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1920 Baile St, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2S6, Canada

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REVIEWS OF Canadian Centre for Architecture IN Argentia

Curtis Wayne

Mediocre bookshop.

Mat Moioli

Iris Iri

Loved the exhibitions! The front entrance can be improved :)

Roman Korenic

Fascinating exhibits and a library chock full of resources on design and urban issues. Free access for students. A real gem for those with an interest in architecture, public spaces, and urban and rural planning.

Fabian Sanchez

Great building, but temporary exhibitions are not that interesting

jinane ghazal

Great facility, very functional and organized. Great collection of architecture drawings. You should definitely visit the garden room!


Awesome museum

H H Tahanian

Aicha Zadem

Cees Los

Ara Zago

João Carlos Diorio

Karl Bustamante

One of the most though provoking galleries anywhere. Also, one of the best bookstores!


Ramiro Giovany Triana Amado (Giovany Triana)

Sara BB


Ruge Shen

The garden is beautiful!

Erika Montoya

Luis Quijano


florent raineau

Sean Kim

If you're interested in architecture then yes but if not no

Matthew Lee

Rocco Ranalli

A good place to learn about architecture.

Donald Alexandre

(Translated) The exhibitions are always interesting, and make us think about our urban environment. (Original) Les expositions sont toujours intéressantes, et nous font réfléchir sur notre environnement urbain.

sajad zand

Very nice place...


I love the bookstore inside of CCA museum, it's a cool place to learn something new.

Israël Côté

Israël Côté


(Translated) A nice place (Original) Красивое место

rith antony

Marc Lefebvre

(Translated) Phyllis Lambert Architect ???? (Original) Phyllis Lambert Architecte ????

Ranjna Das

Small museum with a very thoughtfully presented exhibit that delved deeply on a topic and approached it from a variety of angles.

Iana Mologuina

Subhasis Raha


Quite a small museum, but worth it if you can check it out for free

Sahar Baghaii

Hector Alvarez

Visite obligée. The CAA always offer great expositions where you'll learn a lot.

johan cohen

(Translated) It is relatively small. There is no particular educational effort for children. (Original) C'est relativement petit. Il n'y a pas d'effort de pédagogie particulier pour les enfants.

Carolina Aponte

Vanessa Nguyen

Tucker “t17389z” Storrs

The Soviet-American exhibit was the single best museum exhibit I've ever been to.

Dave Bradley

Sophie Lamarche

Kai Woolner-Pratt

Pat G


Frederika Eilers

Adam Hofmann

Kath Leen

Amin Zoroufi

Philip So

This is my favourite museum in the city. Some of the most memorable exhibits have been here.

Amiria V

Visited for the "The Design of Carpets That Design Us" exhibition. Nice place!

Sélim Lahrech

(Translated) A place of beauty, where the spirit is found. We come out a little changed. (Original) Un endroit de toute beauté, où l'esprit se retrouve. On en sort un peu changé.

Sherif Goubran

Darwin Ramon

Noémie Fortin

bianca david

G. Inciarte

(Translated) It is a very interesting museum, the construction is very beautiful, the exhibitions seemed very useful to me, in them I could appreciate what the current trends in architecture are. I recommend this place. (Original) Es un museo muy interesante, la construcción es muy bonita, las exposiciones me parecieron de mucho provecho, en ellas pude apreciar cuales son las tendencias actuales en la arquitectura. Recomiendo este lugar.

Simon Charest

Im not a fan of museums in general but this one was great seeing all different architecture with the timelines

Amanda Mocci

Kenneth Trueman

The building, the exhibitions, the shop and the library.

silvana salazar

(Translated) A bit small but cozy (Original) Un poco pequeño pero acogedor

silvana salazar

(Translated) A bit small but cozy (Original) Un poco pequeño pero acogedor

Joseph Andre

(Translated) Later future (Original) Plus tard avenir

Ross Ricupero

Peter Yagecic

Cooper Smith

One of the best design / photography / architecture bookstores out there. Set aside some serious time to peruse.

Michael Colatruglio

Beautiful building and surrounding grounds.

Karl Gruenewald

Lovely grounds and a regal building, with an absolutely fabulous bookstore. If you are an architect or study architecture, I highly recommend making the trip for the bookstore alone. The majority of the building was closed while we visited so that new exhibitions could be installed, but there was enough to see to make it an entertaining visit.

Robostrike Lui

A bit of artistic history in view

Nilay Patel

Cintia Alvarez Ballesteros

Andreas Mitak

Coffee Then Beers

Alexander Yu

So the Architecture museum is my go to place if I want to see an empty museum during free museum day. Lol. I just don't get their exhibits and I think it appeals to architects and designers more.

Konstantin Pankratov

Rodrigo Bastos

Hes Sha

Great place

Fernanda R. Garza

Michael Wong

Samuel Lavoie

(Translated) Very small museum but above all a beautiful urban discovery on the architecture, the library and the old Shaughnessy house is to be seen! (Original) Très petit musée mais surtout une belle découverte urbaine sur l'architecture, la bibliothèque et la vieille maison Shaughnessy est à voir!

kamal TERRAF

Marc LeBlanc

(Translated) Intellectually stimulating (Original) Intellectuellement stimulant

Zoir Radjabov

Interesting museum

Md Rasheduzzaman Al-Amin

Johanna Pénet



ehsan hatami

imagede zach

Soni Nettayikodath

Andrew Little

Spent about 2 hours inside, big fan of the Our Happy Life exhibit. Very thorough, beautifully laid out and compelling.

Adam Mizera

Not very interesting for non-architects on a visit August 22, 2021 - unless the process of rebuilding a neighborhood in Mongolia brings out your inner passions...

Denise Allende

(Translated) It is a museum of architecture and the research center of what was the Golden Square Mile in Montreal. Founded in 1979 by PH and them Lambert (member of the famous Bronfman family), its mission is to sensitize the general public about the role of architecture in today's society, promote research in this field and contribute to innovation in the design practice. (Original) Es un museo de la arquitectura y el centro de investigación de lo que fue el Golden Square Mile en Montreal. Fundado en 1979 por PH y ellos Lambert (miembro de la célebre familia Bronfman), su misión consiste en sensibilizar al público en general sobre el papel de la arquitectura en la sociedad actual, promover la investigación en este campo y coadyuvar a la innovación en la práctica del diseño.

Luis Alberto Quijano Herrera

Dre M.

Arvin GK

im not satisfied with their burgers, and razer headphones.................?!!?!?!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Brett Doster

Excellent, really enjoyed our visit. An amazing asset

Paul Andre Parent

Hugo SQ

Jie Choi

the best museum in Montreal

Michel Handfield

Shannon Barbella

Amazing place. If you really like the architecture and you appreciate this kind of environment you gonna love it. Take your time for visit it.

Wesley Césaire

giovanna borasi

Pietro Giovanni Trincanato

Laura Mills

Was interesting. Lots of books in the gift shop

Alexandre Desjardins

(Translated) Modern building annexed to a heritage building. Reflective exhibitions (USA / Russia). One can explore the old preserved 18th century building. (Original) Bâtiment moderne annexé à un bâtiment patrimonial. Expositions qui porte à la réflexion (USA/Russie). On peut explorer l'ancien bâtiment du 18e siècle préservé.

Jonathan Poyer

(Translated) Nice place even if the exhibition is very small. In an hour we went around, too bad. Very nice place even if the exhibition is quite poor. In an hour you've seen everything. (Original) Endroit bien sympathique même si l'exposition est très petite. En une heure on a fait le tour, dommage. Very nice place even if the exhibition is quite poor. In an hour you've seen everything.

Knhur Carrasquel

I love this museum

Ron Melchers

benjamin ferrer

Magdalena D

Anthony Goodings

Moises Maldonado

Monique Moussa

jeremy petrus

Sylvain Aimoz

io media

Architecture and technology are a growing trend towards smarter buildings integrating electrical appliances, lighting, sound, heating, videos, cameras, automation via computers. Coincidentally, Alessandro Poli's works were on display 'Scripts for a New World' which included 'SuperSurface' a concept of an energy grid integrated with information and communication, which probably led to the development of the information highway known as the internet! He probably was a pioneer for its conceptualization. Now smart homes and buildings are being designed with everything controlled by computer automation so that all electrical technology are easily controlled centrally and on their own routine. 'Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernist Myths' also has an exhibition. The building was large and spacious with other works and a few miniature models, plus a library. They also have talks sometimes. Possibly, artitechture wherein art free forms can break the rigidity of architecture might become another option with technology integrated for automation and control. Maybe like other museums and galleries, they should add a restaurant cafe inside so visitors can stay longer.

Isabelle Thérien

Weixi Zeng

Alessandro Laterza

The Hxose Gaming


Alysha Anderson

Alfredo Carreon

Christophe E.

Ernesto Cruz

John Campbell

Sherry Hu

I was aspiring to see this place allured by the grandeur of the building itself. However, it turns out to be pretty misleading. The exhibition is limited, I spend 40 minutes and that's all. The most absurd part is the exhibition of carpet - a room with pictures of carpets without a real one! 10 bucks is not expensive at all, but I still think it's not worth it. I only like the bookstore. Besides, the service people is warm.

George Ranalli Architect

CCA is an innovative museum and research center. The museum sponsors exhibitions, publications and fellowships that inspire visitors to “think" about architecture. George Ranalli Architect is a proud collaborator and supporter of CCA.

Gaelle guillaume


Going to the CCA is always a beautiful experience. The interiors are gorgeous and the library is amazing.

David Woyke

No place to sit, not much to look at. The exhibit had some interesting ideas, nothing that hasn't been thought of before.

Andrew Wood

Francis Poisson

(Translated) Access is free for students, so it's worth bringing proof of education! I saw two very interesting exhibitions there. The access to the heritage house is very interesting, but little exploited, there would be something to do. However, I find that security is a little too present. It looks like she is constantly following us ... (Original) L'accès est gratuit pour les étudiants, ça vaut donc la peine d'amener sa preuve de scolarité! J'y ai vu deux expositions très intéressantes. L'accès à la maison patrimoniale est très intéressante, mais peu exploité, il y aurait quelque chose à faire. Je trouve toutefois que la sécurité y est un peu trop présente. On dirait qu'elle nous suit en permanence...

Navpreet Singh


Kevin van Mierlo

Great exhibition - good and uncovering works. Left me exhilarated and with stuff to talk and think about until wayyy past midnight.


Luca Zanotto

I visit an exposition about the work of two architects. It was interesting but not exceptional honestly

hoda emami

Mathieu T

Andy Ng

Housed in a beautiful historic mansion, the centre presents rotating exhibits and events to the general public or design enthusiast. As the name suggests, programs include current themes and topics relating to architecture and the built environment. A wonderful venue to enjoy a quiet weekend afternoon...

John Tessier

Nice grounds, good place for picnic.

Keerthana Harwalkar

Richard Rossetto

Hasnae El Asri

(Translated) The rear garden of the center. (Original) Le jardin arrière du centre .

Eric Martineau

Callum Boog

Nam Nguyen

(Translated) I would like (Original) J'aimerais

Audrey Clavel

Went with my class as a field trip, I would go again and recommend it.

Gábor Nagy

Qiang Fu

Nice museum

Qiang Fu

Nice museum

Léa Longpré

Manjunath Chikmadurappa

Riel Roussopoulos

What a magnificent building.

Vivin Sam

Its a small place with a inside view of Victorian Architecture. It has good information.

Xavier Coulombe-Murray


Jasmine Ndana

Tara Hale

Fantastic school trip - children learned a lot through hands on learning

Ian MacGillivray

Wonderful resource.

H Ro

This was an unexpected delight--a cultural gem that's definitely worth a visit. The exhibits were expertly done: informative, complex without being too academic so accessible. The content flowed well from room to room and kept us engaged for far longer than we had expected. The building itself is a historical jewel that's interesting to view. We got to go on a free Sunday and it surprisingly was not packed. Also visited the Fine Arts and Contemporary Art Gallery of Montreal and this museum was the best of the three!

Daniel Grozdanov

Had a blast!

Marc Bresson


Lucilene /\v/\


Beautiful museum, tucked away in a slightly off the track part of town.

Jefferson Bustamante

Ziyaad D

Amit Patel

Pleasant & historical place

Julien Bonte

Justin Smith

Nothing of interest here. Waste of time. And I love architecture. This place is empty! Basicslly Just a bookshop

Eduard P

Andrey Mitrofanov

Carter M.

Would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in architecture. Interesting exhibits, friendly staff, and great bookstore.

Gabrielle Grenier

Gabrielle Grenier

Saba Diyan


Museum-wise it was underwhelming. The exposition was more like modern art than architecture.

Rachel Leaton

Edgar Delgado

(Translated) Excellent for sleeping ... look for the chairs on the right wing ... (Original) Excelente para dormir... busquen las sillas del ala derecha...

Pierre Marty

María Paulina Yépez

beautiful place. nice gardens

Brenda Yu


Drew Cameron

Exhibits were a bit underwhelming, but it has a great gift shop with a wide selection of books on architecture and urbanism.



Mehdi Benboubakeur

(Translated) A valuable institution that documents and questions architectural trends. Houses high level exhibitions. (Original) Une institution de grande valeur qui documente et questionne les courants architecturaux. Abrite des expositions de haut niveau.

N. Gin

Alejandro Rojas

Rahil Tamimi

Gonzalo Trancillo

Hugues Lefebvre Morasse

Patrick Hills

Greystone exhibit was fascinating! I could spend hours in the bookstore alone!


Great experience, very educational. Kai was working that day and he was fantastic.

Jackeline Huneidi

Lovely museum! It has many spots for nice pics

Manouane Beauchamp

(Translated) The phase that best illustrates the mission of the CCA is as follows: it is an "international research institution based on the idea that architecture is in the public interest". These reflections are presented in exhibitions which force a certain reflection on the role of architecture in societies. In addition, the Center has a bookstore very well supplied with books of all kinds on architecture and town planning. Superb. (Original) La phase qui illustre le mieux la mission du CCA est la suivante : c'est une "institution de recherche internationale qui repose sur l’idée que l’architecture est d’intérêt public". Ces réflexions se déclinent en expositions qui forcent une certaine réflexion sur le rôle de l'architecture dans les sociétés. De plus, le Centre dispose d'une librairie très bien fournie en livres en tous genres sur l'architecture et l'urbanisme. Superbe.

Juliette Floch

(Translated) A superb center for architecture enthusiasts. I had the chance to visit in March, the exhibition on Building a New World, Amerikanizm in Russian Architecture which was very well done and explained. (Original) Un superbe centre pour les passionnés d'architecture. J'ai eu la chance de visiter en mars, l'exposition sur Construire un nouveau monde, l'Amerikanizm dans l'architecture russe qui a été très bien réussie et expliquée.

Devin Munro

Jin Xing

Behnam Jamali

Nice facilities


Luis Kr ST

(Translated) Very nice exhibition, good application of covid measurements. (Original) Exposition très sympa, bonne application des mesures covid.

Zoran B.

Andre Rousseau

This architectural classical beauty has upgraded the neighborhood since it was built here. It is a wonderful gift to the city and should be rightfully appreciated by any Montrealer trying to make things better. As for tourists, it depends on the current exhibition being held, or whether they have a true love for quality architecture...

Bruno Fernandes

Jenyfer Jerbi


We lived near this place and decided to go to the exhibition after work without any special expectations. To our surprise, this place exceeded all expectations. All the exhibits were interesting and exciting, we did not notice how we spent three hours there. The place make you think about things that you never thought about.

Kizito Ikeri

Lots of same and pieces.

Alexis Ricard-Châtelain

Christopher Knapp

Jérémie Dupuis

Manuel Oscar Ortega

(Translated) Interesting and a great park (Original) Intersante y un gran parque

Patricia Cisternas

Frezter Jr. Lapierre

Johanne Bergeron

(Translated) Beautiful large and spacious place. On-site exhibition as well as projection currently related to the 36th FIFA festival. A large comfortable room for watching movies. A small relaxation area with armchairs on site. Friendly and smiling staff at the entrance. An ideal place for calm and tranquility. (Original) Belle endroit grand et spacieux.Exposition sur place ainsi que projection actuellement en rapport avec le 36e festival FIFA.Une grande salle confortable pour les visionnement de films.Un petit coin relaxation avec fauteuils sur place. Un personnel chaleureux et souriant à l'entrée . Un endroit idéal pour le calme et la tranquillité.

Alexander Karczewski

farzod darzi

The building is more significant than the collection inside. It's free so if you have time give it a visit.

Benoit Lachapelle

Joe Nixon

An interesting space, but how good you'll find it will depend on what the current exhibition is.

Nat D

Beautiful place, went for Shakespeare in the Park but will definitely return to see their exhibitions.

nicolas cuellar-villeneuve

Grest place to learn about architecture and urban development

Daniel Dorobantu

The exhibition was unimpressive.

Etienne Chausse

Ross Hodess

Dany Narcisse


Mostly closed except the exhibition

Steven Johnston



(Translated) A beautiful environment, relax and pretty ???? (Original) Une belle environnement ,relax et jolie ????

James Desrosiers

Matthew Martinez

Matthew Martinez

Karani Puvan

Amazing place for architectural students to explore a variety of things.

Hugo Lafrance

kunal rakshit

One of the largest museums of architecture in the world.


(Translated) Digital Spring activity very interesting. Bonus exhibition. Congratulations Digital Spring! (Original) Activité du Printemps Numérique très intéressante. Exposition en prime. Bravo Printemps Numérique!

Patrick Beaulieu

Rodyna Zabbit

Very snooty and nothing a practical or realistic architectural professional (RAIC, AIA, etc) would expect. Very disappointing... Especially in the bookstore...which is filled with books on architectural theory, which every architect leaves behind upon commencement and entry into the real world of architecture.

Cole Hamilton

Dana R

Always a joy to go there, calm and visually striking spaces.

Darryl Rich

Nice historic mansion. One nice exhibit on how personal happiness is used to design living spaces. However, museum is very limited and learned nothing about architecture in Montreal. On the plus side, it was very inexpensive to visit. Recommend you use the Atwater metro stop on the green line, rather than the Georges-Vaneir metro stop on the orange line which is a uphill climb through an auto tunnel.

Omar Zahr


Sarah Schlegelmilch


Great museum

Etienne Lajoie

(Translated) Very nice place with magnificent showrooms. I went there for a conference and I can say that the room for the conference was very well designed. The sound is good and there is even a possibility to have simultaneous translation. (Original) Très bel endroit avec de magnifiques salles d'exposition. J'y suis allé pour une conférence et je peux affirmer que la salle pour la conférence était très bien conçue. Le son y est bon et il y a même une possibilité pour avoir de la traduction simultanée.

Guillaume Adjutor Provost

Wen Zeng


Jean Clairemond César, M. Éd.

Guillermo Duque de Estrada

(Translated) It was a mistake to go there. (Original) Fue un error ir ahí.



soukaina ouizzane

Katherine Meng

Students enter for free. Nice exhibits on science and architecture, plus there was a Victorian house section of the CCA as well as bookstore

Jillian Furten

The canadian center for architecture was quite the museum, but could have had more to show for it.


John Sinnett

Lorraine S

What a great place and exhibits!

Saeid Alinezhad

CSL RC Lorne Kronish

Renee P

Visiting the Centre and seeing the Radical Utopia show was one of the highlights of my stay in Montreal. They will accept an AAM card for one free admission. Be sure to leave time to explore the bookstore.

Clifford Tremblay

Fantastic exhibits everytime we go. Always learn about Canadian architecture at home and abroad. New insights into global architecture, past and present. Get ready to spend at least two hours experiencing wonderful ideas.

Jonathan N.

(Translated) A very beautiful exhibition with a very good logical concept of visit. The shop is filled with architecture book and is really impressive. The exhibition is a bit short though. (Original) Une très belle exposition avec un très bon concept logique de visite. La boutique est remplie de livre d'architecture et est vraiment impressionnante. L' exposition est un peu courte cependant.

Madeline Morley

fantastic place and exhibits, kind staff and good bookstore.


Kinda hard to follow the explanations when you're not familiar with the topic, but still an exceptional museum in MTL

Guillaume Carmel-Archambault

(Translated) The main exhibition changes from time to time, otherwise you can visit the beautiful architecture of the building. (Original) L'exposition principale change de temps en temps, sinon on peut visiter la belle architecture du batîment.

Laurence Ouellet-Quenneville

Jer Greene

An incredible resource! Any city would be lucky to have it... Thank you Phyllis Lambert!

Léo Dage (Leo D.)

Romain Duguay

Priya Ranganath

Looked everywhere for Lamberts biography Fragrance of Lilacs and couldn't find it. Not even at the bookstore which by the way is awesome. CCA is always a great treat of a place to visit

James Levinsohn

Artur Woz

(Translated) Exhibitions varied and inspiring! (Original) Expositions variées et inspirantes!

Jean-Marie Le Canu

Random Abitbol

(Translated) Free for students, welcoming and pleasant staff, why go without? :) (Original) Gratuit pour les étudiants, staff accueillant et agréable, pourquoi se priver ? :)


Max Sterry

Jean-Simon Deslauriers

Isabelle Gagnon

ludwingisarobot not a robot

Gursagar Singh

MaX Husseindjian

Marc Bresson

(Translated) Initially not a fan of museums, this one confirmed my position. It bears its name very badly since it does not present any architectural project (at least, not much on the two exhibitions we have done). Very quickly boring, I strongly advise against it, it is not worth the price at all. (Original) Initialement pas fan des musées, celui là ma conforté dans ma position. Il porte très mal son nom puisqu'il ne présente pas de projet d'architecture (du moins, pas beaucoup sur les deux expositions que nous avons faites). Très rapidement ennuyant, je vous le déconseille fortement, il ne vaut pas son prix du tout.

Daniel Ercegovac

andrei Petrov

Best bookstore in town, love it! Awesome service I highly recommend this place!


(Translated) It was a beautiful building with a large garden and many people were relaxing. (Original) きれいな建物で庭も広く、たくさんの人がくつろいでいました。

Jean-Christophe Rouillé

Joël Videaud

Linda Lapp

I'm glad that as a student I didn't have to pay for this. There were two very minimal exhibitions going on, neither of which offered new interesting information. The bookshop was very nice and the museum was a very calm place, so if you have an opportunity to go for free and want to have some peace and quiet, this is a perfect place.


Great expo, must see!

Roxanne Labrèche

Gabriel Mainville

(Translated) I have a nice place to know the beautiful details of the architecture but I did not like that one asks the group with which I was to demand that the group be doubly vaccinated at the last minute. We had to argue with the management to change their mind. (Original) J'ai un bel endroit pour connaître les beaux détails de l'architecture mais je n'ai pas aimé que l'on demande au groupe avec le quel j'étais d'exiger que le groupe soit doublement vacciné à la dernière minute. Il y a fallu argumenter avec la direction pour qu'elle change d'idée.

Christophe Debruyne

Lovely building and the current exhibition "Our Happy Life" was amazing. Guard told us that we could visit the old building. It would have been great it we could have visited the library.

Lucas N

Normand Pauzé

(Translated) The only thing I saw that was great. This is the 1st photo otherwise. I really thought it was more informative but I saw nothing that was explanatory for the general public not an architect but it remains only my personal taste. But $ 10 is not expensive (Original) La seule chose que j ai vu de super. C est la 1ere photo sinon. Je pensais vraiment que c était plus instructif mais j ai rien vu qui était explicatif pour le grand public non architecte mais ça reste seulement mon goût personnel. Mais 10$ c est pas coûteux

Selma Strublic

Very nice museum!

Paola Oyuela

Khalegh Bayati

Jesse Badger


Jean-Sébastien Roux


William Lu


Beautiful grounds.

William Xu

Alastair Tse

Nice space

Ernesto Daniel de Dios de dios

Pouya Ranjbar

Juliana de Lemos

Exhibits change from time to time! Small museum but still fun and interesting for a quick visit. JAN 2020: free entrance on thursdays after 5:30 p.m; free entry for students and children at all times; access to cca collection and reading room by appointment.

Mel Habip

Jaffar M

Alex Garcia

Sajad Rezakhani

Sherif Goubran

Jeferson Rafael


A great place for a stroll. Easy of access. Quite the comfort. Quite the view.

Behnam Jamali

Nice facilities


I love the bookstore inside of CCA museum, it's a cool place to learn something new.

Michel Marion

michael shin

(Translated) Good for tanning on a large lawn in the backyard (Original) 뒷 뜰에 넓은 잔디밭에서 선탠하기 좋음

Charles Messier

ali alhadeethi

(Translated) nice place (Original) مكان جميل

Ian Charold Herriott


Xavier Cédric Gareau

Triston Line

Great building, very few exhibits related to architecture, actually quite sad. I’m glad I visited when it was free, otherwise I would have seriously asked for my money back. I wanted to see the engineering and design behind structures likes buildings and bridges and subways, but instead I sat through a documentary about the psychological aspects of rooms and areas- yawn!!!! I hope my return to Montreal shows more promise at this location. Honestly learning about how the CCA building was made would be more interesting than ANY of the exhibits they presented.


Julie C Wojcicki

Jason J

Great for children and adults alike

L Wilkins

Pretty cool

Sam Totah (montrealsam)

CCA ONE of the better places in Montreal. A museum of architecture! Unique of its kind in the world. Phylis lambert of the bronfman dynasty is the single voice behind the project. Architect herself. And initiator of heritage Montreal! A single minded and an iron willed lady. Prime minister Mulroney opened the project! A great institution and a real pleasure to wander and wonder via its corridors. Exceptional design. Visit with no hesitation.

Digna Delgado

(Translated) Beautiful architecture ???? (Original) Belle architecture ????

Roberto Escalante

So quiet and really organized. The book store is something you must visit!

François Sabourin

Michel Labrèche

Albert Teng

Nikolas Macedo

(Translated) I imagine it is a good visit for architects. For laypeople like me, it ends up not being so beneficial. Other than that, it is a very beautiful building, especially the big house to which it is connected. (Original) Imagino que seja uma boa visita para arquitetos. Para leigos como eu, acaba não sendo tão proveitoso. Fora isso, é um prédio muito bonito, principalmente o casarão a que é ligado.

Lorena Sora

Victor Yap

A lovely museum full of wonderful things. Definitely check it out! It's quite the low-key, hidden gem in plain sight.


(Translated) Magnificent (Original) Magnifiques

Alejandro Mena

Kamel Touaimia

Annie Perreault

arun k

Hélène Duquette

Mauricio becerra torres

Russell Vaz

Maxwell Chan

it's free for students! it's a fun place to visit even if you're not into architecture as they have a variety of exhibits. they also have a beautiful room you can study in which is open to the public most days.

Julien Bonte

Xenia Benivolski

Brianne Chapelle

Réza A. Fard

Tyler Côté


Sara Shadnoush

I went there in museum day on may , the only thing that i maybe miss is the book store

Aaron M.

Excellent displays and a great place to visit! Easy to spend all day here.

Thomas Dunford

Wil Canel

Yakuza Blade

Nice Looking building

Hicham Jahami


Hubert Lévy-Lambert

(Translated) Built and run by the genial Phyllis Lambert (Original) Construit et dirigé par la géniale Phyllis Lambert

Annmaria Mathew

Jeffrey Qiu

Laurence Vincent G.G K.

Irina Moraru

Ryan Bruer

Beautiful grounds, classy book shop and important research/exhibitions!

Julien Fondère

Mathieu Prévost

Marcus Duarte

Beautiful place to take some pictures (I didn't go in it).


(Translated) Beautiful building (Original) Beaux batiment

Patrick Desrochers

(Translated) Very interesting! (Original) Très intéressant!

Charles Collin

(Translated) Very interesting exhibition on the impact of our activities on the environment and our health. (Original) Très intéressante expo sur l'impact de nos activités sur l'environnement et notre santé.

G Aquino

This is a joyous space to explore and learn. The exhibits were thoughtful, well curated, and really gave us pause. The building itself, as one might expect at a venue devoted to celebrating architecture, held delightful surprises as we wandered around. It's connected to a restored mansion which somehow feels perfectly integrated with the spacious atrium and intimate theater space. The gift shop is a bit pricey, but contains a wealth of books based on the themes of the exhibits. The place is a short, but traffic-filled walk from the Georges-Vanier metro station. There's no food available for purchase inside, but the front lawn is a great picnic spot in nice weather if you pack your own lunch.

tee mupfumira

Juan Pablo JAIMES

Stavros Macrakis

Interesting museum with excellent bookstore. Though the building is large, the exhibitions are relatively small. The twinned Victorian houses attached to the rest are beautiful, but don't have original furnishings.

Fernanda Nicoli

I've never been so disappointed. There's no permanent collection and the exhibition was small and had almost nothing to do with architecture. Not worth my time and certainly not worth 10 dolars.

Claude CLd

(Translated) Great exhibition and very welcoming place (Original) Super expos et lieu en plus très accueillant

Johan Eriksson

Eliezer Timolien

This institution is well worth the visit. I've visited twice and it's a must. I was given a spectacular tour of the main exhibit, the gallery, and the house attached to the centre. All were amazing. Theres even a bookstore and a theater which I only learned about upon my second visit. The staff/curators is/are extremely nice and knowledgeable. Go visit!

alireza gh

One of the best places in town to visit for architects and architecture students

Paola Oyuela

Sacha Vogt (holybloodfull)

Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia Lampe

Beautiful place, the unexpected exhibit about windows was so captivating!! Not an architect, but I wish I were!!

Christina A

Fernando Garcia

(Translated) Unfortunately, there is not a permanent exhibition dedicated to Canadian architecture, except very small visuals. The bookshop on the other hand is beautiful with several works of art, design, philosophy and society apart from the essential on the architecture. The interior space is well laid out, the exterior facing Boulevard René Lévesque offers a breath of space in a fairly dense urban area. I guess it depends on the exposure or event the experience may vary. (Original) Malheureusement il n'y a pas une exposition permanente dédiée à l'architecture canadienne, sauf des très petits visuels. La librairie par contre est magnifique avec plusieurs ouvrages d'art, design, philosophie et société apart de l'essentiel sur l'architecture. L'espace intérieur est bien aménagé, l'extérieur en face le boulevard René Lévesque offre un souffle d'espace dans une zone urbaine assez dense. J'imagine que ça dépend de l'exposition ou événement l'expérience peut varier.

Chesa Sampson

Glad I didn't pay for admission, there was only one exhibit, not worth the time. The garden is a nice green space.

Alexandre Martin Isoz-Vaillancourt

Marie Labrecque

(Translated) Magnificent! (Original) Magnifique!


Weird visit. Took the family there and no one else was there and not much to see. Really disappointed but it was free. Guess you get what you pay for.

Maxime Brown

Subbu Nair

Jason Behrmann

The secret to this place is its great networking/party events at night (for example, a gala opening). You get to meet quality and classy people in a chic setting; music at these events is lively. Seminars and lectures here are also good and often provided by prominent keynote speakers. This is no "boring museum", it' a cultural institution. The exhibits and book store are a must see for lovers of architecture and art history.

Marie Valiquette

(Translated) Magnificent. There is a small, rather intimate cinema room. (Original) Magnifique. Il y a une petitw salle de cinéma assez intime.

Benjamin Gutzeit

Gaetan Matte

(Translated) Interesting, enriching. (Original) Intéressant, enrichissant.

Vijay Bidnurmath

Laura Lilia Gonzalez Soriano

Carolina Torres Moens

Jian C

Really cool museum. Not really that much to see inside, but of what little exhibitions there are available, they were extremely interesting and thought-provoking. The architecture of the old sections along with the renovated parts are really fun and exciting to look at. There’s not really too much else in the area around, but across the street on the lawn are some great sculptures.

Gabriel de Guise


(Translated) Good (Original) Bien

Tomáš Plekanec

Perfect And my love


lea nacache

Really interesting museum and exhibition.

Emi Meulbroek

Kirsten Calvert

Interesting but no permanent exhibits and poor signage. Friendly staff

Chandell Gadbois

This is a beautiful building and the exhibitions inside are curated very well. I enjoyed "Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernist Myths" as well as a book launch while I was visiting.

Alessandro Blasetti

Jo-an Blanchet-Girard


armel kevin

Natalia B.

Nicole Anderson

Reservation recommended

Jean-Luc Gaillard

Georges Younes

When I first discovered the old mansion around which the Canadian Centre for Architecture was eventually built, it was still an abandoned and decaying old house with a big wooded backyard that was used by locals for a variety of mostly illicit activities. That someone had the idea of transforming it into a center celebrating Canadian architecture was remarkable. The transformation saved this space from developers who would have most likely built apartment buildings similar to the many in that neighborhood. Instead, Montreal gained a restored mansion and a great public space that is enjoyable inside for its exhibits and outside for its gardens.

Jade S

David Barberis


Very disappointing. The smallest museum I have ever been. One more star for free for students .


Shannon Power

Very disappointing. Only two small displays. Not worth it!

Christian Tschanz-Egger

Carefully curated shows and a mind blowing bookstore. Can't wait to come back.

Sabrina Brown

(Translated) The discovery of Montreal through its architectural history and interesting and well presented exhibitions ???? Not to mention the architecture of the attached building, which I think could be more part of the exhibition given its historical cachet. (Original) La découverte de Montréal par son histoire architecturale et des expositions intéressantes et bien présentées ???? Sans parler de l'architecture du bâtiment joint, qui pourrait selon moi faire davantage partie de l'exposition vu son cachet historique.

Warwick Walton

Pretty cool expositions. Some material is presented in a very esoteric and academic way that makes it less accessible, which is a shame because there is some really cool and interesting stories being told.

Abubaker Alazragh

Maximilian Hermans

(Translated) I would not visit the museum again without a traveling exhibition, although admission is free during the renovation work. Not recommended for someone without a lot of architectural knowledge, at most the attached bookstore. (Original) Das Museum ohne Wanderaustellung würde ich nicht noch einmal besuchen, obwohl der Eintritt in der Zeit von Umbaumaßnahmen kostenlos ist. Für jemanden ohne große Architekturkenntnisse nicht empfehlenswert, höchstens die angeschlossene Buchhandlung.

victoria ngai

contact contact

nicolás ramírez

Benoît Perrier

Catherine Rousseau

(Translated) Interesting museum. The Shaunessy house should be better highlighted because it could be a witness to a way of life in Montreal, that of the English-speaking elite in the 19th century. (Original) Musée intéressant. La maison Shaunessy devrait être mieux mise en valeur car ça pourrait être un témoin d'un mode de vie à Montréal, celui là l'élite anglophone au 19e siècle.

Christine Labelle

Daniel C

the space is quite beautiful and free on Thursday evenings. It's a great place to walk around especially in the winter time. It's very comfortable I've been to some good talks and takes a good exhibitions there. However, I feel that the subjects and expositions can be a little bit opaque or a little bit dry and boring if you aren't a curatorial professional or art history scholar.

ana verónica trujillo

(Translated) The exhibitions were not very interesting. The garden is very nice, many families are going to spend the afternoon and you can play. (Original) Las exposiciones no eran muy interesantes. El jardín es muy agradable, muchas familias van a pasar la tarde y se puede jugar.

Denis Parent

(Translated) Excellent place for exhibitions on architecture and history (Original) Excellent endroit pour des expositions sur l'architecture et l'histoire

Ghassene jerandi

Priyanka Madkaikar Parikh

Colleen McGrath

Austin-Nikolas Zalazar-Aslett

Patrick Depelsenaire

Joe Easterbrook

Val Michailov

Boooring... other than interesting looking facade the place has very little to impress with, can visit once if you are a tourist and have some extra time, otherwise this museum should not be your priority in Montreal.

Gautam Verma

Nice place to visit in montreal downtown.

joe broadbeef

Joud Elias

jorge colin

Mark Williamson


Besim Selmani

Joyce Richard-Corbin

Cedric Yargeau

The CCA is an absolut gem! The place to go for all reasons - exposition, research, and so on. Love it!

Bruno Jamalaro

It's worthy for it's bookstore and also it's library.

Jill Bruer

What a wonderful book shop!



Andrew Murchison

Great museum, free to roam through if not going to throw main exhibit

Paul Whitaker

BORING!!!!!!!! Not worth it.

Laurence Leroux-Lapierre

Paul Elliott

Small, but quality.

Gregor Strugala

S Josh

The museum does not have much to show. A lot of professionals are watching scrutinizingly.

Sharon P


(Translated) Nice place to visit and reflect. Very quiet, but full of nuances. Bookshop fully stocked. (Original) Bel posto da visitare e riflettere. Molto tranquillo, ma ricco di sfumatura. Bookshop fornitissimo.

Paul Duchaine

Sarah-Lanny D


Leila Abedi

(Translated) It's a very interesting museum if you like architecture (Original) C'est un musée très intéressant si vous aimez l'architecture

Nicolas Marcotte

(Translated) He may be a connoisseur. I probably misunderstood the spirit. But still I came out with the idea that it would be possible to do more and better. I imagine that exhibitions can greatly change the experience. (Original) Il fait peut-être être connaisseur. J’ai probablement mal compris l’esprit. Mais reste que je suis sorti avec l’idée que ce serait possible de faire plus et mieux. J’imagine que les expositions peuvent grandement changer l’expérience.

eduard manduro

Lindsey Gravel

This is literally a "contemporary" art museum..... Do NOT waste your time if looking for a good architectural museum... "Acid trip stuck in the 1960s"

Philipp Leberer

Changing exhibitions in a great building. The one I went had a great layout and very different media to tell the story of Chandigarh and Casablanca. Every description is in french and english. As usual I have the problem to read EVERYTHING.

Thomas Haythornthwaite

Kayvan Ghaderi

Alexis J.

(Translated) Superb exhibitions, little frequented in the evening; a museum that deserves to be better known! (Original) Superbes expositions, peu fréquenté le soir ; un musée qui mériterait d'être mieux connu!

Michael Aubin

Interesting. Perhaps I would have rated it higher if I had more time. The layout is a bit confusing. Take a couple of hours.

Janik Zikovsky

The building is itself impressive, the spaces well laid out, but the exhibits were inscrutable for the uninitiated such as myself. It seems targeted at architecture theorists or historians, I guess?

Michael Chesser


James Ross

Biased because I was forced here, sorry.

Pariss Ro

nich tompkins

Regan Baker

The exhibits are absolutely worth your time, but more so if you can catch a guided tour. Loved it!

Alan Mikhail

That hallway....

Stephane Genereux


Yoann Lussier

(Translated) Accessible from the Guy-Concordia metro station, this place is a true institution of knowledge. In addition to offering a guided tour of the buildings adjacent to Shaughnessy House, they offer exhibitions and film performances. (Original) Accessible du métro Guy-Concordia, ce lieu est une véritable institution du savoir. En plus de vous offrir un tour guidé des bâtiments attenants au Shaughnessy House, ils vous offrent des expositions et des représentations cinématographiques.

Caroline Brunette

Lepine Noel

(Translated) An interesting job looking for a future that does not want to ignore anything of the present (Original) Un travail intéressant à la recherche d'un futur qui ne veut rien ignorer du présent

Samuel St-pierre

Robert Vincent

Really loved the exhibits and I'm not in the field. Enjoyed the exhibit that outlined the architects drawings on axel's. Neat bookshop too!

wong william

(Translated) It's a pity to rest today! (Original) 可惜今天休息!

Linda Comeau

Eugène Fournier

Went there twice for a university class - very nice exposition with a relaxed atmosphere and nice decor: it's good to see a museum that's not a white box once in a while. The museum could use more comfortable tables to go with the seats near the entrance as it wasn't the most convenient to do my work. I also attended a very cool workshop there on imagined futures. Worth a go.

Richard Methot

Expositions can be, but not always, technical and academic. Local history and architecture are often highlighted. The library and bookstore alone are worth a visit. The restauration of Shaughnessy House is exquisite. Come and see, you will not be disappointed.

Galo Reinoso

Pierre Lachapelle

(Translated) The section of the original house is simply divine and in particular the glass roof or rose garden (Original) La section de la maison original est tout simplement divine et en particulier la verrière ou roseraie



Good place to relax


Federica Milanese

Happy with the space, very creative and fun area to learn

J Deac

The GREEN, in the back of the lovely building, is soo tranquil, is amazing! LOVE IT.

dede boss


Andreas Lins

li Fu

Suzanne Gouin

Lorenz Kort

Nice exhibitions, but not too impressive

Luis Puente

Nithya Moto G

Nothing much to see really..just buildings

Dongjoon Lim

Free for the museum day. Has a nice backyard.

Kayla Therriault

Ibnfariss Web Management

Xul Xul

Great place for looking at originals of architecture

Abp Architecture

laowang law

Very impressive


(Translated) Nothing to see (Original) 볼거없음

Oliver Jandette

Marie-Michèle Fillion

Camille Vallette Viallard

(Translated) I really like the exhibitions and the sculpture garden. The bookstore has very good documentation. (Original) J'aime beaucoup les expositions et le jardin de sculpture. La librairie possède une très bonne documentation.

Simon K

I really liked this place!

Sabrina Dutremble

G Aquino

This is a joyous space to explore and learn. The exhibits were thoughtful, well curated, and really gave us pause. The building itself, as one might expect at a venue devoted to celebrating architecture, held delightful surprises as we wandered around. It's connected to a restored mansion which somehow feels perfectly integrated with the spacious atrium and intimate theater space. The gift shop is a bit pricey, but contains a wealth of books based on the themes of the exhibits. The place is a short, but traffic-filled walk from the Georges-Vanier metro station. There's no food available for purchase inside, but the front lawn is a great picnic spot in nice weather if you pack your own lunch.

Sarah Audet Lalancette

(Translated) Nice place (Original) Bel endroit

Carlos Paz Soldán

José Manuel Gonzalez Rytter

Alessandra Emmerich

Maryam Aliabadi

Salma El Fakir

S Pock

Hicham Jahami


Denise Allende

Pinsonneault Simon

Papy Kby

Ramy Fahmy-Demian

Beautiful space, interesting galleries

Laurence Côté-Vallée

Miranda Corcoran

Cecile Lefebvre

Good pics and movie bout le formation of architecture , good displays of how they structurized le buildings and new carpet eisplays The put in Vegas (i been there in June ) doesnt work for marketing skeem !!??

Jorge Pena

(Translated) Excellent! (Original) Excelente!

Moustapha Diallo

I was expecting to see small buildings and plans, but what I found instead are very compelling insights about modern society.

Michel Harding

Jhan Boyer Gignac

Antonio Ribeiro

...unlike anything museum, this is a monument

Cooper Smith

An interesting space, but how good you'll find it will depend on what the current exhibition is.

Rafael B

steven merlet

(Translated) I couldn't wait to see what it would bring me to visit this museum. Finally not much. Nice bookstore on the other hand. Big downside to the visit ... the installation of the carpet. (Original) J'avais hâte de voir ce que cela allait m'apporter de visiter ce musée. Finalement pas grand chose. Belle librairie par contre. Gros bémol de la pose de la moquette.

Roberto Anania

Place to visit if you like architecture

Rick Knoop

Unfortunately the exhibits were in the process of changing while we were there so we didn't get to see much, but what we did see was enlightening. It's on my go to list next time I'm in Montreal

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