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10 Ryans Hill Rd, Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0, Canada

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Where is Ryan Premises National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Ryan Premises National Historic Site IN Bonavista

Nigel Cole

Very interesting

Elise Moore

Lovely set of interesting buildings with displays. The house has one room of furnishings. The two museum buildings have excellent explanations and displays. Upstairs is an eclectic display if period items. Well done!

Charles Gregoire

Just the right thing to visit when the weather isn't cooperating.

Vince Chaulk

Great place for history buffs

André Racine

(Translated) Worth the detour (Original) Vaut le détour

Mi Watier

Jessica Mayenburg

Really cool educational stop for our trip. I learned a lot about the fishing industry and the staff were really knowledgable and fun!


Brian Carey

A must see when in Bonavista!

Shannon Williams

Lots of history here. Was amazing to find out how people settled and made a living back then.

Milltown Collectibles

if you are new to the area or first time visitors to Newfoundland, I would suggest a stop here. We really learned a great deal about the cod Industry and it was interesting!

Nicholas Linthorne

Christopher Lee

It's a nice collection of well preserved/restored buildings that tells the story of the old Newfoundland/ town of Bonavista. A great way to spend the afternoon when the weather is unpredictable for outdoor activities.

Greg Nygren


Good historical site to visit. Don't expect too much.

Destin Dsilva

Victoria Ryan

Yosaif Cohen

Sylvie Laneuville

(Translated) To know everything about the salt fish industry. (Original) Pour tout connaître sur l'industrie du poisson salé.

Don Norris

Steve Thomas

We enjoyed the history and knowledge of staff of the building. Yes we enjoyed the ghost stories. Very captivating and peaked the audiences interests. Tour seemed short and the package deal was great. Our tickets include a lighthouse museum. Thats another great review to write about.


Michael Piercey

Kathleen Laycock

Preservation of history

Chantal And Art Perry

Educational and we'll presented information on the life of the fish merchant and outport life in general

noah gallant

Almost all of the original buildings have been completely modified to add in 'displays' and plaques, I would highly recommend the sir William coaker site instead as it is still almost completely intact and had much more helpful and informative staff.

Jordan Davignon

Tina Barton

Its worth the experience and upstand the fishing in Newfoundland. The hardship of past life as a fisherman and their families in rural Newfoundland.

David-Joyce Baxter

Just a great spot, friendly,helpfull staff. A real taste of local culture and views of days past.

Mathieu Huet

Dallas Thompson

Great museum

Jeff White

Krista Price

Bely Macpherson

Fascinating intact site, a window on a surprisingly large scale enterprise, even by current standards

Ellen Worling

Historic site on the history of Bonavista. Many of the displays were not working. More films, interactive displays would help.

Ken Butt

SuDz Nova

Michele Hynes

Pam Rose

Wow! What a lovely place to visit

11Trevell11 *

Cynthia Fleming

Donny Moore

Well laid out and presented piece of history.

Salma Burney

Excellent way to learn about back then and very knowledgeable staff ????

George Ayoub

Seeing the house of how merchants lived could be of historical interest to some people, not I. Super well built house and great exhibit...though.

Emily Thompson

Alicia Wells


learned a lot about the proud fishing history at the site and the area. The museum includes a fascinating overview of that history, as well as changes in technology, the people, the culture and social life of the community.

Åke i Eskilstuna


Rick Applin

Dale Jones

Joshua Fleming

Shawn Bailey

The tour is self-guided, so for kids it's all reading posters and diagrams


Got a list history from the tour then they let you go out and explore the area yourself.

Victoria Arnott

Glen Wolgemuth

Wonderful displays.

Karen Crichton


emilie gagnon

Lots of puffins! We went at 7:30 am (optimum Time) no tourists and puffin activity is at its peak. Just make sure to bring a good camera.


Derrick Jamieson

Made it there late. Only saw part of the premises. What we did see was nice. Worth a stop.

Vanessa Short

paul schalkwijk

Maxime S.

It's a great little museum. Lots of very interesting information about the region. I went to a lot of parcs canada site in multiple provinces and rarely did I meet employees that nice. You really get the welcoming atmosphere that newfoundlanders are so famous for. It is a little disappointing that this site isn't on the explorer circuit. It is unbelievable that parc canada didn't judge this site interesting enough. My kids really love collecting the dog tags and were very upset to not being able to collect a tag at this location. @parcscanada this is something very easy to fix.

Wayne Ryder

Andrew Fenton

Giddy up NFLD!

Chuck Beasley

Interesting displays.

Jeff Forsythe

Mike Foley

Richard Mann

Barbara Storey

Great way to show the business of fishing and how fishermen lived in early years of Newfoundland. Enjoyed very expect of Ryan Premises, everyone should see this at least once. Staff is well informed.????

Danielle Best

Greg Bennett

Awesome facilty

Philip V

Another wonderful museum explaining how the cod fishery built Newfoundland. It's so nicely preserved, from the floorboards to the ceiling, and is an authentic cod processing plant from the last century.

Joyce Johnson

Mehak Mahanoori

To Go place if you want to know the history of Bonavista!

Tiffany Waye

Ŕobert Levy

Eric Michel

Lafrance Gaetan

(Translated) Tells the story of the cod fishery and seal hunt spanning 500 years around the island of neuve. (Original) Raconte l'histoire de là pêche a la morue et chasse aux phoques sur 500 ans autour de l'île de terre neuve.

Alexandra Lachance

(Translated) Thanks to Parc Canada for the free 150th anniversary. A very interesting visit! (Original) Merci à Parc Canada pour la gratuité du 150e. Une visite très intéressante!

Shawn Wells

Selena Wang

Less maintained and nothing to see

Tom Forsey

Chad Hayward

Gary Bishop

Very good history of the fishery in Newfoundland

morgan power

Victoria Greey

The staff at this site are amazing!!! So accommodating and great with our young children (aged 2 and 4). While the exhibits were extremely interesting and well put together, the staff really made this visit special. It would be great if Parks Canada could make this site part of their explorer program. Since most of the visit is inside, this is something to do when the weather isn’t the best.

Helmut Kalinski

(Translated) Only open until 5 p.m. (Original) Nur bis 17 Uhr geöffnet !

Mark Orth

Richard Weigand

A wonderful place to visit and see what life was like for the local fishing trade. Helpful staff. A must see.

Kevin Ward

Great fishing industry explanation!

Andy Morrissey

Joseph Bartlett

Wonderfull to see our history on display

Sharon Macauley

Friendly, helpful staff, and excellent displays, videos, old items of interest in the way of life of early fishers in Newfoundland. So much information, one could spend a lot of time here!

Trevor Reid

Vic Alyea

Very informative and a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff!

Bob Cul

Jeanette Miranda

Beautiful historic building with a comprehensive history of NL fishery.


(Translated) Very interesting. (Original) Très intéressant.

Keith Falardeau

Great place to learn about the history of fishing on the island.

Stephanie Noonan


Wow real insight

Evsn Shelley

Love to hear about the local history.

Rebecca White

Great history of the fishery and merchants in bonavista. A must see.

Ron Carmichael


Richard Flower

Loved it


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