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265 Cannifton Rd, Belleville, ON K8N 4V8, Canada

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REVIEWS OF CAA Arena IN Belleville

Donald Thompson

Came for a hockey game. Great game

Robert McCabe

Peter Matwyuk

Jim Card

Joe Finch

5 star for sure thanks for a great game and experience

AnnaMaria Rotatore

Robert Van Eyk

Visiting from Ottawa and had a good time

Anju Paul

Bryce Mason

Great. It has been renovated and is a great arena for hockey. Lots of hometown supporters.

John Stephenson

Great venue for almost anything sports related.

Jeff Sacco

Took in a Belleville Senators hockey game. First time to this area. Was quite impressed with the building. Great for watching hockey. Has awesome views of all the action no matter where you are sitting. Food and beverage selection was great. Overall a nice evening and the prices for tickets are reasonable. Would recommend.

Ron Gricken

Good parking. Nice arena. Home of the Belleville Senators.

Julia Prentice

Andrew Hickerson

Shaun MacQuarrie

Dale T

Small but clean and everything you need

Stephen Page

Great arena. Good sightlines. Nice staff.

Wade Demchuk

Great hockey game. Could do a better job with the coffee. Not good at all

Murray Slack

Go Belleville Sens

Bill Harrington

iamcanadian 67

Got covid shot at wellness centre

Breanne Scheerhoorn

Kay Buttaro

Rick Vandenberg

Keon Bernier

Dave Lalonde

Scotty Lalonde

Robert Bailey

Great circus tonight

Joshua London

Well, the hockey is amazing but literally everything else is overpriced.

Dennis Prouse

Great renovation - Belleville should be proud of the facility they have now! #GOSENSGO

Jenn Bryant

Dustin West

Decent sized arena. Expensive beer but that's to be expected. Good hot dogs. Not sure what it's gonna do now that the Bulls left.

Gary Utter

Will Graham evangelistic

Katelyn Luymes

Tania Ardley

karen jones

Great venue!!!

Akashkumar Patel

Nice ICE Hockey Tournament Place

Krystina B

Tim Maw

Huge venue. Multiple rinks, huge swimming pool, great snack bar. Home of the Belleville Senators. Seating in the main arena is good but if you are a big person they are not the most comfortable.

BOH Highlights

Janice Carley

Went for my covid shot this morning. Was in and out very quickly.

Paul Watson

Pros - Great lighting - Great ice surface - Bright modern easy to read Scoreboard - Clear, good quality sound system. - Friendly staff Cons - Everything else. Seriously. - Confusing, poorly marked and lit parking. Extremely dangerous parking across the street where you have to dodge 4 lanes of traffic on a dark road with no crosswalk or signals in sight. - Basically unmarked entrance. It was marked something completely different and we weren't quite sure we were in the right spot. Just got lucky following some other people. - The rest of the arena was much of the same. What food there was is hidden in the ends above the top of the stands. - Speaking of food, what they had was the bare minimum and it was expensive. Over $20 for some Popcorn, Nachos and two drinks. -Cramped seating. Had to basically wrestle the old guy beside me for enough space. Good thing I was beside my small wife so my arm and part of my leg took up her space. I'm not a huge guy either. - Awful washrooms. Not sure if I just missed some bigger ones, but the only two I could find were cramped, dated, dirty and only had 3 urinals and 3 stalls. Not nearly enough for an arena this size. - Hideous design and architecture. I thought when they spent $20,000,000 on it they might try to make the building look at least a little bit modern. - While I wasn't in a suite, looking up I can't imagine why anyone would spend money on them. It looked like some cheap Canadian Tire furniture put together behind some regular seats. While there are some small positives to the arena, I highly doubt I'll ever be catching a game there again. It was a thoroughly unenjoyable experience.

Bruno Paludo

Brandon Parkinson

Awful circulation in this place. Not well thought out. Seats are very tiny. I won't be back.

Matthew Alexander

Accessible, well maintained and a great community area for people of all ages.

John Hogle

Spam Dagger


It's the yardman.

Shawn Bailey

Noemi Wood

Ally Marchildon

Fantastic arena and hockey team ????!!! Great set up and view

James Thompson

Mohit Singla

Shawn Mc Gahan


Mary-Anne Boyes

Erin De Forest

Awesome arena! Had a blast!

Scott Cantelo

Professional hockey in Belleville. Reasonable prices.

Patty Preston

Great spot. Home of Belleville Senators

Ashley Arnold

4 ice pads, gym, walking/running track and a great pool facility. Family and public swims are very economical... great family place.

Wilf Pickett

Hockey was awesome

Joshua Robertson DeLarge

Erin Adams

Kim Lambert

Peter Sheremeta

Mike Olson

Darrell D

Alot better team this year. They shoot on net.

Jevon Dewal

mathew kavunkal Easo

Awesome place

Stanley T Katz


casey hollema

James Ross

Timothy Dzik

David Hunt

Toy Con. Just Awesome

Wolf Kowski

It is at present a COVID-19 vaccination centre, line up yes, long wait, no...

Michelle Young

Looks great since the upgrades.

Kevin Gregory


Not that clean and staff not generally helpful at hockey games. Food is very expensive - $4 for a bottle of water??? $5 for a small cold hot dog with watered down mustard???

Leach Workman

mark rat

Lorraine Pyle

Fun time

Norman Clifton

Adam Potts

Looking great! Keep up the good work!!

Bob Knight

Nico Groza

Traditional Gemmy

Jim Gifkins

Graham L

Alex Glendenning

Always a great time!

John Alexander

Pretty awesome little arena. Modern, clean, easy to navigate, tons of parking. There's a couple of rinks and a swimming pool. The main rink where the Belleville Senators (AHL) team play has quite a bit of seats. Crowd is loud and pretty full. Great seats all around. The TEAM store is inside as well - it's relatively small and doesn't have a whole lot of merchandise but there's enough. It is extremely busy trying to leave after a game though, you'll be stuck in the parking lot for 20 minutes since there's only 2 exits and only one has a traffic light.

Estela Alvarado

Covid vaccine!!!

Vinny The Thrill

Liz Finkle

Russell Howard

My friend got her second covid shot there !

Brittany Cockrem

Daphne Rayner

Areas is ok. No real food. Eat before you go there. Some times it's very cold there so over dress. Parking can be a bear to get out of.

Paul Lantz

Went there 2017 November 1st for the first game played in Belleville by the Belleville Senators AHL team. I had never been in the arena before so I cannot make any comparisons with what it was like before the renovations. I was worried about parking so arrived quite early and it was not hard to find a space. However, was advised that the lot I parked in would not be available for subsequent games so parking might end up a problem. There is a shuttle bus from the Quinte Mall which I might take in future. The arena is part of a large complex with three other arenas plus aquatic and other sports facilities; all run by the City of Belleville. I think my tax dollars are well spent here, it is an impressive facility. We got pretty good seats in the arena. They were a bit tight and the drink holders cut into my knees so I hope those will be removed. Sight lines were good, mind you were only about three rows from the ice itself. Washrooms were hard to find and there was a massive line up, even at the men's. There were other washrooms but they were on the far side of the security line so they could not be used by people who didn't want to leave. The arena has a big, hanging down display for graphics and game highlights. Senators video people were walking around getting pictures and video. One problem was that some of their video suffered from rolling shutter artifacts - verticall lines became jagged. I didn't try out any of the concessions so cannot comment on the food and drinks. For a small city the arena is impressive; perhaps a few things could be improved such as washrooms, parking and seats but overall I feel my tax dollars were well spent.

Menno Unger

It was my first time there. It was a good experience. However my team lost.

Mehul Patel

One of best place in Belleville for kids to start basic learning for skat to advance mode and they also have coaching for game level coaching....

Misty Brawley

Vera Dejesus

Dorian Widling


Excellent staff, good hockey. The fries are excellent and I love the bar

A “Gunzlash”

Chantal Bible

Kilter Falcon

I came to the CAA Arena to watch the Belleville Senators (AHL) take on the Charlotte Checkers (AHL). It was a great view right at ice level. If I'm being completely honest though, there isnt a bad seat in the house. Just about anywhere you sit the price is right. Great experience even if you're not the biggest hockey fan.

Jones Dooley Insurance Brokers

Have attended a number of Belleville Senators games recently and enjoyed every one of them!

Dale Osborne

Great barn, old name was better.


Franco Cicchetti


Dave Dodgson

The new facility for the Belleville Senators is very nice. More seats and box seats added.

Tara Gould

We were here cheering for the opposing team. Everyone was great! So nice and helpful.

Neil Packman

Nice renovations. All seats seem to have a great view. Nice open lounge. The acoustics were not great for when the organ was playing.

Charles Tam

Quick and easy access to get a covid booster or your 1st or 2nd vaccination doses. Very organized and well signed. Plenty of parking as well.

David McIntosh

tim palmer

Amazing hockey, for a good price let's support our team so that they stay for a long time!!!

James Kirby

Been to this place a bunch of time. Very glad they got the screen fixed from their opening season. The atmosphere is great, food and drinks way over priced. I wonder if they were to lower the prices if they would make more money as people would be more likely to have a casual drink. That’s my only reason why only 4 stars over 5. Intermission games are fun. I hope when Ottawa owner looses team over his list of team mismanagement decisions, he can send those comfy seats from there down to our arena.

Derek Lamoureux Autovation Inc.

Bruce Leonard

Johnathan Sladeczek

If u like ice and pucks and beer go here

mike stephens

Cory Young

Very nice facility.

chris watts

Game was great.. we were sold pre sold season seats online but was fixed up immediately..Seats are are too close. Knees are slammed up against the seat in front..

Dana Bonnell


Lloyd Partridge

parvathi somanath

Sam Meggs

Pamela Riseborough

Great atmosphere and great game!

Sydney O'Brien

barry pollard

Awesome Arena! Go play or watch a game here ☝️

Christina Barry

Maurice McFadden

Belleville Senators Teddy Bear Toss

Lynn Dafoe

Had to go there for my coved19 shot but it is great to have such a great sports facility in the city of Belleville ON. And it is very well maintained 4 ice pads pools and much more

Patricia Mitchell

There was no ice. I got vaccinated lolol Amazed at the number of skate cuts in the concrete.???? Enjoy your day my friend ????????

Tokyo Karl

It’s an oddly renovated recreational centre which was the former home of the now departed Belleville Bulls. Still retains the bones of the old arena but the facelift has been mostly positive. The Good: great screen/board, HD quality etc. The lighting (of the ice) is fantastic Sound system is Bose and high quality The Host - this is the guy that does the walk around announcing and contests etc. don’t know his name but as of Dec 29, 2018 as I write this - he was engaging and immensely talented. - the service, ushers etc all seemed to be pretty friendly and engaging. The Bad - green seats still leave behind the rec centre feel but in the interest of sustainability, environmental concerns, they might as well continue to use the seats until they need replacing. Not a huge Deal The Ugly - concessions pricing is off the charts expensive. Bag of popcorn $6 - unbelievable. Slushies for $5 and tall boys of Coors and Molson Canadian $9.25. I’m more apt to accept high booze prices but seriously $6 for popcorn? - when on the main floor it wasn’t immediately obvious where the concessions stands and washrooms were. All these big fire doors were closed and you had to push them open to get around. A bit oddly laid out. Overall: Glad to see hockey back in Belleville and judging by the attendance, it seems Belleville is glad as well. Will return but I’m not buying the popcorn!

Chrystal May

Sean Tippett

Robert Smith

Great hockey experience


Parking was hard to find, staff really friendly

Adrien Ibbotson (IBBY)

Paul Tilley

The city did a great job on the reno. Once they add food, WiFi and update the bathrooms I will add another star or 2.

Charles Fromentin

Great facility not a bad seat in the house

Nancy Scott

Rick Clapp

The Squad

Not really a fan of Belleville senators but I still like the arena and still miss Belleville Bulls

Killer Frost

C Haight

Awesome arena

Matt Cain

Luke B

Dave Wakeling

Smaller than I expected, but still a good venue for a hockey game.

Heather Landry

Wonderful sports and community complex.

Adam S

Awesome facility, great time!

Evan Waterman

It's nice inside

Jessica Tracey

Doug McGregor

Joey Rufo

Angelo Manzara

Ways a good time. T9 bad the Sens lost

Daryl Tremain

I was there for the vaccination clinic. It was very well run, welcoming, safe, professional. A great experience! …

Scott Readman

Chris Mason

Game was excellent, crowd was a good size. The entertainment during the intermissions was good as well. All around a good arena for The Sens

Kevin McQueen

Brad Barker

Barry Stringer

Nicest arena I have seen.

Paul Richter

dustin reid

what a great place! the home of the new belleville senators!

John Vienneau

Paul (Cheeseburger)

Don't sit behind the players benches

Jacob Hall

The recent renovations make this a great place to watch an AHL game. Fantastic that a city like Belleville can host a professional hockey team with such a great in-game experience

Jeff McGill

Helen Horsburgh

Kristen Dagenais

David Kingston

Sam Robinson

David Sousa

Jasson Poirier

Not a bad seat in the place. Home of our Belleville senators

Nicolas Labonte


Kyle Watters

Great venue

Jan Hofmann

Great place to learn dance, to exercise, to play hockey or practice it, swim arobics ect...

Brian VanDyk

Covid Vaccination Center....Awesome set up, in and out quickly.


Great rink.

Greg Przada

Nice arena, easy to park

Jonathan Reid

Don Cruickshank

Courtney J

Nice updates. Wish there was more food options and built in vendors instead of hot dog carts.

Tom Noyes

Gilles Bouliane

Nice big arena. Parking a little to small

Paul Carr

Great seating everywhere

Jim Short

Great experience.the city kinda dropped the ball with available transit after the game availability sketchy on game nights.

Brent Jewell


Brian Newman


Setu Italiya


Steve Lester

ryan gunter

Fred Gould

Gil Strachan

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, July 23, 2021. Take a seat, relax and the nurse rolls by! Ample vaccines, clean, comfortable air-conditioned venue... and 75 appointment slots available- where's all the people?

Alex Medina

Richie Martin

Erik Koning

John Kenneth

Awesome rink, nicely edged and solid!

Sebastian Kluth

This recently renovated arena hosts the home games of the Belleville Senators. The entire complex looks sharp and easily accessible. However, prices for fan items and food are quite steep.

Billy BoomStick

Mark Pye

Sarah Reid

Matthew moses

Vishnu Vijayan

Steven List

Jason Clarke

City did a great job on renovation. Great facility great game day presentation.

Matt Banks

An absolutely stunning venue. Belleville really hit a home run with Yardmen.

Jason Noonan

I've had the pleasure of watching two games here and the Senators never fail to surprise me. They are an amazing team full of very talented kids. The arena itself is very spacious with great seats. The food is really good and the service is great. On our last visit my dad, brothers and I were invited to go to center ice after the first period and play a game of Knocker ball. We had such a blast and we were given a free T-shirt afterwards. We will definitely be back next time we are in town!

Kaley Davy

There for son's hockey practice.

David Cahoon

Thanks for a great setup for my booster shot. Well organized and friendly staff and volunteers. Great job ????

David Paul

Franklin C

Very historical arena. The last time I was there the glass was taken off around the boards. However it was still pretty nice to play ball hockey in.

George William

The renovations look great, marks are lost on limited wheelchair accessibility, lack of cash machines, no beer service to seats, not enough bathrooms or signs indicating where they are.

Allan McIntosh

NeonJ RacerD

In Belleville that day to get my 2nd boostet for my covid-19 shot. Already had Pfizer, unfortunarly got Maderna. I will tell everyone, the nurses won't know till the day of, of what vaccine you will get. Both are MRna vaccines, so..its up to you.

Sue Howard

Welcoming and helpful staff.

Ryan Van Nuis

The new upgrades are nice. If I lived in Belleville I would probably go see the Senators play often. Beer was a bit pricey. Same as the ACC/Rogers looked pretty bad as well.

Jo Ann Wilson

Joe Jansen

Excellent facility

Robert K

Shane Blandin

R.O. MacPherson

Kaylynn Joly

Slug Alien

could definitely be cleaner. attendees can get a little too rowdy for comfort during hockey games, honestly they shouldnt let people who they suspect of having been drinking pre-game in.

Blair G

Shane Ostrander

Brandon Adams

LC White

Decent small town AHL arena. Cozier than our CocaCola arena, but...that's because it's smaller. Weirdly they enforce their standing room, like it matters when they only hold like 4400 people.

Buck Lawson

Home of the Belleville Senators hockey team

Greg Turriff

Melissa Haig

Jim Rodger

Toonie Guys

Pretty amazing experience in here. Its only $3 for booking each sessions.

Randy Keegan

Zach Reid

The remodel was well done, the inside is clean and inviting, and the hockey was decent. Waiting for them to start bringing concerts to the venue

Allan Nelson

Scott Jeror

Austin chatten

Dan Mouck

Olivier Rivard

Vivien Hotte

Fantastic facilities & great parking.

Al Streeter

Chris R

Cheap Street Gallery

Went there for my 2nd COVID-19 vaccine. 5-Star set up. Well-oiled machine to get everyone registered and vaccinated within minutes. Fabulous!

Stephen Warburton

It is a large arena, had a great time there watching the Belleville hockey team. The seats are a bit hard for me but I do have a back problem.

Staci Greveling

Got my covid shot here. Super people, friendly and efficient. Great set up, easy to figure out. Hoping I can get here for some actual hockey sooner than later.

Helena Doinikova

Andy Tesluk

Was great to see the B-Sens win!

Keiron Kozy

Great arena, well set up.

Richard Eipl

cheryl drage


Ben Jaquith

Great layout, but man is the food ever expensive.

Cheryl Hemphill

Awesome time. Love the new renovations. Great service.

Christine Turcotte

Nora Beylerian

Mark Robbins

Nice arena. Good seating. Feels a bit pricey for food and whatnot.

Bill Dunphy

Cymion (Cymion)

Tadum Dafoe

Laurie Carr

caRRie 123

Great game, very clean????

Chris Kyle

Love it great place for tge family and love watching a good ol hockey game

stewart lowe

well orginised, super fast ,friendly service a credit to our area especially during difficult times. well done !!

Karen Duncan

clean friendly

Heidi Sweet

Good place


Tim Yarrow

John Ryan Leduc

Jorge Pedret

Very nice and modern arena. Fare pricing for food and drinks. Highly recommended!

Blair Defosse

Andy Alg

Great hockey, very nice facility.

Tony Goodroad

Great renovation

Nancy Hollman

Belleville Senators hockey, love the new seating, the entire look of the arena has changed, very modern

Neil horner

Aaron Freeland

Jay Taugher

Michael B

Jean-Francois Désilets

Larrie Minaker

N Craig

Great place to enjoy a game. They could use a toddler/baby section for parents who need to get up while the puck is in play.

Michael Wills

Mitch Mac

Dan Lord

Jim Hardy

Janet Fernandez

Cameron Keays

robert vanmeer

Nice since the upgrade

Dyan Daly

Carl Harris

Anne Carman

Went for a hockey game. Price for tickets were good for food and drink a little expensive

kathy vanluven

Paul semark

kchall hall

A great arena to watch hockey.

Doug Carey

Fantastic facility

Peter Hicks

Jim Somerville

Tony F

Larry Kirtley

Helpful and friendly staff but have to climb stairs to visit the concessions if you're on the bottom level.

Shannon Carr-Braint

jim bridgen

Just got my third shot. They certainly don't waste any time ????

Devon Courtney

Rick Vandertoorn

Susan Auld

What a lovely facility! Went to a Belleville Senators game here on Family Day and had a great time even though the Sens lost 5 - 4.

shelly demers

Went there for my second vaccine and 3/4 of my kid's second vaccine. Was a fantastic place to go. Super organized, friendly staff, basically no wait time. Extremely clean palace and we'll laid out. Been there for a hockey game in the …

Charles Murdoch

Steve Cobb

A good night out

Mike O'Brien

Kana Claus-Gifford

Allie Smith

Eric Tripp

Went and got covid shot #2 well organized

Robert Caverly

Awesome facility.

Spencer Dirocco

Andy Alger

Great rink, great hockey.

Kevin Andrews

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We rented the ice for a birthday an the staff there was amazing.

Doug Reed

Alan Cohen

First time at CAA Arena. AHL Belleville against Laval. Building is clean. Found the seats a little narrower than most arenas. Parking available on site and free. Will again, probably next season when Laval comes to town.

Jim Ash

Ted Morrison

George Sokolowski

Brand new amazing facility. Now the new home of the "Belleville Senators" AHL franchise. Affiliates of the NHL "Ottawa Senators".

Dan V.V.

Coss GM

Steve Quinn

Very nice building.

Jean Taylor

James Robichaud

Phil Phillips

The Yardmen looks great after its upgrade. It is now the gem of the QSWC.

Emily Q

Randy Holmes

troy cul

Hockey rink

Campbell taylor

Nice Arena Where Belleville Senators Play

Keith Storey

Watched a BMHA hockey game.

Toni Buckley

Christine Milks

Awesome! Great organization for the vaccine clinic!

Terry Merlin

It was quite enjoyable but the wrong hockey team won.

steve grenning

Beautiful arena go sens go

Paul Prentice

Roger Landry

Andrew Arthur

Gilles Fortin

Good seats lots of space good job on the do over


Julia Murphy

Great game even though the Sens lost to Toronto.

david hunt

Good size arena for this area. Not a bad seat in the house

random guy

Ice not so cold

Lisa Carr

Nancy Andrews

christina pettingill

You need to install railings on the stairs. There are railings at the end of the arena, but in the other sections. For someone who is has a disability or older (like my Dad), it is very difficult to climb those stairs without any assistance. With all the money spent to upgrade this arena, you could have made seats that are bigger and out railings on all stairways. We both enjoy going to hockey games at this arena, however these above problems will hold us back.

Tami Turcotte

If your handicapped they keep making the area VIP or close it off on Sens game nights. Very poor business for those needing that area

Terry Semple

Brenda Ransom

Loved the new look havent been in almost 20 yrs n game was great nachos where mmmm

Irene Galinski

Great place for kids and families

Neil Bridger


(Translated) Very nice sports complex but no heating in some arena. Several amenities. (Original) Très beau complexe sportif mais pas de chauffage dans certains aréna. Plusieurs commodités.

mark doucette

excellent venue

Mark Wade

Not a bad seat in the arena. Beautiful renovated arena, excellent BOSE sound speakers everywhere. Great that you can leave your seats to sit at a table and chairs and eat like at a restaurant while overlooking the ice

Steeve Bédard

Newly Renamed CAA. A nice tribute was made to their hard working founders. The "Yardmen" which was apparently related to the CN workers many years ago. Anyhow. The new redesigned interior looks great. Seating for around 4 thousand peoples. There is good lighting , good sounds systems and had great ambiance when we were there. The game is very highly caliber hockey players( AHL) Pre NHL players marvel. Tickets are affordable. Come and see for yourself. Cheers Steeve

Craig Deyo

Mitch Panciuk

george orser

Good view from all seats. Easy access. Reasonable ticket prices

Izzy Scriver

Samantha Skidmore

Divya Rego

Nice n clean..beautiful place

eric crow

James-Kim Bradley

Marg Garnier

nice arena but difficult to hear

Brandon Furtado

Maranda Stone

Chris K

Arron L. Broadbridge

John Vankoughnett

AHL game is a lot of fun

John Desloges

The staff were very helpful

Ferdinand Recto

Tony Kuliha

A great rink

Hal Lapierre

Best place in town. Love it

Doug Cameron

Great place to watch almost NHL quality hockey. The hockey is very good.

Thistle Dew Musings

Gayle Davis

Went to senators game,it was awesome,they won

Dianna Rodgers

Lots to do

Jonathan Sevigny

Stephen Cordingley

The old Yardman Arena. Its an older style barn with some seats better than others. The pizza is lousy, and the parking lot gets full. Other than that, it's a nice atmosphere for a hockey game. I think the rink is now standard dimensions.

Irina B

I can't share much info about the arena itself, I visited the place to receive a covid vaccine. …

Nick Hall

Sharon Crain

Lori Van Ooyen

James Burnett

Seating very tight and uncomfortable. Lots of staff. Fun atmosphere. Can be very busy during game night.

christian kelsey

Tiffanie Domney

Ozzy Culp (Pawsborn)

covid 19 shot

Jordan Morris

Nice big facility not really a bad seat in the place other than seating is very tight

Charlie Black


Eat before you go. Food is extremely expensive.

Archie Jolicoeur

Great place

Bonnie Robinson

Will Graham & the message from singers was incredible

Amanda Shelley

Meagan Phillips

Crystal Unger

Ashley Dobson

sheri harwood

John Utah

Great renovated area!

Debbie Green

Great energy at the Belleville Senators Game. Staff are excellent

Shelley Thompson

Great place so much to dd


Jennifer Lindsay

Sean S

Jamie Indewey

Jean Chamberlain

Mike Sayers

Sara Quigley

Great experience and very organized through the whole vaccine process

priya sharma

Paul Appleman

Sherry Ribeiro (Shaz)

augustus churchill

very nice arena ... was really impressed

Kevin Cooper

Bill Van Veghel

Jeven Jones

Bernard Chalifour

Roland Mack

Elizabeth Clancy

Great night for Belleville Senators hockey!!!!

Susan Ruttan

Large, clean, very organized and knowledgeable staff.

judy elliott

My son had a pro boxing fight and this was a great place for the event the people who work here were very helpful and friendly

George Heath

Great place for all sports enthusiasts and spectators to enjoy.

Andrew McIntosh

Excellent Venue to watch the Belleville Senators. Not a bad seat in the house!

Palmer Stephens

Great Hockey! Suites are nice and table service is good.

mark leger

Nice arena

Sean Struthers

LA Cool

Good Game, great amenities and we had the pleasure of meeting an Olympic Champion Jennifer Botterhill

Lorne Godfrey

Lots of fun, excitement in the air.

Adam Walters

Will Ford

Everything was good except that I felt ripped off. Its expensive enough with four kids to see a game, but when your kids are very thirsty and the only water fountain in the arena is out of order you end up being forced to buy a $5 bottle of water. Just to make sure they get every last dime out of you they have a no in and out rule on the ticket. The place was clean and parking was free.

Shellie Forbes

Nathan Vanhecke

Horrible expeirnce, arena staff only cares about season ticket holders, the season ticket holders for the majority are ignorant to any new comers. Won't ever be going back to that over priced out dated arena... B Sens will be in the same boat as the Bulls if they don't change.

R. Nelson

For this event, well managed with a excellent setup.

Caleb Boisvert

Hélène Lehoux

It wass fun

Martine Mailhot

Great venue, beautifully renovated and expanded.

Sean Simpson

You got skates, they got ice. Done deal

Sabrina Bailey

Terry Whalen

JJ Edgar

andre lavery

Char Hanson


Melissa Wakeling

Justin Steinhoff

Had a blast, ended up having a meet and greet with one of the players and loved the experience here. This is good hockey for Belleville. Arena staff is pretty unreal too.

Patrick McFadden

Great arena


Not enough parking at this venue. Planners should be shot. Absolute farce.

Iris Haskin

Lorne Wilson

Seats are tight otherwise lots of fun!

Martine Duguay

Mark Wilson

I am absolutely disgusted with the blatant discrimination of smokers. Once in for a game you are not allowed out for a smoke. Obviously can't smoke in the building. I have to give it one star because it tells me.

Sylvie Brunet

It is a nice arena and really nicely clean and staff are amazing

Steve Overvelde

Julie Decastris

Susan Mckee

M Girod

Cynthia James

Kristen Gurdon

Was not aloud to bring my coffee in :(

Eric McFadden

Aaron Repar

Brian Maracle

Hockey games, family skate time, swimming pool...

Chris Riden


Marlene MacGregor

Great boat & rv show this weekend.

Roger Wilhelm

Great arena. Everything is in good order from what I saw. All rink surfaces have decent viewing areas. From what I saw, the pool looked large, new, and very clean! It also seemed very busy! This is a good thing for a smaller city arena!

Mike and Rebecca Vandesteeg

Greg MacDonald

Watched the marley's from the 2nd floor fan zone. Excellent view and seats. The game was great, service was also good. Great little arena.

Ernie Brooks

Troy Phillips

Nice updates to the arena. Seats are a little snug.

Nancy Kuczwal

Jeff Vandenburg

Steve Lucas

The facility itself is good. The hockey experience was good . What was VERY disappointing was the fact that every promotional thing they did during the game was biased . If you weren’t wearing a Sens jersey then forget winning anything. They made sure every t shirt or any other thing was directed at the Sens Jerssy people. This may be my first and last game there if they can’t treat all their fans equally!

bonnie mcleod

Covid 19 needles excellent for all the staff and people getting needle in the arena

Fun Time

Go sens go

John Mercer

Food is pricey for Belleville

Jere Baker

Great place for hockey, and a Hershey Bear's win 3-0

Heather Lappan

Marilyn Thibodeau

John Sharpe

Rachel Spring

Enjoyed every minute of it for 2 different events!!

Kelly Richmond

Nice arena.

Bert Korporaal

This quadplex is a real boon for Belleville. It has pretty well everything along with easy access to the 401 and the city. The Quinte Sport and Boat show is a well organised event occupying the whole sportsplex. More exhibits can be upstairs. Was impressed again without having to go to Toronto for a similar show. More lodges, fishing, hunting and family resorts would be nice ...if booth square footage costs were less. Costs have eliminated many vendors at the larger spring sport shows.

Jake Wallwork

Dave Cavanagh

Nice and new everything in one place

Stephen Gosbee

Tom Kintner

This looks like a nice arena for the Binghamton Senators to relocate after playing for 15 years in my hometown. Looking forward to next year when they come back to play the Binghamton Devils who are moving here from Albany. In the meantime .............. Go Ottawa Senators!

larry driscoll

It suck never come back wast money

Luke C.

Lethul Fan

Diane Zech

My daughter got her covid shot. Was fast . Arena was clean. Bathrooms clean as well. Nice arena.

Kelly D

Exits are not easy to find. Lots of white walls and big metal doors.. had to ask for directions to get out. Went you watch a hockey game, there was only netting on the ends of the rink... very dangerous as a few pucks came sailing into the stands

Bruce Millar

Vickie Doucette

Beautiful arena


Jennifer Bennett

Jeff Porter

Have done nice job with renovations.

Karen Devera

Best complex around


Pete Myers

Joe B

Checked out a Belleville Senators game with some friends. The rink was clean, staff was friendly and the hockey was decent enough. They had $5.75 Canadian tall cans, but I was driving so stuck with coffee. The coffee was alright, but I had to double what I typically take for sugar and cream to get it to "alright". All in all great time and will likely return.

Jef Kohlsmith

Very comfortable.

Sean walsh

Brad Beaudrie

Gary Empey

Chris McDonald

Jenny Guay

John Markle

Take the transit bus #3 and it goes in front of the caa arena on the first pass to the Quinte mall and goes back in at the back before heading back through the industrial section of Belleville.

Endurance Uadia

Luigi Maiorino

Nice arena. Clean with good sightlines everywhere.

jeff boulard

Very nice rink

Bobo Dultmica

Ronald Town

Great game fell short of the win. Great time that night

Paul M

Had our 2nd vaccination there, so easy and fast,great arena.

Kathy Stickwood

Matt Allan

Justin “Juperior” Phillips

Dianne Finlayson

J Parker

Tony Lentini

Nice place

David Smith

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