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REVIEWS OF Chatham-Kent Secondary School IN Chatham-Kent

Frank Loewen


High school. 9-12

Kacey Vince

Cass May

As a former student and graduate of Chatham-Kent Secondary School; I am absolutely appalled that parents have influenced the administration to remove the LGBT Pride Flag this week, especially during the month of pride across our great country. To the administrators and teachers who have allowed for this atrocity to happen; shame on you for NOT HAVING A VOICE! Being a student who was bullied in my high school years at Chatham-Kent Secondary School as being gay (even though I wasn't aware of it during my time at the school); I did not feel I could reach out or have the support (through the teachers or administrators) in helping me understand who I was as a person. In my time at Chatham-Kent Secondary School, the Gay/Straight Alliance was operating under a different name, I did not even feel confident in approaching that organization out of fear of rejection from those who I grew up with. I feel these are some of the reasons why I did not come out until college (Fear, Rejection, Violence as well.... which did happen, even if the administration chooses not to document or recognize it). Reflecting from my experiences since coming out, I regret not reaching out to those who could have potentially helped me. There were so few resources, and such a lack of understanding in my time at Chatham-Kent Secondary School. I feel I let my fears hold me back from my true potential as a student at Chatham-Kent Secondary School. From moving away, to moving back to Chatham approximately 5 years ago, I was thrilled to hear how many resources were now available in that school, and how much more open we had become. I was grateful of the breakthrough, and how much of a difference the community had become. After moving away again, I still continue to hear of the struggles that Chatham has with LGBT issues in the community. From an MPP who believes in introducing creationism into a classroom and one who has worked actively against the anti-bullying bill (which protects the rights of LGBT students); to the numbers of student suicides in Ontario (particularly in South-Western Ontario) and attempted suicides that are undocumented; I can't believe that they schools would not want to be more supportive, towards the students in their community. THEY MATTER! THEIR LIVES MATTER! To hear today, that the school I grew up in, is now bowing gracefully out on how far they have come as an educational institution, because of complaints from parents for students acting on their democratic right to express their values and opinions, is disgusting and shameful. I hope the Chatham-Kent Community is embarrassed for you. For someone who was looking someday to consider moving back to my hometown again to raise children; I can assure you, with this behavior, I would NEVER allow my children to attend this "educational institution". As for the community, I encourage all parents to encourage their children to express their right of expression in different ways (tie a pride flag to your bag or wear a pride pin) remind your school that if they aren't going to recognize your values, they don't deserve you as a student. If you are struggling, reach out to the Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Community, they can help you with any tools you need to be proud in your schools. I also want to remind parents that you do have other choices when it comes to your children's education. The choice to allow for discrimination in your child's learning path, or the choice to put your child in a school that is more accepting. Keep in mind, government funding is provided based on the population of the school, so know that by standing up for your values, the resources will be provided to help your children be successful. I hope this helps in people making the right choices in which schools are right for their children in the future.

Nathan Couvillon

Nathan Johnson


T Smyth

Not good school

Lynnzie Geniole

Hasan Al Najjar

Mike Makarich

I don't want to go to a catholic school and I don't want to go to McGregor, so I came here. I'm Satisfied with my choice.

Jenn Cunningham

Maxx Hetherington

Awesome teachers very clean best school in Chatham Kent

Gary Vanderburg

Cynthia Boucher

principal and vps were rude to me and my parents

Rob Deneau

Meet alot of great people from there. Mostly women but they all fun and for most part goodlooking and willing to meet new friends and have fun

david summerfield

A very wonderful high school with a group of good and wonderful teachers.

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