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40 Rue Saint-Stanislas, Québec, QC G1R 4H1, Canada

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Where is Maison de la Littérature library?

REVIEWS OF Maison de la Littérature library IN Charlesbourg

jinane ghazal

Mathieu Côté

(Translated) A public place that has something to make us proud (Original) Un endroit public qui a de quoi nous rendre fiers

Clara Wolfe-Bouchard


(Translated) Very beautiful, like a castle in the sky. ???? There were three floors, another one that was closed today. The daily literary and cultural events were in the theater on the first floor; so there was a bar, and hot drinks that were available automatically. Computers on the highest floor. We love him very much, good documentalists; yet the opening hours are limited. (Original) Très belle, comme un chateau dans le ciel. ???? Il y avait trois étages, un autre qui était fermée aujourd'hui. Les événements littéraires et culturelles quotidiens étaient dans le théâtre sur le première étage ; ainsi y avait un bar, et boissons chaud qui étaient disponibles automatiquement. Les ordinateurs sur le plus haut étage. On l'adore vivement, bons documentalistes ; pourtant les heures d'ouverture sont limitées.

Candice Dcosta

One of the most peaceful, serene places in life…

Jean-Pierre Roussel

Miguel Angel Cuesta Gómez


July 2021 a nice library with a relatively good collection of books given it's size. Architecturally beautiful and appears to be reinvented and renovated completely white. Sleek inside interiors. Very quiet as libraries should be.

Serge Lacroix

(Translated) Fantasy! (Original) Фантастика!

Lyn Rasmussen

(Translated) It is actually a public library inside an old church, 40 meters from the MORRIN center and the Saint-Andrews church (rue Ste-Anne) There is not a large selection of books in English, but the building is very modern, apart from the floor, the tables, chairs and shelves are white. (Original) C'est en faite une bibliothèque publique à l'intérieur d'une ancienne église, à 40 mètres du centre MORRIN et de l'église Saint-Andrews (rue Ste-Anne) Il n'y a pas une grande sélection de livres en anglais, mais le bâtiment est très moderne, à part du plancher, les tables, chaises et étagères sont blanches.

Joseph Taipei

charlotte Tymchuk

(Translated) It is absolute emptiness. An unnecessary place for residents of Old Quebec. To find reading we have to go to other libraries outside the walls. Expensive renovations of an old library that had at least the charms of authenticity and books to read! (Original) C'est le vide absolu. Un endroit inutile pour les résidents du Vieux-Québec. Pour trouver de la lecture nous devons nous rendre dans d'autres bibliothèques hors des murs. Rénovations coûteuses d'une ancienne bibliothèque qui avait au moins les charmes de l'authenticité et des livres à lire !

Kev “Balrogue Du Sud” Rogg

Simon Durocher

Nicest library in Old Quebec.

Sheida Kernc

I stopped in here in the middle of a downpour and was amazed by the beautiful architecture. The library is built in an old temple. The beautiful large glass windows allow for lots of natural light to enter the library.

Scott Keele

Great use of an older building with various uses... including a jail and a school. Plus, if you have a rogue statue that could offend some people, put it here... take the tour to find out what I’m talking about... and to see where “the body” was found. You’ll see!

Marion Racine

(Translated) Magnificent! (Original) Magnifique!

Melissande Clavandier-Nadeau

Pasquale Lo Mascolo

Kristy Sabharwal

Jade L

(Translated) It’s a library that is all white inside, very beautiful like a white feather, I like it a lot! (Original) C’est une bibliothèque qui est toute blanche intérieure,très belle comme une plume blanche, j'aime beaucoup!

Jose Sena

Very interesting place

Michel Pépin

Samuel Bernard

(Translated) Good atmosphere, very good customer service! (Original) Bonne ambiance, très bon service à la clientèle!

Etienne Blouin

(Translated) What a pleasant place. (Original) Quel lieu agréable.

Tony Gagnon

(Translated) The Sustainable Ephemera artwork The City of Quebec inaugurated on June 12, 2017 the artwork Éphémères durable, installed in front of the Maison de la littérique. The three sculptures forming the lasting Ephemera artwork have a humorous character. (Original) L'œuvre d’art Éphémères Durables La Ville de Québec inaugurait le 12 juin 2017 l’œuvre d’art Éphémères durables, installée devant la Maison de la littérature. Les trois sculptures formant l'oeuvre d'art Éphémères durables possèdent un caractère humoristique.

Laurie Laberge


Must Visit this amazing building, just for its architecture and looks. Its a well spent 30min

Diane Audet

(Translated) I did not get inside! (Original) Je n'ai pas pénétrer à l'intérieur!

Adrian Lebas

Jean-Philippe Labrie

(Translated) Beautiful place to visit in Old Quebec. Go for a reading break and discover the beauty of the facilities. (Original) Endroit magnifique à visiter dans le Vieux-Québec. Allez-y pour faire une pause lecture et découvrir la beauté des installations.

Pat C

john k1

Super staff, great atmosphere and technology. I research here often and miss it in these times of Covid-19.

Olivier Martel Savoie

(Translated) The most beautiful library in Quebec in my opinion! (Original) La plus jolie bibliothèque au Québec à mon avis!


(Translated) Very beautiful place, magnificent, you have to at least go there out of curiosity, this library is part of the library network of Quebec, there is a restful calm (Original) Très bel endroit, magnifique, il faut au moins y aller par curiosité, cette bibliothèque fait partie du réseau bibliothèque de Québec, il y règne un calme reposant

Felicia Smith

Beautiful library in the Old City. Interesting architecture. I thoroughly enjoyed the facility even if the books seemed to be mainly in French. Was still a nice historical landmark to visit and see.

Francis Lavoie

(Translated) Glory restored to a place where poetry can finally live freely! (Original) La gloire rétablie à un lieu où la poéticité peut enfin vivre librement!


Everything I wanted the disappointing Morin Center to be. Welcoming to everyone, amazing architecture, plenty of bathrooms and even a keurig vending machine?? Open later than most places in QC and there was live music the night I came. I wish I’d discovered this my first day here, thank you for being such a great public resource.

Robert Marcotte

Jessie Anderson

Such a unique and incredible space! One of the most beautiful libraries I've ever seen! The architecture and what they have done to preserve former religious spaces in the city of Quebec is quite wonderful!

Estrella Karina Luna

Jean-Pierre Roussel

Sandrine P-B

Eloise Maltais


(Translated) In addition to finding traditional literature in the form of a book, you can also find it in digital form. The modern and contemporary architectural mix is for many! / In addition to finding the traditional literature in book form, you can also find it in digital form. The modern and contemporary architectural mixture is awesome! (Original) En plus d'y trouver de la littérature traditionnel sous forme de livre, vous pouvez également la trouver sous forme numérique. Le mélange architecturale moderne et contemporain y est pour beaucoup! / In addition to finding the traditional literature in book form, you can also find it in digital form. The modern and contemporary architectural mixture is awesome!

Vincent Bernard

(Translated) Old church transformed into a library. Incredible architecture. (Original) Ancienne église transformée en bibliothèque. Architecture incroyable.

Jennifer Luong

Beautiful modern public library in a converted church.

Philip Morgan

(Translated) Quiet place to read and browse. Superb and bright decor. (Original) Endroit calme pour lire et fureter. Décor superbe et lumineux.

Axeleuh Bartha


Igor Pivovar

Good and Interesting library

Jeremy Yeung

The architecture of this building is quite nice to walk around, even a patio to sit down and read

yes h

(Translated) It's the flattest thing in the world. Here's how to lose 1.5 hours of your life. (Original) C'est le truc le plus plate au monde. Voici comment perdre 1h30 de sa vie.

Didier Morin-Laprise

(Translated) Beautiful location, contemporary architecture in a beautiful church, impeccable service and library very pleasant to stroll, read and discover (and even have a coffee) (Original) Lieu magnifique, architecture contemporaine dans une église magnifique, service impeccable et bibliothèque très agréable pour flâner, lire et découvrir (et même prendre un café)

Daniel Kevin Perron

I love this place! I come here often to work on my stuff.

Heavy Tiffany

(Translated) Awesome! Nice space to work (offices). In group or alone. Diversified programming. Beautiful welcome, attentive staff and bright place. (Original) Génial! Bel espace pour travailler (bureaux). En groupe ou seul. Programmation diversifiée. Bel accueil, personnel attentionné et endroit lumineux.

Manuel Soulard

Simon ESBÉ Bergeron

Alex Wang

Rose Provencher

Beautiful library and very calm. Great place to study and/or relax. The puzzle room is super nice.

jean-marc deschenes

(Translated) Really cool. (Original) Vraiment cool.

Daniel F Jap

This is a place to go when you are tired of seeing the same thing on your holiday. Guaranteed it will wow you

N. D. Rolet

(Translated) Superb safeguard of the architecture of Quebec. In the middle of the Carnival I was surprised to see that there were no tourists. Extremely quiet ... it's almost embarrassing to visit. The puzzle corner at the top is awesome. Worth a visit, discover this library. (Original) Superbe sauvegarde de l'architecture de Québec. En plein Carnaval j'ai été étonnée de voir qu'il n'y avait pas de touristes. Extrêmement tranquille... c'est presque gênant de visiter. Le coin casse-tête tout en haut est génial. Vaut le détour, allez découvrir cette bibliothèque.

Marie-France Pichette

Rebecca Kabena

Ludovic Maille

(Translated) One of the most beautiful libraries in Quebec! (Original) Une des plus belles bibliothèques du Québec!

Thierry Denis

Jeremie Pelletier

Pascale Ouellet-Dompierre

(Translated) Beautiful light library. Great space to study. (Original) Magnifique bibliothèque lumineuse. Super espace pour étudier.

Jeff Heskin

A modern and pristine library in a classic old church. Wow, interesting! Worth a brief look around. (If nothing else, a great place to refresh yourself.)

Pedro Xavier Alchourron

Sopheap THENG

Great place for study. There is also a piano you can play without interupting others.


Luisana Aroca

Max M

René Le Bertre

(Translated) Literature seems to be a religion in this church setting. It is an exceptionally quiet, even relaxing place. To have. (Original) La littérature semble être une religion dans ce décor d'église. C'est un endroit exceptionnellement calme, et même reposant. À voir.

Federico Laverde Arce

Marie-Soleil Gagné

Lisanne Côté

(Translated) A superb library where you can find a little peace in the hubbub that there can be in Old Quebec. A well transformed church which may lead one to believe that reading can be a religion. (Original) Une superbe bibliothèque où l'on peut trouver un peu de tranquillité dans le brouhaha qu'il peut y avoir dans le Vieux-Québec. Une église bien transformée qui peut laisser croire que la lecture peut être une religion.

Francis Salois

(Translated) First visit: instant love at first sight. Bravo Quebec For this beautiful library. I stayed there for 2 hours, I will definitely go back when I return home. (Original) Première visite: coup de foudre instantané. Bravo Quebec Pour cette belle bibliothèque. J'y suis resté 2 heures, je vais y retourner à coup sûr quand je reviendrai chez vous.

Andrew Leong

Beautiful French language library in the Old City

Yan Neteyes

(Translated) one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, without a doubt. (Original) une des plus belles bibliothèques du monde, sans aucun doute.

Marie-Terese THERIAULT

(Translated) Visit this afternoon of this beautiful architectural achievement in the service of culture Tonight reading of literary texts and comedy by their authors Excellent. Talents from every point of view that made me live. Vibrate over the words of emotional writing Thank you to everyone (Original) Visite cette après midi de cette belle réalisation architecturale au service de la culture Ce soir lecture de textes litteraires et comédie par leurs auteures Excellent .des talents à tout point de vue qui m ont faire vivre .vibrer au fil des mots de l écriture émotionnelle Merci a tous et toutes

Fatima Muela

Mathieu Veillet

Desiree Hatem

(Translated) Beautiful place to discover! The programming is rich and diverse. (Original) Magnifique endroit à découvrir ! La programmation est riche et diversifiée.

Karen Bolesa

Jack K

Gorgeous place, a must stop for any architecture fans. The church was converted into a public library in 2015. It’s a calm an quiet place to take a moment during your trip in the city.

Daniel Pelletier

(Translated) Superb library with beautiful rooms for group work meeting. Very bright. Very nice place to visit. (Original) Superbe bibliothèque avec de belles salles pour réunion de travail en groupe. Très lumineux. Très bel endroit à visiter.

Gaby Dubuc

(Translated) For lovers of literature, many tourist attractions in this area. (Original) Pour amateur de littérature, beaucoup d'attraits touristiques dans ce coin. Gerald

Zhi Li

(Translated) There is another one built next to the library. The locals recommended us to check it out. The toilet is very clean. (Original) 图书馆 旁边又加建了一个 当地人推荐我们去看看 另外 厕所很干净

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