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917 3 St W, Brooks, AB T1R 1L5, Canada

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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercentre IN Brooks

Miguel Núñez Martínez

D. Ulmer

Anthony Houle

minecraft roblox and more denis dan ans stampy

Eric Ortega


Porath Family

Colin Finlay

William Greenhalgh

Haybe Roble

They don't have so much merchandise like Medicine hat.

Iskandar Ibrahim

Good place to shop quickly

Jude Soup

I do like going here, but they never have much. They don't have good selection for being a super store. They need to expand or just start bringing in more selection. Medicine Hat walmart is much better because they actually have stuff and is a better size . Most of the employees are just kids (late teens, early twenties) and they are always fooling around with eachother and giving off a bad reputation of the store. And if they're not young kids they're old and cranky. So they need to start finding better employees, or tell the ones they already have to smarten up and do their job. Also, the clothing section is very small, and its not fair that the women's section is bigger than the men's.


Shannon Seward

Got what wee needed.

Rebecca Frey

Good little small town Walmart

Vinsanity X

Kat Aebly

Matthew Young

Daniel Du Toit

Could be cleaner, maybe just the wrong day

Claudio Della Valle

Just another everyday Walmart where you can get most items you need


Friendly staff and well stocked

Calvin Byrd

Cherish Monty


Melanie Dugal

GeoNat Sedgewick

Always great at the Brooks supercentre

Matthew Algeo

Melanie Couture

- Zephyressence -

Heather Nixon

Paul Hedquist

Worst Wal-Mart ever!

Cristy Sangalang

Giovanni Lopez

Good place, nice ambience, got everything you're looking for in a superstore, but just need more exported goods.

Daniel Michael

nora baltar

Abigail Puffalt

Regal Bowman

Blake Tokai


Friendly staff

Lena T

jasmine K

Staff appear confused and frustrated. You feel like you are inconveniencing them when asking for assistance.

Megan Reviczky

Hildedonso Mrtinez

snazzy-blue6 (Tsapān)

Keerthi niyangama

Newfie Girl

Patty Cox

Friendly people nice place



Rude people that work here. Went to purchase some washer fluid and it almost felt like it was a crime to pay in cash.

Jenna Kornishyna

Our family adventures

Terrible place. Worst walmart I've been in. They call it a walmart superstore but they carry the absolute minimum amount of product.

Blaine Tillack

It's Walmart

Maia Hewlett

scott durepos

It's always a spectacular time walking around checking out nice bums yeah I said it I look at you bumb I'd shoot you a compliment that never ends well that is just what it is a compliment



Bradley Toone

Ahmed Y Badawy

safiya cadey

Great cashiers great management and great company

Patrick Kisimolo

Lorna Lohner

Its good

Peter Leone

Why I think Walmart is the #1 place to shop, that is easy, best prices, selection, quality quantity, freshness and McDonald's.!

abdurahman Hassan


Evan Eckersley

James Ellwood

Graeme Duckworth

Had everything I needed

david muller

Great place to find a little of everything

Kendra B

Free SCV

Great parking. Nice store!


Cesar Reyes

Robert Valerian

Darcy Elliott

Good service

Randi does Yoga


Vanessa Ayala Munoz

Has almost everything you need, for affordable price, but some of it could be better quality.

John McQuillan

eRadio emisora digital

(Translated) It has variety of interesting things, for the family (Original) Tiene variedad de cosas interesantes, para la familia

Chris Delaney

It's Walmart... inexpensive and mostly fresh

Gerald Blundon

Pedro luciano Dos Santos

karsten the carpenter

Joshua Golden

This is your typical small city Walmart. Nothing bad and nothing amazing.

deb harley

Chicky B

ATTENTION PS4/5 USERS Do not buy the protection plan from Walmart. Instead I recommend shopping elsewhere for electronics. Its a run around using warranty (wireless controllers). To which if within a year you have to go through Sony Warranty anyways!! I figured getting the warranty with walmart was more of a convenience so I wouldnt have to deal with shipping back and forth to Sony but NOPE....... ???? (Seamless exchange at The Source ????)

Mark Coates

It's a walmart, this one is in a small town and is smaller too than most. But in the end its walmart.

Bryce Dafoe

iihxzrlxnne i

Christian Schell

Pamela Steele

The store has nothing for shopping except groceries. I shop at No Frills. Better quality and prices.

Jen Morin

Brianne Rutter

sozana gill

(Translated) God (Original) gud

Abe Klassen

Grayden Donald

(Translated) Yeet (Original) Yeet

Dani from Canada

Karen Gadica

Abdul Kaiwen


Mere Metho

Deborah Cosford

Kim Davies

Just your average Walmart

Mark Askey

Everything you would need from a walmart

Molly Symes

It's a good sized store, and has most everything that the bigger stores have..

Andrea Cowan

Bit confusing on what Carts to use.not sure which were sanitized and which weren't

cream the rabbit

Philip Vandenbrink

Amrik Neifer (funduffy900)

Jasmyn Jones


It's Martín Chrysler

Vari s



akili cleophas

guo xie

Nice walmart Just passport photos.taken Not nice

Neuelle Jumaquio

Sue Sheppard

I love this store will be there more often staff is friendly prices are better than some places

Ryan Furlong

CoCo Lynnel

Mary Fehr

They need more clothing and more shoes and more of everything

Maureen Labadie

Great paint specials.


Its a walmart

Barry H

Adequate for a small town Walmart

Patricia Mitchell

Supercenter is a misnomer Typical old Walmart And the McDonald's doesn't do americanos ????

Erin Biggs

This Walmart is the smallest most under stocked Walmart between here and the west coast I've ever been too...

Wole Ojo

its one in this town and its big enough. i like it here

Barbara Wong

Romy Espinosa

Good prices in food

Tracy Spillmann

Bernie Wikdahl

Mark King

Customer service is extremely good a nice lady named Cindy to name one always more than helpful everytime. Store itself sucks. Way to small and very limited selection on items if they even have what you need.

margaret turner

Tewodros teddi

The best place for shopping!! They have Fair prices as well!!

Shaul Mizrachi

Dean Halbert

It's a walmart. Nuff said

Bob H

It's not the biggest Walmart but it's has the essentials.

Joey Thiessen

Jesse Paddock

Marc Hofer

Good shopping

Saif Saifoo

Nice place

Christien Stone

Nice Walmart. Friendly and helpful staff.


Has all of the essentials and recently added a small grocery center. Limited clothing and electronic center.

Liliana Marin

Del. Christien

Excellent staff...what I needed...priced right.

Dragoneye Jo

Samantha Plett

Has a good selection in most departments (food, toys, sports etc) but the kids clothing selection isn't great. Brooks doesn't have many places to buy for kids, so it would be nice for our big box store to have more options and brands.

Jorgen von stein

Doesnt offer as many services as other Wal-Mart's in smaller communities.

Colin Froese

Hardly a supercenter, but gets the job done. At least they have self-checkouts!

Biyya to Oromiya

Michael Abramczyk

carlos augusto

(Translated) Excellent (Original) Ótima

Agnes Nash

Ella “L¡l*One” Hunt

It's a Walmart

Affan Osman

Good place in a small town.

Ben Larson

Kate Dela Cruz

Nick Burger

Russell Moore

Walmart at its best!

Reid Munro

Calynn Jiana

Quinlan Gach

Stephanie Recnik

Steven Calgary

Chris Varga

Great management

venjovanne lumanglas


Ron Scutchings

Rob Winter

Tanya Snooks/Traversano

They have nothing.

Joyce Maitland


Great place to shop. But there really isn't much for daily life like supper optiond. Like you get chicken and beef and some fish options that are small portioned and quite expensive. The fridges also seem to have something wrong too as the greens are always close to gross and spoiled. Even when they tell you they put them out earlier that day or the day before. Like the lettuce and the vegetables just suffer. Your best getting your groceries elsewhere. Everything else in the store is cry limited. Like you get a small clothing section(super small) the toy section was downsized a little while ago but is a decent size. However their household items are just suffering bad. I needed an 8inch cake springtime cake pan(that is like super standard size for one and can be gotten pretty much anywhere) Nope didnt have one. But i was walking around and they do have a giant decorative fork and spoon around 3ft tall for hanging on your walls.... so there's that I guess. Lol. Entertainment section isnt bad. But its a smaller store so lacks tons of things. Basic things you would think they would have as most of those things are used for daily functioning in life.

Sammy Kowalchuk

Friendly staff every time I visited.

Cheryl Edwards

A decent sized store for the population size, but they may need to expand soon. Their selections are lacking and the organizational layout doesn't feel intuitive given how they've tried to cluster things together. Many shelves needed to be restocked and were left empty. On the bright side, the staff were pleasant when you interacted with them and the store was clean. Plenty of parking is available.

Nicole Doll

Shraider Skullcandy

Fadia Boukli

Shelly Ann

Timnit Werasi

Treena McGowan

RnL Hall

charan kumar

Donna Lee Urlacher

Ahmad Da3boul

Roz Thai

Karoll Moyano

Bob Tomasta

Convenient store

Neil Marshall

Grown Young Grown Old


Brad Istace

Jacqui Paul

Inigo Parnes

Good that they include produce section last time I was here in Brooks just clothing and electronics and other stuff.

Anyang kuol

The employee in are so kind , a lady showing me around where I can get my staff that I need , thank to them.

Michelle Beck

Poto Makambo tv


- R a d Y -

Nicholas Woodruff

Pavan Mane

Jada-Lynn Muncaster

Got exactly what we needed and checked out quickly

Ivan Taras

Anna Thiessen

Paola M

Victor Lethbridge

Good variety. Best deal in town for certain grocery items

- thetellyou -

Pretty good place

RoyMar Olascuaga (Roy)


Randy Schelske

Kevin K

Reg Mason

Reasonable prices

Stephen Gratrix

When you can find staff..good service..quality of to watch your pricing..No Thrills..better Produce...and prices

jenny cardenas escobar

Tom Declercq

Has much of what we need, customer service could be better.

Cookie bug Napp

they are ripping us Canadians off and killing other good businesses

Erin Terry

Clean and well stocked



Hey guys the store looks like it was built in the 80"s!! The grounds around the Brooks store are AWFUL full of weeds grass is dead because they don't water it anymore!! I would be ashamed to own to this store or even have the Walmart name on it!!!

abo Jodi

Craig Carpenter

Fernanda Resendiz

Sam Dyck

Adiva Murphy

fat jaxon

The guy at the door is friendly. Trying to see a positive here

Enaiyat Ghani Ovy

Typical Walmart super center in Brooks, AB. It has everything you normally find at a regular store. The good side is the store is very clean and organized nicely. The cashier was also polite. We found the toys section very enriched and were able to choose one from there. It was short visit and our experience was good.

Hannah Shields


Rubina Shaheen

Cassandra Jonker

Good prices, could use better selections of yarn and women's pants for us short girls

Robert Follis

Vicki Belanger

Only has food. No other options for a city of this size.

Rajesh Thapar

Had bad experience at photo centre in Walmart. Employee over there was rude and bias to us. No greetings and felt totally ignored by her. But she’s was ok with others. Poor customer service

Amanda Sharples

kaitlyn boake

So it says wal mart super center right ... Ohh heck no its nothing close to that its a really old small wal mart that never has anything i need . its disappointing and i don't like shopping in there . they have new till in the wal mart witch are also really disappointing there is only a couple check outs so getting away from long line ups is like good luck ????i would not recommend shopping hear .


Very friendly and helpful staff.

Abe Bueckert

A good place to grab the essentials but its usually crowded with narrow aisles which makes it hard to navigate...especially with a cart. Not to mention the parking lot gets very little attention from the snow removal crew, if they even have one. Regardless it is recently renovated so the appearance is nice and the products are what you'll find in any other Wal-Mart.

Nadia Leon Pardo



Missing the watch battery service. Missing better and more clothing. The food section takes up a lot of the store and we usually shop at one of the other 3 local grocery stores for food. Brooks need more clothing and other variety stores.

Misty Dickinson

Jonathan Howes

Hoggustina Hoop

Clean. Friendly staff

nathan bennett

Ryan Herter

Excellent place for all your shopping needs


Store is very nice, but some staff need customer service training.

Darcy Forster

Great place for cheap stuff

B. Gale

Rob Chubey

Friendly staff.

Al Budarin

Always enjoy Walmarts

Richard V w

Heather Dobson

John Anderson

Gabrielle Bareham

Thierry Deux

Quick stop for road trip supplies. Friendly staff.

blue dragon

Selection is terrible

Corinne Fryklund

Was different no McDonald's in this Walmart very vlean.

Brandyn Dahl

Friendly staff and not a whole lot of clutter ????

sankalp chawla

Kyna Tiet

Keely McCauley

Dean Waddle

It's a Walmart, same as the others.



Vito Azevedo

Great small town selection

Andrew Plumb

Darryl S

Busy little store, but seems to have the most important items from the larger Superstores. Perhaps it is the case in most Walmart’s now, but most checkouts are gone, and replaced with self service kiosks.

David Lorenz

Impressive to have this in a small community like Brooks

Byron Mikalishen

A good clean wal mart.... in and out in minutes!

Channel 33 with Spongie

This has to be the saddest Wal-Mart in Canada if it isn't I am sure it's in the Top 10.

Ava Walde

Bryan Sehn

It is ok

Rylan Rooke

The store is generally dirty compared to other stores and lots of empty shelves looked like they’re going under last time I seen the store

Melody Rolls

Melissa Hoekstra

Damien Goodyear

Small selection of clothing. Some what tighter allie space then i am use to at a Walmart.

Ben Pol

Chinook City

Terri Ross

Diedre Rodney

A small supercentre with limited choice. Wish the expansion was bigger. Great prices and very convenient for Brooks

Mark Anthony awa

Lucky Angel

No problem here. Helpful staff. Clothes I purchased are not high quality, but the lower price reflects that. When I stopped in once I had left my mask in my truck. Rather than walking back, the greeter went quickly some where and returned with a mask for me. I appreciated the extra service.

Kassandra Fedorowich

Crimson Clark

Harman Batth

Suleman Malik

Eva Hiebert

Ronald Preston

Good for the community need.

Eli Penk

smaller store but it had what i was looking for + it had rotisserie chicken

Kaitlyn Boffey

Some good sales

Nena Mejía

Jeffery Enns

Friendly service, willing to correct any issues regarding prices. Also very understanding about returns and exchanges.

Daryll Sager

It’s a small Superstore.

Ronald Moulton

G Aka newf

R St

A bit smaller than the giant stores but it still has a cheaper version of just about everything you might need.


Small ..not much a selection on ladies clothing and the staff can alittle belittling to there employees :( i seen that first hand on black friday 2????

Dave Lutz

Chad Co

Little small for a super centre, but it's got everything you need

Fethi Daoud

Greg “Bigdaddy” McCorrister

The best

Kyra Erikssen.

candice yockey

A pretty good place to shope

Brian Morris

Carol Breakell

Staff seem to be getting more customer oriented. Since the store went to being called a Suoer Centre the only thing that was expanded was grocery selection. They reduced all the other departments. Sad really. We did nit need another grocery store.

justin elias (littledogg)

Lots of good deals

Brett Dafoe

Cliff Riles

Alida Hoetmer

Clean store and helpful staff

Cristhian Vasquez

Jeremy Yanke

Steven Birdwell

Excellent staff. Great prices

pedro wall

Nathan Graham

It's a Walmart. Nothing really makes it stand out. Customer service is good.

Matt Entz

Good store

Richard Kostner

They had everything we needed as usual which is always nice

Christina Corriveau

Weird layout

Happy Camper

Mo Abas

The price of the item was low and when I got home and see the recipe they charge me almost duble the price so always keep eye on that it's not the first time I have this experience with the same walmart

Basil Collicott

Ed Corbeil

Not good.. service wasn't friendly and will never order online again from this retailer

Antonio Garcia

Nice little One Stop Shop you wouldn't think that this nice little Walmart would be in such a small town but it's got almost everything especially if you forgot something and you're out at Lake Newell you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for something.

Brian Hartling

Not enough fashion for children

Sheila McMullan

Fine only problem today was the cashier put all the canned goods in the freezer bag which I didn't notice til I got home.

Zac Preston

Easy to navigate

Anna Friesen

alberto cerna

Dale Moorhouse

David Friessen

Chris Tobin

This Walmart is huge, with a ton of selection.

Daniel Ramirez

Nice and friendly people, great prices!

Charles Seward

Julie Nota

Diedrich Fehr

Maria Eddy

Ryan Kearley

Candace Humphreys0

Daniel Okito

Maria Stimson

Every Walmart i go shop at is a different experience. Brooks was a different setting I like that to be able to find what you're looking for is like a puzzle... Very clean well stocked n fresh produce..good sales. Friendly staff and people.????????????????

sardar mubashar

Randal Prouty

No staff in sight to help. If you did find an employee and they saw you coming, they high tailed it in the opposite direction. Aisles were dirty. Items were all over the place and un the wrong departments. It appeared noone was interested in cleaning or organizing their sections. Found half their staff outside smoking on the sidewalk when I left. Their smocks, lanyards and nametags easily identified them. Guess we know why I couldnt find help inside.

Anita Buck

Smaller but good selection

Walter Hornby

They no longer carry ammunition

ed jolly

Cashier helpful rest of staff????!???

Douglas Belec

Malaina Dyck



Alyssa Snyder

Faiza Mohamed

Best Walmart that I have ever visited in Canada

Helen Klassen

Bailey Bueckert

Always clean and great customer service

Sandy Stewart

frank martens

Joey Dyck

Don’t always have what I want

Aganetha Rempel

Martha Basarowich

Brian Edmonds


Tom Dodge

Too small! Not supercenter worthy!

Melissa McLean

Paul Feller

It's very small for a Supercenter, therefore having a limited selection for a Walmart

Brian Buffalo

Keith Maddess

The store is not set up real good.Food section should be separated

Kevin Brow

We love going to Walmart Supermarkets or other Walmarts when we can there are no stories like that here either.

lonnie raymond

Cyndy Sandre

Scott Lisowec

Daniel Heck

It's your typical Walmart. A little bit of everything. No vehicle repairs though.

Krishna Thakurdeen

Wolfgang Classen

Monica Villanueva

Bertha Delgatty

Ash Miller

G fern

Kathryn Knutson

Had what I wanted. Nice polite staff and nice and clean.

Eric Skaarup

Dustin Nyberg

Very poor selection

Jessica Thiessen

Ray Johnson

Iskushaa Ibrahim

Tina Rice

Ling-ling Klein

Homeward Bound

Vitaliy Tykhyy

Andrew Luchies

For a super center, the clothing options are horribly limited. This is especially true for boys clothes.

gargi rai

A regular customer at this place .I like their customer service and it is always clean but a little dissapointed about the way it's expansion is being done . We had a very limited choice and addition of the grocery section made it even worse as the other sections were shrunk to make space for grocery

Dustin Wildschut

susan wilson

Some of the staff will go out of their way 2 help u well some don't acknowledge u @ all. There r only a handful of staff that r super friendly Reasonable priced items n plenty of fresh produce available

Kevin Lowe

Rob Nordal

Good service

Richard G

Try finding anyone that works in the sports section or baby section is damn near impossible.


Ben Mcphee

Yup it's a walmart. But it's tiny

abigail mebratu

Jonathan Fl

william davidge


GEM fam

Tom Arik

jabesi banda


Ashley Morton

Colleen Bennett

Very happy and well manners, and asking customer if needs help.

Angie Cyr

I love the prices and the produce here. Staff are not usually very helpful though.

meme youyou


Lousy selection

Shelley Heckbert

Alice Morrissey


Kayla Fillier

I work here ????

Rae Sanchez

As a ministore, built with a lot to expand into, why oh why oh why haven't you? Too much grocery, miss the other selection

Sara Tone

Cody Brown

People shop here while they couph the whole time, and don't stay 6 feet away.

Jayy Ezze

Al Brant

Was so disappointed. Sign says masks required and yet people wandering around with no masks. Don't tell me that you have Asthma or other ailments unless it is neurological put a mask on or stay home. My husband has a respiratory illness with only 25 percent lung capacity and wears a mask.

Musa Kamara

karan Rock

Martin Hickman

Michel Weber

No McDonalds


Was cool up until the Umbrella Corp announcements started playing, reminding you to wear a mask, wash your hands, two minutes a part, maintain 6 feet away from one another. I must've been in Sheepville, we have zero cases. ????‍♂️

Aurora Shields

karugia ndirangu

Jay Illingworth


Russell Madarash

Brenda Jones

Can never find what I am looking for in the Brooks store. Can find it in the bigger center's though.

Raychel W

Chantal Kubinchak

Wish there was more food and it was a super centre

Linda Yamniuk

Gave 5 stars as this walmart isn't enforcing the mask mandate. Yes I wore my mask but if you don't want to wear yours you can walk around without one and the staff don't care they don't say anything to you.

David Macleod

leee mp

I am not really expecting any customer care because i know ..its walmart ..BUT ITS WORSEST WALMART STORE I EVER VISITED IN CANADA

Carmen Roth

Sidney Sambath

Jacob Boschman

Flying Undertaker

Pretty much all a guy needs for groceries


Worst walmart ever!! Small, under stocked and can almost never find the same things 2 weeks apart.


Duane Romuld

Geoffrey Griffith

I think on sun @ 945 who ever left the carts out block most of the two in coming lanes should get fired mabe next cart guy will figure that job out

Hinayana Jinaan

Super good

Jean Adams

Great value... quality. Great staff

Darwin Leismeister

gerry borbe

Annie Smith

Dan Connauton

This store us the worst Walmart I have been in. It is small with a poor selection of goods.

Sean Largary

Small... under staffed... pathetic selection for a "super walmart"

Chris Masiowski

German Silva

Good place for shopping!!

nadia Houle

It has what you need. I just find it hard to find a worker to help get things from locked cases or even to help guide you to what your looking for.

James Enns

Jay Wickens

Not the nicest Walmart I've been to, but this is Brooks. Was able to get what I needed and go about my business here at the time.

Julio Golzio

Sandra Sanchez

Fred_erick Inop's


Kyle Augustin

Aaron Klassen

Waited to kong for help and got someone who couldn't speak very good English

Maurice Hayes

We're usually here once a week

Carolin Armstrong

Worst Wal Mart I have ever been in my life . No covid protocols in place . Counted 15 people no masks and that was only in produce before I turned around and left store . Will never shop at this Walmart again... disgusting

Vannessa Maisonneuve

The Brooks Walmart has all of the selection that you would expect from a Walmart. The produce is there, although it is not the largest Walmart Center I have visited in my time, all of the selection that is needed is still present. I did not have to wait in line for very long although it was late at night, so it wasn't super busy at that time either. I would go back here if I ever visited Brooks again.

Melissa Macdonald

Jessi Martin

Jim Hughes

Always out of stock way over priced compared to other walmarts and food stores..I think I may switch shopping venues..Brooks walmart is sub par

Jessica Larouche

Diana Baron

(Translated) It's a good place with affordable prices ???? (Original) Es un buen lugar con precios adsequibles ????

Juanita Boyd

Great store

joanne ferec

Everything you need in one convenient location. Can't get better than that.

Willy Thiessen

Cornelius Dyck

Khristina Ruptash

Cristin Stewart

Extremely pathetic, sad you can go to Strathmore Walmart and have a better selection. I go there because of one certain worker who makes the trip to Brooks Walmart actually worth going too.

Terry Jackson

shamsher singh

Isaak Bergen

Omar Choc

Dave Carter

Kim Grieder

Tricia Anhorn

Had what I needed. Had to buy bags. Service was good.

Randy McClelland

Best store around

Dhugomsa Kito

Susana Reimer

jorge monter

This store is very disappointing employees act like they own the store. They always chatting the greater on the door think he is a bodyguard and racist he pick costumer no white no Indu to check merchandise even is the alarm don't sound

Paige Haines

My grandpa died in the parking lot. Parked in his rv. I always think of him when i go here. I never got to say goodbye.

Kenneth Atkinson

clean place

Colton Berg

Brad Reynolds

Small for a super center

Michaela Harty

Todd Kalutich

Stephen Lo

michelle tienkamp

Jasmin Leighton


Uneventful. No Walmartians today

Jessica Dyck

Great customer service

Ermias Tamrat

Gregory Valerian

Lots of varieties

Del Pratt

Good friendly people that work their and good Price's too

Gaye-Ann Just

Prices always good for seniors and low income families

Jill Savoie


Nathan Gingras

Sheldon Hall

It has most things I need

Brad Collicott

Isidro Hamm

Carol Hughes

Busy place

Danielle Smith

Stratton Beck

Corrie Davidson

They never have much. Same old, same old. Seldom go there.

Karla Witteveen

Friendly people work there

Richard Hall

Adding food decreased the value of the store for me.


Great customer

Aimee Burgos



Ken Frampton

rick brown

Genie Nicolas Ramirez

Chris Varty

Stood for 15 min after sales person was paged twice not one person showed up die in a corner and not be found by staff for days

Kevin Bahler

Jean-Marie Lukulasi Oteka

(Translated) To bought the thing (Original) Pour acheté le chose

Devon Fika

The brooks walmart is slightly above average. It has all of the baby needs we want and the food isle contains some great deals. The only disappointment about the brooks location is the lack of hunting, camping, and vehicle gear. This location was also much more enjoyable when the "wooo hooo" guy worked there.... we sure miss him....

Austin H

Sam Wurz

They need less self checkouts and more real people working there

Martin Hamm

Good place to shop

Asmara Eritrea

I didn't expect this in brooks superwalmart they th ave everything the best customer service thank you brooks Wal-Mart !

Tattianna Wright

jamie lewis

Just visited walmart, customers no mask, staff no mask and people visiting from the states in the parking lot. Didn't feel safe so be careful.

Chris Barron

Cl sam

Nice place to shop????

Al Schickerowski

Surprisingly they were supplying masks at the door before entering ????

Sylvie Prenoveau

Realy clean store and the staff are very kind. This parking lot to spend the night was quiet.

Laura Patterson

Sean Jackson

My wife loves it

Bang Bor

Gary De Grasse

Reid Tanigami

Matt Larose

Jody Jones

Ahtesham Ahmad

Jennifer Taylor

Over charged for sale items.. cashier was overworked and ignored me when i told her the bill was wrong and proceeded to serve other people... bad customer service


Alex Jackson

Too small

Calvin Elias

Nice people in the store and friendly

you Twist

Carolyn Eisler

Scott Griffin

Danial Mandel

Sheila Hore

Excellent Customer service, friendly Staff very clean and organized store.

ironroad carsandtrains

sahal A

Jessica Zuber

John Ethridge

David Robertson

This is not a super centre. It is a medium sized walmart pretending to be a super store. When this store went super store, it became much more crowded and some pf the departments became almost nonexistant. There are lots of things not even offered that are in a full sized super store. Thete is a full sized super stpre located 100 km away in a town of about 70 percent the size of Brooks and it is located 60 km away fro a city woth 2 super stores.

Omolara S.

Jeff Henderson

liam keeping

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