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16 Murphy Square, Corner Brook, NL A2H 1R4, Canada

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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercentre IN Corner Brook

Garry Murphy

I was a 2/5 for an online purchase that had to be returned and wasted half my day trying to fix. However, when i finally went to the store to return the item the customer service was excellent. Beth empathized well with my frustration at telephone customer service with the manufacturer of my product and also game me excellent advice for the future. Since the product I wanted was technology I returned to walmart because of this service and bought something better and now it works great! Thanks

Marilyn Crosbie

Staff very helpful and polite.

jenny sylvester

Funny how Walmart is the same but not lol good place


Very helpful staff.I rarely shop there because of location from Parksville.But I have to say it's worth it.Their selection is amazing.Merchandise I have never seen at the Walmart in Nanaimo. Like I said very nice courteous staff its worth the extra distance to go check it out.

Wensday Boys

No good good. Ya feel me fam

Grumpy Bear

Good prices easy access for all

Wayne Cabot

Not too busy. Had what I wanted. Easy check out

Carmie Dixon

Its a good Wal-Mart

Dan Leahy

I hate Walmart and all the abuse of workers that it stands for. A few of the nastiest Billionaires on the planet run this with massive subsidies from the government to their underpaid workers.

Dawne S

Walmart has a wide variety of products and they have great hours of business that work for everyone!

Sonja Larsen

Absolutely no staff helped at any point in time, instead was almost run over by an employee pulling a cart. The shoe section has gone severely downhill with no selection. And only self check outs asking how the service was.... WHAT service???

Connie Lee

Store tends to be dirty both inside and out. Product availability tends to be hit and miss.

Michael Heydon

Good specials and many good every day prices

Jim Fleming

Had everything we needed

Raymond Gilby

Great price for LED light bulbs.

Terri O'Brien

Found almost all I went for and as always added a few things not on the list lol.

Steve Shewfelt

Go there 2 times a month, like cashiers not scanners

Robert Tooze

Not enough non machine checkouts open! No express checkouts.

Duke Raoul

Inhuman consumer SUPERCENTRE

Curt Dundas

Set back and hard to find. Clean store with a good produce section.

Oddi Johnston

Went to their walk in clinic. Being from Ontario, I don't have a BC care card. And no ID. They were very helpful, and let me fax my health card number from my drug store from Ontario and took good care of me. Receptionist was friendly, and so was the doctor on shift. 5/5 ⭐

Cody Kwallek

Great pricing, super friendly staff

Megan S

Better than the Campbell River location.

philip claasen

As a foreigner to Canada, I enjoyed the variety on offer. Prices very reasonable. Very wide selection of foodstuff, clothing etc.

D -

Just like all Walmarts. Checkouts can be busy at times. Food section is always fresh. Electronic has great sales.

Dustin the wind

Good as far as Walmarts go. Clean, no clutter. Friendly staff.


Hard to find anything with all the sale signs everywhere you look. Checked my receipt and the sale tag on an item I bought was bs. Cheated me out of three bucks and earned one more poor review... don't believe the stickers and check these guys at the till.

Reid Johnston

Icbc here isn’t interested in your business, they told me my registration paper wasn't valid when trying to register my vehicle because the previous owner's signature was ever so slightly different than on the bill of sale. How that's my fault or problem is beyond me. I was told to go elsewhere and that the signature will probably be fine at any other branch. This was true, I went elsewhere and they had no problem registering my vehicle with the exact same paperwork.

kara ross

Love how they sanitized the shopping carts for. You have extra sanitizer for the carts and for. Your self. Staff is friendly and love. Interacting with younger kids my son gets excited to shop there because they hand out Stickers

Brody Peacock

It's one of the not super weird Walmart's line you see on the internet. It's actually some of the better prices in town too.

Michael Edward Malcolm

Well, it's Walmart! Clean and well stocked. The check out staff were nice to deal with.

Jamie Brasnyo

It's got everything you could ever imagine. Lots of parking lots of tills, lots of customer service Representatives

Jegook Lee

Comparatively cheaper grocery price.


It's big! Its Walmart. It has everything


Great, well run place. ????

Shawn H

Best prices for most groceries in the valley and one of the only places you can get everything you could need in one stop.

Roland Schoenke

Good prices, but only one check out person. Had to use self check out which I hate.

Custom Charger

It's a wal mart. It has everything.

Bon Bon Central

Used to be a lot better than it is now. Selection is next to nothing compared to the Walmart’s on the mainland, Staff are nowhere to be found. They removed a lot of the cashier tills, and replaced them with Self-Checkouts. So now lines for an actually cashier are extremely long and you’ll be waiting in a line for around 15 minutes. Washrooms are out of order almost all of the time. However, this place is one of the only supermarkets that has a great DVD movie selection. Prices on all items can differ, and sometimes they get bumped up. Overall, 2/5.

Dillon Ray

Never go here, worst store in town. Only go here if you feel like being harassed at the exit by some petty tyrant secret shopper who has failed at life and now roams like wal-mart floors looking to harass his next victim.

Nick Chowdhury

Not a fan of big box stores, staff rarely know where things are, stock is either good or low, remember they are based on profit from drawing us in for low prices.


Only 2 cash registers open now, some days only one. It has converted to self check outs. Basic grocery stock is many times not available on shelves.

Jon De Roo

Give that young man Mubarak a raise!

Ryan J.

Like the new self check out, but wish it took cash.


Good store and friendly staff

Ashley Hill

Went to cash in my winning scratch and wins. After waiting in line for 5 minutes I finally got to the counter. The old man at the counter asked if I had scanned the tickets on the machine and I said no, so he told me I had to scan them first (no one was behind me now). When I moved over to the scanner he proceeded to tell me that he was going on his break and wouldn't be back for 20 minutes. So not only did I have to do half of his job, he then just walked away after I did.

Alan P

Today I was lost in finding a product, but one of their staff went out of their way to help me find it. Very pleased.


Its Walmart

Chris Bailey

Walmart is Walmart. Not too many people shopping in their underpants, so you know. It's got that going for it... Which is nice.

Shana Royer

Was a very peaceful experience and had one lady help with a sale of socks.

Lina Vallee

This Walmart is 1 of the best Walmart stores in this area I think. Their shelves are usually stocked well and have not a bad selection in comparison to the Walmart in our town.

Kimmy Ealing

I went to buy a dehumidifier. After walking to the far corner to find it, i did not see it. I walked back up to the front where i saw a woman who had a vest on that said..."may i help". I asked her if she could direct me to dehumidifiers. She pointed me back to the same corner where i still did not see it. I wal ed back to the same woman at the front of store and adviaed her again that i could not find it. She i left and will go to my neighbrhood home centre and spend my money there. Just my experience...

Nick Davenock

My new favorite thing about online shopping is not having to go through a maze to navigate the store

Bob Washington

Big store, not busy, ok speed at tills, clean

shaun smith

Lots of candy****

Marion Lima

The store is awsome it's neet and people are awsome.

Danielle Hermanns

Clean and organized with helpful staff. Shelves well stocked. Exactly what you would expect from a Walmart.

Eric Kay

Super great staff, friendly and helpful.

Mama Bear

It’s Walmart. Nothing fancy but they have what you need and somewhat low prices. Although I often find Costco to be cheaper and have better quality products.

Kelly Morris

i'm not a Walmart lover and don't shop there as a rule. I did find they sold fresh basil which is hard to find on the island. Came back a 2nd time just for basil and out of the dozen packages on shelf only two weren't brown and spotted. When I asked a fellow working in produce if they had fresh supplies available he told me that basil is naturally brown and spotted. Really? My comment to him was "and you said that with a straight face!". Doesn't this just sum up the employees who work there-wow. They just don't give a damn and frankly, if I worked there I fear I would behave the same way. Last time I enter any Walmart - shudder

Nancy Haley

Today was polite and helpful staff found what I needed

Rachid Achtouk

I like Walmart cause i can get everything i want to buy

hkuna mtata

The cashier who checked us out (Rae) was very pleasant. Nice store!

Amor de Cosmos

Definitely a Walmart.

Eliza Haugrud

Great place to buy some cheap veggies however staff often don't know the answer to simple questions

way lu

My favorite place to shop

Chance Hansen

I couldn't think of a worse waste of your money or time, the company hires at hours so poor its comparable to slave labor and they employ literal slave labor to save you pennies on the dollar. If you want to support the whipping of the lower class to ensure the fifty cents off your can of soup then be my guest in complying with being a completely immoral person who values pennies over human wealth. Wal-mart is a business run by slave owners to create slave labor in own your town, Congrats on getting your soda for a dollar less.

pat louke

Everyone was helpful the shop went great


Its Walmart. I don't shop there because I *want* to. I shop there because I *have* to.

shonda c

Was super easy to shop today

Kimberly H.

Not particularly clean but friendly staff and quick service through the tills.

Mike Laatsch

Great selection for everyday goods at rock bottom prices mostly.

Idk go away

Dallyn, amazing employee. Helped me out a lot and made me feel special!

Robyn Berry

Where is the jewelry counter? I was prepared to pay $500 for a ring for my mother. Very disappointed.

Neil Nahirnick

What can you say about a Walmart Supercenter

Tim Conrad

I had a great experience there almost everything I was looking for and it was no lineups it is wonderful to see staff work

John Scottwade

No line ups cause they have all the self check outs

Sergio Visneskie

Clean and organized. Staff looked always busy tidying shelves or helping customers. Very friendly staff, good layout. Big store

Al right

Great customer service. Great variety. Amazing price.

Bernice McParlon

They had everything I wanted & more. Plus the eagerness & helpful employee's were wonderful

Kevin Stapleton

Everything you need in one stop decent priced and helpful employees

Izzy Hammond

Always great deals

Stephanie Mitchell

Its a walmart. Nothing stood out good or bad

Black Fox

Good selection of fresh produce, hardware, goods and return policies Pirates welcome.... Masks are OK

Susan M

Its a busy and somewhat under staffed store.

Russell van der Vliet (BrotherGrimm)

Well if this store is a Superstore in the Walmart chain! It's more of a smartstore, especially with the way staff treat their customers! I've been to this store twice in the last few months, because I don't get to Courtney; that much unless my Father goes! But he won't be traveling to much anymore, do to him passing! Miss those days with him, he was showing me around Vancouver Island till that happened!! Anyways with Walmart, they need to train their staff regardless of the area of the store they work in! The Customer comes first, instead of being rude; and talking with you're friends while on the floor doing your job! Was trying to find wire to setup a printer, & seeing I've only been in this store a few times; I don't know where everything is located! Tried to ask clerk where too find it! Boy did I get snapped at! That's not my department, go find someone else to help you; I'm busy.. Yes, you were talking with you're friends when I went by, and still talking when I needed the help


Has some great Staff, but other than that its your typical apathetic and uncaring walmart.

Russell James

Clean store with courteous staff. I had no problem finding a large selection of shirts to choose from.

Brigitte Hunt

Not impressed with the lack of customer service lately, it's all about self serve check out now. Doing self serve check out with a cart full of merchandise or having to line up at a long line up for a regular cashier is about the worst shopping experience. To have a better balance of both would make for a much better shopping experience.

Marty Crawford

It's walmart. ???? It's not perfect but it gets the job done.

Louis Pagliaro

A dilapidated store that is really showing its age. NOT that clean ... NOT that well stocked ... (in comparison to other Walmart stores on the island). Too bad ...

Virginia's Soap-Deli

I am generally not a Wal-Mart shopper. We needed a bit of dairy and it was the easiest place on our route to stop in quickly. The produce department presents well. It is clean, thoughtfully planned and the produce was fresh and affordable. We ended up picking up berries, cucumbers, clementines and bananas. The bread though - the loaves by the bakery counter - I'd love to see locally produced items (in all local regions). Too much shipping in either from the USA or Ontario when we have great bakeries in ever local province.

Joyce Micol

More reasonable priced than most groceries in the valley. Easy to do a quick shop.

Airbus Loadie

Checkout tills are short staffed (only 2 open) and very slow

Jacques Dussault

Good price but store need to be clean and improve stock item

Julia Hogan

Mostly good stock. Getting annoyed with the greeters though. They don't need to be stopping people who have paid for their merchandise like we're in Costco.

Sanie Joel Cagoco (DocWiz)

The store looks clean, nice and check-out is sufficient. You might have long time looking for assistance in the different departments except Produce and Gadgets section. Overall, its a nice place to buy cheap stuff.

Bonnie Pearl

The photo shop there is wonderful. I hope it never leaves because real photos are becoming popular again.

Skyler Rushton

Got what we needed, and found some cool "Canada" jackets as well!

Karen Morissette

Walmart has everything, but they need to get a quality vendor for their womens clothing line.A lot of the mature womens clothing looks like the got a sale on ugly printed fabric and re-used patterns from other seasons.Re-using patterns is fine As long as the material is not left over stock that they couldn't sell.If the fabric didnt sell then why would the clothing sell.


Hard to find people to help, bad customers service and now mostly self checkouts

rainah farmere

It's way to hot in there

Mikol McPherson

It's a Walmart. One stop shop. It's clean. Well stocked. Employees are very nice. It has a McDonalds. Walk-in clinic. Tons of garden stuff.

George Forsyth

It's Walmart. What more can be said


Always had good customer service at this Walmart. Great prices on groceries for my family and affordable baby items. Clean and well stocked stores most times I have been in. Grocery ordering online has been a nice addition, considering the current pandemic.

Richard Manton

Eliminated most of the checkout tills to replace them with self checkouts. Bad business practice, and I wont be shopping here again.

dennis quick

Clean store.everything easy to find.

Anita Todd

Great auto service. I'm comming to suspect though that panhandlers are just going to be a constant outside any Wal-Mart, which is annoying and disappointing.

Brandon Fenton

One of the worst customer experience I have ever received from any Walmart. Multiple times. They genuinely don't care for their customers at all. The "island hospitality" sure as hell never hit them.

Brittany Freeman

Best Aunt Jemima products in America #godbless

A Rat

Good ol wallyworld


Optometrists were great

Margaret Cossar

Cashier was friendly and efficient.

Lisa Mueller

I hate Walmart. I was dragged in against my own free will. I'll never have a positive review.

Redina Bloogs

Its not one of better walmarts. Staff are not particularly friendly or helpful.

Adam Emery

Its walmart... But hey atleast they had stock unlike the nanaimo store

April Robichaud

We do not like what Wal-Mart has become. No staff ever on the sales floor to approach for help. Cutting jobs in favor of self checkouts, almost no physical cashiers left at all. Produce in the grocery section of the store is always of very poor quality. Customer service has been very rude on numerous occasions. We do everything in our power to avoid shopping there at all costs, despite being a low income family with pretty much no other viable choice. We choose to buy anything and everything we need USED where possible, over shopping there. They need to do a major overhaul of what they stand for, and their approach to running their stores, or it's only a matter of time before the public forces them to shut their doors. Smarten up Wal-Mart.

Ken Seabloom

Found the item I was looking for without any problems. A number of options were available, so I was able to select the most suited item.

Lisa T.

Lacking stock on the shelves. This has been a problem for awhile now.

Vicki White

Indian people were SUPER nice ????????????

Charlotte Schoch

For cheap items that last less than a few years it's great.

Sandy Dreger

No line up to get in and fast through checkout. Floors well marked for social distancing.


Great return system and very friendly and helpful behind the desk.

Ryan Galloway

It's a typical Walmart. Nothing bad to say.

Ashley Kazakoff

Usually pretty clean, good sales on clearance

Baseball Scout

Mandatory face coverings are NOT enforced. Maybe 30% of people not wearing a mask. Made me very uncomfortable. Wont be returning.

Melissa Flynn

Variety of foods, and all kinds of supplies, electronics,, EVERYTHING, BUT they never have enough cashier's. They want us to use the self pay, but I prefer a cashier if you can find one

Darrin L

Great product selection, normally well stocked. Good staff.

Katherine Davis

It was fine... wear mask ???? and always use hand sanitizer... You never if they have wiped everything down before you have touched it..

Deb Julian

Very frustrating. Fit rooms are messy and unattended. Women's clothing has no structure and was impossible for me to find what I was looking for. Underwear and socks were not on their proper display. All in all, it was an extremely frustrating experience, trying to shop for clothes. I left with one pair of socks, and thankfully, the cashier was very pleasant.

Colton Ritchie

It's a Walmart! No selection of Lock & Lock glass containers by Starfrit.

Marisa Oakes

Phone department was excellent. I am not great with tech. But your staff is!


Everything that a person needs for their house and home. Large store with other services including McDonald's, Insurance center, lottery, Eyewear, pharmacy.

Karen Forshner

It's Wal-Mart. Cheap and fast

Sarah Dennis

Its walmart ????‍♀️ nothing spectacular, no bad review nothing to rave just good ole walmart

Leona Colebank

good prices fresh product okay

Doc. Garrow

Always nice and helpful

Jon Buchanan

Everything in one place and priced right.

Paul Schwanitz von Keitz

I'm impressed. I've seen my share of Walmarts across BC and AB, but this one stands out as being managed really well, good prices, good products! Only a better choice of maple syrup was missing.

Colette Rees

Huge selection, great prices

Jace Lomax

No food

alex Shute

Great prices but it's Walmart...

Elvis Starburst

My experiences here are usually pretty ok, but today highly frustrated me. At first I wanted to know the warranty period for a single kind of item. It wasn't specifically on the list, so the Customer Service Manager (So his name tag says) said "I think it's an electronic, so... I think it's 14, no... 30 days?"... You *think*? Afterwards I tried going through the self check outs. Everything I did for the 1 item I had needed help from a cashier. And when I tried purchasing a 1 year extended warranty at the checkout, I wanted to know what exactly it covered. 2 people came to help me, neither of them knew what the 1YRP did, suggested it means I contact the seller for a replacement or repair (That's what the manufacturer warranty does!) and suggested I also take a look online to see what it does. In the end, I still have no idea what the 1YRP does or covers, and neither did they. I have no idea who the hell management hires here, but all 3 of them should AT LEAST be aware of their warranties, at minimum

Factory Dad

Its Walmart what can I say. I got the finger from one of the employees. Was asking for directions and got the one min finger and back turn. I was so impresses I walked away. Typical response from min wage employees. If you need some cheap stuff and have an hour to get lost and try and find what you need, fill your boots.

Legion Glanvill

It's a Walmart. It has everything you need. I still believe in shopping local. But if you are in a hurry and need anything. This is the place to get it fast and easy. Has good prices as usual. But remember you are buying mostly China products.

Taylor Bettesworth

Typical Walmart. Decent products, good prices.

Kevin R

HUGE store. Typical Walmart fare in greater quantities.

Kathy Calder

Terrible service. Cant count, rude regarding my card sticking. Is it not possible to train people properly first. Going to Super Store from now on. At least it is a Canadian Company Big Fat Fail

Michael Simard

Spacious, well laid out, well stocked store! My only complaint is the over - reliance on self checkout kiosks!

Dixie Laughton

Very busy ,good service Happy Thanksgiving

Jon P.

For a Walmart it was fine, no huge complaints, but you get 3 star anyway

Lori Gogo

Walmart and Winners with A Staples in between. Mark's and Best Buy close by and a Booster juice near by.

South Sea

A typical Walmart, lot’s of products and something for everyone. Happy Halloween!


It's Walmart, employees seem to be standard affair there. They don't try hard but they muddle along and do there job, and they normally have stock.


Itsa Walmart. No different than any other in Canada.

Dave Duncan

pretty well a one stop shop. Walmart is always priced competitively and this location is no different. I've recently bought a trampoline and TV through and it was sent to the nanaimo store. I must say it was a great experience all around. When my items arrived they contacted me and when I went to pick them up they helped me put them in the car. I will definitely be watching for price drops and will continue to be a customer. The employees were stellar and went above and beyond.

Lance de Bree

Great place to shop

Justin Smith

The best of wallmart unfortunately it is 1 of the only ones in the world that doesn't allow overnight campers so

Angie M

Needs more cashiers and to get rid of the self checkouts. But always a good experience

Greg Thompson

Well stocked well managed clean

Abul Bazaz

Great place to shop

Vari Par

You are getting a great service from the walmart staff and at the end the cashier makes whole Wal-Mart experience to the worst ever!

Brigitte Le Burel

I get things there because it is cheaper and that is the only place has what I need.

Colleen Gieck

Good Check out attendants Helpful

June Nassichuk

Great food store re produce milk bread also clothes shoses etc.

C. Trenholm

I always find what I need in one place ☺

Amanda Nharlie

They locked all the entry doors at 20 minutes to close tonight, got frustrated trying to pick up milk...I knocked on the glass and no one came to open it. Had to wait for someone to come out the exit. It’s not like it’s a huge deal for someone to use the self checkout anyways. Speaking of the self checkout, I was planning on using cash to pay the other night at 10:30 they close at 11:00 and they made me self checkout. This is so annoying they treat locals this way.

Brenda Graham

Place is the same as always. Still do not like the self check outs. Would rather deal with a human.

Dani Lemire

Store always looks dirty. Floors are absolutely ruined.

Myles Coolidge

I want to thank the kind staff for assisting me in finding aunt j syrup for my personal lubricant. GOD BLESS !

Tim Patterson

Horrible return policy......was told if I had my credit card statement showing purchase I could return item.....returned with that info to be told receipt no return...ever again Walmart

Colin McRae

I did not necessarily like this place. It's Walmart. Don't expect a rando on the internet to tell you about fteaking Walmart

Dlo King

Huge store great selection cheap prices but staff could try harder to do their jobs

Naomi Vierstra

Not happy that there were only two tellers on. I refuse to use self serve.

Gidget Lowther

Everything you need with easy access

Eva Ek

Worker named Tierra completely flipped out over a simple mistake i made at self checkout. This employee takes her day out on people and doesnt know how to control her emotions. She should be taught manners or given an easier job, since managing the self checkout section is too much for her to handle.

Keenan McCoy

Dont enforce a mask policy if after 9pm half your staff dosent wear masks

Bill Fallow

Better than scumble River

Robert Scott Rix

Clean store and helpful staff.

Lorie MacDonald

I think it would be good if all walmarts were exactly set up the same way..

Sue Campbell

Great selections, great prices, super customer service. Shout out to Alex in auto checkout who helped with several tricky problems including discount coupons..,quickly, efficiently, kindly.


It's a walmart. Not sure what else to say. This one has a grocery section along with the regular walmart stuff. Lots of parking options.

Geneva Day

What's to say? It's walmart!

chaycen zora

Good store not so helpful employees

Dr Bumbaclot

Horrible experience, will never return

Arnold Winter

Good price on food

Beverley Derby

Hard to beat the prices. On three separate trips black beans were out of stock. Are they that popular or is Walmart just not stocking enough?!

James Thomas

They used to carry a good Seville orange marmalade now they don't sell it anymore. One do my main reasons for going to Wal-Mart.

Donalda Armstrong

Good. Clean and nice wide isles.

Kathy Fentiman

Found what I was looking for but not a large amount of stock. Yarn section lucky to find 2 balls of the same yarn

Stuart Morley

More tills removed = more jobs lost

Jason McLeod

I witnessed a Walmart employee screaming obscenities at some kid,(probably stole something). But with kids and families in the area it was inexcusable. He was the white haired greeter....Come on we can do better!

victoria smith

This has to be 1 of the most organized walmart ive been in????

Ryy1009 000

Bright clean store. Easy access

Brenda Dobler

Very nice small walmart

Toni Lamb

Relatively decent prices, reasonable selection, love those clearance racks

kelly austin

Shout out to Seth in the electronics department for quickly and professionally assisting me with my Koodo sim card yesterday. Someone give that young man a raise.

nicole Russell

Great price and variety of items

laurie Parkin

Great prompt, professional service when i needed the lights on my truck replaced. Thank you so much guys!

Tracey Fietz

Fast, friendly service

Jane Coleman

Better signage for ground beef on sale would have been helpful. Clerk at self checkout very helpful.

Kari L

It's a Wal-Mart, great stuff for great prices. Doing what they can during Covid times to keep safe. Perhaps better treatment of employees on the floor so they could be happier would be nice!

Gold Standard

Trash store

mike randall

It's a Walmart. A good Walmart. The bathroom is a bit small, but that really is my only complaint. Dont go to a Walmart expecting the world. It's a Walmart.

Kell Shepherd

It's Walmart. What more do you need to know?

t leclerc

Good found everything I wanted

Shane NunYa

BAD SERVICE FROM WAL-MART! Unlike Matts review which was not a review at all, I have to say that the service here has gotten worse and worse as time goes by at first they were great back when it first opened! Now well not so much, My wife went in and made multiple purchases to come home finding that one item was not bagged when she called to ask, she was blamed for not grabing the last item which was magically seprately bagged. I myself went to the paint section to view thier on sale paints, only to stand there for 15 minutes because there was no one there then when I asked an employee if she could help me or call someone to help she ran off rudely saying no and that she was too busy! This store really needs to straighten up, a lot of the service there just plain SUCKS!

Anne Chorneyko

Typical Walmart - convenient for that one stop shop - buy groceries, gardening supplies, pharmacy prescriptions & products, clothing, electronics, etc... then eat lunch at MacDonald's without ever having to leave the building.

D & G Brownridge

Shelves are empty, floor staff is scarce and I have only sympathy for the cashiers who are doing their best, given the noticeable staff shortages.

Melanie Valentine

Nice big walmart. Good selection

Brenda Creasey

Clinic was busy but doctor was very thorough and we will find out hospital tests later. I was very impressed with Dr.Schalk Lombard.

Denys Laporte

Nice and handy, good$, selection

jessie dewolfe

Great store, great employees they just need to get rid of that LP already! That chick is an abusive psycho! Assaulting anyone she gets her hands on and will turn around and press charges on you for assault! Come on Walmart, let the crazy lady go already

Skylar Ensign

One of the better Walmart's on v. I

Nic S

Worst experience ever. Tried to return a rug that I bought a week before which gave me a severe allergic reaction. They couldn't look up receipt because it was bought it Campbell river. Wouldn't return without photo ID even though I showed them the transaction on my online banking and had a credit card. I didn't have to use ID to purchase the rug (which gave me hives all over any part of my body that touched it) why should I need ID now? Silly policy that isn't customer centric. Needless to say, any issues I had with Wal-Mart and the way they do business are now compounded. Time to forget about poor policy and help your customer. Also to add, I wrote this entire review while waiting in line to deal with the same issue 5 minutes after I walked home to get photo ID. What a joke.

w parkinson

One stop shopping at a great price

Donna-Marie Woods Contrads

Amazing Staff/ Customer Service

comox kk

DON'T ORDER ONLINE! (unless you read the fine print) I bought a brand new $500 Canon GX9 camera but it arrived damaged - looked new but didn't work. I ordered from Walmart because they're local and have a good return policy. I did not know when ordering online I was buying from a 3rd party seller. Walmart Courtenay refuses to issue refund. I now have to go thru 3rd party and pray they will refund my money. Ironic this seller is no longer listed on their website. I have a feeling I can kiss this $500 good bye. Perhaps Walmart would like to explain to my son why he didn't get a Christmas present this year?

June Cawthorpe

Not happy with the store any more, It was a great store until about the last 9 months, Now stock is missing, Selves are empty and stuff is over the floor from people pulling things down and not returning them. I go there to do one stop shop but now have to go to another store after I leave Walmart to pick up what Walmart was out of, NOT GOOD ENOUGH its turned into a Zellers

Katrina Hamilton

No one to help. Service was not good. Photo machines are slow and only print half the pictures. Took hour and a half to print a dozen 4x6 instant photos.

Ramona Breedveld

Pretty good. Prices are affordable and merchandize are well organized and easy to find.

Sandra Irving

Typical Wal-Mart but friendly helpful staff

Denise Bernier

Frustrated with flyer sales not in stock. Happens far too often and no rain checks.

John Cardinal

Best grocery prices in town.

Linda Friel

Walmart has shut down all the express lanes in order to promote self serve so they can get rid of staff. I don't shop there anymore.

Kathy Seymour

Prices are generally pretty good and have most things that I need

Riki Jager

Do not use their Foto printing machine. Unwanted borders on half of the pictures, prints cut crooked. No compensation.

MizLin Nordahn

It's a Walmart... and if you're reading my posts I am not a fan. But this first visit here .. clean store.. NO SMELLS.. and so far wonderful staff!!

Simmers Onwheels

Another box store firing cashiers and putting in self serve checkouts. Willing to profit from the community, but will hire as few people as possible.

Chris Bruneau

I go there as a last resort.

Shawn Chaplin

Amazing how bare some of the shelves are today, dairy cooler and dry shelves!!!

Floretta Cobbe

It is a Wal-Mart super centre. The staff are polite and friendly.


Walmart has gone from bad to worse. The shelves are empty or lacking of product, there is next to zero staff and of that staff they are unhelpful. The atmosphere is soul sucking. The product(s) are middle of the road to poor in quality. The one and only reason Walmart is successful is because they open up their businesses in these small towns that don't have a lot of shopping outlets and take advantage of the fact that they're far from cities that offer any selection or decent shopping avenues. If small towns had what cities offer they wouldn't shop at Walmart, unless of course it was convenient to where they lived.

Gregory Holmes

Normal Walmart experience, though they seemed to have more employees around for help, which was nice as we are from out of town.

Kevin Brooks

Messy, disorganized and boxes in the middle of the aisles. The front entrance is a hazard with all the stuff they have in the way when you walk in.

Jake Krahn

Wery good service

Nikki Perret

Five stars to Hanna the young girl working self check outs Saturday night. Super friendly and helpful!!


Great experience

Steve Rossner

Consistantly going down hill. Zero customer service. Shades of old Zellers. Disappointing.

Ryan Kent

The food is always good price and pretty good quality. the cloths on the other hand seem nice but it dosent take long for them to fall apart or lose quality but other then that staffs friendly and lanes move at a good speed

Nicole Fourneau

Never enough cashiers open. Hate being asked about ringing up my own groceries if i wanted to use self serve checkout i would but i don't. I think they take away peoples jobs and will never use them.

Kelsey Smith

Good. Clean decently organized and well stocked.

Hayden Churchill

Mandatory face coverings are NOT enforced. Maybe 30% of people were not wearing a mask. Made me very uncomfortable. Wont be returning again.

Jay Wickens

It's a Walmart, go for odds and ends, maybe catch a glimpse of different wildlife. ????

Ken D

It is awesome!!!!,people are great, to bad there wasn't more people in the world like the ones in Walmart !!!!

Robert Lee

Terrible service at the food checkout. Only one cashier and a lineup of 15 people at 9:30am on a Saturday. Trying to get everyone to use self checkouts but if you have cash that doesn't work. Trying to save money on employees. Will not grocery shop at the Walmart ever again.

Samantha Dimery

Walmart is good staff good experiences. Thank you


Typical wall Mart with a good selection.

The Prepman

Good selection, friendly staff, one stop shop with competitive prices.

Leslie Dubiellak

Great staff. Typical walmart

Brad Lynch

Thanks everyone very friendly, got what we were looking for plus terrific value on a summer clearance item. Always part of our shopping trips

nick butler

its a walmart what do you expect ? Everything's from China.

David Burgis

Same as most Walmarts but more inventory than Campbell River Walmart.

Chris Ramsay

People did not distance or few wore masks. Even the employees. Sad.

Anthony Kovacs

Not bad location but stalk ppl are often lining the isles which can cause some ppl traffic kind of annoying at times. But not to bad to shop after 7 or 8 pm.

Kyle Wohlgemuth

A very busy place, yet the cashier's are quick to get you through and on your way.

Steve Graham

Very impersonal and rude customer service staff. I politely asked to be explained the return policy and was told to read the small print on the receipt. She very rudely started helping the next person in line before I even had the opportunity to put my item back in the bag and leave the line. I would have appreciated being treated a little more humanely around my attempted return.

Michael Wood

I had to call the store just to find someone. They paged an associate to where I was and 10 minutes later they showed up. Not early morning of late night hours this happened at 4 to 5pm. Horrible store that has (from what I have seen) less staff than a blockbusters.

Betty-Anne Woodcock

Better than Nanaimo

Dorrie Estlin

As always cashier's are very friendly and prices are good also.groceries and other products.frequent shopper.


I really really don’t understand why i have to travel back to my former city (Nanaimo) to get stuff for my hair (from the same Company!). It’s ridiculous to me to have to drive one hour to get what i need or have to ‘plan’ to get that stuff down to me or even have to order online (that takes a few weeks) to get what i need IMMEDIATELY. Absurd! I really don’t know why they don’t carry the same things.

Robert McNeilly

It was terrible. The self check out is just to put people out of work. They raise prices to make more money and want us to be our own cashers as well. Time to shop somewhere else.

Michelle Bradshaw

Everything you need at low cost

MacKenzie Cooper

Staff weren't very helpful...

chrissy chen

I'll except I don't care for ride people in Courtenay, too many people I this store

Thomas Grundy

This Walmart is pretty decent and has pretty much most things needed by the average shopper. A lot of Wal Mart stores I have shopped at just have no organization in their departments and no one at the store knows where anything is but this one actually seems to care about their presentation. Staff are friendly and as helpful as they can be. Grocery section is large and well stocked as well. Not a bad place to shop

marilou taylor

2 items wrong prices. I had to go back into the empty shelves store and price check myself! Yeah I got my money back but I did all the work. AND NO TOILET PAPER????

Mik Drosdovech

Absolutely HORRIBLE selection of Hot Wheels/Die-Cast cars. Most were just dumped in a big box by the kids bikes. Rude, abrasive, obnoxious staff. Need to let some heads roll WM. Sure the job sucks, but if you work there, serve the customers, please? (Not sure why I'm even polite after hearing the manager told a fellow HW collector to F@$& Off when he asked about their stock).

manfred berger

As a large Supermarket it is awesome

Ramsay King

It has all the walmart things

Adam Laporte

The staff are helpful but they don't carry to much on big guys stuff

Elizabeth Legault

Very long wait for service even though the 3 supervisors called for a clerk. One finally went and got the key to the cabinet so I could make my purchase.

Ml C

Not happy with the lack of cashiers, too many self checkouts

Lisa Wick

usually have what you need at a decent price

Dagny Pollitt

Just retired from Wal-mart after 39 I look at things differently...friendly saff...on floor and cash...but as at all stores not enough staff....

Keith Moraes

Decent store including pharmacy, grocery, electronics, clothing, hardware, toys and seasonal. Not well stocked during Christmas shopping season.

Peter Edwards

The greeter are the greatest.

Candice Galligos

Love that you can do all you shopping at one stores

Clinton Palmer

Very clean but I always feel dizzy when in this Wal mart no idea why

S. L.

It's a Walmart. Not as bad as many others.

Gloria Parks

We were in the Courtenay Walmart tonight. We picked up a few things and went to the front of the store to check out. There were no quick checkouts opened, there was one regular checkout opened (With a large lineup) and some self check outs opened. We refuse to use the self check outs because it puts real people out of work!! As we were standing in line waiting there were employees just standing around talking and one was just walking around swinging a set of keys. Why weren't there more tellers working?!? We left our groceries at the store. We will be going somewhere else where we are treated alot better than that!!!! ????????????????

dan gillespy

Very clean store with very good customer service . But they need more stricter enforcement of the face mask policies because it is the law and covid 19 is still a threat.


I bought a phone there and in 3 days I went to use it and the screen wouldn't come on. I figured the battery needed to be charged so i charged it and it still wouldn't work so I took it back. I told them and they wouldn't refund me for it, they said they don't cover any warranties and I would have to send it to the manufacturer for replacement, that's in CHINA. I told them I had just got out of the hospital and needed a phone. They told me I could buy another one and they would set it up for free. So I smashed the phone on the floor and took the sim card and stomped out of the store yelling not to buy anything with a warranty because they won't cover it. I had around 30 people drop what they were going to buy and follow me out of the store. A lot of people thanked me for warning them.


Absolutely incompetent horrible

Gail Soliski

I love this place! Produce is fresh, flyers are up to date and there are usually plenty of tills open.

Catherine Davis

Was good in the past, but now they rarely have the express lanes open. I will give local businesses my money for the service.

cyn hiltz

Great staff thorough exam they take what time is needed for each customers/patients' needs

Edward Gammon

The $2.87 Dairy Land butter special was a farce. None left on Sunday or Monday. Asked the young man stocking shelves in the dairy section. He quite rudely said that there was no more, and there was no more coming. Then talked to a customer service representative and got no answer from him either. I found out from a friend that they would honour the price on their Great Value store brand, but not at this regular check out tills. You had to take it to the customer service desk. The flyers say that the special is on Thursday September 15 through Wednesday September 21. Either very poor planning or BS advertising !!!!!

Alex Osborne

Wonderful service at the pick up spots! Thankful we have this option. Will definitely use again

erin deivito

Does anyone work there ... impossible to find help waited 25 min and still no one after it being called over anouncement system

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