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Nice clean store

Stephanie Murray

The first time we had a problem with the manager of this store was during an online purchase that was to be picked up at this store. Our shower, toilet and sink were misplaced. Boxes were damaged and she was miserable with both my son and husband. She offered no apology for the inconvenience of misplacing our with a appointment time for pick up. Her disposition lack of interest and total lack of customer service skills were passed off by us as to someone having a bad day...... So, we thought maybe we should try again and go get some items for a laundry room remodel. We were approached by a super sweet and polite young lady at the cashier station. As we entered the empty store.. with no customers in the store it seems it could go fairly smoothly; was I ever wrong! we reached the order desk four staff were present a young man and three woman. A young man came to help us with a scowl and obviously a miserable in this job. He had a total lack of interest in serving us. His co workers displayed the same lack of interest and enthusiasm as the young man. When we asked questions were were meet with attitude and sighs of displeasure.. sorry for the inconvenience . When I thought it couldn’t get worse .. it did. My husband and I were both disgusted by the lack of interest and customer service or lack there of. My husband made a statement to me related to another conversation we were having while we waiting for service. At that point one of the women behind the counter yelled at my husband “ what did you just say” and became aggressive. My husband at that point was still willing to deal with this because of the price of what we were was at that point I decided that we were leaving and went to Lowe’s. We received exemplary service by all the Lowe’s Staff who went above and beyond.. Maybe RONA should take a clue from their sister store. I am completely and utterly disgusted and will be expecting to speak to the district Manager . Be wary about going in here, prices might be great but the low prices show a total lack of morale and a total disregard for customer loyalty.

David Pope

Helpful staff directed me to product I needed. Was disappointed it's not giving Air Miles any more.

Marcel Beaubien

Nice place

Margesh Patel

Good prices on clearance!

John Stephenson

Quality products and good staff. Ask for Mike,Dan or Eric.

Dale T

OMG Slow service at any counter! Historic systems and unaware staff make the 5 to 10% savings NOT worth the delays!!! Drive further and deal with the crowds at HD or Lowes!

Gerry Doxtater

Always cheerful great service

Jennifer Pearce

Linda Buck

Don’t order anything online from Rona. If the item isn’t in stock they still charge your credit card and good luck getting ahold of them at the toll free number. You’ll need time to “park it” on hold for a ridiculous amount of time ... still waiting , growing older ...

Jaro Ambeault

K Hemp

Verna Stone

Very helpful pleasant staff

Dave Bailey

Helpful staff. Great team

ashley cureton

Called to find out about a few flyer items, was put on hold for 10 minutes only to get a very rude man on the phone who didn't answer my question and spoke to me as though I was a child then proceeded to hang up on me. Not impressed.

Markus Conquer

Bob Ingram

Jackie Adams

Elizabeth Clarey

Jamie Whan

Helpful staff,limited selection

Darrell D

Andrea is Phenominal

Nathan McMillan

The Slimer

Dimly lit and sparsely employed. Everyone is friendly and helpful, however. Pricing was very good for the water dispenser that I ordered and picked up in-store. I will return.

April Chatten

Melodic - Innocent

Staff ate always very helpful

ash kace

Helpful and very willing to get you what you need

Sweat The Detailz Inc.

I mean, the Rona sign is burnt out and the roof is leaking... "Doing it right " is the store slogan

Brian Kerby

good customer service, lots of help

Yves Grenier

Excellent service and fantastic discount.

Ali Shah


Penelope Carlton


Great staff.....good deals

Lynn Dafoe

Great store always seem to have what you need on site

C Haight

Friendly staff

Matt Cain

After purchasing a bbq and putting it together, we noticed a small part was broken. We went back to the store the next day with the part assuming they would order us a new one. Instead we received very poor customer service and were basically told to do it ourselves. We've since contacted Picton Home Hardware and they are taking care of us and ordering the part with no hesitation. We would definitely not recommend Rona Belleville to anyone.

Mohammed Kamala

kim szubzda

No problem at all. Easy to order.


Chris Hollis

Nice well stocked store. Small in comparison to neighbouring stores which probably accounts for it not being very busy.

Amanda Sherwood

Cameron Schettler

Jean-Christophe Neu

Anita Coe

Brian VanDyk

Still my favorite for Contractors

Johnny BC

Great place with helpfull staff.

Jenn B

Matt Vanderlaan

Great service

Jeff Chartrand

Miah :D

Karla Monkman

Very experienced and easy to talk to. Excellent customer service.

Rimmi Design

Great outdoor lumber section and friendly, attentive staff.

Erik Koning

paul huhtala

Mark Pye

AqUa_shady _

Staff not very helpful

Guy Rivard

Purchased a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine from this store. Mower developed issues after only a few weeks of ownership. The warranty only covers repairs by a local shop that is not Honda certified. BASICALLY YOU CANNOT GET WARRANTY ON ANY PRODUCT FROM THIS STORE WITH A HONDA ENGINE. Tried several times to contact the store manager but he refuses to discuss this issue. After several e-mails and calls he still hasn't contacted me. I will stick to Home Depot where they will stand behind the products they sell.

Kimberley Quibell

Love this store! Has a small town vibe to it versus the big box stores

Jessica Young

I am quite disappointed with Rona after the store was allowed to reopen after being closed due to covid-19. I felt during the closure, they did an excellent job with their curbside pickup. However, once allowed to reopen, I was assured curbside pickup would still be available - which is my preferred method. Once I arrived, I parked in the designated area and called the number. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes as the phone just rang and rang. I then decided to go inside. When I got to the pickup desk, I asked him if curbside was still available and he told me "ideally no, it's not a priority - even if you can get through when you call". These companies should be responsible and encourage people to not come into the store - where social distancing is barely adhered to. Their website says "vigorous social-distancing measures", which is a joke. Once I got my order the employee gave me an invoice and then told me I would have to get the cashier to stamp it on my way out. One cashier working at the front with a lineup of probably 10 people. If curbside is not your priority, don't make it an option at all!


Nice helpful staff who took me directly to what I was looking for.

Lee T

Save yourself and everyone the headache, enter & exit from Bell boulevard and not Sidney.

BuildRite Construction

Brandon Adams


Comprehensive stock but expensive. In store directions very poor by front enders.

Jordan Herweyer

The staff was friendly. They had a very limited selection of what I was looking for.

john oliver

Fast efficient and friendly just like back home on the


Extremely rude if you don't order online they tell you they won't tell you their stock and your out of luck. I don't understand why they even pick up the phone.

Bill Gauw

Paul Mitchell

Great store location. Had everything I needed . The girl at the cash was her last day. She was very helpful and kind.

Graham Cobb

Top notch customer service

A Google User

Terry Tyner

Not really Rona . The Varathane gel stains have new colour names . How the hell do I know what colour , I actually have?? Varathane continues to destroy their old customers.

Brendan Killeen

Great store with a friendly staff

Keith Ippel

Helpful staff

Pablo Szabatin

The store is disheveled with products put on shelves halfheartedly. Friends had warned me not to deal with this particular Rona as they said the customer service was of very poor quality. My friend and I were a couple of only a handful of potential customers in the store. The first time I went in I was looking for two Upright Frigidaire Freezers (20.2 cubic feet, frost free) and left after being ignored and treated poorly by non interested employees. I went to Leon's that same day and purchased them there. I went back a week later to look for another large ticket item. We couldn't find any employees (past the registers). We finally found 3 associates in the contractor/commercial desk. I had to interrupt the personal conversation (as they ignored me). Neither the verbal communication nor the body language conveyed customer service. (They were leaning backwards with their arms crossed. ) So I will never be back to this location. Way to lose business Belleville Rona!

Cereal No Milk

Rick Stevens

Nice place to shop, staff very friendly and helpful. Price matched and applied the 15% discount, perfect. Thank you

Natashya Bay

What can I say that hasn’t been said here a number of times. Non existent customer service, always empty every time I go, and nobody has a clue when it comes to using coupons or no tax events sent via email. Will not return, someone at corporate needs to sort this store out.

Andy Tesluk

Not really a fan of this place!

Fred Cole

I stopped into our Belleville Rona store and purchased the Brondell PureSpa duel temperature bidet. I could not be more pleased with the product and the installation is a breeze. The quality of this bidet is very good and price is very reasonable. Not only is this very healthy for you but reduced toilet paper is a big bonus. I highly recommend this product and would buy again.

Gary Hoy

I was very pleased with the service. Very quick and helpful. Thanks

kevin matthews

Contractors desk is amazing funny and helpful

Jair Lopes

Pick up orders taking 48 hours, could do better and have the staff organized to pick up orders faster. Price was excelent.

Laurie Carr

Good service

kristy gerrow

Have received mediocre customer service at best, called to inquire about air conditioners and was on hold for 15 minutes before I hung up and tried calling again and no one answered the phone. Tried two more times with the same result.

Daryl Conley


Fantastic service,fast.

Sean McKee

Excellent service and making sure they keep their standards of safety consistent for their customers.

Svetlana Garber

Joe Locklin

Great service and had product i needed

Kendra S

I recently purchased an expensive lawnmower from Rona Belleville. I used it three times and it broke. I was also told to deal with this myself with the company that made the lawnmower. The staff member was short, rude, and had zero empathy for this issue. Yes, had I owned it for a year or longer, I would understand, but considering it was purchased 3 months ago, only used 3 times. I expect some empathy and would hope they would be more than happy to replace, refund and deal with the company THEY purchased from, themselves. I purchased this lawnmower at “Rona”. They should deal with this. Otherwise I would have directly purchased from the company. I paid Rona… not the company that makes the lawnmower. I will never purchase another thing from this store and will let everyone I know how they deal with issues regarding the products they sell.

Fred Bebee

Was in looking at kitchen cabinets for approximately staff ever approached us to offer assistance. So we left


This store needs help. They are either understaffed or hiding. If you need anything you won't be getting out of here quick, slow service. I had to order something and was told it would be in within 3 weeks, never got a call. I called and they just transfer me left right and centre then no one answers. Other than their great prices this store is brutal for customer service.

John Belle

Great store with great staff! But why the hell are they open until 5 on Christmas Eve? Tim Hortons is not even open until 5! The store should be closed at 3:30/4! Honestly, who needs to go to RONA that badly on Christmas Eve? They’ll all be at home with family and friends enjoying the holidays, just like the staff at RONA should be! Just ridiculous!

Peter Hughes

Friendly there to help you with anything

Helen Smith

Have what you need , if not can order it for you.I would recommend Belleville


Nishelle McLellan

Amanda was so helpful over the phone for our curb side pick up. A few items glitched when ordering online, but she made sure we were taken care of. Mason was also very helpful, coming and asking us if we needed any help when he saw us waiting in the parking lot. Awesome experience, would definitely order curb-side pick up from them again!

Pam Redfearn

Extremely helpful staff!!????????

Kristen James

I can never really get any help here... I've been in several times and left without what I wanted ...

Jazz Samra

Had the worst customer service experience at this location. Employees definitely don't like working here. I even complain to the supervisor and he shrugged me off... I returned my products and went across the street to Home Depot. Never going back to Rona again

Gary Bridger

Great prices lots of stock

Robert Caverly

Excellent service.

Jordan Laybolt

Amazing service

Ted Morrison

Parts missing

Steve Quinn


Unparalleled service. Mike and his team are welcoming and serious about their customers. Being a smaller store they may not have everything you are looking for in stock, but fret not, they are always willing to help you source the item and bring it in. Where they do hold an advantage is the lumber yard. Keep out doors, the wood is in excellent condition, less warped than other stores and generally ample.

Michael Lamb

Small store, not very busy and not very helpful staff.

Jason Latta

David Timpson

Great people Great deals

Denis Dodge

Its ok not organize

big sho

Awesome service

steve grenning

Nathan “TotallygetaLife” Merkley

Marg Hill

Curbside pickup still available for orders

Gilles Fortin

Unfortunately Rona does not transfer from one store to the next and you cannot order over the phone..this is bad

Nick Chapman

Tim Annett

Mike V

With all of the competition located a kilometre away from this Rona, you would think they would try their hardest to be a better shopping experience. The three times I’ve come here, there have been issues. The first time they asked for a print out of my emailed coupon, insisting they don’t accept it on a phone. I had to point out that it says directly in the coupon that it can be presented digitally, turns out it was THEIR issue that they can’t scan coupons at their location. Second time I came in for weed wacker twine, they had 4 in stock, but after spending two minutes looking in two locations the store clerk asked for my phone number so he could call me when he found them. Why not go check the back or ask another person who works there where they would be? Instead I got a call 15 minutes later once I had left to tell me he found them. Last visit was today, I went in to use a coupon they emailed me saying I would pay no tax. They knew NOTHING about it, I waited 15 minutes for the manager to find another manager only to be told at the end that it doesn’t include anything that’s on sale. That’s the last time I’m going there! Go to Lowe’s, they always have what you need, they are extremely helpful, and they aren’t a cramped store with clueless staff.

emma darling

Have always had great service... much prefer this location to the big box stores.

Sharon Greer

Excellent service, very friendly.

Josh LaBelle

Linda Dionne

Great staff always helpful and knowledgeable.

Marty Lamoureux

Remo Prata

Ronald Town

supplies for work

kodie wojewski

Harley Taylor

Thomas Boyd

The best service ever

John Desloges

mike vance

Almost everything you need, friendly service

Eros Sigismondo


Peter in the paint department is extremely rude. Demeaning and flat out trys to make you feel stupid. I would avoid this guy, but others seem to be great. This guy obviously feels untouchable by management , possibly an ego issue who knows. Sometimes wonder if management knows his behavior is unacceptable or they just turn the other way on it. Prices are ok, but service from that dude is an all time low rating.

Cathie Mechetuk

Used curbside pick up for my online order. Staff was courteous and I didn't have to wait long for them to bring out my order.

Ashley Ostrom


Excellent lumber yard staff! (& inside associates too!) We never have had issues with incompetent staff, everyone is knowledgeable & helpful.

John Fred Sharpe

John ter Haar

Sara Quigley

Cashier was lovely and very helpful

Kim Mackay

Brad Thomas

Always a deal here

Alex McDowell

Curbside is a joke. After waiting almost 3 hours for a part I finally get the email only to have to wait 20 min for them to bring it to me, and I'm still waiting.

Robert Skinner

Kind staff. Helped me find what I was looking for.

Steve G

Very helpful staff. Two different staff were extremely helpful and answered Q from a knowledgeable perspective.

paul rua

Bam Bam

Very helpful

C & G Adams

Ron Blanchard

Crystal Tracey

Great customer service

Doug Daniels

brent austin

I shop there regularly for hardware related stuff and lumber it never has a line and price is a little bit more but higher quality of stuff

Lynda Desmidt

All I had was a picture of my fence I had stained last year.the gentleman that helped me matched it perfectly to the picture

Shellie Forbes

Good knowledgeable staff

Brandon Boudreau

Mark Cretney

Very helpful staff

David Ferraccioli

Amazing customer service by a gentleman named Cam, I unfortunately got misinformed by someone and cam not only clarified it but found a quick solution to the issue at hand. Very happy with the product as well, will be returning.

Terry Hodkinson

Got fantastic service here after getting really bad service at Home Depot. I should have gone to Rona in the first place. I will in the future.

Nick Harvey

Gordon MacKinnon

Rebecca Colley

Great friendly staff

Katlyn Winn

Liliane Ferley

Dale Govier

Great staff very helpfull

Beth Turner

Aaron Repar

Gary MacDonald

Very poor. No help and products on shelf with no code. Too much time at checkout

Stephen Brown

The staff is to lazy to look on the shelf for stain to help the customer .this store should be shut down.there staff is rude.l will never recommend this company to know one.

Bonnie Major

Eric Slaunwhite

Geoffrey York


Very helpful and polite staff.

Ernie Brooks

Bob Biro

Did not have what I wanted but helpful people

E Clapp

Very good

Andy Fields

Went in to buy appliances Oct.13/20 at approximately 6:30pm. Had to go to service desk for help, where, was met with a very rude and uncaring man. Didn't care about helping at all.

PEC Storage

Trying to phone for info is hit and miss at best. The automated system asks you to name the employee you want to reach. How should I know who runs any particular department? Why not proffer department choices. Half the time the receptionist is not available.

Dustin Benway

Had my online order ready for pick up promptly. Unfortunately didn't have all items I needed in stock. Customer service was great, thanks again.

Cortland James

Customer service????? Where is it? I entered the store to make a purchase, and the item was at the front of the store but had no price on it. One person on cash, talking on the phone and then to her coworker ignored my presence. I asked about the price. "Well, bring it here and I'll tell you." Then I asked how many were in the package. She didn't know, so I did my own count. There was no hello, no good-bye. As I was exiting the parking lot a Rona Truck came in, no signals and pulled a left cutting me off. I'm done with them.

Todd Glenn

Sarah Wheaton

The Belleville Rona has the absolutely best customer service that I have experienced in a very, very long time. Every staff member that I dealt with went out of their way to be kind and helpful. The manager went above and beyond as well! Belleville Rona, you have this customer for life!

Quality Builder


Doug Gill (GILLY)

Wayne Shandraw

they were great with me both times

Jan Stone

Matt Van Dulac

lowes called me. my door was ready for pickup, the customer service representative Amanda, told me to come as soon as possible. I left the jobsite to only sit at lowes for almost an hour. I'm still currently sitting waiting for my door and have nothing better to do but write a review. The few times I used rona for building material are all disappointments. Hoping the next time would be a better outcome. I was wrong. Update- its been over and hour now. They brought me my door after calling multiple times. The dude brought me an interior door when I ordered a steel exterior door. Still waiting..

Noah Gonyea

Great prices and customer service

Lawrence Henry


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