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REVIEWS OF Batoche National Historic Site IN Batoche

Lars Mjaaland

Alain Marchildon

Kary Peterson

Tammy Bischler

A good historical place

Jeanette Laliberty [Staff]

Vwry nice historical place

Kevin Nyborg

Derek Bedard

It would be really good for kids but it is also pretty entertaining for adults if you want to learn your culture

Sheyla Lima

Very good museum. I loved it. I wanna go back again.

Zostro Gaming

Ted Nokonechny

A great chance to learn about our Canadian history. The tour bus is well worth the cost to get around efficiently. The staff are knowledgeable band friendly. It is a beautiful location, no wonder why the métis settled there.

Walter Andreeff

As a Métis man whose ancestors were present here in 1885, I had an instant feeling of deja-vu when I drove into the area and something in my soul was stirred. Days later as we did the walk/march from the camp with the people, I was instantly moved by excitement and sadness when the bells rang in the church as our flag-carrying group approached the cemetery where the Métis Patriots were laid to rest. I'm a descendant of the Goulet family who lived in this area and although this was my first visit to Batoche: I know this place. My great grandfather fought for his family here in 1885 and was placed in jail after the surrender.

aislynn dynna

Lu Megan

Great place to learn about Louis Real and that part of history of SK. I really like the hiking trails rolling on top, which provides sort of bird’s eye view about South SK River.

Luke Warman

Christopher Mirosovsky

The staff are exceptionally knowledgable. The grounds are well kept for the walking tour and the whole experience is very educational. For roughly $10 admission you are gaining very insightful information into Saskatchewan's history. Highly recommend checking this place out.

Milton Davies

Great little gem if a site if you take the time. There's some great views if you walk the paths.

Ian Jensen

Les Klassen Hamm

Tom Wolf

We've visited Batoche about 5 times over the years and keep coming back because the story is so compelling. The interpretive Centre casts a thoughtful eye on the history and makes it relevant to today. The guides offer great context to the structures and their relative importance. Quiet, pretty, and well worth it. Pairs nicely with a journey north along the river to the St Laurent ferry which ultimately connects to Fort Carlton.

Jerome Chabot

Great and rich history. The views are absolutely stunning.

Gini Beaumont

Even with a lack of programming due to Covid this site is full of friendly and knowledgeable staff, good information, well preserved buildings and interesting perspectives on the "rebellion" and the lives being lived here during those times

Evan Ginther

Don Cook

Christina Zemluk

Justin Waghray

Mmmm, history

Alain Boyer

Greg Lawrence

Fantastic historical site

crewmex “gilbert” maraboto

Just addicted to happiness

Fabulous, wanted to see my uncle Peter Wells at the graveyard but the group I was with had to head back to PA.. next time uncle

Jim Street


Mike Maille

Plan for a full day, bring: water bottle, SunScreen, hat ????

Patrick Timmons

Bridget Olver

Rachelle Dawn

Amy Slipiec

Nice place to visit, we camped at nearby Rosthern - the park had a zip line!

scott martens

I enjoy historical places

R Richard

Richard Rogowski

Graham Atkinson

Reece Digney

Great time out with the family! The tram is great for getting around on hot days!

Emilio Portal


Colin Perret

If you get a chance, do the "Journey Through Time" tour. A memorable experience with great young actors.


C Barb

Bob Quesnel

It was closed as we knew it would be, but it nice to take a stroll out to the church and read all the signs and plaques.

Muhammad Tahir Mahmood

Gudrun Klingelstein

Great little movie to set the stage...Lots of walking on a beautiful day. They should have over night camping here

Jeannie Wager

Oh My Home Memories Are Here I Love And Miss Home My Home Province Of Saskatchewan !!!!

Derrick Morrison

Jacelyn Stacey

Easily the best summer ever.

Brian Gillies

Arianne Mae

Kara Kallenbach

Amazing history

Vicki Boal

Abby Marion

Richard Tyers

A must see if the Church and Rectory are open, Museum is kinda sparse but lots to see otherwise

Tamzin Sweetman


Awesome Miller

Informative, historical and interactive. Friendly staff

Karl Hayes

Wonderful site. Well with the driver for the history buff

Sheri Florizone

This site showcases a very important part of Canadian and Saskatchewan history.

Martha Van Heerden

Devin Tate

Kazuyuki Iso

Jenn TAFFERS & Co.

Great overview of the Riel Resistance at Batoche. The addition of the bus to take people to the far end of the park was very welcome for our friends who were touring around.

Trevor Dubois

Knowledgable staff

Annette Wylie

Warren Epp

Too bad the information center was not open


Knowledgeable interpreters serving on a stunning historical site. A fascinating visit as always.

Jaime Lilley

Great historic site. Lovely walking trail.

Jim Wong

Great learning experience, thank you for all the staff there.

Jillian Dolan


Adam Matheson

Deb Westfield

It was an amazing experience to have gone here. Especially at the this time of year. Its nice to learn about my metis culture. Weather was great

Lenard Painchaud

Mark Branon

Historic area and houses of Metis battle against central government.

Dawn Sky

A wonderful place to learn and enjoy the beautiful site.

The Wandering Triathlete (Dustin Baerg)

Amazing place. Beautiful scenery and history!

James Hudyma


Lots of historical information, presented in a very good format for all ages. I learned a lot and really enjoyed this site

Scott MacDonald

Be prepared for a lot of walking, but this is a great experience for the while family to participate in. A well done setup.

Heinz Hofmann

Karen Tait

I have been there several times and keep discovering something new each time and the staff are fantastic!

Kevin P

IT was a pleasure to go to.And learn some history about the Metis people..

Kf Becker

Very good place

Terron Wright


My kids and I, love this place. So much.

Zdenek Podsednik

Some history buffs are probably aware of the significance of this place. For average guy ( like me ) it was a major eye opener to learn about what happen here and about the Metis nation in general. A bit of dark history our ( Canadian ) government has here but it is being acknowledged by this National Park. Very informative and an eye opener. Very well done is the indoor exhibit. And gift shop has some interesting items.

Sheri Lucas

Such a great place to visit - a huge property with so much history. We visited in September and the weather was perfect snd so few visitors. Our don watched a beaver fall a tree and we watched it walk away with the branch. Highly recommend!

Doug Jarvis

Brenda Doyle

Off the beaton path on a road that could use upgrading. This may not have been as much of an issue if we weren't towing a trailer. The historic site itself was very well done with lots to see and do.

AAA Custom Concrete Design

I have one and only one thing to say about this place. The food stand says “traditional food” and is selling bannock. Which is pulled out of a freezer and microwaved by a cpl white teenagers lol. It’s like a soggy wonder bread hamburger bun. They better hope Gordon Ramsey never stops here

Shevy David

Beautiful and historic

Madeline Frances

Kaitlyn Ferguson


Great place to go for a hike along the river and see some important historical buildings, just an hour outside of Saskatoon.

Esperanza Castro Cartro

Kevin p

this place has alot of information very informative

Melanie Lingard

We started with the movie so the kids had an understanding of the Battle at Batoche. Then the interactive tour where people played actual villagers at Batoche. After, we walked through what interested us and had a snack. Our guide, the actors and even the shuttle driver were so personable and knowledgeable. When I told the kids we were stopping here on our holidays they grumbled about "learning", but later thanked me for taking them.

Sebastian Kluth

Batoche National Historic Site is a wonderful place to visit with a church, cemetery and farm houses that represent life of Metis residents in the mid-nineteenth century. There are numerous activities on site during the summer such as bicycle races. Visiting the entire site takes at least three hours.

Ricardo Quijada

Darren Bolme

We weren't there very long we could only stop for a few minutes but the people were very nice to us and he allowed us to look around even though we should have had to pay inside the building

Athira Mohan

Rob Veggett

Amazing life and customs of the Hutterite society.

Ronald Cook

A wonderful historical experience! I was there 12yrs ago and there have been many upgrades.

Muhammad Malik


Gladys Relland

Love showing family our pasts

Dustin Vikse

Kathy Mills

It's a great look back on sum very important part of our nation's history. Especially being metis myself.

Bill Wilkinson

Super interesting tour! Detailed historical accounts of Metis settlers.

garry baker

Very informative and well-managed

Dade Murphy

Staff and guides are extremely friendly and knowledgeable

Terry Schueller

Very historical still see bullet holes kinda kool

Martha Petite

Awesome tour go you'll really see where they fought.

Alicia Marie

Revisited after 20 years and it was still nice. Staff was so friendly and knowledgable! They even helped give us an earlier tour to the East village.

Doug Anderson

Much of Canadian history glosses over the impact European settlers had on the indigenous peoples (and metis) of Canada. Batoche is a good bit of history to show who the Metis people were, and what the government of Canada did to them, repeatedly, during the westward expansion. You don't need to spend a whole day here, but come for a few hours and see a little know part of our past.

Rick Caron

Nice place.....great history

Sharon Brown

Eilish McCallum

The Metis history in a nutshell. Lots of exhibits, nice countryside. Great guides and staff.

Payton Tapp

I loved this place because we got to see everything

yo bussey

As we approached the site we were shocked to see that the area surrounding Batoche is very sparsely populated. History tells us that in 1885 the Canadian government sent troops here to quell a resistance. The story goes that the government of the day wanted to survey the land for new settlers, but the Métis, who had already been living at Batoche for years, were having none of it. We all know how that ended - with the Métis being gunned off the land and Louis Riel hanged for treason. Back to today, I can’t help but wonder why the government of 1885 couldn’t just go around Batoche and leave the Métis in peace. True reconciliation would mean recognizing this historic injustice and returning Batoche back to the Métis.

Carlotta Hooghiem

Very informative and interesting.

Claire Yvonne (Bang Up Productions)

A beautiful historic place! And huge portions of food in their restaurant.


Needs to have more activities

Jees Mohan

Established in 1872, this Métis settlement was the site of the historical Battle of Batoche during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 and is now a National Historic Site in Canada. Situated in the heart of the prairies on the South Saskatchewan River, it is here that Louis Riel was infamously defeated and a new country was formed. Walking through this historical landmark, you realize what an important moment this was for Canadian history; in fact, you can still see some of the bullet holes from the final battle. Not just for history buffs, take the family and spend the day walking in the shoes of Métis settlers on the shores of the river and learn how the old way of life disappeared and a new one began.

Liz Anderson

There is a lot of history here. If you don't know anything about Saskatchewan, this is where you should go first. You'll learn about Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont, and all the families who lived and died during the Red River Rebellion, when the government tried to intervene in the people's lives.

Floyd Pattison

Very interesting and eye opening, friendly helpful staff.

bryan giesbrecht

Very interesting lots of historical information about Reil

Jessica DeWitt

Gorgeous historic site with excellent interpretation. I’m glad I finally visited. I spent my first visit focusing on the historical interpretation, but I’d love to go back and just hike for a day. Their site historical film was pretty terrible though. Parks Canada, y’all should fund a new one.

Tatianna Fetch

Tom Bueckert

Rebbeca Thiessen

jacqueline carroll

Brian Lee

Beautiful area. Excellent facilities and historical site. Lots of history to be learned .

Mark Richardson

Really great place to go too very interesting

Janelle Paproski

Sara Smith

Lee Sparrowhawk

Great, informative tours.

Kris Mruk

Great place to visit

Lanny Laliberte

Great information on Metis people


Mike Walsh

Amory Adrian

James Leonew

Great place with lots of history. Our guide was awesome and really knew her stuff. So interesting and informative listening to her talk about he area and what all went on in the area in he past. Lots of cool buildings and homes from the era. Great place for school field trips!

Brandon Horrell

Fil Friese

Terry Prevost

The staff was friendly and helpful. It's a beautiful place.

Sam Ma

stupidity buster

Great historical site. A window into SK history. Environment is so serene too!

Adam R. Carriere

Margaret King

Very informative and helpful in learning our history

Alissa Klassen

Beautiful place, important history!

Amber Klassen

Clinton B

Surprisingly one of the best sites we have visited, movie (40min) is a tad too long but allows greater preview of site. Pay the $2.40/person for the shuttle for the best guided tour, Ronald shared fantastic stories! "Journey Back in Time" skit by staff was really enjoyed by our 9 & 11 year old. We were surprised to spend over 4 hours here with our family.

Denis Loubert

(Translated) Very interesting and a very appreciated welcome (Original) Très intéressant et un accueil des plus apprécié

Denise Miller

Powerful connection with my ancestors. Great experience.

Danny Janzen

Very interesting to see what events shaped this country. Interpreters did a great job.

Mmm Ddd

Diane Mee

Our first time at Batoche and it was AMAZING. Would definitely recommend this historical site. I loved the bus shuttle and the interpreter was very informative.

Bob Utley

Gordon LaGrange

Graham layton

Good guides

Ronald Craddock

Fiona Charles

The Dard

Tom Seidenthal

Ryan Dubois

cricket Reynoldson

Pierre Trempe

(Translated) A history not to be missed. Many stories have taken place there and we learn a lot about our past. (Original) Un historique a ne pas manquer. Beaucoup d'histoires s'y sont déroulées et on y en apprend beaucoup sur notre passé.

Joe Lockhart

Good site friendly staff

Benny Okholm

(Translated) Nice museum, fantastic nature (Original) Fint museum, fantastisk natur

Paula Penner

Nice place to visit.

Vanda Arcand

Andy Empey

Lana Springman

Deb Pryslak

Run by Parks Canada what an amazing place. Guided tours, very knowledgeable staff about the history of the Great West Rebellion. Original Church and rectory and is still standing and also used for weddings and one service a year. The information center and museum is a beautiful building and set up. Great walking trails with interpreted sign posts. We had lunch at the vistor center good traditional Metis cuisine. Tourtiere was fabulous. This is a must see.

Dan Kotanko

Awesome history! Should have planned a whole day to see and do it all

Coco Z

Lorraine Jarvis

Haven't been yet!!! And didn't rate it!!!

Ilona Vanderstel

Ebube Obiagwu

Wow... A lot of history to learn in such a beautiful place.

Jonathan Cheze

Darren Roberts

Krista Schiebelbein

Wonderful day! Thanks Carlo (hope I spelt it right) you were great guide and very knowledgeable.

Danny Fung

Amber Supergirl

Colleen Therres

Lawrence Fatteicher

Very informative and interesting area. Thx...

Larry Wagner

Jerry andrusko

Tom Heidel

Learned lots good to see actual Terrain

Gord More

Well done. I love how you cam get so close to the original artifacts. The guides were super fun and friendly

Luke Stangby

Ben Brachmann

Very interesting

Lisa L

Melanie Hiebert

Peter Ritter

A very interesting and inspiring place

Byron Carr


Shannon Gregg

Jeff Beck

Inger Lill Kirkhus

So interesting!

Jordyn Hrenyk

Bryan Chernick

Melanie Morrow

Luc Beaudry

Dan Baker

Such a Beautiful Peacefull place to spend the day.

Robert Manten

Jody kidder

Brayden Caron

large double double

Friendly knowledgeable staff, clean well kept grounds,good food in the cafeteria, well worth the drive.

Bruce James

Timi Babatunde

Robo Review

I wish stronger views were portrayed. Without prior knowledge I wouldn't have understood very much, or understood the significance. Also, gives a bad impression of government run facilities. The restaurant/food cafeteria closed before the park, meaning at the end of the day 20 people wanted to buy a snack for the drive home, but couldn't because it was already closed. Pretend you're supposed to recover costs. I love PC

Michael Kotelko

Good service and food at restaurant. Very interesting displays. Lots of walking on the site if you wish. Golf cart may be available for elderly.

Daisy Zhang

Amazing place

Jerre Stone

Josh Doerksen

Great place to start learning about Riel and his fight for the recognition of Metis and Aboriginal rights. Do not be fooled by the Government of Canada's telling of Riel, do additional reading on your own. If Riel had his way Canada would have ended at Manitoba, our country has whitewashed his noble story.

Rina Fradette

chiratidzo kuda mung

This is a very beautiful location just an hour outside of Saskatoon.The museum has important information about the Metis history in this region and in Canada.The tour of the church and house were also quite informative,and the guide interpreting to us was very knowledgeable. The walking trails around this site are gorgeous! We will definitely return.

tam mar

Beautiful scenery and delicious food, it's really like walking back in time.

Armelle Doux

(Translated) Very interesting to see (Original) Tres interresant a voir

Dario Grimard

(Translated) Beautiful area (Original) Très bel endroit

Susan Whiting

We toured the site with a knowledgeable guide and a lot.

Jacelyn Perret

Dante Loonfoot

Peggy Wood

Joe Olson

Andy Chiang

Ryan Neilsen

Ian Poetker

Interesting area. Valley is beautiful but beware the ticks......and Roman Catholics?

Sandy Klashinsky

Just an hour's drive from Saskatoon for the best bannock in the world! (We made the trip to see the "Walking With Our Sisters" art installation which was amazing in its impact both emotionally and culturally.) The Batoche site is well worth the visit to remind us of the battle that occurred there, the struggles of the Metis, and of the early settlement days in Saskatchewan's history.

Blaine Natomagan

Dennis Bramley

Very interesting history here as to the treatment of the Metis by Sir John A. MacDonald.

Scott Whiting

kelly fehr

Chrystal Joy Borrowman

Dwayne Gaudry

Great History and interactive learning.

Martine Lanoue

Kelsie Petersen

5* for the actual site. 3* for the website and on-site communication. I missed over half of what I came to see because of the scheduling and then the shuttle tour route didn't cover what the map seemed to indicate it did. If you want to see the theater presentation, do the shuttle tour and still have time to see the East Village or do any exploring on foot, give yourself a good 4-5 hours. There is a little Cafe on site with outdoor seating. The Bannock and Tourtiere were very good, and the Bison soup smelled delicious!

Jed Huntley


My sister and I had a wonderful time and our tour guide was absolutely fantastic. Would highly recommend going there ❤❤

Jeff Takagi

Lots to see! Really liked the petting zoo and pony rides at Caron farm and the Bannack was so good we went back for thirds. (the ponies and petting zoo was there for kidsfest and may not be available all the time)

Cindy Braaten

ed stewart

blanche fayant


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