared online. Went to store and only boy adjustable available. I needed both. Other items I purchased or wanted to purchase, I had to search for price! I gave up on a few articles, couldn't locate a scanner. Some consumers do not have the time to search for prices as I did not. If I had more time, I would have left my buggy full and left, I was beyond frustrated but I needed what I had in buggy. Items on sale, for $1 came up for 1.50 even though they were taken from a full box that said $1.

Randy Chau

Kinda sucks now that there are only 2 cashiers, but still the same great prices and the best variety of most items.

Chandelle and Matt King

Mostly shop there because it's convenient. I know the better days to shop there so the shelves are restocked mostly. Meat section is not great. Produce is mostly good. Best section is the Pharmacy and Dairy.

Debra Allan

Could use a restock in certain places other then that its packed sometimes

Jonathan Polak

Always busy and full of dumpy people. I try to avoid this walmart altogether.

mega times oof

Same story as every Walmart full store long lines 2 cashiers

Debbie Dymond

Some of the items were not there,where we’re supposed to is good

Rubaid Khan

Good selection, decent service, great prices.

celine asselin

(Translated) Good shop a lot of choice (Original) Bon magasin beaucoup de choix

Bethany Jones

Some of there prices are good but you can never find a staff member if you need help

123 LSA

Thomas Hyde

Very busy location, and can be a pain to navigate the parking and store due to the rush. For some reason this location is Christmas busy all year long....

Shane Whissell

Busy store so they dont always have the grocery shelves filled....

Helena Andrews

Big store, however many items that I was looking for were not stocked today and they weren't even on sale. Also picked up a Piso of yogurt that expired 2 days ago that I'll now have to return. Usually great store though.

Benjamin Cheng

Very low stock on items, alot of empty space on shelves and no one around to assist. The food department seems well managed however.

Aaron Bieber

Went to customer service at Upper James location today. The woman at the desk was very rude. She threw the item I return on the counter saying it's second party item. So what? I just went there for return. She seemed upset because she doesn't know how to deal with second party stuff ended up with calling on-line support team and still got no help. Her phone conversationwith the team was not fun to hear. Not a pleasant experience. Lack of job training is not an excuse of being rude.

Jean Guérin

(Translated) Many liquidation and low price rebates (Original) Beaucoup de rabais de liquidation et de bas prix

Marc Andre de La Ronde (MAdeLaRonde)

(Translated) Lack of staff in the rows for info (Original) Manque de personnel dans les rangées pour les infos

Pearl Mills

The best Walmart I've been to. Its clean, organized, has friendly staff, and it had basically everything. My only problem is that their employees that work in the gaming/tech area aren't that knowledgeable...


(Translated) I like the supercenter (Original) J'aime le supercentre

John St-Lo (Johned)

Anne Marie Higgins

I've never liked this place. I've been living in the area for five years now and this location only continues to disappoint. The shelves are always bare, the place is filthy and the customer service is the most awful "service" I've ever been given in any previous experience. Service representatives on the phone are more intent on ending the conversation and treating you like an idiot rather than actually providing assistance. Avoid this location at all cost.

Simone Forrester

Was great, nice friendly people

Michelle Toth

Lots of cashiers. Quick in and out

Joshua Erskine

I have not had problems with this walmart... Now or even when it was part of the small mall. I have attended this Walmart since moving to hamilton in 2002.

Tania Hernandez aka Miss Tania Lou

Typical Walmart has a McDonald's in it so sometimes a bit crazy near that section.

Jana Marie

Charges for plastic bags! What kind of desperate store still does this in 2017? I buy so many of your goods that I can't carry them by hand, and you use that as an opportunity to nickel and dime me for a bag? Was not even informed of the charge at the time of purchase which is possibly fraudulent. Only noticed as I scanned the receipt into my pc. No self checkout! Price tags look like they are from the 50s making it hard to distinguish between discounted items and regular priced items. Not enough price check scanners. Online grocery pickup took almost 15 minutes of waiting during off peak time slot! As expected, they gave me the lowest quality and soonest-expiring products.

Amanda Smith

Love the low prices the Customer Service and the.Cashiers

Dina DiGregorio

Just look at the people and say this isn't the best Walmart you ever seen. Don't go here

Andrew Munn

Everything ez to find

Morgan W

Not a bad store.Parking lot is always full.

Kenneth Ngo

Cheap prices and great services

Tejvir Singh

This Walmart has come a long way from being in the tiny plaza. It's much bigger and modern now.

bherer Bherer

Jenni Anson

Found what I was looking for...for less money...

Mandie Purdy

Bought everything I needed. Classic walmart

Deborah Turner

Good affordable place!

Tyler Murray

Tom Arnold

Very large product selection, helpful staff, quick wait at checkout.

Moe Gurgi

This location is great for good but the clothing I would say is always bought so fast when something new comes in that the only sizes they always seem to have is the tiny and the huge sizes never the common sizes.

Sébastien Bouchard

(Translated) Very nice Wal-Mart! (Original) Très beau Wal-Mart!


Usually have everything I need. In the evening though shelves are sparse for produce and other food items.

Jim Flinkert

It was Walmart. Big with lots of stuff. Don't bother asking the staff any questions that's for sure.

guy emond

marco mallia

custmer service is very helpful.

Mohammad Owlia

The only walmart left in canada that is not a superstore, too overcrowded, no room to breathe. Debit machines need to be updated as it keeps declining my card, yet I go to other stores in the mall and it works everywhere else. I would rather drive 1 hour away to gander as the store atmosphere is much better as well as customer service.

Amelia Thompson

It is a good walmart, but it gets extremely busy. They need to have all checkout lanes open during peak hours.

Dany Fournier

Mary-Lou Purdy

Majority of time has what u want in stock. Price matches items.

Kenny Savard

(Translated) We can do his food supplements (Original) On peut y faire ses amplettes de nourritures

Tanya Jennings

The staff are really nice and a great help. I shop there all the time. They are a very busy store and the lines can be long sometimes and they aren't a big store so they don't have enough shelf space for the amount of customers they have. Overall they are a pretty good store.a

Sonia Lamoureux

John Potts

This is one of the many Walmarts that you can choose from in Hamilton.

Brian Beauvais

Not enough cashiers associates not very helpful.

Lily Petal

Hard to find knowledgeable staff

Callie C

Walmart has it's good and bad moments, but today the lady in the photo shop was very kind helpful and didn't seem the hate her life. Very good customer care!

Charlenn Colombel

(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

Robert Mackey

The offer to sign up for a credit card made me laugh. I stated to the Newbie I'd rather kill myself then trust a walmart credit card

Marcia LeBlanc

Great location and store, I think it is the largest on the east mountain, it has it's own pharmacy and McDonald's inside. Many other stores in this plaza that you can get most of what you need in one area.... beer store/liquor stores, CIBC bank, Shopper's drugmart, Tim Horton's, shoe stores, fast food (McDonald's, Taco bell, Chinese food, bulk barn, and more ..

rachael morrison

Good selection Good price


John L

Definitely not a supercenter, they don't sell any fresh meats and have a small selection of fresh veggies. They do sell dairy, cheese, hotdogs etc, with a mix of dry goods and frozen foods. Staff is always friendly with good customer service. A bit on the smaller side so it gets crowded very quickly

Rodrigo Reston

You can find everything there with reasonable price

Cousin Mathias

(Translated) The supermarket takes up a lot of space. (Original) Le supermarché prend beaucoup de place.

Adam Chadwick


Bouchard Cécile

Kendra Sauter

Fred White

Love the place staff good

Sally Rabie

Great I often shop at Walmart

Janice Englefield

Parking lot wars are always found here. Not the greatest selection for anything really. I see more staff standing around then there are checkout lanes open. I guess all walmarts are the same these days.

Amber Aasman

Its got good device and produce

B Bilal

I find it very great walmart because other walmarts dont have what your looking for and this walmart does.

heidi macho

It was a good visit, until I realized I forgot to price match something and had to go to customer service - as I was walking up to the counter the employee there grabbed two buggies and walked away.. I waited and she didn't come right back, so I stepped out to ask a cashier if she could call someone to customer service and the same employer that was walking away, looks at me and says I'm right here (like I was bothering her) and it went down hill from there - customer service is horrible...I wonder if they realize that we can buy all this online and if we start to do that more and more, we won't need crabby customer service people who end up making the people they serve crabby too...I'm tired of bad customer service

Shaya&Bre Sklepowich

Lacks PokeStops but plenty of spawns in the parking lot.

Hayley Doyle

No scooters available thought I was going to have heart attack walking

Renee Gordon

Didn't have half the items I Wanted so I went to upper James Walmart and I was able to get everything

short squirt

No eyedrops of any kind !!!!

jodeep Singh

I appreciate Walmart's continent wide accomodation of commercial drivers in need of a place to shop for supplies and get that great McDonald's coffee. Dawson Creek's Supercentre has seen fit to prohibit commercial vehicles from their lot. And the McDonald's is gone. Move along tired drivers, find somewhere else, safely.

Doris Hutchings

The guards beat me for making the alarm go off. Not a safe place for children period.

Kim Fortin

(Translated) Grocery store, linen store, electronics store, games and kitchen at the same place with plenty of discounts on a lot of things. (Original) Épicerie, magasin de linge, magasin d'électronique, jeux et cuisine à la même place avec plein de rabais sur beaucoup de chose.

Derek Scott

Needs more product line

Dan Tremblay

(Translated) A Walmart supercentre (Original) Un Walmart supercentre


Wonderful staff willing to go above and beyond without question to assist customers for a more efficient and friendly shopping experience.

Patrick Mulrooney (STUDENT)

crowded.. people not following the arrows.

Lewis Hora

Martin Lavoie

(Translated) We find everything in the same place, what's better !! (Original) On trouve de tout au même endroit , quoi de mieux !!

Danny Cameron

Never disappointed with the amount of stock and variety they offer at this store. Albeit needing an upgrade for sure (it is definitely not a Supercentre) it is very easy to navigate aisles for what you need in a quick fashion. The self …

Sonny Rattan

Bad location. Food is about the only thing they keep stocked properly. I went in despirately in need of a new vacuum cleaner. Litterally Every vaccuum cleaner not security wrapped was opened and had parts or filters stolen. Which was 80% of the isle looking like a garbage dump.

Frederick Bouchard

(Translated) Good but less choice since the change to a superstore (Original) Bien mais moins de choix depuis le changement pour un superstore

C Martin

Ok who hasn't been to a wallmart

Tina Jordan

Horrid shopping experience. The store looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. Prices not that great. Lots of staff not many of whom were helpful.

Féedérika Guimont

(Translated) Good service, at a low price ... (Original) Bon service, à petit prix...


Very busy staff try there best

Julie Larouche

Farzan Yazdanjou

This Walmart does not seem very professional and very busy. it seems like most of the people that shop here are just inconsiderate of other shoppers. The layout of the stores very poor as well.

Sad Nexsus

Mike Bruce

My shopping experience was just fine. I found every thing I wanted. And was very pleased with the whole experience. Thank Walmart Upper James.

Élise Bouchard

Megan Blackler

I had lunch at McDonald's. Checked out some items for future purchase in wal mart

Danye Suzette Tremblay

Jessy L

(Translated) Too food (Original) Trop alimentaire

Luke Lefrancois

Convenient location srlls cheap affordable stuff. You can buy almost all essentials of life at an affordable price...Always crowded with customers buying different essentials of life..

Paul Taylor

Parking can be difficult because this location is so busy. Store is decent, has all the standard stuff you’d look for in a Walmart. DVD/Bluray/gaming section is small. This is more of an “in and out” store but meets the need.

Colleen Cicero

No Walmart should ever get higher then 3 stars

Denis Villeneuve

(Translated) Thank you (Original) Merci

Adam s

Big box store with ample parking.

Kaylee Desjarlais

Mikael Laflamme

A lot of new stuff arrived. But Asian food varieties are missing. Home furnishing products are little costly.

Curtis B

Ugly store,do my shopping only because of the prices!

Bill Cibart

Very disappointed with the self checkouts taking over!!!! Not impressed. Hire people.

Kristian James

Sections of menswear were empty. No underwear, no sleepwear, no socks... groceries were stocked well.

James Barbu

Produce is subpar, mostly bruised and poor quality. Accepts price matching. Great selection of canned and packaged foods at quality prices. Middle aisles are always full of skids and people not knowing where to go. Needs more healthy food options and consistent fruit/veggie selection.

Samuell Poirier

(Translated) Lousy customer service, the staff is cold and since we took the grocery transfer there are fewer products. Very regrettable !! (Original) Service à la clientèle nul, le personnel est froid et depuis qu'il on pris le virement épicerie on y retrouve moins de produits. Très regrettable !!

Troy French


Dominic Ouellet

Leneh Hartel

Big choice

Black Kitsune Of the north


Well it has a lot of good things

Kurtis Elsliger

A lot people not enough stuff on cash

Harry Singh

Have everything you need at best prices

Kyle Mosley

The best one stop shop around!

M. Google


(Translated) Staff and pleasant cashier (Original) Personnel et caissière agréable

Daniel Tanner

Collin Budd

Patrick Levesque

(Translated) Perfect (Original) Parfait

joe dacosta

Avoid this location at all costs! It's definitely worth the drive to go to another location. This store consistently looks dirty, busy as a christmas rush no matter what time you go, and often times does not have the supply to meet the demand. From brownie mix to frozen meatballs, I've almost always had to go elsewhere for another item that wasn't in stock. This location is convenient, and on the way home from work, but if I have time I will always go elsewhere.

Mona Tremblay

Mir B

Excellent service and Prices.????

Gord Stephan

Crazy busy but I got what I wanted!

Francis Bouchard

(Translated) Very well (Original) Très bien


Love walmart esp the sale stuff need more staff to help though

Zoey Male

I feel it is expensive !

Madeleine gagnon

Jacques Gagne

Jean-Marc Fortin

Alain Fortin

Kayla H

Very disorganized and always busy. I prefer the garner rd location.

Sherry McKenna

Friendly staff. Great service. Don't usually wait long even if it's busy and there's long lines

Yannic Hernout

(Translated) Very disappointed he has more laundry and other items I had almost more since grocery shopping (Original) Très déçu il a plus de linge et autres articles j'avais presque plus depuis l'épicerie

Tracy Ann

We have been waiting for 40 minutes for someone to go an unlock an sd card while 6 employee just stood and did nothing.

Rhythm Rhythm

It's a smaller Walmart. They do really well with selection still. Produce was good.

Stephane Gravel

(Translated) No seller (Original) Pas vendeur

Hugues Gagnon

Valérie D.

diane cowling

It has a lot of different things and goodies treats and a sports lawn décor and interior sections

Chance Maloney

Walk in Clinic at Walmart. I only gave one star, because a rating of zero stars is not possible. Phoned ahead today to make sure they were open. Receptionist said "Yes we are." I had a terrible time walking over there in the ice storm. Fell twice, ( hurt my arm), and got splashed by ignorant motorists. Once I arrived, I was told that the "Doctor" wasn't in, and could only consult over the computer. The " receptionist", said that the "Doctor" couldn't diagnose pneumonia over the computer, and it would be a waste of time. When I pointed out that I had called ahead to make sure that they were open and was told "yes", she shrugged her shoulders and gave me a look, as if I had done something wrong. Totally unapologetic. Don't waste your time on this unprofessional and unpleasant clip joint.

Jeanpierre Minier

Valerien Cayouette

(Translated) OK like all Walmart (Original) Correct comme tous les Walmart

oghenemarho fregene

Shopping at the Walmart Supercenter is always a joy has become basically a One-Stop Job the only downfall this trip was the rudeness of the security guard at the front door

Nick Stirling

only been there once but I think Walmart is great

Guyaume Bouchard

Alec Noftall

Staff are friendly but there's barely any inventory. Yeah its a smaller store, but the website stock doesnt always match what they have. I have made my way to this location only to find that the product I need is all the way by centre mall. Pretty frustrating but the staff always try and help. Yesterday when I went in to find a specific vacuum, a worker called two other locations to make sure it was at one. Decent parking lot too.

Paul Rayner

I hate Walmart and all the box stores. But sometimes there are no choices



The staff is the worst of any walmart I've ever been in. Everything is always a mess. Clothes over stuffed on racks so as soon as you touch something a bunch of stuff falls off. Every area is kind of scattered.


Nice large store with so much to offer and also has groceries!

Steve Blackmore

Nice store with great service. Needs to be bigger for the numerous customers there.

Skylar Thomas

Online pickup is a nightmare. Just use Amazon and save yourself the grief.

carmen labonté

(Translated) Nothing on the floor since he became a supercenter (Original) Plus rien sur le plancher depuis qu'il son devenu eu supercentre

Annie Watson

Limited selection of specific items but has lots of items. Seem to have a good price but beware.

April Punshon

Super big, great service, always stocked, great bakery!

Sylvain Delisle

(Translated) Its worth the cost. Very pleasing with groceries. (Original) Sa vaut le coût. Très plaissant avec lépicerie.

Martha Rivera

Great quality food items!


Friendly staff and clean store, however it seems that many items are out of stick regularly so I often don't leave with everything I need

Atlantis Rattery & Exotics

typically always has stock even last day of sale items

Valois Nadeau

(Translated) Warm welcome ... especially with a named Alexandra ... give and receive to customers thank you bcp ???? (Original) Accueil chaleureux...surtout avec une dénommée Alexandra...donne et reçoit aux clients merci bcp ????


Very busy store. Aisles are always a bit chaotic.

slypee t

Syed Chowdhury

I want to gouge my fukun eyes out every time i walk into one of these kunt-houses

Dave Munger

Jason Roman

I always go here I wish I can back a apply a work there

Emms Franks

They ban truck access so they loose all points with me. Working in this area and living in the truck makes it impossible to stop here. I'll spend my money elsewhere. Thanks for nothing Walmart. I will also forgo your store when I'm at home in Victoria.

Denis Carrier

(Translated) The staff is courteous !! Everything is at hand !! (Original) Le personnel est courtois!! Tout est à portée de main!!

Darcy Forster

Like wll other Walmarts, clean not too busy

Trini Up

If this Walmart was better at restocking I'm sure the sales would skyrocket I try NOT to go there because I'm usually disappointed

Dylan Laforme

Its a great place too shop with friends and families

Charles Lo Manto

I love coming to this location

Ruurd Offringa

Could have been worse. Needs more handicapped parking

Randy Thompson

Good location easy to find products

Zeen Bal

No problem going in getting everything I needed and out without hassle, lineup was small and moved quickly. Also received help from staff members in a fast courteous manner

Jared W

Easy to find what your looking for

stephanie mcivor

Very customer friendly..super..

Harry de Jong

Always a great place shop

Tyler Palmer

They took out 90% of the staffed checkouts and put in self checkouts, adds so much time....stupid

Clint & Erin Turner

I always get the things I need there.

Sam Rosu

Wal mart needs a make over of management. I go in here and there is tons of management just walking around doing nothing and no cashiers. Which equals to poor customer service. Wal mart needs a union because Union shops don't put up with that nonsense

Richard Hansel

What can I say it's a walmart lol

Chris Duvall

Nope, it was better when it was in the mall. Not the Walmart for me, it is cramped, less stock than you'd think, pretty ugly with those signs, and a terrible parking lot.

Phillip Clark

No one to help load the heavy stationery exercise bike. Look around for help but no one was available. Finally we managed.

Carrie Laws

Found what I was wanting, but the store appears to have alot of under stocked shelves.

Ken Thomas

Wal-mart has great pet food for cheap prices. All around best store to hit first for big items.

Aka Gambit

The staff are friendly and very helpful. I purchasing queen sheet set and mattress protector for a new mattress previously purchased online.

Amber Weiss

Check out is consistently friendly. Good prices. Pretty much getting what you're going for.

David Svoboda

Lots of variety. Good prices. Wine and beer sold here.


Lots of good customer service. Plenty of parking space. Friendly and store is huge with everything you need. Groceries electronics etc etc. Also order online and park and have it brought out to your vehicle. Don't need to even get out or walk in if it's bad weather

Estelle Boulianne

(Translated) A lot of choices (Original) Beaucoup de choix

David Desmeules

(Translated) Not a lot of choice in clothes. (Original) Pas beaucoup de choix dans les vêtements .

Miriam MacLeod (Mimi)

The staff were all in their own little world and preferred to have private conversations between them than to help you, it's a shame but there were some that seems to be excellent. I went in for a computer and the clerk that I requested information from left to check the back for the one I wanted and never came back, just left one other customer and me standing there wondering. The other customer and I finally left , I found out that she sent on her break but never told anyone else about our requests.

Angela Salmon

Great place to shop great prices

Alex Patino

Great for everything a student needs. I saw someone complaining on charging for plastic bags and let me tell you who else actually does that: Lowe's Canada, Home Depot, Home Hardware, No Frills, Food Basics, FreshCo, pretty much anyone in the field would charge you with plastic bags, you may argue on computer stores, what do you think you are paying the environmental fees for? I can find pretty much everything when I lived here including clothes (well not including suits), grocery, tech stuff, and DIY department is a huge plus for me since I do lots of DIY stuff and I really don't want to drive to Lowe's. Staff are mostly helpful, especially in the tech department cuz I had the most fun there talking to the staff. The flaw was said by someone else as well: you would be super patient to look for a basket, as they could be everywhere in the store...

Guangyue Li

Andrew Baine

Really busy but usually have anything I need for reasonable price

robert waffle

It's Walmart


Never had the printing calculator in stock so I went and bought it from staples. Paid $15 more but at least I have the product in my hand.

Larry Campbell

Because is near my home where I find almost I need.

Tek Savvy

Usually well-stocked, good location. Would be nice to have help stations throughout the store for when customers have questions.

Paul Safranyos

Some good deals, some stuff is just rediculously priced

daniel lafond

(Translated) It's Walmark (Original) C'est du Walmark

Bambi Seymour

Find nearly any needed useful household item

Adam Roy Isley

Very Good products and excellent customer service

Levi Chambers

It's wal mart. So you've already got a good idea already. This one isn't always stocked with what you need. And I don't recommend supporting a big corporation when there are plenty of alternatives. The meat is always subpar. The produce is actually in decent shape, but no frills and metro are just down the road.

Raistlin Van Spronsen

Customer service was great

Gisele Grenier

Started out with great deals, now toy section for my kids is non existent, products are substandard quality and the prices do not reflect that; better bargains else where.

Gordon Ng

Never any staff to ask questions. Every time I go there they don't have what I need. Not a big selection of stuff

CCL Wash and Seal Nic Catalano

Great customer service from the senior staff in yellow best twice the staff have by passed the product protection and used customer service to obtain coverage on products


store is outdated and the area is in need of a much larger wal mart. we order online to avoid this store

Trent Hogan

Worst Walmart ever. There is no one time I go buy anything at any time unless i go and do not find it! The shop is always under supplied and is always messy and disorganized. I prefer go to the Ancaster Walmart.

ludovick giguere

Matt Langdon

Martin Lachance

(Translated) Set an evening in rv. 2 others. Camp. Evening very quiet. And not achallander. Slept very well (Original) Coucher une soiree dans rv. 2 autres. Camper. Soiree tres pas achallander. Tres bien dormie

Matthew Yantha

Never really like Walmart. It alwayd lacks customer service, lots of thing have clearly been stolen as some items aren't in their packages. People seem to regularly feel entitled to smoke vapes in the store, assuming they think its a healthier alternative for themself and everyone around them. Sigh....

Isabelle Gauthier

Rambling Josh

Unfortunately, this Walmart is super close, so it's the one I have to go to. It's produce is gross (bugs), the aisles are always cluttered, the lines are too long, there's hardly and cash registers open, and they are always out of the products I need. However, Great Value makes amazing products. I strongly recommend it as a less expensive alternative. I've never been disappointed. Even the chocolate is awesome!

Sara St-Pierre

Daniel Simard

lina gagnon

(Translated) Everything for the home: groceries, hardware, furniture, audiovisual, gardening, fashion, beauty, ... Affordable prices. (Original) Tout pour la maison: épicerie, quincaillerie, meubles, audiovisuels, jardinage, mode, beauté, ... Prix abordables.


Paul Wong

Possibly due to proximity to students, selection is always incredibly limited.

Jonathan L

Great store, everything you need for even groceries

jo arc

Best Walmart Staff in BC and AB! Store is easy to cruse around!


Jennifer Gomez

Marthe Kedjeyi

(Translated) Good price and lots of choice (Original) Bon prix et bcp de choix

Meggean “Megg” Watkinson

staff are rude and "sale" tags are covering the regular price tags which are the same amount.

Deanna Scott

Very slow service

Vital Dumais

Roy Simmons

Your typical walmart. Has everything that walmart has.

Michel Lemieux

(Translated) Too much food not enough clothes (Original) Trop de bouffe pas assez de vêtements

Brent D.

Well laid out and check out lines moved well.

Joyann Stockley

Location is way too small, would rated 1 star for building, 5 stars for staff.

Serge Gagne

(Translated) Very beautiful store beautiful welcome (Original) Très beau magasin bel acceuil

Bradley Reschny (SwimmingPilot21)

Christopher Graham

I love Walmart. You can count on regularity of store layout. Prices are the same across provinces. The restrooms are relatively clean, and the stock is the same from store to store.

Claude Fradette

(Translated) Nice place some things are more expensive than elsewhere (Original) Bonito lugar algunas cosas son máss caras que en otro lugar


It is being reno'd to be more efficient they are the best all in one shopping place in Dawson


Good location, plenty of seats, comfortable couches.

Adam Craig

It is an excellent store to shop, the store has friendly, dedicated, and happy to help associates ????


Interesting people. But a quick in and out. I got what I needed.

marcus a

There's a hot bakery girl, I like her warm buns, other than that, this place is okay ( 4 stars for the hot buns)

Curtis “KnightTaksQueen” Benoit

Very friendly service

Alexander Reschny (AR78)

Standard Walmart superstore.

Kristen Martinez

Love shopping at this Walmart. Most helpful n organized 1.

Kulwant Singh

Dirty,too much automation not enough staff at cash

Jason Durdle

Way too crowded with stock cluttering isles. Staff are friendly enough but if you find it difficult getting around shopping tends to be stressful.

Eric Bolduc

Worst pharmacy ever for customer service. Waited in line for an 1.5 hr just to buy needles

Cassondra Parsons-Saunders

Nice place to shop

Sarwar Alam

Stock isn't the greatest but pricing is good.

Yves Vachon

(Translated) Nothing existing. (Original) Rien d existant.

Juan Diaz

The coffee/appliance section had a lot of models on display, but impossible to find pricing or matching models to purchase. Pretty messy area too with products everywhere in no particular order.

Connie Fitzpatrick

After trying to correct my total at the till myself the cashier proceeded to still over charge. Fixed at courtesy counter before i left the parking lot this time.

Stephane Darveau

(Translated) Have everything, friendly staff. (Original) Ont trouve de tout, personnel accueillant.

Shane Sabiston

For it being Christmas, the store wasn't out of everything I needed. The staff helped find right items for my needs. Very cheerful. Still, alot of people for the size of store in there!

Preston Opsahl

Ramesh Vishwanathan

Walmart is Walmart. Good prices, easy checkouts.

Andre Lavoie

(Translated) Where is the beef (Original) Где говядина

Stephane Munger

(Translated) it have too much remove item with the super center (Original) il ont trop enlever d'article avec le super center

Ronald Rivet

(Translated) lots of choices about laundry and other (Original) beaucoup de choix sue le linge et autres


Stefan Domaradzki

Too crowded in the parking lot, each spot so narrow, very easy to get some scratches on you vehicle.

fede preguntame

More products than some other Walmarts but good luck getting a cart or basket seeing as they can't be bothered to collect them most of the time.

Janine Vaillancourt

Steven Livingstone

Was ok just a Walmart gotta get your s**t and out heh

Ryan Pettinelli

This walmart is so disorganized compared to others in the city.

Kelyanne Brassard

(Translated) Too much food ... much less f'articlrs div ersdays on the shelves. (Original) Trop de bouffe...beaucoup moins f'articlrs div ersdans les rayons.

Shannon Thomson

Great selection of products and a full grocery store. The staff are helpful and friendly. Walmart will price match as well so you can save lots of money that way.

Jason Fiddler

Best cheese bagels also fema concentration camps for new world order!!! Grey state

Raymond Mancheron

(Translated) Walmart is Walmart .... but since they have added the grocery section which is excellent .... it has reduced to other department (Original) Walmart c est Walmart .... mais depuis qu il ont ajouté la section épicerie qui est excellente ont réduit sur d autre département

ally snowdy

Clean place, nice people

Nicolas Paz

Great selection... prices Great toooo! ????

Mayank Patel

Almost always poor. Dirty, many specials out of stock. I tend to now shop elsewhere so i can obtain points rewards. I was a 100% Walmart shopper for past 8 years but only go now if i am stuck. i.e. other stores not open. You should consider some type of REWARDS PROGRAM.


I always shop at this Walmart. Staff is very nice.

alexandre proulx

Lps World Lps

GREAT selection of product and good prices.

S. M

The staff dont seem to care about their job or customers. Everyone is in a huge rush. I will live near by and will drive to stoney creek or ancaster before going to the upper james store

Kiera Foster and Ammar Channa

hate this walmart the most. parking lot is the worst. how stingy in space can they be by giving the slimmest spots!

Ben Stimpson

Wal-Mart food

Ghislain Côté

(Translated) We find everything! (Original) On trouve de tout!????

Christine Ellis

Wal-Mart was fine had everything I wanted

Adrian Strong


Has everything. Will shop there again.

Dave Larouche

(Translated) Complete good store (Original) Complet bon magasin

Richard Tremblay

(Translated) Selecting (Original) Du choix

Nicole Tremblay

(Translated) really like it to be a multicenter but since that is lack of choice ... (Original) vraiment plaisent que ce soit un multicentre mais depuis que cé sa y manque de choix...

Josiane Bethune

The lady in the freezer section is the best Wal-Mart employee I have ever met Hardworking helpful and so very nice Wal-Mart needs more people like her.

Sharon Calahaisen

It's walmart. Expect nothing more, nothing less.

Don Hertel

Constantly greeted with a smell of body odour. Deodorant should not be optional when in the customer service industry. Never seem to have new boys baby clothes. Overall a huge disappointment. I would suggest going to peace river or Grand Prairie

Gabe Tinebra

It was busy but good


Employees make the experience much more enjoyable and the prices are not to bad either ????

Cute Koala

Friendly staff and beautiful women work could you go wrong??

Buki Omotosho

Open early. Spacious. Good selection.

seven star

Big store, lots of selection.

Francois Baillargeon


Shelley Orr-Parks

Honest'y, it's a giant retail outlet that does fine. I don't expect to be swept off my feet when I'm customer #204 023, and neither should you.

Susie Konkle

A big big mess. Maybe due to the large number of incoming students in fall but this store needs to be managed better

Kristin Glover

H. Dimsdale

The employees are usually pretty good whenever I end up going here and need assistance. Clean store and good prices. It's much better than the old one.

Nick Hopman

Great prices, huge selection of products!

Alex Selphodora

Has a surprising amount of product for the size of the store.

stephane monette

(Translated) A well-appointed Walmart like all Walmart. (Original) Un Walmart bien aménagé comme tous les Walmart.

Emily Clow

Better than fsj Walmart

Sam King

Fast and easy to find things.

Andrew Abbott

Like any other Walmart. Clean and well stocked. Has the McDonald's. In a plaza if there is other things you are looking for. Has packaged and frozen groceries, but no real fresh produce.

Devon P

Not well organized.. like rhetoric clothing department

Eric Jomphe

(Translated) All renovate complementary power supplies (Original) Tout rénover alimentations complémentaires

Isabel Mercanti

I like tWalmart supercenter because you can get everything you need in one place. The staff are friendly. The store is usually clean and the prices for some items are really good . One of the main reasons why I shop at Walmart is because of their great prices. The only criticism I have is, because it's a big store trying to find a staff member to help can be frustrating. They should consider having more employees on the floor to help customers.

M Khan

Just spend 2 hours trying to make a photo book total waste of time because the girl working had no idea what the heck she was doing. Then proceeds to call Dave for help and his answer was go home and do it online. I don't have a computer and paid for a babysitter to come do this as I'm a single mom. Very frustrating and they did nothing to compensate for my time and I still don't have my photo book.

Tony moore

The staff was wonderful but shelves were a disaster and selection was disappointing. It looked more like value village or the goodwill store.

Mark Dunn

Friendly service

Gordon Cootray

God bless Walmart

Emily Ouillette

Marwan Masri

Going in here is like going into the twilight zone. Just a very strange group of clientele

Sue Metcalf

Good selection and good prices.

Denis Maltais

Jason Bell

The change table in the men's bathroom is in the worst possible spot. To change your baby's diaper you are standing behind the door so if someone swings it hard enough they will hit you and they also have the bin for needles right above your child

Dany Fradette

Robert Dean

Clean. Well priced obviously. Haha. Cashiers were always smiling and very nice.

Stephane Larouche

Annie Lumb

Polite, efficient staff helping customers get in and out fast ESPECIALLY with returns.

Miles Addison

I used to go there at least twice a month, I usually walk out by purchasing something.

Jade-Emilie Tremblay

Tyler Kipling

Went to get a passport photo taken today. Was waiting in the photo centre for at least 30 minutes, had at least 5 or 6 employees walk past behind me, ignoring me, without mentioning why the wait is taking so long or why theres no one here. Wont see me walk through those doors again.

Stephane Ouellet

(Translated) Good (Original) bien

Wyatt Macphee

Pretty good Walmart

Matthew Dakins

The store is too small with inadequate customer and product space.

Pierre Gagné (Colnago C50)

Ruby Drake

I didn't realize when i go to Wal-Mart i have to go to work with self check out and pay for bags which i have to bag my stuff Wal-Mart has gone way down hill so many people just standing around talking when they could be checking customers out!!

Marcus Farrell

Like the hrs. Great prices and good quality. Fresh food.

carla wetherill

It's Walmart guys and gals. Staff keep the store clean. Not often are you looking at empty selves... One complaint is they run out of coffee creamer lots but no one is perfect haha

Isis Ramirez

One of the worst Walmarts. 2 checkouts.. 6 or so self checkouts. Don't waste your time here.. don't buy to much it will take you forever to self check it out. dirty store

Linda Boucher

garbage store bad management and very dirty in produce and the manergers are racist and some of the assciates upper james is not good at all i advise people to go shop somewere that will give you some and most of these respect and most of the people that give good reviews about the store work for walmart there not real reviews.

Steve Normand Le Brasseur

(Translated) Very good department shoes department !!! (Original) Très bon service département des souliers!!!

Audrey Froude

Didn't find what I was looking for but that's okay. It was not normal item that I would have normally looked for at this store in the past. Always good service, plus the staff are doing a great job with regards to shopper control during this unusual time.

Barry Decker

a best place for shoppholic persons ,it will be more beneficial for indian community ,if they provide some more vegetables and veg. products

Navneet Sodhi

Good place but with new setup of mostly self checkouts it is a bit inconvenient

Nico Spins

As good as a Walmart can get I guess

Guillaume Potvin

(Translated) There are all you need (Original) Il y a tous se qu'il faut

Adam Klimek

A big store. Has everything for grocery I want. Great customer services I have experienced

Francess Chadwick

The shelves in the men's clothing area were in disarray, the change room area wasn't staffed, many price tags were missing from underwear and socks area. The store overall felt dim which gave a vaguely dirty feeling to the store in general.

Richard Ferris

Is a smaller Walmart than the Super Walmart...we love shopping here as we know were everything is, same great prices and selection. ...friendly staff...filling up the RV to begun our Alaska Hwy adventure at this mile zero Walmart was great last summer.

Rene Bouvhard

Wandering Minstrel

Worst customer service experience i had. Bought rim cover having been using them 2 weeks just 1 fell off somewhere in the road. This is a safety concern also they wouldn’t even consider a return or refund.

Bernice White

Bought items clearly marked on sale but when i looked at receipt full price was charged....very disappointing....

Trent Cardinal

I only shop here if it's completely necessary.

Jana Manambit

Hate being watched. Don't think I don't notice.

Dany Richard

(Translated) Service not strong except electronics and we find nothing (Original) Service pas fort sauf l'électronique et on trouve pu rien

Tony Van Brabant

Since they got the self check corral I hate it and my family refuses to go there anymore especially since the self checks can't even take cash

M. B.

Marissa Burnett

Worst shopping experience ever. Pharmacist just plain lazy no help what so ever. Electronics dept. Just as bad. I had to go to front of store just to cash out. Then when i went to complain i was told management all gone home at 9pm. The store closes at 11pm. I say fire everyone & restart. Worst shopping ever. I would sooner shop at giant tiger.

Tammy Hendsby

I usaully spend 2-4 hours here!

Angela Brown

Horrible experience calling about a missing wallet. Spoke to someone who was extremely unhelpful considering the stressful situaion. Could not let me know if a wallet was turned in within the last hour and had a rude tone our entire conversation. The first contact point for Wal-Mart should not be speaking to people in this manner and provide a better quality helpful customer service .

Ruth Settle

Staff not bad need more handicap ride bugs staff did knot no if they had eney

Kino Enriquez


Ronda Cantin

Ron Beasley

Always busy, never an associate around for help, disorganized overall. Customer service lacks the respect for the customers.


Sylvie Petiquay

(Translated) Well located (Original) Bien situé

Thérèse Tremblay

Rula Atwan

Low prices, low wages. Capitalism on full display.

Rosa Almawardi

It's always understaffed and always crazy busy. Nothing is ever stocked, a lot of shelves are bare. And you're always gambling with your life while walking through the parking lot. Seriously, just go to Burlington.

Christiane Caron

(Translated) It has changed a lot, we think we entered a super market. (Original) Sa beaucoup changer on crois entré dans un super Marché..

Joanie Lapointe

Chris George

Little different than the United States Walmart but still has everything you need

Michael Daignault

I don't like the fact that Walmart Canada is selling US. Dairy products, specifically Milk

Michel Blackburn


Dan Condon

This is a very busy Walmart. Frequently items are out of stock. Parking lot spaces are tight. Even the store aisles are pretty narrow. Store seems under staffed, hard to find help when you need it. Wish this location had an Auto Center.

Mr. W

they are great recommend u go shopping there. there manners are perfect and they will answer all your questions>

stan kudlats

Always out of stock, can never find what you need and never anyone around to assist.

Tom Dunbar

Christian Villeneuve

(Translated) There is everything and the employees are very kind and respectful (Original) Il y a de tout et les employés sont très gentils et respectueux

minou minoune

Perry Guthmiller

It’s The same as every other walmart. Clean, staff aren’t very friendly, lots of stock.

Joanne anzkie

Store at Mohawk and u. sherman,photo dept. the Kodak photo machines don't work properly,machine # 1 & 2 no receipts, the one hour machine cannot make c.d. s This is over the period of 6 weeks! When staff is questioned, they say Kodak won't come to repair. I hate to think of the possibility of why the receipt hasn't been fixed,The attendant has to come to the machine to see the price,sad ,state of affairs

Tammy Dinino

So over crowded and completely disorganized

Kate Sai-Boateng

Its a very good place to shop for different items you need.

Paul Hutchins

Not impressed with being told tap is supported then being told at checkout that it is not supported. Would like to see it supported during this covid ordeal.

Jason Cormier

Great deals as always , you do get what you pay for!

Nabiha Aziz

Horrible I avoid this place by any means necessary! I drive all the way to centennial. This place is picked threw and rude.

Paula Madge

carlos Timoteo

Bun 'n' Cheese

Best Walmart I have ever been to! The arrangement of aisles are perfect. The bakery is always fresh. Nice selection of clothing, furniture and etc.

Remi Grenier

Gavin Seheult

Has more than just groceries

Debbie A Ellis

The selection is not as good as the larger one in Ancaster. The cashier's are mostly friendly.


Busy place some stuff out of stock


They screwed up my order and missed items paid for

gary lizotte

Had everything I needed!!! ????

Sabe A

Nice place but never enough cashiers at the checkout. Plus. Some items sold are sub standard.


Busy, loud, crying children, angry people - it's Wal Mart enter cautiously and with lowered expectations.

Alex Ward

It is the most easiest place we're I can get most things I require

Isaak Larouche

Jabbar Mirza

Decent Size. could be played out better and more clean.

Bruno Langevin

(Translated) Walmart is Walmart (Original) Walmart c'est Walmart

muhammad ahmad

Too busy and stock was low or none on the shelf of what I wanted.

Howard Robinson

I usually go shopping here it is good wallmart

Carole Tremblay


Small, not a supercenter so doesn't carry as much as some other Walmarts

Sylvain Beaumier

Charlene Elliott

Prices and deals are always amazing

Pascal Tremblay

(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

rr berne

Nice little walmaet

Dannye Tremblay

(Translated) Very good as store in addition to the supermarket inside. (Original) Très bien comme magasin en plus du supermarché à l'intérieur .

Joanne Johnson

Lots of selection, great for one stop shopping.

Rick S

Nice and clean. Always you can found everything .

Andre Harvey

Derek Cheeseman

Store is normally quite busy and in my experience checkout lines are exceptionally longer than other Walmart's making for longer waiting and overly congested areas when entering and exiting this location.

Crystal Osbourne

I had a gift certificate in the form of an email given to me at Christmas but lost it so they helped me get another one even tho they didn't know how to do it. Yesterday we were in to see about too and my husband had a really bad dizzy spell. One of your employees (Holly) was extremely helpful in getting us the help we needed including calling the manager and her calling the pharmacist in to talk to us. He finally started feeling better so we could go home. We were very thankful for all the help we received at the store!!

Charlotteruthbryant Bryant

Your typical big box store. Location is clean, staff are efficient and this store carries a wide variety of items. I prefer to support small business but sometimes you just have to go where it is more affordable.

Jonathan Simard

(Translated) Achi shop hai (Original) Achi shop hai Zachary1

David Jr Salewski

Camille Renaud

Noreen McLean

Good place. Lots of collections

Steve Tkachysyhn

Colin Ferguson

8 am quick visit best time to go

Natali Bouchard

rusty rider

It's a good shop, reasonably clean

Stephane Duval

Ofelia Dailey

Very busy with only semi-curious customers.

Carleen van Hoesel

Big store, friendly always helpful staff. Better selection of brands than some other locations. Always has better Coca Cola stock than Center Mall.

Jason K

This Walmart has the worst selection out of all the Walmarts in the area. It seems like all the stuff the other stores can't sell get dumped here. Absolutely the worst yarn section of any Walmart I've ever been in. Rarely enough of one colour to complete a project, section is completely unorganized and messy. Would love to be able to buy yarn at this Walmart as it's the closest to my home, but instead I drive to the clean, well organized and amply stocked one all the way over on Stoney creek mountain. I own a small business and purchase yarn in large quantities regularly. This Walmart is missing out on profits due to their lack of selection

Martine Boutin

Kelly McCutcheon

Best in the city for merchandise but could use better service on the floor

Fabien Larouche

(Translated) Ordinary since the grocery store (Original) Ordinaire depuis qu'il y a l'épicerie

James le king savard

(Translated) People welcome ... (Original) Des gens accueillent...

Daniel Chen

Long wait at check out.

Carl Chapadeau

(Translated) Wallywaller 4EVER (Original) Wallywaller 4EVER

Mooc X (Mooc Xtreme)

TGFW ...thank God for Walmart! How did we ever get by? Walmart may be the sole surviving box store in Canada (aside from Costco). Great store. Excellent inventory ...everything you need. And, I like that they have lots of cashiers. I can zip in and out quickly or if I choose I can look at an endless choice. I also appreciate that Walmart hires older people. Good store always ship with care and know your prices.

Eric Bergeron

(Translated) Wide variety of food products (Original) Grande variété de produits alimentaires

Chris Saltis

Busy but decent service checking out

LEpage KArine

(Translated) Not too crowded ... large parking lot ... (Original) Pas trop de monde ...grand parking ...


Terrible customer service, staff are not helpfull or friendly. This store is by far the worst kept of any Walmart I have ever been to, I wish I could do business with this location but as the staff are not helpfull or friendly and the store is in such a state of chaos that you spend so much time just trying go find a product and its price that you give up and leave.

Travis Anderson

Luc Cote

(Translated) The flowers were beautiful (Original) Les fleurs étaient belles

Lisa G

They have employees that will assist you in carrying purchases to your vehicle. Last evening one of those employees who helped me load cat litter into my car -something that I could not have done without help. He refused a tip repeatedly stating it was against policy. I was impressed by his integrity.

Joan Màrtin

Great vegan and zero waste options surprisingly. They really listen to what the customer wants. I want to villanize the bad big company but I cant

Lou Tseramis

This location is pretty huge, usually have everything I need in stock, ample free parking in adjacent lot, washroom are okay

Robert Moses

Typical Wamart. Very busy location. This location has a better selection of Blu Ray movies than most in Hamilton and Burlington.

Mike Roland

Friendly folk, good prices, good selection of goods.

Joshua Remmelzwaal

Always soo great shopping HERE

Carolyn Smith

It ok. Because it's a Walmart.

Gilbert Ouellet

(Translated) Beautiful store (Original) Beau magasin

Diane Secord

This is a typical Walmart store. It has just about anything you need, clothes, pharmacuticles, groceries and more. Ample parking and a closed in Mall next door. A beer and liquor store in close proximity as well.

Guy Greening

Long lines dirty stink

Patrick Hardy

(Translated) Lack of stock we find nothing compared to other walmart the grocery store takes up too much space. (Original) Manque de stock on trouve rien comparé aux autres walmart l'épicerie prend trop de place.

Cynthia Robin

I will be back

Mario Larouche

Serge Bernier

Darryl Miniquaken

Good Walmart

Lucie Potvin

(Translated) Excellent (Original) Excellent

Frédérique Cloutier

(Translated) Tidy store, professional and courteous staff, low-cost merchandise, a Walmart voucher (Original) Magasin en ordre, personnel professionnel et courtoix, marchandise à bas prix, un bon Walmart

Michel Gervais

gino o

(Translated) Good, but very small for a supercentre. (Original) Bien, mais très petit pour un supercentre.


Best place for every kind of shopping with a very reasonable price

Brianne Walsh

I can. Never buy my breakfast cookies there they just don't carry belvita breakfast cookies ! Also the cashiers need to lean his to pack groceries properly ! If a customer gives u bags, cooler bags ! U need to put the frozen foods in the freezer bags not in the regular bags ! I hate spending 20-30 mins longer after shopping and checking out to repackage my groceries so they won't go bad on the way home ! I take the dam bus or walk !

Paul Fudge

Good cheap stuff. But check the stuff you are buying carefully to make sure it isnt already broken. Someone there puts returned broken goods back on the shelf for sale.

Robert Coxe

It's ok nothing to make it stand out

Omolola Adeniran

Has everything, great customer care

Robert Turner

Good prices and well stocked but always busy at cash

De Silva

It is a full service walmart.. groceries etc.. not as big as eastgate or rymal but it's ok. not too impressed with the 12 items or less lines.. but it is a good idea rather than be behind someone with 5 shopping carts

Emilie Beaumont

(Translated) fair (Original) Corecte

Chantale Roberge

Clinton Green

J-F Lemieux

Robin Bouchard

(Translated) Lack of people on the weekend we do not find anyone to help us (Original) Manque de personne la fin de semaine nous ne trouvons personne pour nous aide


Always enjoy shopping here

Jacinthe Noel

Ron H

Havin fun .. Lol

Fadia Almousallam

Great place to get deals of coarse

adam wagler

One of my least fave Wal-Mart's

Jimmy Turgeon

Emma Mudie

Best prices, even compared to other Wal-Mart's. Curtious staff, clean store.

Sandy Charlebois

(Translated) very good store center well located and in new condition (Original) tres bon centre magasin bien situé et a l'état de neuf

Tracey Clegg

Try ordering online! Thanks for the $10 e-voucher!

Audrey Simard

(Translated) It's good (Original) C' est bien

Lavoie Celine

(Translated) tentos I'm going to buy my tablete (Original) tentos je vais acheter ma tablete

Chad Wismer

The most unprofessional staff ever.

Leo M

it's walmart... if you haven't been to one, check it out

Casandra Davis

Pretty good

Anna Galati

Typical Walmart. Nothing too surprising here.

Annick Villeneuve

Jeff C

Always good prices and deals

Dave Gabriel

Cashier was not helpful. I brought my own bags and the cashier wouldnt help put the stuff inside. Kept putting my items all over the place so I had to find them and put them in my own bag. Was pretty rude

Jennifer Baic

Suitable prices and good choices.

Viktoriia Herasymenko

LeeAnne Christen

Love all Walmarts but they move products to much! I know to get you to go threw the store so you buy stuff you do not need.

Lydia Dawn

Good store with walking medical clinic, western union, McDonald, Photo and Vision Centre

Sabrina V

Donna Poirier

Tried to print a 2 pictures. Could not link to their system and with only 1 staff member available I received little to no help

diane tremblay

David H

This corner store as I call it is much to small , inventory is not that great and I personally don't go there anymore, I much prefer Gander which is a "superstore" now with the new addition, only an hour away. It says Grand Falls is a supercenter I have not idea who labelled that. Lol. What a joke. I wish they do bring a new Super Centre here like the new Canadian Tire store recently built, that will certainly get a 5 ***** rating from me.

Brandon Schlichting

Their customer service needs improvement. No ever knows what their doing, other than that good place to get your stuff

Brenda Henry

Nice place and friendly cashiers

Marykate Makey

Everything you could want and more

Trevor Brotton

In and out .great cashiers

Ken Ross

Wal-Mart. What's to say. It's a big one with deli.

Maurice Villeneuve

Miriam Maglaya

Everything was to crowded in my opinion but overall it wasnt to bad all the employees we met were kind and patient.

phil martin

Always smells at front entrance way, does the store clean? Hard to find a few person that works there to answer questions. Customer manager doesn't honour rain checks if no product is available - it's in the flyer so it should be available - order more!!

Jessica Baker

I am a frequent customer here , literally like 2-3 times a week sometimes everyday love thier products and bargain shops and sales but honestly I went thier today between 4pm-6pm it was absolutely ridiculous it was completely packed with so many people for whatever reason , and only 3 stations open , I think it was 16, 14 and 10. Then ofcourse the 1-12 items al 4 stops were open but it seemed like people where in that line that had MORE then 12 items not all but a few people had more witch made it even longer to get threw the check out , the opened 3 other cashiers ofcourse where Jamed with people with over 20-30 items , and last but not least I came in to return a item I just bought after realizing I had boughten the wrong item and had to switch it out so ofcourse I know the procedure I have to go to customer service , I was like okay only 3 people that's fine seemed like the shortest line lol so I was happy THOUGHT it would only take a few minutes , but ofcourse Nope it took 30-45 minutes !!! Alll because dispite the whole store having lots of people , I have no idea where half the staff was to work registers , let alone a manager to help out either customer service or the cashiers because soon that 3 people line at customer service turned into 15 people waiting , to be seen because some girl and her two daughters kept arguing about some card that didn't load and wanted thier points or whatever witch was fine , everyone has their own reason to go to Customer service and have thier problem fix , but thier "problem" took like 20-30 minutes just them because of the card thing then paying for a bunch of groceries or whatever food they had with them then the girls bank card not working 4 times THEN Not to mention some girl with dark long hard randomly came over to customer service to one of the registers and I was thinking awesome ! Someone to help make the customer service line go faster ! But nope she came over and brought some pregnant girl with her formula who had coupons to get a discount on formula like that's all great but she looked like a supervisor or something and she sees a line of 15-20 people in a CUSTOMER SERVICE line and she didn't choose to help assert himself instead she spent 10-15 minutes helping this girl with formula witch ended up not working and her having to use the phone to call someone to help THEN taking the pregnant customer over to her till to finish the transaction as a 5$ off . THEN a gentalmen brought over a stroller and another young girl brought over some other item to put in the back of custsomer service SEEN the line and still didn't choose to help , bottom Line , if it gets busy like tht you should be prepared with having more staff available to assist customers to make things less chaotic and run more smoothly , and also teach the staff you choose to hire that majority of the team when a line up is very long usually as a team mate you help to bring the lines down not just for the cashier but for the overall store preformance .ive worked in customer service all my life and I'm not perfect , but I know and can handle the basics . But this tonight was absolutely ridiculous. You guys have good stuff majority of the time with varieties to choose from , but your staff performance and job performance needs a lot of work . Especially for busy times even if thier unexpected.

Helen Tremblay

(Translated) Oh, it's empty! Nice cashier! (Original) Oh c est vide! Gentille caissière!

Sean Palmerston

Some great people work here!

Kevin Lowe

Bill Jensen

Eric Sousa

Great selection and prices.


Ethan Pike

Friendly staff..well stocked. The best place to get your digital photos done. The staff there are well informed and courteous. They even have patience for the digitally challenged.

Chris Mahler

Mélanie St Laurent

Eric Trottier

Samuel Roy

(Translated) Excellent 10 (Original) Excellent 10

Christine Marten

Walmart is good but sometimes i can not find the products i want to buy

Vanessa Tonkin

This store is no longer clean and offers much less than it offered in the past.

Cory Murray

Quite frequently dirty and in disarray. Lines are frequently a problem as it is understaffed and forget getting through to anyone when it's busy. Phones are now ignored when there is customers at customer service desk who now have to pick up the phone

Debby Morgan

Great deals easy to find things staff are friendly way better then the Walmart at the centre on Barton

Peter N

George Molyneaux

Used to be alot better many shelves take along time to get restocked. I go with my son alot to look at toys. Shelves are empty. They haven't restocked the toys since before Christmas.

Iris Meldrum

Walmart needs to stay strong despite other competitive chains in this small town. (P.S. BRING MCDONALD'S BACK!!)

félix boudreault

Nicole Meade

Always clean and well stocked

johnny Jacobs

An hour and a half to get passport photos for my family of 3. The employee said twice that she'd rather not do the photos for my baby daughter because she "wasn't sure how to photograph a baby"... I had to convince her to do them. So, so unhappy with this experience.

Marianne Hunder

Not organized at all, can't find anything. Just the worst Walmart I have ever been to, I travel to Grande Prairie if I want to do shopping.


Beware of double pricing on shelves of products shelved in more than one location and this store also has product pricing higher sometimes than another Walmart location


Carolane Lajoie

Nadira Khakee

You get almost everything here. Too crowded but it feels good. Good for desi.

Eeka B

Sylvie Poirier

Essam naffakh

Decent walmart, very busy at times.

Nancy Boivin

Dave K


Michael Obrien

Jason Nicolak

The customer service rep was very rude. She was also unwilling to do her job at all. She barely even made eye contact with me when I was asking a question.

Dusty Ann

(Translated) I thought I had a difference with Chicoutimi, but no. It's in the same style. (Original) Je croyais avoir un différence avec celui de Chicoutimi, mais non. C'est dans le même style.

A.R. Baker

I can't believe they had me on the phone for 7 minutes and it would be longer if I did not hang up. Please to improve your customer service.

amalia bannastar

Great for grocery shopping or for toys for birthday and Christmas gifts for children.

Michel Ouellet

Theo istheo

Great varieties can be found here .. and its cheap as compared to other stores .. go and have a look in walmart .its awesome as if u feel hungry they have macdonalds there too in walmart ..

Irene Ma

like all the walmart of canada ..... neither better, nor worse than the others

Claude Tremblay

(Translated) Standard plus. (Original) Standard plus.

Kim Hay

Not the place you want to be right before Christmas. Half of Hamilton mountain was there too!

Karl Langley

Pretty clean place. Decent produce and food. One of the nicer ones that's for sure.

Natasa Nastova

Old store very narrow isles alot of things to can't get in gfw store but you can in gander.

Monika Zaniewicz

Its a walmart! And only they do themselves best!

Niel John

Good place too shop

Lindsay Cociardi

I was very disappointed with the customer service at this Walmart. Keurig's were on sale for 88.00$, and as a health care professional working 12+ hr shifts, I could not make it to the store during the sale. One day after the sale had ended the customer service department stated that they would not honor the sale price and that I "should have made a greater effort to get to the store during that time". I say shame on you Upper James Walmart! I will now be shopping at the Burlington Walmart as their customer service department honored the previous sale price for me.

Tricia Barr

Poorly stocked shelves, unless you get lucky, the cereal aisle and chips are almost always empty. General staff attitude is average. Pharmacy staff is incredibly rude and accusatory. Dolly Zachariah is the worst pharmacist there. I wouldn't trust her with my change, let alone my life. Her people skills are on par with what you would expect from a teenager. She does not deserve the job she has. Pharmacy is consistently understaffed/slow and pharmacy staff are more often found stocking shelves than behind the register. If you're looking for a great customer experience, look elsewhere.

Francesca Ouellet

(Translated) A lot of choices! (Original) Beaucoup de choix!

Ken Moreton

It's really the only store around out of department stores and it's not maintained the same as on the mainland

Julie Asselin

(Translated) Plenty of parking there is everything. From food at hardware store to pharmacy to clothing and more ... (Original) Beaucoup de stationnement on trouve de tout. De la nourriture à la quincaillerie à la pharmacie aux vêtements et encore plus...

Dayne Simard

(Translated) To eat it is good if not almost nothing in store (Original) Pour le manger c'est bien sinon presque rien en magasin

V Davis

Weird layout.

Ashley Anne

Larger location with better selection than the other local locations. Clean and staff for the most part are helpful and courteous

Stephanie Mattews

Very bright inside. Not a huge fan of the brightly lit signs over each department and the high shelves...I only went in for milk.

Yvan Bernier

Josée Tessier

Gail Urquhart

Fast and friendly service thank u????

Jay Stidolph

chuck U farley

Easy access from highway

Guylaine Tremblay

sung Lee

Very average Walmart, don't get me wrong, the staff is doing the best they can with what they've been given, awesome group of people running the place. The store it's self however, needs upgrades, an aging facility, little to no produce, hardly any groceries at all really (compared to other Walmart's I've seen) not what I'd call a "super center" but it does have a wide variety of awesome stuff, sometimes I go into Walmart and i'm very surprised what I find. Lowest prices in town as well! The pharmacy is also staffed with some very friendly faces, and in terms of COVID-19 they are handling it pretty good! Its not perfect but overall a decent store to get some odds n ends. My recommendation? A few reno projects would push this place to the top of my favourite places to shop! BTW, the McDonald's there is super awesome! Don't be afraid to stop for a meal during your shopping!

Farid Safazadeh

Busy store, so products go quickly and shelves can be bare.

Mary Wiechnik

Mostly you will get everything here but very less options for vegitarions.

Jitindra Sukhdeo

Great Burgers but service is lacking

Karen lynn b

It has everything you want

Nancy Brunt

On par with other Walmart's except parking lot is a zoo and hard to park...

Marise Gaudreault

(Translated) Very well received from the attendant (Original) Très bien reçu de la part du préposé

Brenda Brasier

Returns are painless with the Great Staff at Customer Service!????

Marijane Doyle

Although the variety of products is abundant, this Walmart store seems to have a hard time keeping its shelves stocked. When doing regular grocery shopping at this location I often find myself only able to get 80% of the items on my list, and understand that my list rarely contains specialty items or products that are niche. Sometimes they lack things ranging from Toilet Paper to Pork Chops. The produce is some of the worst I've seen of any grocery store. Bruised, moldy, wilted, pitiful, all of these are words that can be applied to most of the fresh produce stock available. The staff aren't much better to be honest. While many of them are polite and offer to help with a smile, it is rare. With arrogant customer service associates being the norm and nearly non existent managers around to actually Manage the store and it's moderately unprofessional staff. The store itself seems in good shape but this is marred by the obvious lack of cleaning standards. Sticky floors and dusty shelves, broken boxes and wood leftover from pallets make what could be a successful store rather unappealing.

shine k joshy


Joy Payne

Usually well stocked shelves

Brett Simmons

Not the best walmart I've shopped in. The mall it's in is old.

Alexandre Boutin

(Translated) Well it has several business that its worth my since the super center we find much less than before ... (Original) Bien il a plusieurs affaire que sa vaux la peine mes depuis le super centre on trouve beaucoup moins que avant ...

Rejean Savard

(Translated) Very good and clean (Original) Très bien et propre

Marlene Ryall

Very busy ,convenient to shop there stock is not always available,price is ok and costumer service should get some re training. I will return. I would recommend this to family and friends.

martin schuld

Dany Boulé

Just went for pictures

Justin Rumble

Great selection for everyone with great prices, don't be affraid to try the food and produce lots of options to choose with good quality

Sylvain Bergeron

(Translated) Very noen (Original) Très noen

Darrell Carifelle

It's Walmart, you know what your getting and they are reasonably priced.

Victoria Cuthbertson

Not my favorite walmart but its ok

Daniel Evans

Half the aisle are blocked by stock, even full aisle blocked with pallets where you can't even shop the shelves, including all auto supplies. Maybe they need to relocate.

Brian Belley

(Translated) A Walmart with good workers! (Original) Un Walmart avec des bon travailleurs!

Sylvie Lapointe

(Translated) It's a Walmart with groceries. What more can you say .. (Original) C'est un Walmart avec épicerie. Quoi dire de plus..

Stephane Bolduc

(Translated) It lacks everything, little choice. (Original) Il manque de tout, peu de choix.

David Gebala

Typical Walmart

Pittje Hex

Joanie Plourde

(Translated) I love doing my errands there. You can find practically anything there, whether it is food or objects. Basket big enough to accommodate my two children as well as our many errands. There is a little mc donald inside so no need to leave to eat, only to park our basket in the air provided for this purpose and go eat in peace. Very nice place and a super nice and good staff. (Original) J'adore y faire mes commissions. On peut y trouver pratiquement tout ce que l'on cherche que ce soit de la nourriture ou des objets. Panier assez gros pour y accueillir mes deux enfants ainsi que nos nombreuses commissions. Il y a un petit mc donald à l'intérieur donc pas besoin de quitter pour aller manger seulement d'aller stationmer notre panier à l'air prévu à cet effet et aller manger en tout quiétude. Très bel endroit et un super beau et bon personnel.

Ginette Rioux

(Translated) Since the renovation its worth even more. There isn't much to choose from, however, for beautiful sweaters to work with. (Original) Depuis la rénovation sa vaut encore plus la peine. Il y cependant pas beaucoup de choix pour les beaux chandails pour travailler.

Amy Canning

Stephane Gagnon

(Translated) Too much food and decreased clothes especially the shoe. (Original) Beaucoup trop de bouffe et diminution des vêtements surtout la chaussure.

Stephanie Pare

Louis Savard

Brendon “BREN” S

spaces on shelves show an unavailablity of products; and staff knowledge not great when looking for specifics like diabetic socks; but social distance was observed

Veronica Trafford

Good for your everyday items

Zuhair Zaher

Popular location, have everything

C. Robertson

Mario Nadeau

D. L.

(Translated) Excellent service. (Original) Excellentes services.

Gaston Murray

(Translated) Worst customer service ever received and does not even comply with pricing laws! I went to buy a xbox console displayed at 230 which started Thursday to Sunday and they refused to sell it to me saying that it only started on Friday! For black Friday! BEST BUY they do it to me with pleasure! (Original) Pire services à la clientèle jamais reçu et ne respecte même pas la lois sur l'affichage des prix! Je me suis présenté acheter une console xbox affiché à 230 qui débutait jeudi à dimanche et on refusé de me la vendre en disant que ça commençait que vendredi! Pour le black Friday! BEST BUY eux me l'on fais avec plaisir!

Rosalba King

Store very clean staff very friendly

Glennyth Necho

dark horse

Found a great deal of parking available. In and out of the store in minutes. Fairly clean and quick service.

Lenard Snel

Sarah Harrison

caron jerome

Jamie Bells

Huge Walmart. Produce is lacking. Everything else is good.

april albright

Just an everyday Walmart experience - nothing special and as usual it's hard to find someone to give you help, in spite of several staff wearing "Here to help" vests. Washrooms are generally kept clean so that's nice. Recently the on-site McDonald's closed so if you're a fan of their food you won't be able to grab lunch here anymore.

Jean Michel Tremblay

Samir Mahajan

Good service, okay selection.

Vicky Joseph

Has a good selection but the costumer service is very bad. Only reason I go to this Walmart cuz it's the closest one to me.

David Boudreault

(Translated) We find everything we need (Original) On trouve tout ce dont on a besoin

j swan

Meh. It's Walmart. They're all the same.

Matt King

Got some indian snacks from this place was the best feeling. Hope this place will order more stuff requested. As international visitors are becoming the part of the province.

Gia Bear

Great place to buy groceries and have a great and helpful staff

Mike Stanger

Shelves not always stocked. Cluttered.

Jason F

Some items I was looking for were not in stock and it's Wednesday. Kids clothing section was messy and not much selection to choose from.

Annie Gagnon

James Huavas

Quick check outs

Daniel Bouchard


Typical Walmart. Very busy, not the nicest inside but good prices.

Eddy Lemieux

Carol Simard

(Translated) Correct (Original) Correcte

Laura Menard-Locs

Got what you need.

Curdin Allenspach

nick pfab

Easy returns, very clean washrooms, frendly staff.

Don Wade

Typical Walmart

Céline Lambert

(Translated) Too small (Original) Trop petit

Duke Brecheen

Annie Bouillon

(Translated) As usual (Original) Comme d'habitude

Drea Schoenknecht

Bad selection of products seems as if they are missing everything I was looking for. Staff are not helpful either

Patricia Chalifoux

Good place to do your shopping

serge doré

Marva Wilson

Always find what I need here.

Pearl Beaulieu

(Translated) Well located on the regional road. (Original) Bien situé sur la route régional.

stan imrie

I ordered a TV on the walmart website it told me the TV would be delivered to the dawson creek branch no more then 2 days I placed my order April 8th. I did not receive an email about shipping, by April 9th I phone head office to find out were it is, they told me it has not bin shipped yet, later that day I received an email with a tracking number and a website to track it at. The website did not work! April. 10th I phone walmart head office agin for them to put in the tracking number they told me it would arrive April.17th, I only got this TV because it started same day delivery. The people from head office told me to phone the dawson creek branch ware it was being delivered to so I can cancel my order I was just on the phone the customer service about this one of the workers told me they can't cancel or refund me till the TV shows up on April 17th then I got transferred to the manager just to be hung up on, I phoned back to explain what i wanted and what was going on and she kept cutting me off. She was ignorant, again this was the manager. I work at camp for long periods at a time Agin I only got this because it said same day delivery as I was coming home from camp in the 12th of April to pick it up, but nope not any more they lost out on a $400 sale I wont be ordering from their ever again.

François Rathe

(Translated) There has been much less product since the arrival of the grocery store. Grocery section poorly made in my opinion we are still being cut because it travels in all directions. rethought for Alma who no longer has a Zeller (Original) On trouve beacoup moins de proiduit depuis l arrivé de l'épicerie. Épicerie section mal faite selon moi on est toujours en train de se faire couper car ca voyage dans tout les sens. a repensé pour Alma qui n'a plus de Zeller

Ray Healey

Best store in Hamilton Their prices are great, especially when on sale. They also accept almost any type of coupons. This supercentre location is popular. It is always busy, so expect to wait a little longer in line at the cashier.

Salim Alwaili

good products for cheap price. you can shope for various things from grocery to applicants

Daniel Lafond

Miranda Latchman

Bad customer service with virtually no help to be found. Terrible organization and lack of products even compared to other walmarts. I would go to any other walmart than this one.

Tiffani Germain


This location of Walmart is convenient to downtown Hamilton. It has a wide variety of grocery items to choose from. It is one of the busiest Walmarts in Hamilton.

Jacey Gong

Great experience very very helpful staff

Linda Lakin

Best place for bread of all various kinds

Gilles Renaud

(Translated) There may be articles for children and clothing from the grocery store which has been renovated, an expansion would not be refused but what is sold there is generally of good quality. (Original) Il y a peut darticle pour enfant et de vetement depuis lepicerie qui a ete amenager, un agrandissement ne serais pas de refus mais ce qui y est vendu est generalement de bonne qualiter

barbara croucher

This isn't my favourite location. They are usually sold out of items here and the store always seems a mess compared to other stores

Vannessa Maisonneuve

Ben good

Richard Thibeault

(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

Gerry Gardner

Best stock of inventory. Cust service is great and helpful

Mike Stokes

Always way too crowded, and the shelves are rarely stocked. I go out of my way just to visit any location but this one.

Tyler Skye

Huge store and is always clean. Lots of parking available for everyone

Ellen Hook

Typical Walmart with mcdonalds and Wifi.

William Lengenfelder

Great Walmart. Huge grocery section, with fresh fruits and vegetables. Great sales weekly

Brad Paradis

Like the self checkouts, sorry. Staff in electronics seem bored but very friendly.

felisha correia

You can ask someone to help you find whatever you are looking for

David Burgis

It's a mess

Julie Dallaire

(Translated) Perfect for the food !!!! But disappointing for other things !!!! (Original) Parfait pour la bouffe !!!! Mais décevant pour les autres choses !!!!


Too big! Hard to find things

Slada Lee

Better than the one on mohawk and upper Sherman

Lori Bryant

Same as most Walmarts but seams smaller.

Matthew C

Need to have a lane for price matchers.

Dolly Melnychuk

I like the new bulk shopping fpr certains items.

J Savage

Good place for grocery and bakery. Nice and clean store with well arranged stuffs. The only thing is, there is no indian food items available and since this location is close to mohawk i can suggest to have some indian snacks in your store.

Marlene Bouchard

(Translated) Excellent (Original) Excellent

Brian Cymbaluk

This store has a huge variety (as expected in a Walmart). Moreover, their checkout line was efficient and well-organized.

charlile larouche

Melody Thomson

This location is better than centre mall. But some of the staff could be alot happier. Would it hurt some of them to smile???


Yup it's a big Wal-Mart .

Paul Fournier

(Translated) Affordable items, a no worse choice (Original) Articles abordable , un pas pire choix

rch 752

Staff in store and MacDonald exceptionally courteous and helpful

Aaron Wolfe

Not different than any other Walmart !

Samantha Kube

Wally world. same everywhere

Dany Temblay

(Translated) Always very good Walmart (Original) Toujours très bien le Walmart

Ann Amm

(Translated) Thank you (Original) Merci

Doris Morton

For a walmart these guys seem to know what they are doing. Lines are never too long and the store is usually kept fairly clean. Only let down is when buying puluos I got an odd look from the cashier (since im a 20 y/o male im guessing)

Debbie Savard

Found everything I was looking for.

Jacques Maltais

Juan Pablo Aguirre Yepes

Good selection of products The location is very busy on weekends

emmanuelle gauthier

Evangie Morris

It's good place to buy anything, but the the attitude of the employees who offer you credit cards is not very pleasant when you reject them, they must understand that if you do not want a card they can not force you .... Otherwise very good.

Marius Carciumaru

The customer service is horrible. I called to ask a question and got a short answer and hung up on.

André Meunier

bigas christopher

Carol Ann Dwyer

Amazing prices for back-to-school


Where we go for all our needs

Donald Carruthers

Shannon Rothlander

Terrible. Two “Customer service” employees had to google what i was asking for. No luck. Then I found what I needed (rogaine) behind the pharmacy. Do you think it was open at 6:30pm on a Saturday? It wasn’t... I found another employee, I asked if I was able to grab the box of rogaine behind the counter. The answer was no. It’s the weekend an no one has keys for the stuff behind the counter. For a person who travels a lot with work. This is by far the worst Walmart I’ve been to....

Rachel Bergeron

(Translated) Super nice team and great service (Original) Super belle équipe et excellent service


Everything is good.

Dylan Tremblay

Ko Ojo

It's a great place to shop

Dan Hurst

Don't shop here unless you want to be treated like a criminal! The alarm rang when I was exiting the store, as the staff did not de-activate one of my items. I voluntarily re-entered the store to show security my receipt, which they would normally check over and hand back. Instead, the security guard proceeded to demand he needed to check my purse, and when I refused, he got very angry and had a major attitude. He was threatening he could have the police there. They do NOT have the right to check your personal belongings unless they have witnessed you placing an item in there. Completely inappropriate, and I would suggest taking your business elsewhere.

joan hassey

Despite the effort to keep the place together but still it always seems chaotic.

Ali Ariaeinejad

Sandeep was great checking us through

Glinnis Mitchell

Not a good location anymore. Losing it's appeal to the Stoney Creek one. a lot of people are going there since this location does not carry good options....

alphonse belanger

(Translated) I like the new layout. (Original) J'aime bien la nouvelle disposition.

Robert Millard

as expected. 2nd best Wal-Mart in the Hamilton area in regards to having everything

Desmeules Sylvie

Patricia Gobeil

Rick Muir

Typical Walmart tills goes fast, friendly people

Jonathan Jean

Hugues Robitaille

(Translated) I like less since the new development (Original) J'aime moins depuis le nouveau aménagement Nathalie

Tracy Lock

Dustin Calliou

The shelves were fully stocked and I was able to find everything I needed

Denis Paquette

Lots of stock

Janet King

Not a big selection. Hard to find things


Fine just a regular walmart where the employees love their job. Not!

Sylvain Côté

(Translated) Good quality products and good service in general. On the other hand, in terms of toys in stores, there is much less choice there than before it became a Supercentre ... (Original) Produits de bonne qualité et bon service en général. Par contre, au niveau des jouets en magasins, on y retrouve beaucoup moins de choix qu'avant qu'il devienne un Supercentre...

Heather Milne

Not well stocked. Messy. Good for quick convenience.

Jacques Fortin

Gary Kreil

Only 2 tills left they have replaced them all with self checkout.. be prepared for ridiculously long lines tanks to walmarts greed

tjtm mat

Just another one like the one in cally

Skynyrd vaughan Lizzy

Best Wal-Mart I have been to. The only one I like. Employees seem reasonably treeated and cleanliness / number of employees to answwr questions dramatically improved 2 years ago.

Jessie Lee

Nice selection of items. Have newly installed self checkout counter which are convenient. Staff is helpful. Lots of parking space.

aaron Freeman

Nice store. Quite large for this market. Parking is made for small cars, not the trucks the majority of people drive. Selection is good. Store is clean. Staff is somewhat helpful.

Luc Desbiens

Melanie Gilbert

Tracy Podaima

This store seems to have had a rough time of it after staff attacks have been highlighted in the news. I found the store to be clean, well stocked, the staff smiley and pleasant and more than willing to assist with where items were located in the store. I was popping in for a few bits and pieces and was more than happy with my experience - I had to wear a mask but then so does everyone else we all have to do our bit. I'd def shop here again.

Guillaume Bouchard Diotte

(Translated) Lack of choice since entering the grocery store. We have been there less often since. (Original) Manque de choix depuis qu'il on entrée l'épicerie. Nous y allons moins souvent depuis.

Charles-Antoine Lalancette

(Translated) We find everything (Original) On i trouve de tout

Tremblay Mario

Tom Cline

Decent Wal Mart, they have a good express checkout system, better than self checkout

Amanda B

Excellent customer service preview rated 8 out of 10

Tammy Baylis

Good for a quick visit, but if you stick around too long, you're sure to see someone get arrested for shoplifting!

Al Long

I just love it

Bertus Horseman


Does not have the food selection that I am looking for

Megan Weather

When coca cola 710ml goes on sale - they never have any in stock

dafna Bener

Very very busy. Hard to walk some time

Alain Gagnon

(Translated) Probably the most poorly organized Wal-Mart in Quebec and my rating is only 3 stars for good prices. (Original) Probablement le Wal-Mart le plus mal organisé du Québec et ma note est a 3 étoiles seulement pour kes bon prix.

Guylaine Maltais

Isaac Cedar


Diane Voyer

Mélanie Girard

Shannon Moxham

I come here a lot and, while I almost never find everything I need, they usually have most of it. It's in a pretty convenient location near some other handy stores. Pretty typical Walmart really.

Jacqui Balmforth

Like all walmarts

sanyam Dhamija

Ilius Faisal

Big verity of everything good sales friendly staff one stop shopping

Gisela Kabelitz

Clean walmart, never have any issues

Sébastien Duchesne

Pamela McCombe

Shelves were empty all over grocery side

Melissa B13

Typical Walmart, usually pretty busy even later in the day around close, staff not incredibly helpful (don't seem to know where things are and sometimes say their location doesn't carry certain items I later find). Stock seems low and some items I have gone looking for were at minimal levels or all gone. Many times items of produce have been squished or are rotten (like the avocados, lemons, sometimes bananas). Really convenient location

lee harrison

Good location, easy to find items and good selection overall. Parking spaces are very tight though and can ding cars if not parked exactly!

Gilberto Mata

christine fortin

(Translated) Desired item. Quick delivery. A very reasonable price. Will do the experience again. More than satisfied. (Original) Item désiré. Livraison rapide. Un prix trèsp raisonnable. Vais refaire l'expérience. Plus que satisfait.

Cheryl Creary

Berton Manuel

I called in to ask for a product's price. I was transferred over back and forth to different departments, and NO ONE could help me out at all. There was no answer at all in the specific department where my product was. Worse customer service ever. I waited a total of 30 mins bouncing back and forth. I still don't have my question answered. Thanks for nothing Walmart on Upper James! Horrible and lazy customer service!

Marcus Billyard

Not well stocked staff unfriendly not helpful

Louise Lapointe

(Translated) There is absolutely everything (Original) On y trouve absolument tout

Michael Bishop

J Murdock


The price of things are ok however it takes over ten minutes to pay and they seem to be missing several cashiers

George Olds

Great place to shop friendly helpful staff waiting with a smile to help you

Muhammad Rahman

It's great if u like to shop in a cheap store! Like Zellers and Biway used to be !????????????I bet they don't sale Jordan or air Nike shoes there! More pimped out designer jeans except Leevise or wrangler!????????????????????a perfect place for welfare and low income working ladies and gentleman!????????????????????????????????????Viva wallmart if u enjoy shopping in the Emmitt or Value village or the Salvation Army thrift store! U find this place ur second home yo!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????_$$$$$$$$$$

Kevin kevin

Good prices and friendly staff who are happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Marc Morim

Mapolenka S


Love the prices here! Great selection of groceries, apparel, household items etc. Apply for a Walmart credit card and earn cash back rewards on purchases.

Dina DeSarno

Sometimes they don't have what I want but its all good

Greg Moore

Laurent Fortin


(Translated) Have found everything. (Original) Ont trouve de tout .

Michael Jezioranski

Poor quality produce, really need to keep up on fresh products asides from that better then the one at Barton and Ottawa St

Allan Benn

Craig Gladue

Jeannine Bolduc

Charlotte Chaulk

Clean. Big. Has lots of stuff

Rachel Ihuwakira

Definitely a life saver. You can find anything you need.

Desiree Roberts

One stop shop. Great prices. Fast check out.

Virginia McLaughlin Packer

Always my clothes go to love them.

Sam Chapman

Stock in store never matches what it says on their website, end up making trips for no good reason.

Mathieu G

(Translated) Less variety (Original) Moin de variété

Tammy Jones

Excellent selection and prices

Rock-Robert Bilodeau

(Translated) Difficult to have a clerk to answer ou