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REVIEWS OF Canadian Tire IN Channel-Port aux Basques

Marta Lohse

Krystal Francis

Always enjoy my trips to good ol' CTC!

James Spencer

Scott Samson

Friendly efficient service

Daniel Googoo

Arthur Osmond

I find the new management to be excellent with customer service, the employees are friendly and helpful. If they dont have what I need, the can often order it in.

Jim MacDonald

Donnie Warner

Mark MacEachern

Great place to get anything from the tires on your car to paint cans or god knows what. Go check them out when you get the chance.

Doug Cameron

Mona Lamb

Patient PopperX

I went in to purchase something on sale and as always they didn't have it and didn't know when would arrive. Hard to find staff to help find things . Just not a place I go often. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone

howie wong

Mandeep Singh

Jeff Rizzo

Me & my husband MacKenzie MacLean would like to sincerely apologize to the Porthawkesbury Canadian Canadian tire, because it wasn't their fault what had happened to our car . Tim the manager was a awesome guy who gave us awesome service just like the rest of the guys " MECHANICS" that work there. Tim gave us awesome customer service & his team! & we still love our Canadian tire store in Porthawkesbury # 1 in our eyes!

Daniel J G Fougere

Dan Fakkeldy

Got my car worked on there today. This morning they said there were no appointments until the next day and then I drop it off and they say well maybe we can have a look at it turns around they looked at it and fixed it in a few hours. The problem was the horn they installed wasn't working properly and the serpentine belt came off after the alternator they put on. I was going to put the belt on myself but I noticed the air conditioning belt was still on there and it was a difficult task to remove it then put the serpentine belt on and put the AC belt back on so I took it to Canadian Tire to have them look at the horn anyway. I got a bill for a starting charging inspection of $35 and a bill for an air conditioner compressor belt for 5 0.33. I get in the car I drive at home the air conditioner don't work now and the horn still doesn't work. Not happy will change my review if tomorrow they fix everything

Maggie Daye

Jason Keeping

Laurette Poirier

Was physically threatened while in store

Brian Perich

Thanks for bringing my cooler out from Stephenville Jeff! You are an amazing owner and a Credit to the stores!!!

Coady Isadore

Good ????

Edward Doucette

It got it all!

Robert Groves

Smaller location but a good selection. Staff went out back to find an on sale item for me that was out of stock on the shelf.

Brian Rehberg


Had everything I needed in a Canadian Tire in Port Aux Basques. Thanks guys!

Melanie Noel

Ryanator 1117

Chris Bouchie

edward cloninger

Never have what im looking for!!! Always ask for item and they say its in order but its never there!

Blaine Cathcart

Matthew GreenCorn

Crawford Lance Gibson

Great place to find most thing you're looking for at reasonable prices. Isles are congested with stuff which makes it hard to navigate when you have bulky things in your arms.

Silver Dutchess

Tobias D

Maynard Young

Great little Canadian tire.a bit of everything I need and more.

Mark Stevenson

Justyne Martell

Joy Hart Matte

Sher V

Ryan Chapman


Melissa Peck

Eric Middleton

Great shopping trip. Cashier was wonderful

Kyle Andrews

Long time customer of the store, purchased a kids bike and the bearings in the pedal mechanism fell out. Bike is 3.5 months old. I didn't have my receipt and was told that they can't warranty it. I asked if they can look up the receipt in their system, I was told they couldn't. I asked if they could look it us using the rewards system, they said no. I left with the bike, instead of paying to have the bike repaired I went to wal-mart and purchased a new bike for my 5 year old. Decided to call corporate customer relations for Canadian Tire and ask the same questions and was told different answers. They said that the receipts can be looked up if I had paid debit, credit and or used rewards within 12 months which I did. Called back to the local Canadian Tire and they do some backtracking saying that it was just the individual store policy to look up the receipts or not. They then asked if I wanted the bike repaired and I said no, refund or store credit, they said no. Bike was not needed after buying a new one elsewhere. It only takes the one bad service experience to loose a customer.

Gordie Molloy

Very helpful staff...knew exactly where to look. Good prices...

Wayne Skinner

Adam Therien

dennis nevins

Never any cash lanes open, usually 5 to 10 customers deep at one cash. I hate going there.

William Lopatin

James Landry

Always awesome

Brandon Young-Kemkes (B.Y.K)

Always beautiful service here, such great workers!

Renee Stubbs

We just want to sincerely apologize to Canadian tire for our mistake of posting on their wall without findingout first what createdour problemin the first place.. Me & my husband MacKenzie MacLean did run into car problems, but not on the account of Canadian tire in Porthawkesbury N.S! This place is our favorite store on the island. We never had problems with this store or the people . The manager Tim , went up & down for us today and resolved everything for us very efficiently. Yes they're that fast! We are amazed for all the tim & his team did at the Canadian tire shop in Porthawkesbury N.S.

Neil Coleman

Nice place

darryl matthews

Tools, winter gear, going moose hunting place to go, anything for vechile, cookware, friendly staff, will be back

Gerald Crane

Shirley Casey

Evan Lafford

Bernard Alex

Joe LeBlanc

Outstanding service.

Susie Reeves

Kim P


Good bunch

Karen Bouchie


kyle delorey

Folkart Films

Good prices


Good canadian tire store Staff very helpful

Bob Slade

Donna Tapp

Friendly helpful staff!

roxanne cabral

Bad customer service

Mel Woodman

Is or was training store so manager comes and goes so issue gets put on back burners a lot loads of stuff not in stock and sales usually only have 1 or 2 of that item in

Maxine Wood

Love this location. aAlways has what we are looking for.

Gerry Sheena

Friendly and helpful staff

Phil Deveau

Just like a candy store

Michael Landriault

yvonne dietrich

Bernie Howse

One of the few places on this coast to find anything, just like the staff...I have been there twice, one young girl seemed to be doing everything, her service was great, but I had to wait for it, absolutely not her fault, management needs to step it up, and find that young lady some help

Duncan Ritchie

Great place to find just about anything you could possibly need and get your oil changed. Just love this store and the staff is always super friendly and happy to help you.

Ian MacDonald

Dan Rixon

Great store!

Leon Cordeau

Horrible experience my wife wanted to use the washroom and the lady at the service counter told she had to wait. We did for 10min and we left, all she had to do was give her the key. We left and had to go to wal mart

Sam Kapoor

Malsum The Wolf

Good parking lot newly paved the store has good selection but could be expanded it has extended hours which are convenient for Sunday shopping and evening shopping when you have emergencies

Debbie Gagnon

Ok store


excellent service

christina Eh!

Great staff and great selection

Fyah Rass

A few good deals today.

Doug Ivey

Very friendly staff.

David martell

Went today for paint and got all the help that anyperson could ask for. I was treated like gold.. one can,t get that everywhere.yes real good service.thank you.

F.Andrew Meunier

Canadian tire

Angel Smith


Nate M

George Pimentel

Cameron Osmond

Dr. Victor F. Raymond

These guys took the time to get my wife and I back on the road after a major brake failure in my car. Extremely good to deal with, friendly, and understanding.

hayley skeard

Vikram Das

Joel Valencia

Keith Pelrine



Always a pleasant place to shop. Knowledgeable, courteous staff.

Laura Franks

Nice people and wonderful service. Thanks for the great service....! I was on my road trip to Cape Breton for enjoying fall at this thanks giving long weekend. Accidentally my car's front wheel hit pothole and rim was damaged. Because of long weekend we could not find any garage to fix that. We reached store on closing time. Thanks to the Canadian tire staff who help me to find a mechanic and stand besides me. Excellent support from staff.


Jeff Snook

Very good staff,but very few of them,you have to run all over the place to find someone.

Mark Keeling

This store does not carry the full inventory of stores in larger centers but does have great service and helpful staff.

Jackie Greencorn

Under The Big Hill Kings Point

Gerald Duhart

One of my favorite places

Mary Bullard

Abbey Keeping

Jennifer Overington

Debra Pulaski

This Cdn Tire in Port Hawksbury was the only one around that had the food dehydrator that was on sale. It showed online the store had 5 so I hopped in the car and drove an hour to get there. There were none on the shelf so I asked and the woman looked it up and said she would get me one from the stock room. While I waited for her to return I was asked 3 times by different staff members if I needed help with something. I have never been in a Cdn Tire with such attentive staff members. Well done!!

Matthew Kendrick

Velvet Madore

Josie Dowling

Clifford Landry

Alexander Sample

Brandon T


Went for bicycle got it

Lydia Denny

I take my car there for regular maintenance and they're the most honest place in town, that never tries to sell you any more than what you actually need. I trust them. Go their first whenever I can.

Johan Källström

Love that store and I love their great sales every week!!!

byron b

Friendly staff.

jay Bou

Great location, but the store is too small to have the variety of goods the larger stores have now.

Michael Brown

Great store has everything needed for all your projects great sale and deal

william kernick

Great place to get tool's

MacKenzie MacLean

They try to avoid you incase you may ask you a question. They never say can I help you.

Devyn farrow

Their workers was really helpful and nice

Selena Symes

The staff was competent and courteous, helped me find the item I needed quickly


Great service and well stocked

vincent pottie

Paul Battiste

Smaller store but great selection

Glenn Bateman

Anne Turner

Being from the States this is a great little store. We do not have the Canadian tire. The store had a great selection and everything we needed. We were on a trip North in a motor home pulling a Jeep. We were able to pick up several miscellaneous supplies that were unexpected to be found in one place. Service with a smile as well... didn't hurt.

Curtis Briand

Its like a dollarama that's more expensive

Dddddd Bbbbbb

Hardware store

Tara Macmullin


Very friendly staff

Danimalus Maximus

Preston Noel

Great staff very polite dog friendly Haley Ashley are two people i dealt with often and had great conversation with aswell as the help was incredible and overall the rest of store staff were an amazing help. Thanks guys


Darlene Blackmore nl music

Knowledgeable staff

Maryann MacInnis

Murray Thomas

Just browsing a smaller store.

Patricia Larade

Jenny MacKinnon

david buresy

Robert Blackmore

Couldnt get what was said to be available online at the store.

Dave Beam

PEI Travellers were very pleased with the pleasant, exceedingly efficient and timely service provided by automotive staff for repairs to 2010 Toyota alternator. The car broke down in Baddeck and had to be trucked to your shop for repairs. We were disappointed with the lack of rental cars in the area – it may have been due to COVID-19?? We got to spend an extra day in beautiful Nova Scotia and were elated to receive the phone call that the repairs were completed – sooner than expected on our part. Thank you so much for your efficient service…Sandra & Claude

Johnny Mac Donald

Wilfred Thompson

Jeff P

Very poor service no one on staff willing to help find a product i left the store angry and empty handed....may never go back again and order online instead

Pascal Dietrich

Wendy Embree

Overcrowded aisles and scattered products

Wilfred Richard

Rosie Boudreau

Amanda Bragg

Great service.

Connie Leblanc

Nice store, not too small or too big. Fairly complete and we'll stocked. Easy to locate and to get in and out of. This location also fills propane, including being able to fill tanks that are not remove able from big rigs. A little snug getting around the fill station if folks have parked near it but very doable. Very friendly and helpful staff as well. The one thing I wish is that they would set up a service to deliver large items, like a shed. I know we are an hour away but that kind of service means a lot to us and we would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for it. I highly recommend this store.

Chris Swinamer

Rex Harvey

vivian maclean

Very good. Lots of items, auto garage also there.

lennie howell

Therese Boudreau

Purchased a replacement battery, for Mazda 3 2008 GT 2.3L Auto, their computers gave me the wrong battery. Advised I had to add a 2x4 piece of WOOD as the battery was too small, they blamed me stating I was wrong and the computer is correct, even showed them the original battery core was different. They advised there was nothing they could do, as the computer is correct. I have no modifications to my vehicle and they were unwilling to help me further. Forced to go there to buy small things because of the small town, and it's always a bother to get assistance, or they lie that they don't carry something, even though I just found it on there large computer in the front of the store..called them out...then they circled back and said it must be Out of Stock. Asked if I could order it, and said no.....i'm always pleasant to the cashiers even though the part people didn't know about my battery.....still bad customer service as well.

JeanMarc LeBlanc

Wide variety of items

Den Blake

Awesome warranty's on tonnes of stuff

Gerry Keay

Found what I was looking for. In stock.

Ken Kraker

Samantha Wilson

Dan Swistak

Has all my needs, parking OK.

Hollie Hayne

Had every thing I needed here great people here thanks for the help when i was their

nick gurrs

My favorite store. They were offering Nespresso coffee; great marketing for their brand. It worked, we now enjoy at home. Also with Mark's Work Warehouse inside, it's even better ! Picked up a pair of high-quality, waterproof Columbia hikers for the winter.

Marika MacEachern

Onur Fersoy

Karen Stevens

Pretty good selection of goods great staff

Wayne West

Jeric Landry

Perry Moore

John Boudreau Agawacanyon

Karen Cass

Very rude staff, hard to get around the isles of the store. I was very disappointed.

Corwin Mcdonald

Pretty good for a small store

Betty Marchand

The workers at this Canadian are friendly and if you need assistance they are gladly help you.

Phonse Young

Very good service

Bonita Stagg

Rob Allen

Found what I was looking for

Chesley Tapp

Reg Donovan

Randy Johnston

I’ve never been asked to apply for a credit card here and as long as they don’t will be good otherwise very informative staff

Gord Sheppard

Melissa Thomas

One of the most disgusting washrooms of any retail location. A germaphobe’s nightmare. They make this store easy to get in, but hard to get out. Checkouts are always understaffed. Cluttered, small, cramped location.

Stephan Meier

Harold Osmond

Went looking sor sale item on beginning of sale flyer but no luck

Laurie Leblanc

Elmer Pelly

Cindy Rose

Brad MacDonald

I loved shopping here today. This store has an astonishingly wide variety of things needed for a home, all at great prices. Aisles were well marked, and employees were efficient, courteous and professional.

David Doney


shawn barry

Sheri Simpson

Becca LeRiche

Lots of parking staff very good and very helpfull

Michael Battiste

Nice little store

Wayne Rennie

Clean, fast and great service.

Jaimin Shah

At the Port Hawkesbury Canadian tire store, the employees are happy and helpful, and the store is clean, accessible and well stocked.

darlene macdougall

Great place to shop

David Strickland

Cynthia Somers

Terry Osmond

Short on staff but the workers are nice and friendly

Ken Coupland

Prompt and friendly service at this location. Returns are a breeze.

Jamie Johnson

Ryan Collins

hoe hoe

Great place to shop

Taya Desmond

byron francis

Brenda MacRae

The Auto service was excellent. I needed quick service done to keep our vacation on schedule and they came through. They did what needed and got us going quickly.

Bill Yeomans

Hard to find the workers sometimes

Peter Johnson

It's a Canadian tire

Josephine Robinson

Love the prices. Lots of merchandise and friendly staff

MacLean MacLean

Mark DeLorey

They have drano

Brian O'Regan

Great store customer service is great find what looking for to do your project

Carole Ann Marshall

Loved it

Sandy Reed

Smaller location but nicely laid out. Staff have been very helpful and friendly every trip I’ve made, especially since the new owners took over. Checkouts are sometimes understaffed but a little patience and kindness from other customers would be nice. Special thank you to Scott from the warehouse for being so helpful answering my questions last Saturday

clare marr

Craig MacDonald

Jamie Kinslow

Really helpful

Melanie LeBlanc

Frank Caldwell

I like there location great staff


Service is terrible, staff is not friendly. They are the only place in port hawsbury that can fill propane tanks and they treat you as such. Now there fill Station is broken down

Anne Fischer

Betty Pettipas

jeff benoit

Great customer service

Paul Paon

Went shoping there when i worked in the area, 1997-98. Wery good store.

Bruce Mackay

It was ok except for having 1 cash open .. we were 7 in a line up and only one register open

Claude Gallant

I believe most of the good reviews on this place are from the people employed there or family and friends . I thought I left service like that in Ontario. The help simply ignored you or disappeared when you came close. Seems to just be a place for the workers to hang out. I'm afraid if it was my store and could only find employees like that I would just close it up. Don't forget I don't have to and won't shop there again. A bad day for them ? Maybe. On a good note the guys in the garage were exactly what a was expecting from the good Nova Scotia people. Don't forget lady's there could be someone like me in there everyday just to do a review.


Very helpful staff

Len March

Very helpful got what I wanted

Tawny Morris

Logan MacIntyre

David Hammer

I like shopping there's all kinds of things

Donna Keeping

Joseph Morris

Hubert Pierro

I was not pleased with how a warranty for my battery was handled. To say that the person who looked after warranties was not in the store after I had removed my battery from my truck is not acceptable. My option was to wait there for close to an hour. What do you think?

Susan Richards

All you need

Lisa Poirier

Was great service ! Top it off the girls were pretty !! ;p

Kevin Snider

tyler hodder

robert macrae

They have products great service

Peter MacKenzie

One of the better Canadian Tire stores I've been in. Helpful staff too.

Marlyn Mury

Tammielee Gillis

Don Thomas Jr

I love this place in the winter for their games, spring for their gardening supplies and plants, summer for their camping supplies, and fall for their sales

Donnie Tufts

A surprise! From the road, it barely looks like the Canadian Tires we're used to seeing. It's also seriously small... Step inside, however, and you're in for a pleasant shock. Every square millimetre is filled with stock. If they don't have it, you don't need it. The staff are amazingly friendly and go well or if their way to help you with everything you need.

karen downey

Friendly service

Keith Brewer

Clint Gould

Nice friendly people found everything I was looking for

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