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760 St Clair St, Chatham-Kent, ON N7L 0E8, Canada

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REVIEWS OF Galaxy Cinemas Chatham IN Chatham-Kent

Tina louise Vince (Tiny Tina)

Very good always a good time when going here

Andrea S.S

This theatre sucks, every time I see a movie here all the theatres leave the theatre lights on. This completely ruins the experience and you cannot see dark scenes in the movie. I remember watching gradients of the galaxy and the entire opening sequence I couldn't tell what was happening. This was also the case for the recent Star Wars movie.

Scott Jeffords

Joe Richardson

Excellent and friendly atmosphere, great speed of service.

Douglas Titus

Great place to watch a movie.

Josh Miller

Love it



Alan Emmanuel

very slow service

Ken Calvert

Great place to take your kids!

Maxx Wolting

Went to see a movie in a small town. The theatre had 3 seats taken for a 12:30 pm showing. The staff won't let me in because I only had 1 shot of vaccine. I wasn't sick, in fact, and was well enough to come see a movie. Is it really about "safety" or being a puppet? There is going to be more chance for the staff to infect each other during their 8 hour shift there than 4-5 people watching a movie in an empty theater. You guys deserve to lose every bit of business for coming up with such a dumb policy. Having to show full ID to see a movie is on a whole another level. Even if I have two shots, I still don't feel the need to show my ID to a movie theater staff. You don't need to know who I am. We've tolerated your dirty theaters for years, Cineplex. Don't be acting so clean now. We all know your seats weren't always clean between showings.

Jim MacQueen

Friendly and clean

Laura Skinner

I have been at this theatre dozens of times now and I like everything about it. The kids love the game area, I like that the washrooms have always been very clean and I have never had an issue with the staff. Great place to take the family!


Clean environment

Adam Blakeley

Aquaman was AMAZING!!!

Joseph Benoit - personnel, GM

Sammi Vink

PJ Sales

Nice but expensive

Jinny Park

I love LOVE galaxy Cinemas! Spending half the day there with my kids is so fun for them and me as well. This place really does make great memories to remember. I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because its a place that I cant afford. I wish I can take the kids more often, but it really breaks me.

randy Laprise

I've always found it clean, and ticket prices fair. But the food/snacks are outrageous like any movie theater. Would definitely recommend sneaking in snack. ????

Annya VanBeest


Rob Hughes (Giant Dreams Kennel)

Never anyone there.

Jason Lee Pack

Needs to have better seats there's are all wore out.

Armstrong Martial Arts

Fast service at the mobile kiosk...popcorn fresh.

Randy Rieger

Always love the atmosphere here No line ups, always able to find best seats. Love the self- checkout feature.

Brennan Wadsworth

Hard to understand tills. All self serve.

Melissa Duchene

Andrew Tompsett

they dont clean there seats and I got scabies from the seat I sat in for my 30th birthday!

Colin Vink

David Lambert

Tina Vince

Buying tickets online not easy, I couldn’t go back to change time, couldn’t add scene card when it was exactly what was on card, says add new, don’t want to add new, pick my seats then doesn’t delete after I log out. Very frustrating. Don’t have contact email for help.

Mista Mux

Matthew Tanguay

It's becoming a tradition with my son every month. We both love it here.

Aaron J

Myriam Armstrong

It's really cool to have a big theatre in a small city like Chatham. As far as I know it's the best and only place to see a movie for anyone in Chatham Kent. Other then the drive in theatre.

Donald Trump 01

Alex R.

Meghan Reid

Nice theater decently comfortable seats


Sure beats Cinema 6 back in the day!

Melanie Fish

abhilash krishnan

Uduak S.

Very slow at concession stand. Very expensive and not the friendliest.

Kristi Brown

Solomon Goulding

Rory Dodman

One of the best things that finally came to Chatham.

Mike Pouget

Andrew Sharp

KY Lambier

Ruby VanDerLugt

Spencer Schweitzer

Great movie. Do not like that there are no attendants at the ticket sales area.

Jon Pepper

Steve Zarebski

I dislike that the are no longer cashiers, only kiosks. What if I want to pay cash or have a question? Last time I went in here the employee seemed very untrained and was unhelpful. Overall the movie was good and that's basically what I'm after.

Will Edwards

It was a great nite out and I used my scene points and earned a free movie

Jenn Y


Henry Unger

Kap Thang

It's a typical Cineplex experience with standard seats, not recliners like you get in the larger cities. Concession combos have all changed to include digital rentals, making them even more expensive. I don't want digital rentals! The experience was fine and I will return when I want local entertainment but London or Windsor provides a much better cinematic experience for the same price.

Stephanie Klingbile

Found it cold the heat was adjusted right away. This place is clean with pleasant staff.

David Browning

Nick Bueckert

Tammy Bertram

Devin Pavao


Under 9 dollars for 2 adults and a 6 yrs was 28 dollars...thats crazy good for price...crazy retarded for cost of food...2 snacks 2 pops and a chocolate milk

Thomas Bates

Very nice. Love that they off free / discounted concessions for families !!

Ron Smith

Joshua Kubinec

Love the show! Wonderful service

Steven Lavergne

Daniel Fields

The movie theater and the washrooms are always very clean biggest complaint should not have to pay an arm and a leg for a popcorn way overpriced

Tre Bodom

Can't go wrong if you want to see a new movie, staff was friendly when I went there.

Mason Mugridge

Its clean, fresh popcorn and a good movie atmosphere. Covid papers required.

Agnes Bitternose


Fantastic staff, friendly and helpful!

Mike Wagter

Alex O

Blinded by light was fantastic ..very friendly staff .

Kimberly O'Neil

Richelle Davidson

Nice place

Brad Fraser

There are several older people that enjoy going to a show. How come it seems all shows are geared to children or teenagers. Is there any chance you can send something for middle age people would like i.e Respect or Stillwater etc. Thanks for your consideration.

Wesley Wilbur

They play good movies and are open with covid


Have a fun night.

Ada Yu

Ryan Houweling

Staff was courteous, efficient, knowledgeable. Theatre & washrooms clean. Lots of variety for snacks! Movie was excellent & seating comfortable! Great experience! Great date night.

melissa duchene


Jack Weller

Great little cinema!

Stephanie Dauphin

Super clean throughout, friendly staff and great movie.

Rob Veccia

Barb Patrick-Broadbent

Ed Fryscok

Good movie s


Great movie tonight

Susie Tate

Concession line took forever but the attendant was nice and the theatre was clean. Due for an upgrade though on seats and audio.

Steve Cameron

Good service almost always no long lines.

Brian Vadovic

Matt Lepage


Steve Visser

Stefanie Travis

Elizabeth Willatt

Classic movie theater, great movies with ridiculously over priced food and drinks.

Samuel Wiman

Tuesday night is discount night.

Chrissy Vancoillie

Cory L

Jumanji was a great show. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Brendon Holland

My friend and I had a great time. The staff did everything to ensure a safe and sanitary environment so their customers could still have an enjoyable time. Thank you cinema staff for all your hard work.

Steven Williams

Have already been to this theater 3 times since it opened from covid and feel very safe. Clean, staffs are helpful, sound is good, picture quality is good.

Sean Broderick

Great service

michael elliot

Mitchell Groenewegen

Smexy Gal

Great place to watch movies. I like the fact that you can pick seats and have the ticket on your phone before you go.

paul croxford

Good set up during Covid. They actually had staff checking reserved seating with pen and paper. Never came within 10 ft of other patrons

Cody Reese

My daughter and I enjoyed our visit. Too bad about the vaccination segregation.

Steve Saunders

Comfortable seats, polite staff, amazing sound in the cinema. Audiebce is pilite enough to mure their smartphones... I did not hear one phone ping or ring.

Glenn Grainger

Always clean and friendly works


First time visiting since the pandemic began. The service was tremendous, definitely felt as though our business was appreciated! Appreciated all of the health and safety practices, felt comfortable and safe attending the movie.

Game on my friends (ben alvarez)

Doreen James

It's a standard 'assembly line cinema that offers ' kiddie krap' , and VERY FEW real stories for adults. Last visit: There are seven 'service' stations; Two were open. The line up for snacks went back to the doors. LATER, a third station was opened; but it still took 15 minutes to WHEN I could get my popcorn. What's wrong with this picture?????

Shawn Rumble

Good seats and popcorn need a break go relax and watch a movie.


We t to see Jungle Cruise. Totally enjoyed It. Was anxious at first because I was not sure how spaced out we would be in our seats. I am very pleased that Cineplex is following covid protocol. I think I will be going back quite soon.

Matt Clogg

Chuck Canada

Recently went here and saw The New Mutants, there was a total of four people in the theater, probably the best time to go to the theater to see a movie

nbcanada04 B

lisa labadie-gagnier

Typically not too crowded.

Lee Odorizzi

Always pleasant staff at the Chatham location

Kari McElrea

It's there alright.

Steve Drummond

Bryon Kerr

Great service and movie selection for local movie house.

Marie and the ghostmonkey

Great family movie at 11am, comfortable chairs.

Nolan Momney

Devon & Lauren Taylor

Fun, clean atmosphere.

Theodore Williams

Had a great time with the kids today watching the Addams Family

Jayden Vilaranda

Always a great time at the movies

Mike Thain

Never busy like London

Laura Oliphant

S. Clifford & Family

David Paulovics

Expensive, but that is the industry. Great seats, sound, picture, hey, it's a cinema. They do it well enough.

Heather Stonehouse

Popcorn is too expensive

Rob Ainsworth

Tom Fiedler

Prices are way too high for drinks and food. $7 for popcorn.....really?

Henry Fast

Queen Bee

Patrice Sanderson

Debora Ott-Hoglund

Nice theater

Jacqueline Vermette

Snack bar prices are ridiculous but otherwise great

Jessica Archibald

Great picture and sound and the seats are comfortable. I enjoy it each time we go.

alexis laporte

Patrick Kelly

I thought that the visit was great! The food was good, the prices were okay but not the best and our seats were perfect!

James McKenty

Brandon Swance (swancebeetle)

Love 'cheap Tuesdays'

David Morris

Good Movie Theater

Skylar Goodall


Ann Gagnier

The food services people werent friendly and messed up my order.

Colette Schroll

Sean McCarthy

rob duncan


kryo (kryo)

Spleen Iv

Angela Kehler

Dave Warren

So nice to get back to the movies. Well staffed.. friendly staff.

Kent M

Great theater, the seats are comfortable and recline, the 3D screen I watched had good image and sound quality.

Ryan Odette

Debbe Behnke

We are fairly new to Chatham and love the fact that a movie theater is here. The place is clean and has friendly staff. The theaters themselves are also clean. Wish more of the movies that come out would also be played here. My rating is actually 3 1/2 .

Jenn McMahon

Fraydknott M

Tayler Paris

The only game in town.

Duane Crisp

Sean Murray

Clean, frien dly, relaxing evening with family an d friends

Simcha Michael BenYsrael

Always love going to movies. Clean and comfortable environment.

Angela Montpetit

Kelly Cavener

This place is far better than the old theatre we had in Chatham, the problem is that they charge way too much for snacks at the concession stands. I suppose that's true with everything these days though.

Robert Broom

Matthew Myers

An amazing theatre with very comfy seats.

Kaitlyn K

Dale Chapman

Nice theatre. Reserves seating is available. Good popcorn but As usual their drinks and popcorn are too expensive.

Joe Kovacs

Was warmer then normal and was pretty cramped other then that was a good experience!

Sourav Pathania

Melvin Goddard

Went here to see Transformers Bumblebee, I'll never forget it!

Frank Franze

After being to others in the area, in talking Windsor for this case. This theatre sucks, no nice seats, no nice screens. No reason to go.

Niket Makwana

dan roach



Great theater for a smaller city. Doesn't have IMAX 3D but still better than driving to Windsor if you're from town.

Amanda Parriag

Adnan Durra

(Translated) Very cool thing (Original) شي رائع جدآ

Green Rhino

Good cinema and watch a good movie .. .keep the good words guy . Chatham kemt it's a s.all town. But you are keeping the town happy


If a night out in chatham is an option. Your likely to end up here. It is a clean and decent facility Good staff

Ashley Labadie

Lisa Trinh

Clean, comfortable but prices are high at concession stand.

Bella saya

Black panther was a really great movie had good seats

Ian Sershall

Staff was very helpful with the new Covid regulations

PJ Parsons

Concession prices are RIDICULOUS!! $6.20 for a fountain pop refill

Andy Coutts

Experience was excellent. Staff were friendly and did t expect anything less. The theatre was as clean as it could be for being a movie theatre. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because they aren't affiliated with Atom which made it so I couldn't use the coupon code I had. I really thought a e;wet theatre like this would be a little more up with the times of how people want to buy their tickets. Other than that it was a great experience and look forward to the next family movie night here!

james campbell

Needs more for the young adults

Yelena Osorio

Best theater around this area

Tena Campbell

Jake Ndombele

Good fun for a night with the family

Jeff Bugiel

Great experience for an American in Canada! The staff was super friendly and the facility was top notch.

Cynthia Szypula

Joseph Chamberlin

Expensive ???? and pop

Sean Russell

Food and drink are pricey and they don't always get the best movies, but it's still a great place to hang out, always clean

Janice LeBoeuf

Daniel Gorzelak

Silent Monkey

Shayne McLean

This place is a bloody rip off!!!! I got my tickets from Costco and the only version of the movie we are seeing is in 3D, so of course we had no choice but to pay the remainder of the 3D tickets... There should have been a regular version of the movie to see so this wouldn't have happened, feeling pretty up set about this!!! Don't think we will be back!!!

Samantha Martin

Bill Gardiner

Nice place to go through the week and kill and evening. Of course the poocorn prices are through the roof. !!

Nate Webster


Comfortable seating, very expansive theatres that were very conductive to enjoying the movie.


Movies shown are not great anymore. Transformers cars3 all kids movies. Not great!

Jennifer Harris

Why are you not open on a Saturday, during the opening weekend of 2 of the biggest movies of the year (Spiderman and the matrix)? One would think that you would be open during what I would assume would be the busiest day of the week. Figure it out bud...

Ultra Man

Fun had good time kust really expensive

Lisa Mcrobbie

Awsome comfortable seats and sound system

Isle Joelle

Outdated theatre, seats are comfortable, concession is acceptable. Haven't seen a movie with more than 20 people

Michael Hale

I buy tickets online. I usually get the preferred seating. place is clean. Staff is friendly. It is a good experience every time.

Andrea T

buck wheat_80

Dave Hodges

Elizabeth Ellis

Very good, could do with a bit of a clean in certain areas esp the washrooms

sabrina bell

Force you to watch 3d use to live going to the movie. But now everything is 3d and have to pay it to watch it. And don't like it.

Cameron Bechard

Great experience

James “Tha mun” Cook

Holly Clements

Trish S

Always a good night out, however ...don't the owners of these places think 29$ for pre packaged cold popcorn is a bit ridiculous??

Robert Gee

Danielle Larabie

Jason Heyninck

Nice seating clean friendly staff

Narender Singh

Dyllan caron

Don't get any munchies they are way too expensive.

Nicholas Rivard

It's a Cineplex! Nothing major going on here. Small arcade and a small seating area. Slowly becoming completely automated. (This reviewer starts at 3 stars and goes up or down accordingly.)

Brenda Hodgson

Great location that isn't very busy! Almost like a private theatre.

Iain Rice

Good movie theatre no complaints

Joshua Hardman

Linda Morin

Friendly service, especially during vivid pandemic. Lots of seats these days. Clean and good selection of movies.

Parshva Parekh

Matthew Ten02

Chatham has an excellent cinema. When I was last there the seats were clean, screen was flawless, and the movie sound was great.


Frank Van Dellen

Mike Young

Comfortable seats. Friendly staffs. Keep your mask on whole time inside the cinema! Covid is still ING...

Daryl Lampe

Great little theatre. Some have reserved seating

Jaymie Hoy

Christina C

Tonjah Blair

Excellent seating, concession was a tad pokey but will return again.

jesse sims

Fairly J.S

Jordan Crosby

Always clean theaters and friendly staff. let's face it I go to the show for the popcorn...layered butter, yum

Kirk Berry

Pretty good, great service, had to waer a Mask like you have to everywhere these days but they have a social distancing program in place with the seats and I think that's a great idea, u can while sitting take ur mask off to eat popcorn etc

Tracey Walker

Ryan Fernandez

Great service and very clean

Frank Hemmelder


Joe Delaney

Grat theatre. Food cost crazy Have to pay for butter?

Meghan Jackson

Paul O'Neill

Cineplex is always good for a good show, but prices are outrageous, I have scene points so usually only go when I have free movies, theater seats are ok, be great if they updated to recliners but good place to watch a movie

Phil _

Adam Caza

Good time

mike hottot

Just wish there was imax

Joanne Moody

Don Fisher

Better then the old movie theater

Pam P

2 of our seats were broken not clean ! Garbage ???? also kids wanted to play games not much to choose with tokens .

Steve Cleland

Peter “Lucky” Gifford

Darlene Benoit

Michael McKenzie

Wonderful staff. Nice new building.

Linda Martin

Friendly and very helpful staff members

Steven Sands

Very enjoyable even as the fourth wave is upon us. Covid protocols easy to follow and no stress from it. Will return.

Shane Walker

greg Thurston

Friendly staff. Wheelchair doors aren't working.

T Giff

Lots of room to be safe.

Michelle MacLean

Lots of room, nice seats, expensive snacks, love going to the movies. ????

McKenzie Smith

Mrs. Mommy

deb miersma

Friendly staff and clean! Seats are comfortable enough, screens and sound are good too.

Hannah Charron

Jason Jacobs

Kristina Schiller

Usually not busy on a weekday. Great seats!

Melanie Payne

Dorothy Cofell

Awesome theater

C Kewayosh

Too expensive...almost $40 for 2 people for a combo NOT including our movie ticket. NOT cost effective for families. Going to the movies used to be a cheaper thing to do as a family but not at over $60 for 2 people. How are families supposed to have a fun day/Night when it's that expensive for around 2-3hrs?? I miss the old movie theatre that wasn't a cooperate business and was meant for families in our community.

Nic Vanderende

Andrea Raine

Absolutely loved having a somersby with some great popcorn with my movie.

Jeff Brown

Tracy Gagnier

nick drumm

Fast lines and very comfortable

Karri-Lynn Wilson

Very friendly staff and good service all around. A truly fun experience, 10/10 would visit for a date again

Andy Fisher

Great picture and sound.. comfortable seating.

Kristian DeLong

Maybe give the public some incite on you business plans. Zero excess.

Kristin Kelly

Rob Simpson

Harsh Hundal

Chris Schweitzer

i m giving this place 1 star bassed on the fact that the soda and pop in the photo cost 18 dollars, just insane, i ll stick to shamelessly sneaking in chocolate bars from the superstore

Kimberly Des Brisay

Spencer Morin


Terri Rossignol

Adnan Deera


Sarun Pal

Theater was very nice. Seats are comfortable. Prices at the concession stand are outrageous.

cathy fletcher

Paul Barnhart

One of my favourite places to be!

Dan Parr

Lindsay Gilbert

Justin Brown

Wish the snacks weren't so pricey

Annette Lucio

Snacks and Drinks are over priced.... over $5 for a med. Pop full of ice !!!!! Thats why I bring my own!!!!!!

Donna Normandin

Great place to see any movie.

Trish Thompson

Great theatre in my opinion.

Judy Jones

Steve Ytsma

Maxim Morrell

Excellent theatre with excellent staff

Rosaleen Athaide

John Lab

Victor Marques

Trish Miller

A definite upgrade from the cinema six, this is a little far out from the main bit of town, but there is a bus service, lots of parking room and a number of restaurants in the same plaza to grab a bite to eat.


Supreet Saini

Good and modern movie theatre.

Sue Van Dube

Awesome Movie Theater! Saw Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi & Black Panther here, great experience!

Carlee Apthorp

Patrice Moore

Nice cinema, other than paying extra for reserved seats to have others sit in them.

louise pieters

Concession prices are fairly high

ryan sheppard

taylor coups

Excellent movies but the staff for taking orders for events are disorganized. Submitted daughter's birthday request in advance and was told that wasn't valid. School came with several hundred kids and they were not ready for us and had no staff to do the food orders. Teachers actually did the order. Do yourself a favour and drive to lake shore. When school booked wonder we weren't notified that the movie wasn't coming until five days prior. The alternate movie suggested was Daddys Home which is completely inappropriate. Awful service.

Sarah Anderson

Isaac May

Good service, good food, comfy seats.

Tyler Brice

dani norman

Very comfortable seating, but often sold out or busy

cathy zink

Always a good time at the movies!

adam emerson

Excellent staff, thanks for going above and beyond.

Phil Houle

Carver Sullivan

clean cheap seats need updating and close together

Josh Huebschwerlen

Nice workers they help


Great fun Safe Great Staff

Nathaniel Suitor

Heena Bharty

Way better than Cinema 6

Jackie Chandler

Joannie Wonnacott

Tickets wouldn't print, took us over 20 mins for issue to be cleared up, the manager was polite, but you don't need a hastle to go watch a movie.

Candace Morais

there is no reason to have a phone number to call if you have no way to actually talk to a person instead of only automated services

Chris Watson

Monica Seawright

Was very happy when Chatham got this upgraded cinema

Kristen Dobratz

Darryl Campbell

Went as a family and saw the newest How to train your dragon movie. There wasn't a long wait for buying our tickets or for getting food at the concession. The girl at the concession was helpful and pleasant. The theater itself was clean and because it wasn't opening weekend for the movie we picked, there was ample seating for the movie. My biggest gripe about the whole experience is just how expensive it has gotten to go to the movies. It was over 70$ just for three adults and three children, plus concession.

Cameron Steel

It was great. Went to see captain marvel, got a combo 1, service was quick and easy. Mobile ticketing App worked great

Paul Marchand

Bryon Alderdice

Omg 1 regular pop and popcorn almost 18 bucks

Craig Nason

Bonnie Hamilton


Lisa Peters

mason Adventures

I love watching movies. The newer Galaxy theatres are very nice. The chairs are a bit better than they were in the old theatre but I find once I've been sitting in them so long I'm almost as uncomfortable. Other than that a great time.

James Mack

Comfortable chairs, good sound, not to crowded, good popcorn.

Zack Baillargeon

First time to go to the movies in years and years. It was easy getting in and getting a ticket and finding my cinema and my seat. Thought it was great. Will go back.

Piyush Sodhi


I go to this location several times a year and have always been happy with the experience. Lately, my wife and I have been going more often and today I felt compelled to write a review because of a notable difference from past trips. The staff were more friendly and helpful than ever before. They've always been great but this was on another level. Every employee greeted us on our way in, even if we were just walking past them. The same on the way out, "Have a great day" from every staff member we even remotely got close to. Way to go! That's great customer service. A small friendly gesture goes a long way. Keep up the great work!

Devin Cammaert

Richard Viknanek

Always good !!! Went there a lot

Diana Llamas

Love the movies hate the cost!

Shawn Hartford

Daniel Deleary

Place was clean, movie was great, food was decent, will likely go back and see more movies as this is one of the better theatres I've been to.

Greg Sparling

Fernande....great movie Prices are ridiculous though

FalonandJason Lussier

Clean and fast service, but obviously the concessions are expensive.

Nissebo 16

Seats are comfy

Barry Elsom

John Arnold

Just bring with u ur dollarama idems and sceen card for points.

N Mc

Nice place but needs better insulation as l heard the other movie next door

John Appy

Fun times

Peggy Deschamps

Really like the theater but I find 20+minutes of advertisements before the show begins is a bit much! I don't mind a few but after 10 minutes my patience is running thin!????

Natasha Knowles

Roxanne Hedberg

My daughter took her dad to see this for his birthday. She was not impressed for 1 that they replaced slushies with alcohol and the theatre smelled like beer. THIS IS ALSO A FAMILY PLACE. I bought CAA theater tickets for Christmas that are now being returned and we will go 5hrough a movie site on tv. I could have already watched Starwars on a stream site. You are doing a disservice to yourselves. Way Togo what's next you going to have a bong refill station.

deidre Burke

Chad Gebal

Cathy Milazzo

Great theatre amazing staff willing to help out when needed

Candy Carrothers

Great movie.

Susanne Norris

Ron Hilroy

4/5 times I'm there the service is slow and the service people always have a hard time using the computer. Not sure if the turnover is so high or what but there is usually 1-2 people who know what their doing, but that seems to be it. I go to about 3 movies a month...for the big screen, not the service.

Steve Roest

Chad oulds

Robert Kovar

Just cutting the grass there.

Jen mcc

Its a small theater in a small town so limited selection and most movies are not played for very long. Everything was a normal experience here with insane concession prices but that seems to be the status quo now. I never had any real issues until the last movie I saw here (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). After the movie ended, and the employees came in to start cleaning up, the male manager came in to grill one of the workers on something they had done (or not done) while working the concession stand. No matter the issue at hand it was horrendously unprofessional for that to happen in front of customers. Poor management skills through and through.

Sarah Martin

Good variety of movies. Buying tickets on line saves time. Goodies are pricey.


Love it. Wish it had bigger seats and more games for the kids but happy we have this at all in chatham.

Emily Allman

Robert Reimneitz

Clean. Friendly staff

Jennifer Wood

Awesome time with gf

Jan McNulty

Always a good time watching a Movie on the Big Screen! Usually catch about 35-40 movies every year! ????????

Brian Pelletier

We went to pick up popcorn/treats and I was glad the staff was ready to ensure we were following public health protocol. Barb at the snack bar exhibited outstanding customer service, such a sweetie! Thank you for being open and available to provide the community with something fun to do.

Alicia Williams

Very nice way to spend an afternoon

Brian Kelly

Nice and clean. A few games for the kids. Chairs are roomy and recline but snacks are on the pricey side like most other theaters.

Debbie Elgie

Easy to buy tickets online, directly scan & enter the auditorium. Normal seats were comfortable. Ridiculous priced snacks & drinks, as usual! Auditorium 1 had a horrible 60Hz hum over the sound system which was annoyingly audible, even thru the pre-show, until the volume came up for the actual movie!

Sean Britton

Newer clean

Waggish Gaming

Natacha Soleski

Dan Miller

Amy D Wood

Lynne Campbell

Seldom busy and generally clean.

Tay Lor

Fast and easy checkin with online tickets. Excellent customer service to fix issue during ordering. All the great movie consession snacks needed for a movie night experince. Great video and audio experince for proper film immersion.

Barry Grineage

Terri Bueckert

A McKenzie

Great place to go for a movie. Friendly staff and clean environment.

Tim Jackson

Debbie Parker

Ashley Walker

Staff members are unhelpful and seem to not have any knowledge. Management look unkempt and messy. The main manager who runs the theatre is extremely snappy and rude(James G).

Kim Brown

Possibly the only movie theatre in fifty kilometres

Dale Horvath

Great theater, I've seen a lot of memorable films here. Close to home.

Carol Stephenson

Great staff. Kind, polite, and helpful.

Lou Martens

Best cuffe

Abram Harder

Great place to see a show

Jordan jamieson

I love going to the show with my wife. Sometimes they don't play every movie like other theaters though. We have had to travel to London or Windsor to see the movie that we wanted to see. I'm not sure why every theater doesn't play the same movies. The snacks and drinks are very expensive. We usually don't buy them because of the prices. The reserved seats are a bit complicated there is 2 or 3 rows of reserved seating but not everyone knows about it and they will sit in your reserved seat and then you have to ask them to move. It gets frustrating for both people. I do enjoy going to the theater in Chatham and the seats are fairly comfortable. I actually plan on going tonight. I also collect seen points and always collect enough for free movies.

Yvonne Woods-Babcock

Amazing staff. I left my headphones at the counter on accident and when I went back to get them they were safely put behind the counter. If this were another city I'm sure someone would have walked away with them. Also the theater has great sound and was very clean. An over all 5/5 for sure!

Brandon Parkin

Always well kept facility. Yoyos is a favorite.

Jenn Emond

Karalee Lesperance

We went to see F9 today...second day of restrictions being eased and I was very happy with ticket buying/seat selection process. I get a bit anxious sometimes about catching things because of health issues but I wasn't hesitant or put off by anything here today ! Staff was awesome...friendly and helpful ????

Luanne Roszell

My son Love's the games and enjoy a movie once in a while! ????

Alex Vanderveen

John Meko

Roger Russelo

Melissa Reynolds

My opinion is completely bias because I love going to the show but my experience here has never been bad. The staff are pleasant enough and the managers are always accommodating if need be. Obviously the prices are expensive but hey that's the movies for you, am I right ?

Will Mills

Always a good time here. Sometimes the facilities get a little behind on cleanliness

Timothy Britton


Yvette Duquette


Brad Goldsmith

Great family night!

Marie Louise Faubert

Great movie theatre, good sound and good projection. Of course food is pricey but was very good as well!

Josh McRitchie

Had a great time. Clean. Got to use scene points!

Suzanne Mills

Had a wonderful time ????

tommy levasseur

Donna Killoran

Spent just over $100 on 4 kid, 2 adult 3d tix and snack packs for the kids plus 1 small bag. 2d movie was not great...nutcracker and the 4 realms. Movie was good but 3d didn't seem like it worked. Next time I'll wait til its available at home.

Catherine Chavis

It was good but even with cheap night , it still cost $17.00 for a child's way in plus there popcorn combo

X Harwood

Amazing. comfy chairs. Lots of room. Little chilly on my visit but I left my coat on and open I was fine.

Jim Lemire

Great staff but a lil over priced for snacks

Steven Oliphant

Always well taken care of. A little expensive but makes for a good night out for a movie.

Lindsay Weil

Mrs. Sparling

Always a friendly environment to go out and watch movies with friends or family .

Carolyn Munro

Clean building and courteous staff.

Dieter O'Toole

farmer joe

Lots of parking

Derek Dolby

Great to have a cinema just wish there was more film showings through the day every day.

Dan Leitenberger

Lots of parking

Jason Gowler

Bill P

Joanne Sullivan

It's a movie theatre, a nice one, expensive for a family of 4 with popcorn and tickets.

andrew binga

Thai Tran

(Translated) Interesting (Original) ممتع

Kyle Cragg

Vincent Parker

Small popcorn with butter $10!!!

Matt Hollands

B “Master Blaster 89” P

this Cinema does not have bollywood movies .

Pete-N-Cinda Williams

Kristy Graves

Good but no putines

Jeff Taylor

First, I'm not a movie guy, but I just don't see how anyone would rather watch a movie in projection quality definition on bus chairs with really expensive snacks... I'll rather dish out these funds for a 4k 60+ inch screen TV and watch the movie with my own food and beer. Diatribe aside, the theatre was alright...


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