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388 Lerwick Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 9E5, Canada

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REVIEWS OF The Home Depot IN Courtenay

Jan Scheuerman

Super helpful

Ken Mullins

Cheryl in appliances: Cheryl: Thank you so much for the great deal for the fridge and stove you put together for Marilyn & I. Home Depot should be very proud of having employees like you working there. It's always a pleasure being able to talk to you in the store. Cheers, Ken & Marilyn Mullins

Kel R

Some of the best staff ever..... Been shopping there since it opened and have gotten to know a lot of the staff. The ones that have been there for years are super knowledgeable and will bend over backwards to help you.

Frank Mayhood

Bag of rocks and a bag of dirt procured early this morning. Should make the rest of the day productive ????

Saunders Design Group

Has everything I needed & knowledgeable staff

Grumpy Bear

Friendly staff and good prices

Wayne Cabot

Helpful but few employees


It's a store I go to to get things for home, the biggest selection in town, and the staff are always getting better it seems.

Carmie Dixon

We found what we were looking for.

Self Reliant Island

Best place to go in the valley when you need multiple household items. If I had to choose two stores to shop at up here it would be costco and Home Depot.

Chris Savard

Typical big box hardware store. Usually better pricing than the smaller chains but not always.

Stan Glen

My favourite hardware store

mark larrabee

Can't get ahold of anyone. On phone for bath and kitchen for 25 mins then hung up on. Won't answer customer service. Poor poor customer care

Elaine Brown

Good selection, friendly and knowledgeable associates make this location of the chain enjoyable to shop in. There are good Covid-19 protocols in place so we feel safe shopping there but you can also order on-line and have items delivered or use their park and pick up option.

Patrick Guinan

Pretty good store with reasonable prices

Laura Janssen

Friendly staff and they always have what we need or at least can point you to a place that will have it!

Calista Lockheart

Great selection and the staff are ever so helpful. I had a project in mind and was not exactly sure what I needed, the staff are so helpful there, they were able to fix me up with everything I needed. Each time I walk through the door a staff member not only greets me kindly but asks if I need any help finding anything within minutes of entering the store, great customer service!!!!!!!!!

Katheranne (Katheranne)

Good help from staff. They know where everything is, especially the things that I have repeatedly walked past...

Stephan Smit

Extremely helpful staff from plumbing, flooring right through paints. Store is always clean and tidy (not that it should be anything else but some building supply stores look like a building site after a busy weekend.)

Kevin “Island Angler” Miles

The service here was a bit poor and people are not the most knowledgeable in the products they carry. Store selection between stores is different and stock of common items are always low or out of stock. Also we found that they will carry products by manufacturers that require other items from that manufacturer but they won't carry those additional items.

Stoyan Petrov

Customer service is great!

Kirk Shaw

Useless and barely competent staff

Markus Mueller

Love this place for DIY


Never any staff to help you. I always have to ask the vendors.

Frisky Weasel

Friendly staff

Jacob Cronk

They dont have e plant seeds year round but they have many other stuff


Always a pleasure dealing with staff, if I can find what I need im always pointed in the right direction.

Corey Fielder

Always seem to have extremely helpful and friendly staff. I spoke with a woman in the garden center about twine for a project for my wedding and she was extremely helpful and came up with ideas to help me :)

Ron Taylor

Every you could possibly need for your home projects. Very helpful staff.

Merrilee Bouchard

I love going to Home Depot to get ideas for new projects and I love the holiday decor!

Al Walker

it is a big box store

Gloria Tremblay

Got just what we wanted.

Gary heymann

Just like all other home depot's

Ken Rymer

It's a home depot.....

D -

Big store. Knowledgeable staff. Good to browse and get ideas. Large garden section. Lots of parking. Some good sales.

Dustin the wind

Store and staff were fine. But they didn't have the screws I needed on the shelf. But there system showed it was in stock.

Terry Newell

Kids workshop. IF you are planning on taking a group speak with the store staff member who is responsible for said workshop. I spoke with customer service now FOUR times. The first time (Feb) was to arrange the activity and informed they would not accept paperwork prior to ONE month before Apr activity. On Sunday in March I went with a list of names and asked questions. My last visit just a few days ago was informed for those who I did not have completed paperwork that yes the parent should arrive 10 minutes early to complete the forms for the activity so they could start right on the dot at 10am!!! Today I had children turned away (in tears) due to the FORM not in the hands of person in charge. So my suggestion is that staff at CS know the rules and guidelines regarding these workshops for people who have never attended and have tons questions, such as myself. . Great Idea - just ensure the public has the correct information especially when I made the effort to go there FOUR times to ensure everything is ok for my group. Or maybe I will just go back to the way I use to do it ..... get a friend to cut up the stuff for me and do it at a meeting. At least then I know I won't have a child in tears.

Susan Chalmers

Good idea products for home improvement

David Liao

Just a home depot . It’s alright . Price could be cheaper. Staff are friendly.

Wade Todd

Very unpleasant and unprofessional staff in this location.

Dylan Mathieson

They are more expensive than Home Hardware for the most part, have few staff to help you and they don't keep staff long so they don't know much anyways. Every time I go there it is because I have exhausted my other options. My parents got a washing machine from them that did not work. Getting anyone to come pick it up proved nearly as impossible as getting refunded. Bad service, bad company all around.

Selby Props

Needed wood they had wood I now have wood

Michael Edward Malcolm

No food or produce in the store but dogs not allowed...go to Home Hareware, they love dogs.

Justine Denis

Good selection and helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Jamie Brasnyo

Everything you need and the staff to make that happen!!

Pete Quatrale

Entertaining displays

Rick Muir

Staff was helpful, but short staffed on statutory holiday

Rhonda Miller

I had to return an item that was under warranty. The staff handled the return expertly

Debbie Rorke

Felt the need to update my review- wish I could just post another one!! We shop for materials a lot in our line of work and go through the store at least once a week! It’s been over a year here and these guys still have yet to disappoint, well... except one lady in customer service but I’ll give it a pass ;) Flooring, cashiers, seasonal, wood section, tools - this shop definitely has the best staff I’ve seen in a H.D. Big shout outs to to Richard and I think Tina in flooring?? Personality, knowledge and genuine interest are such a rare find, this shop has it all!! Great stuff team ???? OG post - Love the staff, Paint department ladies are amazing and Dave at the ProDesk was a gem. Wide aisles that aren’t always over stacked with ridiculous sales items or gimmicky garbage. Just moved here and already feel like a local!

Shawn H

Large impersonal box store. Sometimes hard to find help.

Paul Sture

Home Depot has everything you would need for the home and garden at competitive prices...

David Strang

Amazing selection, good prices

Jake Wehmeier

So many issues

Roland Schoenke

I find what I need, would have given it 5 stars but the staff isn't always eager to please.

Custom Charger

Crappy store horrible company to deal with.

Laura Ogden

Helpful staff! Large range of prices for items, it's nice to have the options. Key cutting machine was not operating and that was a big reason why we visited.

Kevin Knapp

Good service. The guy at the rental desk was so easy to work with. Nice guy. Totally the type you could sit and have beers with away from work. Been here before with awesome customer service and will certainly keep coming back.

Nick Chowdhury

Helpful staff, good clear markings for social distancing

Mark King

Staff is helpful and knowledgeable when they recognize you need help.

Lisa Christensen

I always manage to find very helpful employees to help with my questions. They are very knowledgable and if they cannot help they know which team member to ask for help. They often have some very good sales going on, prices are quite fair.

Michael Holloway

Have what you're looking for , if they don't they'll try an get it

Joy Brown

Easy to find everything you need prices sreblow but quality is good.

Ryan J.

Great service and advice. But man I spend too much there lol


Great store and service. Excellent and beyond expectation service provided by Karan. Thanks a lot.

Travis Cadden

Friendly help was easy to find, got what I needed and out in minutes

Norman “Raggs” Morrison

Good prices good products

J.A.S Brotherhood

#great staff and #service . C. stopped in here once A. again for more home M. improvements like E. #Paint , #weather R. #Brushes , #trays O. #dowles, N. #rollers , #cleaning ,#supplies #lights #fixtures #everything #andsome ..... Thanks to C. We grabbed more than we came for and was happy that he helped us join PRO EXTRA FOR REPEAT AND LOYAL CUSTOMERS.... #BIGREBATES ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING...... WILL DRIVE BACK HERE FORSURE..... 1.5 HRS ONE WAY. WORTH THE VISITS .

Phil Ives

Great for building supplies and competitively priced

Alan P

What I like about home Depot is that they almost always have stuff in stock. They are very well organized.


Fast quick, clean experience.

Susan Sylvester

Barbecues too expensive. Staff fantastic.

Wd T

Rude staff. This store has one of the most unfriendly staff I have seen at a Home Depot location. Unfortunately I've had to deal with this store a few times. Hopefully won't have to deal with this location in the future.

Miracle Emery

Exemplary delivery service, thank you SO much!

lada Balla

They don't have alot of items the other home depots have. Have needed to go to trade stores to finish projects.

Butch Montreuil

Just had my BBQ delivered free and assembled free.It was delivered by a gentleman called Keith,most professional and very helpful in placing it in our yard,my thanks to Keith the delivery man

Lloyd Stack

Paint shopping.

Joseph Kamon

Big box store...

Gerald S

While being on vacation from Ontario I went into Home Depot in Courtenay BC and found some great deals but could not decide at that moment which one to get. So I walked over to Tim Hortons in the same parking lot and decided to have a coffee while making my decision. I made my decision and was going to purchase the item in the morning but at 9:30 p.m. I was told by the security guard the store was closed and you must leave the parking lot. I thought that was very rude to Home Depot's customers and decided to finish my coffee and not to make the purchase the next morning.

Scott Van Achte

It is a standard home depot. Prices tend to be among the lowest in town for building materials, but not always for appliances. Have to do your price checks, but usually a safe bet you will not over-pay here. For some items I find that home hardware is a bit cheaper, Hardiplank for instance, other things the opposite. Also, never had any issues returning excess materials - have actually been encourage to buy more than you need and return the leftovers. Maybe the hope is you wont return the leftovers as I am sure most won't, but I do, and glad I can). Staff is almost always friendly although I did encounter one person in electrical a few years ago. We were looking for a specific part, she said it didn't exist, had been discontinued years prior. She was abrupt and rude and not helpful. After she left, I continued to wander and eventually found the exact part. They had a whole shelf of them. (can't recall the exact part). She clearly either did not know her stuff, didn't care, or was maybe not in her department. I'm not sure. But experiences like that here seem rare. More often than not I have had very knowledgeable sales staff help me - sometimes going out out their way to help. Some people I know speak badly of Home Depot, but for me, the good experiences far out weigh the bad.

Mama Bear

The staff are helpful, they have lots of options and ideas for renovations. Definitely wait for a sale. They also have a good return policy.

Ericka Kai

Good experience

Pmason 7145

Bought a Bemis easy close toilet seat and the hardware did not match the seat fasteners. What a waste of my time!

Art Samuels

Store was bright and pleasantly accessible, found items quickly and the cashier was very polite. Will shop again.

Derek Firth

Bought a hole saw. Typical Home Depot.

Vernon Brewster

Great service.

Gerry Bishop

Hard to find help

Warren Mcdonald

My husband and I have been working with Pamela in the tile department and she has been amazing! We ask a question and she has the answer or will immediately seek out the answer. I would highly recommend Pamela if you are starting a DIY tile project. She also offers her knowledge based on her experiences in this department. Dee McDonald

Android Jes (AndroidJes)

Had exactly what I needed.

Gordon Jaques

Always have everything I need.

Gabriel Gutiérrez

I found what I was searching for

Ken Vaux

They had everything I was looking for.

Lisa Watson

Good always helpful

Colin Davies

I checked online first for availability and location of product. Easy-peasy!

Paula MacRae

Curtain and blind installation: This service took a long time to be ordered and for installation to happen. Well, close to 10 months and counting. Our patience has run out with continued mistakes, and if we could have fired the so-called designer (please note Brandon, the installer was terrific), we would have. The product was mismeasured, and the designer ordered the wrong product, and here we still wait for the job to be completed. We had to beg the designer to come in and take a look to see what we were talking about because she didn't understand. Eventually, the designer showed up, and she looked dazed and confused. Here we are still waiting for her mistakes to be fixed. She said she would send quotes for the add on's we asked for, and nothing has come through to date. That was three weeks ago. According to Home Depot, our mismeasured product has come in (weeks ago), but no one has reached out for installation? To the owners. Will do. I have reached out via Facebook. ^pm The issue has not been resolved to date, and we are still waiting. Another month gone by.

John Scottwade

Good customer service

Lily Waters

i ordered appliances online and it was a total nightmare! 3 months later the wrong appliances were delivered and no compensation for my long wait time and hours worth of phone calls and had to return the appliances at my own expense. Also the customer only has 90 days to return appliances from date of order so I almost got stuck with the wrong ones. My online order under my account was changed to the appliances they delivered not the ones I actually ordered. Very Bad... still waiting for my money to be returned on my credit card!

Kevin Stapleton

One fellow was really helpful, another not so much. Another told me to check out online. Despite that more than the average is really helpful and know what they are talking about.

Terry Diehl

Huge variety of goods, prices are decent but getting help can be difficult at times, still my go to store for home repairs.

Pradeep Kumar Kumaran

It has everything I need for renovation.

Black Fox

August 18, 2021 update. This reflects my experience only with HD ONLINE - unfortunately you cannot leave a public review. This is not applicable to the Courtenay store, or any other retail stores I have been in. My complaint is with the ONLINE Appliance support team. On July 31, I ordered and paid for 2 fridges online, and deferred the delivery date to late September. Now that that I'm concerned about lack of stock, I've asked that they be delivered at the earliest time possible. I was told earlier today that they have no stock, but they have my money in full, and the earliest date is the previously scheduled date for late September. So I'm puzzled why they would take my money 60 days prior to delivery and not have the items I've purchased in stock. Today I tried to call the Appliance customer support team - they do not answer the phone calls - the robot keeps telling you to send a text to 84322. So at 1908 EST today, I texted HD, and the response was that there was a 55 minute wait and that their hours were from 0800 to 2100 EST Mon-Sun. At 2014 EST today, 44minutes before they say they close, I sent another text in order to keep the chat going. The response, was that they were sorry they missed me, and that they will respond when they are back on line from 0800 to 2000 EST. So I'm really glad I sent the 1714 text otherwise, I'd be waiting another 44 minutes to find out that they are not open to 2100 EST as was the earlier text, but close 1 hour earlier at 2000 EST. I've been a great HD fan in the past, but I find dealing with their ONLINE CS very disappointing. I'm now trying to source the same fridges from BB. Immediately I got an email saying they will NOT charge me until they are shipped, and within 1 hour of making the order, BB sent me an automated call confirming my order and delivery date. BB pricing was less expensive both for the product and the service contract including the fact it was for 5 years rather HD 4 years. A copy of the text message is below.

jerrit onley

Most of the staff had no idea were anything was located . It was hard to get knowledgable help but we finally found one lady that shined above the rest in the paint department and could not have done better myself , she was of great help

Susan M

Jenn in the paint department was very helpful.

Gary “Thinkgary” Schell

Preparation for a reno

Russell James

One of our "go to" shopping stops.

Phil Le Vesconte

Great place to make plans for changes in your home.

Airbus Loadie

got the items I needed quickly

Lynne Fedorick (CPDT-KA)

Where would I be without this place?

Jay Five Wilki

Always has great deals on. Hard to leave without buying something I didn't need but the price was right

Travis Ram

Many options and exercise while looking for them.

Derek Spencer

Great products... Great staff... Competitive pricing... Perfect!

Julia Hogan

As always, great service.

Sanie Joel Cagoco (DocWiz)

Awesome customer service provided by the staff and very knowledgeable. I am not good in this stuff but with there knowledge, they were able to provide mo deeper insights and best stuff to use for my project.

Karen Morissette

Home depot has everything you need for home hardware and more like, washers,dryers,blinds of all designs, batteries, glue,cleaning supplies,and everything else you need to build and accessorize a home.

Mikael Harvey

This is where I get most of my renovation supplies and it's also a very well kept Home Depot. They have a wide selection of items and friendly staff!

Betty-Anne Juba

Easy ordering. Lots of delivery dates delivery on time 3/4 times.


Staff is slow to help and hard to find .

Brian Chow

Employees are knowledgeable and helpful with my home improvement projects. If I visit during odd hours though, it may be difficult to find an available employee for help. The store is well organized and stocked. Sometimes I would place an order for in store pick up, in order to save time.

Ryan Galt

No distancing in effect.

Vicki Griffith

Some very nice plants today! Got 2 lovely ones today!

Scott Friel

Helpful staff but some items were poorly stocked.

Angela Kroemer

It had what I needed

Don “Iron Monkey” Powley

What can I say? It's a home depot. They're all the same.

Maggie Neilson

I love the courtenay location helpfull friendly staff!

Dean Janssen

Staffs not helpful

Mass S

A larger selection of goods at this location than the CR location

Andrew Chernenkoff

Hey its Home Depot, what more could you possibly need for any home repairs. I highly recommend them for anyone who has a home project!

Marie Racine

It has everything I need for all my home renos

Ken Tedford

Helpful staff

April Robichaud

Staff are always so helpful and knowledgeable..can't beat Home Depot for their great customer service!

valerie marchand

Way too many people, but I prefer to shop here. They are very helpful

Barbara Callow

I experienced very poor customer service when a less than a year old hot water heater I bought them had problems. It is a manufacturers warranty but clearly stated on my contract the Home Depot would help with warranty claims and repairs. On phoning customer service, she told me they can't help I I would have to deal with the manufacturer. The manufacturer said they can send me the part but I have to find my own contractor. The tank is made for Home Depot so other companies can't get parts so don't want to work on it. I've spent the better part of a week trying to figure out how I'm going to get this fixed.

Ken Seabloom

A bit of difficulty finding what I was looking for. Did find it eventually.

Marcel Bouchard

I went for a few things and didn't get one. Not one orbital sander cordless or powered. Didn't have the right screws or nuts and bolts.

Phillip Tanner

I like home depot, good selection, easy to pick up online orders, but I was really disappointed the last time I went with how mask wearing was being handled. I saw one customer not wearing his mask, he asked for help from an employee who then got him to put it on, but he kept taking it off and wasn't asked to leave or correct himself. There was another customer who was straight up wearing his mask without covering his nose at all, he also got help from an employee who didn't correct him. I spoke to that customer but he gave zero F's and said he didn't care. It made me uncomfortable and I'm going to avoid home depot until I get vaccinated. Canadian Tire in town actually hired security who enforce the mask rules.

Byron E

Found everything I needed.


plugged my toilet


Great HD with many valuable employees that are helpful. Good prices and service. I only ever go there now when I need anything from a home hardware.

Lisa T.

Always helpful...

Lawrence Lansdowne

Hard to find a floor representative for the department who then got me the wrong parts. Thank goodness for the stores no quibble return policy. Their department associates generally are more helpful than wholesalers I have tried to purchase off.

Charlotte Schoch

Short staffed so the service is terrible at times, having 10 wait for service is not my idea of customer friendly, however a fairly good selection of items, competitive prices but limited selection compared to Vancouver. Trapped audiences don't always get the best deals or selection, so barter if you can.


Love it

Lexical Luthor

Staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Ten out of ten! ????

Chris Halliday

Lots of selection and self check out which I enjoy

Rhys Woodcock

Just bought a beauty new ladder excellent service.

Jeffrey Clement

The least favourite of my home depots I've been to. Staff usually ignores you unless you're in the appliance section. But then it feels like a commission area with all the pressure. Their website is usually down not helping at all. And delivery is done without signatures leaving you with stolen packages.

Kyle Heinz

Helpful and happy staff. Also happy with prices

David Kahn

Things a little scattered but great customer service and great variety.

Joel & Dallen Ferrie

I come here regularly for tools, supplies and lumber. The lumber is lacking on quality but because its kept indoors I use it for furniture.

Dan Keyworth

Great Home Depot with helpful staff


This review is for one employee in particular at the Courtenay Home Depot. We have dealt with Noel in the appliance department on a few occasions, and i can honestly say i don't think i have ever received better service. He was able to beat the competitors prices, and he provided fast and friendly service. I will be a repeat customer at this location based on these interactions. Highly recommend!

Cheema Canada

I been over there last month. I buy stuff my washroom. People can buy any hardware for build home.


Easy shopping. Some unadvertised bargains. Helpful staff. Awesome store for seasonal goods.

Karen Forshner

Good service

Robert Coutts

Richard the appliance guy, was very helpful.

Leona Colebank

Excellent service

cowboy up

on Dec 15 2017, a home depot delivery driver attempted to enter a seniors complex through the wrong entrance and totally destroyed the security gate . After 8months the seniors ,on fixed income had to pay for this security gate out of their own pocket as home depot refused to pay for the damage done by their driver thus leaving the most vulnerable without security for over 8 months . then adding insult to injury ,home depot set their corporate lawyers on a stall and harassment tactic against the seniors strata president . Now as of nov 15 2018 ,the seniors have given up, congrats home depot your community spirit and responsibility is inspiring

Vladimir Suna

Friendly, good parking.

Doc. Garrow

A great place to go, and usually knowledgeable


never an associate to help with questions!! lowes is better. sorry home depot.

Lesley Head

Always courteous employees and good choice of plants for planting.

Andrew Robinson

Good selection of things for the DIY'r and professional. And some good deals.

Ed Preece

Love to shop here. Good selection and prices.

Caballero Britanico

Great customer service nice place to go awesome variety of everything

Jonathan Schulz

good selection

Peter van kessel

Great place with sometimes to much staff walking around and other times hardly any body on site

Moira Mcneil

Always fun in HD ! Great selection & decent prices ! Also staff are always helpful & friendly!

Jon Spade (JonSpade)

Service was great - sales person was informative and helpful. Now, to make a decision...

Kathy Calder

I had wonderful Customer experience with a Lady named Gerry. She is the reason I will be shopping more at Home Depot this Christmas Season.

Mark & Kristina Davies

good selection of DIY products and materials

Geoff Stewart

Found everything I was looking for. Prices were reasonable.

Dixie Laughton

Great sales on plants ,discounted on back corner ,not to busy


The customer service counter has not been very helpful two out of two times that I have asked a question. The first time was pre covid-19, and I was going to ask where something in the store was located. I walked up to the counter and the woman behind the counter put her hand up in my face to tell me to stop. She turned around and started having a conversation with another employee. So that time I walked away and found what I was looking for by wandering around. That was about a year ago. Today I went looking for some weatherstripping. The first person that greeted me at the door directed me somewhat close to where the weatherstripping was. I found it but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I went to customer service to say I needed some help. The customer service employee was talking to a friend who was not working. So I guess I interrupted a conversation, and he wanted to get back to it. I tried to explain what I was looking for and he told me what aisle to go to. Okay... Let me try that again, I thought. So I said again what I needed and why I needed help. He he phoned over to someone in that department and said I should go back to the aisle and they would help me find it. One more time I said, "yes I've already looked over there. You don't carry it. I was hoping you could help me look online." To which he responded, "Yes you can buy things online." So I was pretty irritated by that point because I could tell that he was not listening to what I was saying. This is a problem. If you work at the customer service counter, listening to what someone is asking for is a pretty key still. I understand that sometimes people, including myself, are not always clear about what they're asking for or sure about how to ask for it. Maybe customer service at Home Depot needs a little bit more training on how to really listen to people. Or maybe it's just me and maybe I am better off just not going to Home Depot again. After that I went to Home Hardware. The guy I talked to listened to me and tried to help me problem-solve. Ultimately he sent me to Modern Doors in Comox, and they sorted me out in no time.

Bethany Ireland

Wow! Pamela at the Courtenay Store has gone above and beyond with customer service, knowledgeable details that saved us money, calling us back promptly, helping with online orders and being firendly, efficient and an impressive multi-tasker. I was feeling customer service was heading out the window these days until Pamela renewed my faith in refreshing human interactions. Way to go Pamela!

Lead Free Fishing TV (WiLDFiSH)

I can't rate them because they never answered the phone. I tried calling half dozen times.

Lori Gogo

Don't in appliances and Tracey in window coverings are a pleasure to do business with.

Robert Foresman

Awesome store, lots of stuff but hard to find a staff member when you need help

Martin Hryniewiecki

Best price on rotary sanders by far

Andy Johnson

Good selection. Some lumber is not as straight as it could be but fair price and good return policy


It's a home depot. Friendly staff , regular prices. No better than local guys. If you cut get it local go here

Dave Duncan

I have always enjoyed shopping at the home depot and this is a great location. I had all my tools stolen off a jobsite a few years ago and the amazing people at The Home Depot in courtenay gave me a bunch of free stuff and really good deals on the tools i purchased. I will always be greatful to the people at home depot.

Alex Plonka

Had what I wanted in stock. Quick in and out.

fred rediker

Only 3 stars a little harder to find help

Max Easterbrook

YEE. Jim was there to answer any of my questions on tools. Didn't have anything I was looking for but he went out of his way to look into it for me, without a hastle. Professional service. Guy needs a pay raise.

Chriss Gates

I am genuinely confused about the bad reviews around service. I have only experienced great service. Love the hassel free return policy and appreciate that the staff are actually trained about the products that are carried in the store.

Brad Stevens

Best Home Depot

Abul Bazaz

Great place to shop

Marc Archambault

Easy returns

Brigitte Le Burel

Just bought stuff for fixing house and making bed in van

Findhorn Bay

Nice selection of plants at good prices in garden center.

Dlo King

Huge store with helpful employees

Naomi Vierstra

Store is nice, most staff is friendly, had a issue with our dishwasher and they didnt help

Eva Ek

I was greeted at the door, staff was super nice, a guy named Nat went out of his way to show me around the store in search for my odd request.

Petrus van kessel

They have almost everything for home and garden

Jamie Bain

Wood quality is better than Slegg lumber on average.

M Rodgers

Average service. No real line ups

JDS 866

I go here to get hard wood

G Mcd

Took my elderly father to get an airconditioner. Staff was very helpful and accommodating.

Ted Muir

Pretty good Home Depot. I prefer the Nanaimo location. Can't always find someone for assistance so the customer service isn't the best.

Arnold Winter

Getting a bit pricy not alot in stock

Beverley Derby

Maybe I'm unlucky, but I rarely find what I'm looking for & walk away empty handed.

James Thomas

Good selection

Joan Seymour

found what we needed and the staff were quite helpful, plus some fabulous plants

Ralf Korus

Always everything you need. Raj and his staff are always ready to assist.

Jarrah Zdf

It's a large hardware store, they have a lot of things, they don't have everything. Sometimes you have to go elsewhere, such is life.

Christine Garland

We found everything we need and Corey was very helpful in cutting a couple of hardboards for us

Byron Johnston

Friendly staff


This one has WAY better customer service than the one in Campbell River. I highly recommend their flooring department. Great products, prices and a fantastic clearance section. Colin is the best!

Brenda Dobler

Terrible service had to take a product back wrong color. The sales clerk picked it. When I returned it I said I was given the wrong color. They did not apologize instead they stated how nice I was to blame someone else. Will not shop there ever again.

Toni Lamb

purchased washer/dryer set from store, was told installation included with delivery if i purchased new washer hoses and clamps and new dryer hose. waited 4 days for delivery, and units purchased were in store, 2 minutes away by car. delivery came and personnel declined to install, telling my husband they were unfamiliar with units and unwilling to undertake job. came home to discover 2 new machines unconnected so went back to store to see what is going on. store staff tell me they will have to have yet another company do installation, but they can’t guarantee it will even be the next day, never mind the day delivery occurred. at this writing, i am still waiting for installation. when i complained to Colin, manager of appliance department about this situation, he told me they would be happy to pick up machines and refund my money. i said i don’t want machines returned, just installed! can’t believe HD sends out personnel unequipped to deal with simple installation. Grrr!

Kyle A

Signed up to finance the project loan program. 3 months into renos they cut the card off with no reason. Spent two months trying to get an answer with no prevail. Was told to wait for a call from a manager twice and did not recieve a call. My renos are not finished and have no way to purchase all the product now. The 6 month period is up still no answers and no card. Do not recommend using their program it screwed me over

dan old

It's just a regular home depot

laurie Parkin

Great selection

Tracey Fietz

Fast, friendly service Wish they were enforcing masks, though

Jane Coleman

Check your prices locally for items you wish to purchase to ensure best price.

Leo Morissette

Great place

Jayson M

Didnt actually go into the store but coming through the parking lot from the back and there was a delivery truck along the north side with a forklift in front of it. The forklift driver hopped off the forklift and stood in the middle of the roadway blocking my way through and proceded to give me a dirty look and throw his hands up like what i was doing was wrong and obviously not willing to take two steps closer to the truck to let me through. If thats how staff treat potential customers i will be sure to never set foot in that store.

Anne Chorneyko

Home Depot is as a hardware store should be, good selection of necessary item's you need to do the job right in home repairs and building. Helpful staff and good service.

Neil Fanstone

Very helpful staff

D & G Brownridge

Just ordered a new shed from Home Depot. Great service.. thank you Kim for taking the time to walk us through the process over the phone.

Denys Laporte

Like all hd

Barrie Wheatley

Trying to contact home Depot by phone, be prepared for a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Carol Nelson


Dylan Harris

There isn't one single human at the home depot who give af about helping customers. They just dodge phone calls and customers all day until there shift is up. Absolutely brutal service everytime.

Noel Elmo Amen


Glenn Prior

If you know exactly what you want and are short of time go to the store in the evening. The staff work hard at ignoring customers and will not waste your time with idle chatter or offers of assistance.

Kenneth Black

Some staff friendlier and more eager to assist than others, some look like they are praying you do not approach them. If you ever been in a Lowe's or Home Depot then you know what to expect in terms of goods/wares.

Daniel Hogan

Very good service from paint section as well as customer service prompt and friendly thank you

Michael Brotherston

It's a home depot. It's got what you're looking for.

Kevin Snaden

Ryan helped us and was super friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

Sandra Irving

Shopping with a friend and were treated so well by the knowledgeable staff that I won't hesitate to go back for my own needs

John Mac

Staff is extremely helpful, although rarely, sometimes it's tough to find help. Great selection of inventory, at competition prices. Lumber is decent, however it is stored indoors so it tends to morph a bit when you expose it to the elements. Overall fantastic franchise.

Pat Mcallister

Wanted to buy a specific rug that they only had in stock in Campbell River. I called the store in Campbell River they wouldn’t Bring it to the Courtney store so I had to drive up to Campbell River to do it. Any other department store or big box chain that I have ever dealt with or gladly bring stock from another store for a customer. Horrible service but what I’ve come to expect from Home Depot

Kathy Seymour

Was able to get the wheels I needed for my dishwasher and return the piece I didn't need Service was a little slow for refund

MizLin Nordahn

Very fast service ... my questions answered ... No line ups ... and a clean store Thanx .. keep it up!!!????

Chris Bruneau

Replaced my mall. No problem.

Clinton Brickner

Hand sanitizer and a complimentary mask at the door. Also quick lines

John Thornton

Big inventory with errant professional staff

Sharon Jackson

It is always fun They have great sales Staff are great too

jason louise

Great price


The Home Depot is a hit and miss kind of place. Some times you get a good deal and a good quality product, other times not so much. The same for their customer service, some times you might actually get someone who knows what they're talking about but other times you don't. So to me its mediocre, however Home Hardware ( Central builders) is way worse in every aspect. I just wanted to update my review. The people in the paint department were outstanding and very helpful. A big shoutout to Vaughn, she went out of her way to be helpful without making me feel stupid about being a complete novice as a painter. As I said before Home Depot is a hit or miss. Today was a Big Hit and I really appreciated walking away not only satisfied but more knowledgeable and less inept in the painting arena. Thank you so much for your patience Vaughn and happy experience.

Barry Davis

I went to the Courtenay store around 8am on a week day. Do you think I could get some help finding something, not a chance. No staff to serve you. When I did find someone he told me he can't help because he works in seasonal. He didn't even offer to get an employee to help me out and he continued to go on his break in the lunch room. I thought it was very rude of him. Now I know why they call it Home Desperate.

Bill Bridge

Nice store but could use a few more tellers and other staff.

Michael Kehl

It's a good home depot... Large with lots of inventory and a good product mix. Ample free parking and helpful staff... Other than that, it's the same experience you get at any other location.

Paul Berry

Open early

Stewart Ryburn

Need people who are smart

Gabriel Gibbons

Staff are abit scarce.

Niklos Riley

Aparna was fantastic to deal with at the courtenay location! Highly recommend!

Amy Greene

I just love all home depot stores. What's not to love...

Sly sylvestre

Friendly personal

Kaz Espinet

Good customer service

Mike Shaw

Great service, always friendly staff. Helped me find more stock on an item that appeared to be missing.

francesca lutz

Great paint selection

jason mouland

Great service. Knowledgable sales people and good prices/selection.

harold strempler

???? Nice place to get everything you need. Greeted with a ☺ at the door.

R. W.

Should be minus 1. $2000 for one project. 40% of which went to new tools. 6 trips back and no pro there to show us how to load expensive new tools let alone use them. Not okay full stop.

Bonnie Worm

Friendly, helpful staff.

antonio pinheiro

The service is really good.

cowichan valley

Great customer service

Brenda Mcintosh

Customer service is poor

Bruce Johnston

Lots of good things for the home here, good prices also

Stuart Holland

A horrible purchase experience. Staff were incompetent at every level from floor personnel to cashiers and even customer service desk.

Carol Skorey

Lots of stuff here for your work shop and home.

Phil Masini

I couldn't find what I needed. A worker came over and asked if I needed help, and showed me a few options. I took one, went home and completed the task.

Ken D

Good prices and you can use there money interest free for up to 18 months!!! On purchases !!

Andrew Prince


john frisby

Needs more people with a consistent knowledge base

vitaliy gosha

Good as always. Got what I needed. Thx Home Depot.

mike ens

Lots of parking and usually not to busy, most of the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.


Big place friendly staff. Did not have what I wanted but they showed it for online shopping.

Cameron Wood

Nobody really knows how to line up to cash out yet.

Lauretta Barre

Great service people, friendly and willing to help!

Doris Madigan

Good selection. Sometimes difficult to find help.

Terry Novak

Typical Home Depot.Had what I wanted and friendly staff


Disappointed with the all the Halloween noise makers at the front entrance.

Todd Hedquist

Home depot Always the same way you left it

nick butler

Extremely hard to get anyone here to help.. to busy chatting with each other.

Jason M

Very poor on phone service!

Nikki M

Good selection, clean store, friendly staff. Garden center is big.

Brian Hamp

Great service and help with all the hurdles they have to overcome...Ryan Kiem went the extra mile..Thanks!????

Darren Groner

Everyone their was very helpful and informative it's my go to place for anything that has to do with our home

Brian Henderson

Great service and very helpful customer service. Dealt with the kitchen cupboard section and very knowledgeable service and recommendations.

alana issler

No one ever can help you.

Mike Hoffman

Much better service than the store north of here.

Revathi Krishna

This Courtenay BC location is not an equal opportunity employer . Even if they hire visible minorities it's probably for the hardest job. The head office should look into this matter

Kimberly McIntosh

Great stop for you home depot needs ????

Jaycee Finlay

Professional and Helpful

Andrew Beuzer

If you need things, this place has a whole lot of different things. Not the cheapest, not the best, and not great if you need human advice, but one of the best selection of things in town.

Patrick Harpelle

Awesome experience, thank you Sean and Karan. Very professional!

Ryan Konkin

Friendly staff, and usually have what I need in stock. Store is kept clean.

Cory Grosskleg

Nice clean place with knowledgeable staff.

manfred berger

All of the Materials that are needed to take care of your Home Repairs you will find here at decent Prices.

Jamie Yeomans

Not impressed when trying to get some prices on the phone, tried three times and was on hold for over 20 minutes every time. finally I asked for the manager and got my answer, so I suggest asking for the manager all the time or maybe they will get more staff.....

Terry Billard

Always a frustrating experience. No help when you need it. When you get help , chances are you know more than the HD staff.

Derek Hodge

Lots of helpful staff

Barry Gold

We purchased a new washer and dryer from Home Depot in Richmond B.C. it included delivery to our home in Courtenay B.C. on Vancouver island. We stressed the importance of the delivery date no later than December 24th. Home Depot assured us it would be delivered on time. Sure enough December 24th arrived as did snow. We had about 6 inches of snow. I got up early and plowed our driveway so the delivery driver would be able to come down our driveway. They called at 13:00 and said the driveway was “covered “ in snow. Well yes, it was covered in 2” of compacted, plowed and sanded snow. Driver told his dispatch it was inaccessible. Really I thought? Well maybe a road grader had come by and put windrows along the front of the driveway. So I suggested we could just unload it on the road and we would drive it down the driveway ourselves. So I hop on the tractor anticipating a massive windrow at the front of the driveway. There was absolutely nothing! Not only that they had driven away. I called the delivery company B & N delivery. They have offices in Kamloops, Saanichton & Victoria B.C. The supervisor named Rory said the driver told him the driveway was inaccessible. Well I explained your driver is a LIAR. I have photos that prove the driveway was acceptable and accessible. Not only that I told him, but a Honda Fit, Honda Civic , a full sized Dodge Ram with 18’ trailer had driven down the driveway that very day. Best of all my 82 year old mother in-law had driven down the driveway in her 2018 rear wheel drive Buick! She is EIGHTY TWO years old !! Rory the supervisor said there was nothing they could do. The driver had left. He said I was supposed to rebook for a week later. Really? Gosh thanks very much. No washer and dryer over the holidays. Terrific. So although this is not the fault of Home Depot I believe they have to shoulder the responsibility. They contract delivery to an outside company. If you you Google B&N delivery you will see the atrocious reviews from past customers, yet Home Depot continues to use them as their appliance delivery company. Come on Home Depot you can do better. Dump B&N delivery! Use a company who wants the business and doesn’t lie to its customers. If you want photos of the driveway I will gladly post those as well. Ps. We live in CANADA. Guess what? We get snow!

Vic Perras

Asked a random employee where the weatherstrip is. I received a sarcastic reply. Found the rest of the stuff on our own. Good displays, reasonable prices

Norm Shokal

Good prices

Ml C

Helpful, knowledgeable staff

Brooke McWilliams

Tina made our day. She was highly knowledgable and as friendly as could be. She helped us find a great deal on flooring that worked for our budget and our needs, that we would never have stumbled upon ourselves. Thanks Tina!

Sandy Heyman

Staff are awesome

Myrna Trimmer

Derek was awesome, helpful and friendly.


Good selection of paint

Stan Jorgensen


Carin Taylor

The same as every other home depot.


very good

Keith Moraes

Has most of what you need. If you’re a guy, good luck finding help. Women are asked if they need help every aisle so it seems. Local Home Hardware & Slegg Lumber comparable. Recommend Lowe’s in Nanaimo

Peter Edwards

Pleasant staff

Sandy Rogers

Just a standard Home Depot , staff helpful

Steve Clarke

Staff was all very helpful in finding things and loading my truck.

Dee Collings

It's home depot what more can be said?

Laterra Lawson

I ordered this auto care cleaner online, my credit card was charged and I kept checking to see if it was shipped yet. Two weeks later it still says order confirmed but not shipped. Granted covid delays shipping these days. It wasn’t even shipped after two weeks of waiting for it to at least be shipped. I called, my order was cancelled without my knowledge or any communication. Even the employees had no idea how to help me or do anything except keep calling and maybe someone will know what to do. Terrible service, they should at least know how to fix the situation.

James Langridge

Quick and easy. They had everything I needed at a reasonable price.

Alex Osborne

Really like the curbside pick up! Have used many times and get great customer service each time.

Brian McNeilly

We shop here a lot. Staff very helpful.

Andrew Mitchell

Great selection of merchandise and helpful staff.

Jacob Wilson

Decent selection. I've found some of the staff to be very knowledgeable but 9/10 don't know where anything is or what there talking about!

Jen Winter

Quick and easy


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