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REVIEWS OF Vancouver Island Regional Library IN Courtenay

Marilyn Crosbie

This branch is pleasant and quiet for the most part It has a reasonable selection of books, DVDs, and CDs to borrow. This library also offers a good selection of audiobooks and E-books for members to download for a reasonable period of time such as 3 weeks. The library also offers streaming TV and movies from Hoopla and Acorn and Indie TV. The atmosphere inside is pleasant and quiet. Near the entrance, sometimes hang around, but the RCMP on bicycles disperse them periodically. Some ask for cash, and I say no. There are agencies to assist people in Courtenay.

Dawne S

Beautiful sitting area with an electric fireplace, comfy chairs and regular tables and chairs. Free public access to computers for 1 hr each day with a library card. If you are from out of town, you can get a temporary access number to log on for an hour. Great helpful staff, clean washrooms, good accessibility, lots of places to study, read, work on projects etc.

Kyle Curtis

Very nice library and staff, super friendly! Love this place.

Liz Halloran

Great location and Lindsay was awesome in making all our changes.

Shawn H

Kids book section is awesome and huge!

Rahul Menon

They have a decent collection of reading material. If there's something you're looking for and they don't have it, it can be brought in through interlibrary transfer. There are a lot of seating areas although most are occupied by the homeless that use the library as a gathering place. I don't begrudge them this as they usually have nowhere else to go. Better that they engage in looking for employment on the public computers or learn new skills from the material available. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and quick to assist should you need it. Overall a fairly decent library.

Olivia Brown

Awsome, never a problem great and friendly staff.

Changlin Wang

The environment is very good!


Very helpful staff and so many resources.

Connie S

This location seems to be a bit of a community hub. We're here twice a week for my child's tutoring, and for a library it is not that quiet about half the time. Be nice if there was signage about cell phone use and respecting the people needing quiet. The sitting area at the front is usually frequented by vocal people while we're hear, and occasionally they aren't careful with their language. Thankfully the children's area isnt near there. If you're seeking quiet, I recommend the Comox location which we are sometimes able to use instead.

Travis Ram

When it is open again. Post Covid-19. It'll be a great place to sit and read or study. Cozy fireplace in the front and quiet desks in the back. Staff is exceptional.


I adore the library, more so every year. I don't know what I would do without it and when it's closed I feel like something is missing in my life. I give the Courtenay library 5 Stars, more if given the choice.

Sanie Joel Cagoco (DocWiz)

Nice place to focus and study. I sometimes do personal tutorial and I recommend this place if your doing it.

Jodi Holden

i had printed something off of one of the computers and i was in a rush to catch a bus, the lady at the front desk was looking up a book for another person and although she was helping someone else. neither of them were talking at that moment so i gently put a quarter on the counter and politely said "this is for the paper" and continued to leave when she said in a very nasty voice "i find it very suspicious that you feel the need to sneakingly pay for a print job while I am clearly helping someone rude" to which i replied, ''Im so sorry its just that im in a rush for the black creek bus" she scoffed and made that 'pppfffttt' noise and said "you need to wait your turn" and glared at me....the poor elderly women she was helping looked mortified and i gently put my hand on her arm and sincerely apologized and she said "oh its quite alright dear really, no harm done". I can honestly say that out of all the restaurants and hotels i have stayed at, that was the worst customer service i have ever experienced.....and i still cant tell if she was scolding me for what i did (which wasnt that bad) or if she was accusing me of printing more paper that i was paying for. WHAT AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE AND I WILL BE WRITNG A LETTER TO THE BOSS/MANAGER


Lisa Mueller

Kestrel SC

awesome amazing cool great place

Jason Dool

Melissa Moose

Beautiful library with friendly staff. Selection is limited but decent services and items can be ordered in. Great place in the community for people of all ages!

Jay Love

Lloyd Simoes

Very helpful staff, and very calm place, a readers delight.

jackie turner

Needle disposal Containers?.... what has our public library turned Into?. An injection site. I went in the washroom and meet a women coming out of the washroom, just injected , didn't wash afterwards and went back out and proceeded to enjoy her high and handled the computer. Nice..... never going back.

Ramona Breedveld

It is a perfect place for people who are interested in books, a place for study or research. The place is presentable and the staff are helpful. It feels like your inside of A Big One Open Book. Prophet Ramona

Kevin Snaden

It's sad - I'm a huge supporter of library but it's turned into a injection site. On three occasions there has been syringes on the male bathroom floor. People will drink in the alley behind the old Thrifty Foods, come in and pass out in the desks. It's disruptive and distracting for anyone to study. The bike cop will come in - but seldom are people removed.

Brian Woloshyn

16 computers, relaxing fireplace area, quiet study areas. Very nice

Dennis MacDonald

Duncan Campbell

A wonderful library and a great space populated by the best librarians that I have ever met. This gem is ineluctably marred by the clutter of alcoholics and drug addicts that simmer around the front entrance sometimes spilling over into the inside reading area, especially and understandably in the winter months.

dan gillespy

A good selection of books

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