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ROUTE 238, Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0, Canada

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Where is Dungeon Provincial Park?

REVIEWS OF Dungeon Provincial Park IN Bonavista

Chris Kavanagh

Marvin Best

Nice and scenic


Saw massive ice bergs just floating there! Amazing views! Must visit.

Rick Arseneault

K M (Gingja)

Ko-wing wong

Great road for quadding

John Krahn

Spectacular. Don't miss it

Julie White

majestic and a real treat if the horses are grazing.

Dwayne Hewlin

Great scenery.

Dan Cullen

Absolutely beautiful! Worth the visit

Wade Watts

Amazing Place with decent accessibility.

Ruhul Amin Shakib

Steve Luff

Beautiful site. Worth checking out if you are in Bonavista.

Derrick Law

Very large hole created by two collapsed sea caves. Good parking and views.

Joey W

Cute little park. Very short trail, but very memorable views. Very cute pony!!

Taylor Woodcock

Matt P

Beautiful vistas

Zack Glabb

Great place to stay in a rut. Bring a tent. Not much amenities. Stunning hidden jem.

Jeff Berry

Vince Chaulk


Mathieu Taggart

Lots of animals around the road, the view is great


(Translated) If you have enough time, Bonavista Peninsula is a place you must visit! (Original) 如果时间充裕,Bonavista半岛是您一定要来看一下的地方!

Steve Lowden

The small park is very interesting. Just watch out for the horses that can block traffic along Lance Cove Road on the way to the park. They can be aggressively friendly.

Jeff Tippett

Beautiful scenery!

Jessica Barrett

Darren Dawe

I would say it is worth the drive! Such an amazing view and interesting Rock feature. Horses run through the park as well, beautiful!

Bonnie Rideout

Ian Farrell

Rugged and beautiful

Simon C

Really cool sea cave that collapsed creating 'the dungeon'. It's a short drive from the light house and other trails.


Amazing rock formations! The dungeon sea cave is right next to the road so the payoff is immediate as soon as you park your car.

craig simons

Beautiful views and easy access by car. The road is bumpy though. You can also find blue berries there. You can see lots of waves crash against the rocks from many different view points.

Martha Waning

We loved it! amazing view , lots of animals running around , very peaceful and unique place .

Mark Maizonnasse

Very beaux holes in the cailloux!

Tony Gulliver

Beautiful view all the way around. You have to see it.

Michele Mitchell

Awesome experience

Anh Cao

Amira Noweir

Amazing and breathtaking spot

Edward Power

Spectacular. Icebergs added extra bonus points.

rufo valencia

A place where the ocean and the mighty coastal rocks fight for supremacy since the beginning of time...

Marcus Lodwick

Shannon Williams

Alexander Love

Beautiful sights and amazing history, I would defiently recomand to anyone visiting bunavusta, Newfoundland.

Deon Pretty

(Translated) Love ot (Original) Love ot

Pat James Ricketts

Jack Huang

Derek Anderson

Smallest park in Newfoundland but worth the stop

Darren Powell

Sam Thistle

Nicholas Linthorne

Leigh-Ann Martin

Ryan Brushett

Bharathi Sivachandran

Greg Nygren

Beverly Billard


Bob Willman

Destin Dsilva

Florian S.

Joelle Roy-Cossette

Kevin Connolly

Awesome sounds and sights. We climbed down the sides and into the dungeon on a relatively calm day and absolutely loved it!

Tyler Temple

Listen to the signs ;)

Nadine Robinson

Drive right up and there it is! Gorgeous and easy to access. There is a short cut over to Cape Spear lighthouse by crossing the cattle grate.

Karl Mailhot

(Translated) The view is magnificent and there are some puffins (Original) La vue est magnifique et il y a quelques Macareux

Steven Bradley

Kurt Fawthrop

Carly Smith

Breathtaking views!

Cindie Houde

Such a cool place to visit! You can easily do the dungeon and the lighthouse at the end of the road in the same little trip. You might even spot some wild horses about!

Marc Lamoureux

Jimmy Osmond

Breath taking veiws, but notuch more. If you are looking for a place to walk there is not much of a trail. Still well worth the visit.

JL Brandon

Tom McGreevy

Beautiful coastline with collapsed water cave

Brad Lane

Great views, just like all along the drive to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse.

Doug M.


Jessica vb

Not exactly a 'park' as you can see it all in 5 mins, but it is gorgeous. The caves and sea stacks are quite a sight. Also a great place to stargaze at night as it is so dark in the area.

Hamed Gerami (Sirhamed)

Adrienne Emm

Beautiful, clear blue waters and heart shaped cave!

Donna Michelle

Love the place and to learn a little about cape John is pretty cool too. The light house horn is just amazing with its echo. Can't wait to go back.


This was an amazing natural site to see. Worth the drive. It started to rain shortly after I got there, which was disappointing because I would have stayed for much longer!

David Antle

Nice little stop. Watch for the Whales.

Yannick LD

(Translated) A beautiful view, completely in addition to the Bonavista lighthouse. (Original) Une belle vue, tout à fait en complément du phare de Bonavista.

Debcar Jackson

Site seeing must especially if you're into Arches.....

Leonmary Brubaker

Waves hewed out caverns in the rock.

Ryan Winter

Bridy O'Quinn

Michael Hydorn

Fantastic views! Well worth the trip.

Matt McLean

Really cool surprise off the side road!

joanne ng

Fennifer Fennifer

Very beautiful

Jean-Francois LeBlanc

Great, free park available. Lots of parking spots. Offers nice photo opportunity for sure. This is one of a kind location.

Tina Barton

Worth the view to see a natural erosion of the shore line in Bonavista.


Patricia Martyn

Denys Zlobin

Worth driving. Amazing open scenery with great views

Iryna Maiboroda

Brian Burton

We went this place to after talking to someone at a B&B well worth the drive another must see

Michelle Reid

amazing views!!

Dallas Thompson

Brittany Oram

Teresa Pascoe

Genna Norton

Dr. Jason Hare

Cynthia Lee

Daniel Hefford

If your in the Bonavista area take 10 minutes out of your day and visit here. There is a really nice beach about a 10 minutes walk away with a steep-ish access point. There is plenty of walking around here.

Amanda Jesso

Absolutely beautiful scenery! We came on a cold day so our visit was quick, but we would have gladly stayed for a few hours walking and taking photos on a warmer day!

Jean-Francois Dupont

Not a lot of things to do

Gina Bunger

Amazing to see but watch out for the pot holes in the gravel road.

Alain Tremblay

Yves Bireme

Mick Shea

Beautiful views, nice write-ups about sea mounts. I don't know if the cows and horses are always there, but they are very comfortable with people, and they're great for photos! If you're in Bonavista or already visiting the lighthouse and museum, you shouldn't miss it!

Gabriel Bruneau

Andrew Knox

Michele Hynes

Peter Hashemi

Stunning! Looking at these unique rocks..and the landscape..forget taking photos...just try to sit there for half an hour and look at the coast

Sherry Dickson

The cellars are awesome!

Sebastian Kluth

Dungeon Provincial Park is small but very beautiful. Enjoy the views of the memorably shaped cliffs and watch the whales as they emerge from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to take deep breaths. This place is very appeasing.

Deana Rumbolt-Wells


Desmond Hedderson

Beautiful, simply beautiful

Barry Dewling

melissa brouillard

Amazing sites

Shelley Vernon

Isaac Mailach


Great Rock formations

iftach Shemesh

Devon Parsons

Jason Vaters

Enoyed viewing the unique rock formation, just outside of Bonavista.


Interesting geology.

Phillip Hebb

Mélanie Lord

The road was bumpy but the scenery is beautiful!

Su Song

Great hidden spot. Gravel road into the Dungeon area. Awesome view from the coast line, we also spotted some whales from here in August, 2016.

Rebecca J

Anne Fearon

Very nicev

Courtney Babott

Cool spot! Much see


easy access, easy parking

Gary Reiche

Maybe the best photo op on our tour.

Matthew Butt

I had a great little visit to the park :)

Brad Smith

Emily Thompson

Calista Bailey

Anna L.

Janna Huxter

Leo Tam

Carmen T

This place is a definite must see when you are in the area. I believe my GPS showed me a way to the park via a dirt road and it was quiet bumpy and a uncomfortable ride. But all that was worth it, the views are absolutely amazing. There is a a highway that runs up to the Bonavista lighthouse so you could always use that road to drive near Dungeon Provincial Park and then walk through the dirt road instead.

Dave Hendrick

Dheeraj Chawla

Good view

Marie Murphy

Potholes all the way there but definitely worth it for a unique sightseeing adventure

Norman Potter

Travel gamer

Amazing place, it looks like the end of the world, with a beautiful cliff that goes to the atlantic ocean.

0 00MH00 0

Blair Hammond

A great photo op

Wes Votruba

Nazima Shaikh

Daniel Cajic

Martine Mongrain

(Translated) A must in Newfoundland (Original) Un incontournable à Terre-Neuve

David Roy

Cool to see... Just for the view. But the area is open pasture and there were many horses and cows that would come up to stopped cars.. My daughter loved them.

Ying Woei Ooi

Very accessible no hiking needed and you are right by the cliff.

Dominic Stalder

Tyler Johnson

Loved it

Crystal Harley

A natural wonder, the dungeon is a must see on the Bonavista Peninsula!

Neil Simmons

Wow wow wow

Jacquie Fuentes (Jax)

A must go-see. The views are out of this world. A quiet place to get lost. And found.

Sahar Salimi

Victoria Arnott

Athar Noman Khan

Amazing sight ... Must see place.

Maggie Kallion

Lisa Gear

Dave Bullen

Hugh Hunt

Coolest spot (I think) despite the fact that I snapped my brake line on the parking lot hump. Watch out theres a rock. Beautiful scenery though

Elisabeth Duggan

No need to go far to see a marvel of nature. Well worth the stop if you are in the Bonavista area.

Jean Knight

Bobbi Zahra

Surprising site by Bonavista! Wide-open spaces, astonishing scenery... One more reason to spend more time in the area!

Joanne Lin

Derrick Jamieson

Enjoyed the nice break and short walk.

Melanie Payne


ilker kavas

Susan Auld



Doug M

A must see when you are in the Bona vista area. No admission.

Chuck Surgeoner

Very interesting and awesome geology

Sonya Richmond

A great park to visit! Cool landscape !

Bryghton Levere

Larry Misener

Wow! The views are spectacular! Glad we visited this site.

Sorcha Williams

Terri Ryan


Joel Melloul

Josh Trewin

Good tourist spot, you can see whales right off the shore!

Richard Mann

George Harper

rod denief

The dungeon was beautiful, but the real treat was the horse's. Be sure to pick up some carrots and u will be in for a treat. Hint they will be ur best friends lol

Grant S

Jennifer martin

What a beautiful place.


Beautiful park, but like others have said, there is really nothing there in the way of services - no bathrooms and only one place with displays. But I say this just FYI, not as a complaint. The rolling grassy fields end at the cliffs and incredible rock formations. We saw many whales very near shore, and cows. Yes, cows. We plan to go back and launch our kayak, as it looks like an amazing place to kayak around. We only saw one place where a kayak could be launched easily, and that is near the northernmost entrance by a trailhead. This is a beautiful park, so I won’t let this next comment affect my 5-Star rating, but we were disappointed to see cigarette butts, trash, and shotgun shells strewn about. At a different location in Newfoundland, we watched through binoculars as a man and his kids hiked up a rocky outcropping overlooking the ocean. He took a beer out of his pack, drank it, then tossed the empty can I into the rocks before scrambling down and leaving. So it is definitely people who can bring park reviews down, and that’s a shame.

Serge Samson

(Translated) Beautiful area! Beautiful coast. Must see (Original) Tres bel endroit! Côte magnifique. Must see

Katie Wyse

Beautiful spot. Amazing views

Cheryl Lafond

So very gorgeous


Great display of the wonders of land meeting sea. Good information on signs and safe walkway for viewing.

Gabriel B (Gaboost)

Nice big holes without puffins. Geologicly amazing but not mindblowing.

Tony Harnum

Lacey Rose

jayson george

Donna Rochon

Daniel Veitch


Rick Brown

Olayinka Akindele

Beautiful scenery

J Lavoie

Heman Tailor

Robert Skinner

Great views. Neat to see what mother nature can do.

Candy Carrothers

So beautiful even in May

Mary Wyse

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Stephane Roca

(Translated) Very nice views (Original) Très jolies vues

Gary Bishop

A must see when on the area.

K Bennett

Very nice scenery. Worth the stop

jason hayward

Jordan Rogers

Awesome place

Clyde Barfett

That is a totally awesome place to visit

Craig Cook

A couple of sea arches

Derek Sellars


Beautiful views from

Reem Al baqaen

Anne Fischer

Myriam Joel

Beautiful and wild.

Kim Tam

Stephen Roberts


Very cool spot.

Camila Fujiwara

Great view! But no real "hiking" trails. Takes you straight to the views

J Frampton

Kailey S

Tl Iguana

Amazing natural erosion of the rocks on the coast. To see and hear the surf rolling through is indescribable. Well maintained wooden boardwalks and fences on site.

Lucie Roy

(Translated) Really amazing! It looks like another world .... stopped in time! (Original) Vraiment impressionnant! On dirait un autre monde.... arrêté dans le temps!

Mark Harvey

One of the most scenic places in the province.

Susan Abeele

Elizabeth Oliver

Carol Cote

The rock formation is very nice. The roads are extremely rough. Just go slow. Grandkids liked the pictures.

Patrick Bättig

(Translated) “Short stop after visiting the lighthouse” On the way back from the Bonavista lighthouse, we stopped here briefly. It's actually very nice here, but I wouldn't call it spectacular. It is actually a large hole with sea access and a promenade for tourists on the edge. But the view of the Bonavista sea coast is beautiful. Sightseeing takes only a few minutes unless you want to linger to enjoy the coast. (Original) “Kurzer Stop nach Besuch des Leuchtturms” Auf dem Rückweg vom Bonavista Leuchtturm haben wir hier noch kurz halt gemacht. Es ist eigentlich sehr schön hier, aber ich würde es nicht als spektakulär bezeichnen. Eigentlich handelt es sich dabei um ein großes Loch mit Meerzugang und eine Promenade für Touristen am Rande. Aber der Blick auf die Bonavista-Meeresküste ist wunderschön. Besichtigung dauert nur wenige Minuten ausser man will noch verweilen um die Küste zu geniessen.

Tom D.

(Translated) Very beautiful landscape and views. Free-roaming horses and cows. It's worth it. A few more beautiful pictures on the camera. (Original) Sehr schöne Landschaft und Ausblicke. Freilaufende Pferde und Kühe. Lohnt sich.Ein paar schöne Bilder mehr auf der Kamera.

Andrew Richardson

Beautiful rock formations - and a great place to lie in the heather, watch the Atlantic, and ponder your existence.

ID McBeath

Wild horses are greeters there. Very scenic views. A must stop.


Rifat Rahman


Fantastic and the Capelin were rolling

cat E

Great experience

Tony Price

Richard Weir

Richard Tickner

Great views and scenery ...a must see !

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