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Where is Robert V. Ostler Park?

REVIEWS OF Robert V. Ostler Park IN Campbell River

Robyn Dunbar

Dharma Boutique&Collectibles

A lot of people sit on the rocks or under the trees there drinking and leave garbage etc around which isn't safe for children playing there.

Deanna Howard

My kids ad a blast there

Benoît Crucifix

Tina Reise

shane gestle

(Translated) Vary Nice Baech (Original) Vary Nice Baech

Em von Euw

Beautiful green space right next to the big blue! Flush toilets on site. Grass lawn. Playground. Paved trail along the waters edge. Very central location close to cafes and coffeeshops. Seems like a pretty popular spot! Dog and family friendly.

Michelle Reader


It's stupid that it got a name change. I'll always call it the foreshore park. Always. Other than that it is a great park.

Brenda Booth

Philip Lye

Steve Cracco

Richard Pielou

Tom LeMesurier

A beautiful setting across from a charming shopping area.

Lee Marstein

Nice out door park in mid city

Joseph Ovington

Alyssa Iseppi

lona bardal

Myriad Mallory

Tiffani Davis

Rhonda Schulkowsky

There are 2 city toilets and free parking (2hr max June to September)

Murrz Goldn

When the wind blows hard I setup my large 2 string delta wing kite and fly it here. There is just enough space for it. The grass is a bit ruined lately and makes for muddy shoes. It is a beautiful area year round.

Moira Coward

Took my granddaughter to the pirate park. She had a blast and we had lots of fun watching her enjoy herself. Love the soft ground and the fact that there are two climbers, even though my brave granddaughter enjoyed the "big kids" climber more. ????

Jaskaran Singh

Here to visit a friend. Usually up at night so, go there often. Feels calming:)

Frank DeViller

A Long the water with lots to see and do

Ray Lang

Mona Gallant

I had an wonderful time playing with the kids! The kids had fun too, ha.

howard thomas

Great place play Frisby

Jessica Pitstra

Has a very cute playground. It's right off the ocean and quite often when you sit on the benches looking at the water you can seals playing in the marina. It has two bathrooms which are usually pretty clean. I really like this little Park.

Brent Clancy

Walk to the Pier from here. It's set up for fishing with spectacular views. Nicest Pier I've ever seen, has a store open in the summer, chairs for fishing, areas to clean your catch and more.

Chris Carlin

A nice park with a good playground.

Tim Canderan


k k

I was there to park and walk across the road to my appointment at VIHA which is convenient. The park and playground always seem clean and well taken care of and another bonus is the docks with benches to sit watch the boats . There was well over a dozen maybe over 2 dozen that looked about 5 or 6 years old , maybe even a bit younger playing and laughing with parents close by. I was pleased to see the children outside enjoying the weather and squealing and laughing. I was a bit surprised and concerned however that they were not wearing masks while touching ,holding hands and rolling around on the grass it was like life before COVID . Nice to see the kids having fun but I thought that it would be taught early on about how germs and viruses are spread and what hey can do to help themselves and others.????

Jack Vanderhyde

Gloria Tremblay

Beautiful scenery

Law 2020

Beautiful park even in winters ????

Ms Char

Its a lovely place to spend a Sunday afternoon..

Massimo Mazzarini

Kevin James

Well done park with a great playground, public washrooms and free filtered water

Lisanne Arlt

Love the walk in the am and pm

Maninderpal Singh Brar

Jaana Davidson

Shannon Iannone

Selby Props

Great parking right in town

Amber Brideau

Yulia Aleynikova

Lovely on a sunny day: interesting sculptures, a kids playground, benches with tables, and charming marina views.

Thomas J.

j val

Great place to get some fish n chips from @Docksidecr and sit at a picnic table with the family close to the playground.

Rob Delayer


David Berg

David Strang

I just like to look at it as I drive by.

Ms. Mehade

Peter W

chris simpson

Far Out

Dawn Christenson

The flowers in the spring are so lovely!

Nick Chowdhury

Fun for kids, lots of green space, close to many places to get snacks or take out.

Kasper Jansen

(Translated) Small park, but nice for small children to play. (Original) Klein parkje, maar fijn voor kleine kinderen om even te spelen.


Cassandra Simms


N Switzer

Oceanside park and well cared for


Good park and view

Howard Thomas

Jeff Armstrong

Danny Whaley

Great place for the kiddos! Also great for picnics. Busy on the weekends but still enjoyable even then.

Catherine Morley

Wonderful park, Lots of fun Great views of the straight

Josh Fry

New children's equipment installed and located conveniently downtown. Great views of Quadra island over the water.

Blanca Rivera

Nice downtown park!

David Ravanbakhsh

Dawn Summer Langerak

Great playground and grassy park situated right next to the ocean. Host to some nice outdoor events.

Robert Nixon

Julie Olsen

My kids (5 and 2) love this playground. It's got the soft play surface and enough variety to keep them both happy. It's usually busy but not so busy that kids interfere with each other. It can be a bit windy and cold even on sunny days.

Ana Goglin

Erika Hannah

John marche


Ocean view awesome.

Laura Simms

A wonderful space for a walk or a picnic... Well cared for as well...

Dustin S

Cute park along the seaside. Enjoyed a small concert on a cold summers day. Free water!

Tyson Lambert

Kids love the playground

Andrea Caddy

Melanie Cej

Medium size playground with great location in downtown Campbell River. Lots of green space surrounding.

Carolyn Lowe

Android Jes (AndroidJes)

Great new playground for the kids.

Phillip Humphrey

dawn kirkham

James Traynor

Fabulous place for the family.


Pretty nice shade and refreshing sea walk. The playground is pretty cool and i like the bounciness of the material they use for the floor. Usually not crazy busy so its a nice place to chill

Duncan Foster

Nice scenery for a evening walk

Peachey Family

Great view of the ocean and all its beautiful sea life

Andrea Andrew

Tara Chic

Beautiful view of water,ferry, mtns, and quiet. There is a patio restaurant also there .looked busy. Must be good! Lots of parking. Fish and chips on the wharf nearby.lots if places to eat in the sun or shade. Newer playground for children to play too

Mirek Kotis

This is the Foreshore Park as far as I am concerned.

Susan M

Great playground. Fantastic ocean views.


Nice walk

Gary “Thinkgary” Schell



Good view

Richard Ziola

Morgan Davies

Great spot to sit and picnic or utilize the playground for the littles. Can see all the unique ships in the marina. Beautiful space.

Mud Whore

Toilets were working


Great playground for little kids

James Robinson

Nice little park. Next to the water.

Nick Lafortune

Beautiful surroundings

Rob Koomen

(Translated) Beautifully maintained small city park on the water, overlooking Quadra Island Canada BC (Original) Prachtig onderhouden klein stadsparkje aan het water, met uitzicht op Quadra Island Canada BC

Zac LaRocque-Walker

The brand new park for kids is definitely a must see spot if you're looking to take your kids somewhere. Great views too.

Lisa L Smith

Rick zz top charron

I ride my bike down to the Spit ocean on one side and fresh water on the other side.. Paved path and as well as gravel..

Papa Robot

Grenade Hands

Austin Donaldson

Josh Craven

Moonwalker Drew

rainah farmere

It's a fun park for kids and a nice view of the ocean located right in town

Jordan Boehlke

Nice little playground and field to have lunch and for the children to play while we waited for the Quadra Ferry. Unfortunately it was fairly dirty and I had to watch my toddlers every move so she did not pick up any trash. Beautiful view from the park as well. Very conveniently located as its close to downtown and the Quadra Ferry terminal.

my tribe vs the world

Great views

Adam Guy

Better known as the Fire Shore

Stephen Hubbard

A playground by the ocean. What more could you ask for?

Michał Aibin


Robin Tannahil

Unpaved parking lot. Very dusty. But plenty of benches to watch the boat traffic ferry etc.

Anita Todd

Canada day at the park is always nice

Kolby Sinclair

Krysti Broadway

Best play area for kids

Jason Goodwin

Beautiful for a walk at night!

Kris 79

Fun park, big grass fields, great views of ocean and boats! Playground is diverse, slides and other equipment. The swing is a very heavy, dangerous rope and steel hoop. Needs constant adult supervision to keep kids safe from accidental harm.

Laura Hudson

tanner pressner

Great for the family

Jessica Eve Hadley

Love the park her in Campbell river such a great view and a friendly bird ????

Vernon Brewster

Beautiful spot to have a picnic and view the Georgia Strait.

ANITA Merrick


jennifer paul

Beautiful walk along the sea walk

Dave Head

Nice grass, great ocean view.

Shelley Vaags

I spent a lovely day here alone walking around the park

Dean Clark

A great park with amazing views lots of services close by. Good for ages 1 thru 10.

David Zelward

Great location, wonderful views, and a good place to walk and enjoy nature.

B.S. L.

Fun place for kids

Cameron Wallace

Nice playground, great little park.

Aaron Noel

Bryan Soder

Beautiful waterfront playground. I really enjoy the soft cork-like floor surrounding the play structure. Feels very safe for little ones to be climbing and jumping around.

David Cliffe

Has parking and washroom. Playground and seating area. Water front view ???? . Field is a bit wet and damp though.

Conrad Jackson

Spacie Stacie

Favorite walking spot in town

Kathleen Mitchell


Syghe of Relief

Dawn Seeley - Ross

Great place for social distance picnic. With kids

brayand rodriguez mora


Ryan Dawson

good spot

Tazim Damji

Wonderful waterfront park with views of the mountains and different islands. I went at night but like the location and large green space. There is a nice path near the water and some picnic tables and benches to use.

Sarmad Al Mouallem

Andrew Wilhelm

Charlie Picken

Decent park with a great view of the water.

Sijo Jose

Dave Fischer

Very well kept playground for kids. Lots of fun stuff for the kids and a great view.

Krystal Schneider

Great park by the water with a cute old growth garden across from Shoppers Row. Benches available to view waves crashing or watch the ferry cross to Quadra.

Korri Miller

Jasmine Allen

There are no actual Pirates at this park. I was expecting pirates.


Public city grass park beside the ocean. Walking paths along the sea walk. Children's playground. Covered area to sit & watch life pass by.

Daniela Bizama

My pup loves this place!

Seth Xavier

Ian Paul Paul

Amazing scenery. Lovely walking experience.

Jonathan Takach

Sophia Lee

Great park for kids

Arlene Touchie

Nice views,clean park

Arnie Carr

Nice views

Dale Oreilly

Peter Murray

Beautiful spot on the shore of discovery passage.

Joel Chiri

A beautiful ocean front park.

Ian Phillips

Christina Fong

Nice park on the waterfront with kids playground on rubber matting. Some grassy area, not extensive, but big enough to throw a frisbee. Nice picnic spot, good water views from the upper bank before the beach.

Jon Buchanan

Great place to sit and enjoy the park and share a late night snack.

Ed Preece

Nice park for picnic and picturest.

Kris Irving

Gemelle Carlson

Aaron Gooldrup

Erin Lunde

Shawn Wilson

A great park with two jungle gyms for kids and a beautiful view of the water and Quadra island. The park is next to many locally owned shops and restaurants in downtown Campbell river.

Claire Comeau

Vena Rose

Great place to relax and hangout, they have nice small shady hills that are comfy to sit under while waiting for the ferry.

Peter Charnock

Great view of the ocean public washroom available and a water tap for the animals as well as the kids lots of grass to play sports on as well

Glenn Donald

Great park in center of the cory. Modern kids play area right beside Discovery Passage. Great area for families.

Chris Malek

Gary Townsend

Kate Lynn

Teri Wells

Great park my kids love it !!!! Its their favorite park in town

Matthew Linnitt

Anuj Paliwal

Don Adlam

Nothing special. The kids playground could use updating. The grass is nice, but nobody really hangs out there anymore. Plus: The only public bathrooms in the downtown area.


Nice place to pop in and visit

Kristin Glover

Jodene Stober

Beautiful place to go with the kids for the park or a walk

Sadie Dearmond

Robert Waters

Rob Sander

Great time for kid's

Ha-Pe W

Bets Steenkamp

Steve Gudgin

Bam bam Duncan

Gerry Johnson walk

Kauri Bendickson

Marc Bergen

Glade Thomas

Sherri Elliott

Lorie MacDonald

Great place for kids play park washroom and a water tap. Shopping stores across the street

Rhonda Morton

Nice park, lots of families and a great playground.

Heather Soo

PHIL Tardif


Dale Watson

Tim Bro

Good place to hang out, kids play area, close to other amenities and restaurants etc.

Chantelle Costa

Christine Garland

Great playground ???? right on the ocean

Connor Maclean

Chase Edinger

victoria smith

Nice walk but nobody seems to clean up after there dogs except me,.people like this will soon ruin it for everyone

Brock Knudsen

Great views and playground

Pradeep Kumaran

Steve Wood

Dennis Wolkowsk

Nice place to walk around with a great view. Benches to sit and relax taking the great scenery

Tegan Bask

Tracey Fietz

Leslie Phillips

Serene... ocean and marina, ferry

Daryl & Janie Brown

Beautiful well-kept green space in the middle of town, offering up great views, a kids playground, and picnic tables.

Tiffany (Timbit)

The new walkway is really nice! Wide paved walkway really nice to enjoy a walk in the sunset.

Anne Chorneyko

Campbell River Sea Walk is a gorgeous walk & it begins or ends in Robert V.Ostler Park in downtown Campbell River. As for the park itself, often local events are held there or close by. Otherwise it's a nice place to just sit & watch the world go by.

Luke Morgan

Ok it wasn't that good

Randy Phillips

Great place to spend the day

Dan Simard

felicia green

Pretty busy but still great, and that amazing view

Tanis Harrison

Irene Rufus

Chris Bush

Nice little park. Relaxing.

Peter Phillips

Great playground for kids

Heather Stevenson

Dustin Myles

safe park, I love the rubber flooring. Lots of grass and the view is amazing.

Dennis Carmichael

Nice place for a picnic

Brendan Miller

cj le monke gamer

Albert Stevenson

Pirate park kids love it

LN Goud Podila

Victoria Goalv

Wanda G

Beautiful oceanfront park on the Pacific Ocean in downtown Campbell River, BC. There is a boardwalk running along the ocean front. There is a children's park and multiple benches. Good amount of parking available. Close to restaurants and shopping. Park overlooks the Strait of Georgia and Quadra Island. The park is right next to the Ferry terminal for Quadra Island. Public washrooms and a water fountain are available at the park.

Ralph George

Lisa Wilson

I love taking my son to this playground. Easy rubbery pad to walk on and for kids to have a soft landing. Sections for older and younger children. Fun for tiny tots and the older bunch. Bring a coffee and let them play!

Wayne Bezaire

Very good place for small kids lots to do and a very safe surface for the kids to play on

Ralph Smith

Canada Day 150

Amy LaRocque-Walker

Excellent playground in a scenic setting overlooking the ocean!

Corey Janvier

Great place to walk and enjoy while your waiting for the wife to get her nails done across the street

Gilbert Walkus

Excellent place for family and kids

Brenda McCall

It is a nice place to go for a walk and a playground for the kids

Joanne Hart

john Harris

Beautiful park on the ocean right in the heart of downtown Campbell River.


Great place to bring the kids

Leslie Dubiellak

Russell Bolitho

christian schultz

David Burgis

Red hot day had a lunch in the park .

Calvin Muxlow

Its good

B Lk

Frits Pieters


Mark Howell

Beautiful location for kids to play

Eric Neo

Nice scenery, parking available. Newer kids park equipment on one side as well an older but still functional playset on the other endnof the park. Restaurants nearby.

Laura DeRosier

Nice place to sit on the water. Little playground for the kids.

Melissa Martin Naegeli

Dora Osorio

Very nice park, something you can see whale.

Lynn Foster

Shale Leech

allen bullock

Evyn Baldwin

Leila Venne

Angela Muffins

Peter Tech

Nice park to stop and rest great view of the straight and Quadra island also has restrooms and many restaurants near by

Russell Smith

It's chill by the ocean and a park great place to meditate

Kaleigh Xanuis

Summa Lai

playground is very good

Alex kask

Cowtown Cyclist

Great place for kids, good restrooms and water

Robert Colquhoun

megan lagos

Kids love the swing here

Joe Kan

One of the best parks ever! Great for everyone!!!

chris charko

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